A Football Wagering Strategy That Guarantees Profit

When you hear people claiming they have a football gambling strategy that always wins and they have made thousands they are nearly always lying. However, there is one strategy that is guaranteed to work when done correctly and is completely legal. It is known as match gambling! In this guide, we are going to explain what event prediction is and show you how to do it so you can start earning risk-free cash. Let’s get started!

How Does Football Gambling Work?

Did you know there is a way to always win when making predictions on football? This strategy is known as match betting and using free wager promotions to guarantee a return on your money. Wagering sites consistently offer these free bet deals and other promos to attract new gamblers so you can make hundreds or even thousands of bets!
This type of football gambling is similar to an arbitrage strategy but unlike arbitrage, you don’t need to find the perfect game where a sportsbook is offering significantly different odds.
To create a winning match prediction, all you need to do is identify a football game where a team has similar odds to win or lose. Then you make two opposing wagers and with your free bet, you gamble on the football team to win and then you head to a gambling exchange and lay a prediction (you act as the sportsbook). In the example below, you can see how simple match gambling really is!

  • Unlock a $50 free promotion from a platform
  • Place $50 on Man Utd to beat Man City at 1.8
  • Lay a $50 on Man City not to win at 1.77
  • Cash-out your guaranteed football profit! – If Man Utd wins you profit $40 (1.8 times 50 – 50 as you don’t get to keep the stake only the winnings), If Man City wins or draws you earn $50 minus the 5% commission charged by the wagering exchange.

While practicing football match gambling is very easy to start doing you do need to be aware of some things before you start doing this seriously. To help to become a long-term winner with match betting use our helpful tips below.

Disadvantages Of Match Predictions

When done correctly, match gambling will always make you cash. Unfortunately, this strategy has a few disadvantages which include:
Only profitable on certain football events – For match betting to work you need to find events where a team has similar odds for winning and losing otherwise the strategy won’t work. There are only a few games every week that meet these criteria.
Requires the use of a free football wager bonus – It can not be performed without the use of a free bet bonus. Such promos are easy to find but are not unlimited and are typically only offered to new accounts.
Need software to identify suitable games quickly – To prevent you from trawling through hundreds of football events you need software to find games. Some sites offer a limited version for free but to get the full program you will need to pay.
Creating accounts at sportsbooks is time-consuming – As free bet bonuses are for new gamblers you are constantly required to create accounts at wagering sites.
Even though there are some disadvantages with match betting it is still a profitable strategy and worthwhile. Many people have earned thousands of dollars with very little effort.

Tips And Tricks For Football Match Predictions

To make sure you do event betting correctly and always earn a profit follow these simple tips below!

Have Access To High-Quality Internet
Match gambling does not require powerful software or expensive computers but having access to the internet is non-negotiable. Without the internet, you can not access your account and place wagers. Your internet does not need to be super fast but it helps if it is stable and reliable. The last thing you want is to be trying to make a last-second bet on the perfect football match only to have your internet cut out.

Have Multiple Payment Options Set Up
To ensure you can always withdraw and cash out at a moment’s notice you need to set up a range of different payment options. Certain betting sites have different payment methods and different processing times and fees based on your chosen method. We recommend you have a Visa and Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill, and Bitcoin. By having access to all these methods you will have no issues depositing and withdrawing instantly at essentially every wagering site.

Another way to earn some extra money from game predicting is to take part in cash back promotions from e-wallets. Certain e-wallets will incentivize you to use their service by providing 2% to 3% cashback every time you deposit and withdraw. Cashback is an easy way to earn a few extra hundred dollars when match betting.

Always Read And Under Terms And Conditions Of Free Bet Deals
It is super important that you always inspect and understand the terms and conditions of free wager deals. Before you claim a bonus keep an eye out for betting sites having playthrough requirements and only letting you place money on football matches that have certain odds. Also, make sure you shop around between the different sportsbooks and only claim the very best free bet promotions. Luckily, sportsbooks are always running free bet bonuses and you can always find great deals to claim!

Time To Match Gamble On Football Today!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just spend an hour a day placing bets and always winning? Well if you follow our tips and learn how to bet on football games you can easily earn thousands of dollars without any risk! Now all you need to do is find games with similar odds, sign up at a sportsbook and claim their free bet bonus and then place your guess!

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