Which Football Predictions Give The Best Chance Of Winning?

Not all football bets are created equal with some offering tremendous value and others being little more than donations to the sportsbooks. To help you only place profitable football bets we are going to break down our 3 favorite wager types. Check them out below!

What Is A Double Chance Wager?

A double chance football wager has one of the highest win rates of all wagers you can place. This is an incredibly low-risk wager that is popular with both novice gamblers and seasoned professionals. With a double chance wager, you gamble on a particular football side to win but even if they draw your wager is still valid and you walk away a winner. If you are great at predicting the outcome of matches but are looking for a way to reduce the volatility of your performance then we recommend making some double chance wagers. As the risk is low don’t be shy about increasing your typical stake!

Can You Earn Money On Winning Margin Football Bets?

Another wager that offers tremendous value on the football gambling markets is a winning margin wager. In this strategy, you are trying to predict by how many goals a particular side is going to win by. For example, you might pick West Ham to smash Norwich City by 3 goals. This wager is definitely riskier than a double chance tactic but bookies offer tremendous odds that can help you quickly grow your bankroll. To increase your success when making a winning margin bet you need to research statistics and look at the average number of goals scored and conceded by each team and then factor in the weather and who has home field advantage.

Is It Profitable To Gamble On Clean Sheets?

The variety of wagers you may place on a football match is almost endless. Another interesting and profitable wager you can make is gambling on a team to keep a clean sheet and prevent the other team from scoring for the entire match. You are able to find some very high odds especially if a strong side is taking on a team facing relegation including up to 6 to 1! We like placing money on underdogs who have a solid goalkeeper, are playing at home, and are taking on a strong side who is not in great form and struggled to put the ball through the net. Don’t be scared to bet against strong teams who have out of form strikers! No matter the strategy you use, there are some tips you should always follow to remain a long-term winner. Let’s dive into them.

Track Your Performance

Weighing all the pros and cons of a particular strategy could be challenging if you do not keep track of your wins and losses. We recommend tracking your performance in online tables since they can be easily edited and accessed wherever you are as long as you have your phone. You should always track wager size and strategy, the amount of money put, the date, the type of the game, and the final result.

Control Your Finances

If you are new to the world of gambling, start small and slowly grow your football wagering empire. Once you gain more experience, you will raise the stake. No matter how big your initial deposit is, we do not recommend placing over 2% of your entire bankroll to be able to diversify the risks.

It’s Time To Make Some Interesting And Profitable Football Wagers!

The next time a big football game is on, don’t make a boring match result or 1X2 bet. Try gambling on a clean sheet, winning margin or if you are risk advice go with a double chance wager!

What You Should Know Before Gambling on Football
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