USA Today Gift-Wraps Another SEC Championship Berth for 2013

Editors Note: With Ohio State’s absence from this year’s BCS Championship run I admit that I have paid little attention to the preseason polls. And although I’m finding an amazing purity and clarity in that fact, I recently stumbled across an excerpt from Chuck Thompson’s new book: Better Off Without ‘Em: A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession that brought me back into the world of BCS frustration. The book is a critique of southern culture and includes a chapter on SEC football which hit it right on the nose. I reached out to Chuck to see if he would allow me to share his thoughts on that four-letter network, the SEC and the bias of the ranking system. He graciously agreed. Be sure to click through to read the rest of his article and check out his book on

By Chuck Thompson

The 2012-13 college football season will once again play out according to the BCS/ESPN business model with assurances that the organization’s largest investment—the Southeastern Conference—will once again be installed in the championship game.

This season’s game will be played in Miami on January 7, 2013, between the SEC champion and another team, very possibly one from the SEC, as was the case in 2012.

Slavishly following the directive laid out in spring by ESPN (“LSU faces smooth road to title game”), the recently released USA Today coaches poll has SEC teams occupying the top two spots (LSU, Alabama) and includes five SEC teams in the top ten and seven (more than half the conference) in the top 25.

The all-important “strength of schedule” title thus gift-wrapped, the SEC’s seventh-straight title shot is virtually guaranteed before a single ball has been snapped or groin muscle pulled.

Once again, it’s the SEC vs. the field.

Here’s how the game is fixed

For those who still haven’t figured out what goes on behind the smoke and mirrors, the BCS/ESPN business plan works like this: preseason rankings, which function like pole positions in an auto race, typically include three or four or five SEC teams among the nation’s top ten, more than from any other conference.

This year is the snoozy rerun that proves the rule.

From the outset, this bias for SEC teams builds into the system a near insurmountable advantage.

Start the season with two of the top four teams from the SEC, as was the case in 2010 with Alabama and Florida, and in 2011 with Alabama and LSU, and the conference is virtually guaranteed to be represented in the title game—and this is an important point—even if neither of those two schools end up winning the conference.

To be the best, so goes to the old sports adage, you’ve got to beat the best.

But since only SEC teams are consistently declared the best, only SEC teams get the chance to prove themselves against “the best.”

It’s a chicken-or-the-egg situation. Does the SEC get favorable rankings because they’re so good? Or is the SEC so good because they get favorable rankings? I argue for the latter.

In 2010, for example, the Auburn Tigers began the season with a consensus ranking of #23, behind SEC rivals Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, and Georgia.

The only way a team regarded so lightly early in the season can possibly climb into the national championship game—which Auburn did that year—is to beat a slew of highly ranked opponents, which Auburn also did that year.

Because polls are pre-arranged so that SEC teams will face the most highly ranked opponents over the course of a season—in the jargon of the BCS this is called “strength of schedule”—only teams from the SEC are time and again able to manage this feat.

To read the rest of this post, go to Chuck Thompson’s website here.


  1. says

    This almost has the feel of a setup, but here goes anyway. It is true your analogy could be conscrewed as what you explained above, but it could also be explained just the opposite.

    Sure, SEC teams are given more and more credit each and every year as they continue to win championships, but until someone outside the SEC actually “wins” a NC or actually “beats” an SEC team for the crown, your argument holds little weight.

    You proclaimed the OSU/UM, #1 vs. #2 battle of 2006 was the true NC game, (lol!) but still lost to Florida in amazing blowout fashion, which leaves that particular argument flawed to say the very least. I believe Ted Ginn going down with his early injury was your excuse.
    Funny how Ginn (all by himself) can be used as a factual argument as to why OSU didn’t win in a Florida blowout, but a Freshman STs coverage guy not scooping and scoring on an OSU blocked punt in the 2011 Sugar Bowl isn’t when Arkansas was making a comeback. (HILARIOUS!)

    Another one would be how if Colt McCoy hadn’t went down against Bama in the 2010 NC game, Texas would’ve won that game…..yeah…ok…and Nick Saban doesn’t make defensive adjustments either,…right?

    How does this matter? It’s all correlated into one big anti-SEC cluster f**k by jealous outsiders not good enough to beat the elite of that conference EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

    Here is how your argument is even more flawed. Teams like OU, Oregon and Florida State are over rated every pre-season,…not because they play good strength of schedules, but because their schedules are “favorable”…yep favorable and they still screw it up EVERY SINGLE YEAR, just like Oklahoma State did last season against Iowa State, but still cried like a bunch of bitches (just like Ohio State fans) because LSU and Bama were better teams and could virtually shut down anyone on any day,…except each other. Get over it Jim, it’s getting rediculous.

    • OHRazorback says

      Personally, I hope that the SEC has another team in the NC, if merited, and I hope that we don’t have both teams. Last year was a strange turn of events. Anybody else with a shot that could lose, did lose.
      What the author fails to note in his article that supposes a conspiracy is that, in a BCS world, the conference does not control its own destiny in an unopposed fashion. Will Buckeye fans root for Michigan over Alabama? Logic says yes since that would most likely knock Alabama out of contention for the national title. Did LSU playing the Ducks last year have an impact? You bet it did.
      You know, the Sweater Vest understood all of this, and that’s why the Buckeyes play a major non-conference team. It’s smart. It can change the end of the season. You need to win those games.
      Ole Miss plays Texas this year, Missouri plays Arizona State, Vandy plays Northwestern, two SEC teams play Clemson, I wish the Aggies were keeping Texas on their schedule. All of these games add up if SEC teams get beat, particularly the Michigan-Alabama game.
      Big 10 fans don’t need to dream of conspiracy theories, they just need their teams to win.
      Between Michigan St, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nebraska, some great things can happen this year. Is there anyone that doesn’t think that Urban will have the Buckeyes in contention within three years? I’m betting most in the SEC and elsewhere think he will.
      So…..will Buckeyes root for Michigan in the Alabama game, or will they be so petty and shortsighted, looking for a Michigan beat down, that will only hinder the success of the conference?
      Go HOGS, Go SEC. Good luck to the Buckeyes.

  2. Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

    @ Gonzo ….. Oregon is overrated every preseason?
    2008 – Preseason ranked AP #21 / Finished season 10-3 ranked AP #10
    2009 – Preseason ranked AP #16 / Finished season 10-3 ranked AP #11
    2010 – Preseason ranked AP #11 / Finished season 12-1 ranked AP #3
    2011 – Preseason ranked AP#3 / Finished season 12-2 raned #4
    2012 – Prseason ranked AP – TBD
    ………. Looks to me that Oregon is usually “under rated” in preseason polls.

    Jim does a great job laying out his argument that the BCS system is skewed to give the SEC a “strength of schedule” advantage by ranking almost the entire conference. I happen to whole heartedly agree with him. The BCS is a joke. Your response had nothing to do with what he was saying. Furthermore, you spout off opinions as if you were somehow an expert in college football. But what we find is that your opinions are not based on the facts and now you look like a fraud. I really can’t trust that anything you have to say. The difference between you and Jim ….. is that he actually spends the time to research the facts that support his opinions. You on the otherhand just just rant.

    • says

      I figured you out a long time ago Tony. Common sense has absolutely nothing to do with facts when comes down to your own biased opinion.
      Of course you’re going argue on Jim’s side. What else would you do. You’re just another jealous outsider, looking in through the window with an excuse.

      If Oregon is so good, then picture this. Picture your Ducks replacing Texas A&M in the SEC West as the new guy on the block. Let’s see how over rated the SEC is then shall we?
      Let’s see what your argument would be when your O-line goes up against the best D-lines in the country on a weekly basis and has to rely on 2nd team depth just to get through the season without wearing down.
      Let’s see how they respond when they play a murderers row schedule against the likes of Bama, Auburn, LSU, Arkansas and an occasional Florida when they’re not experiencing rare down seasons like they have for the last two,…rather than play Tennessee when they really suck as a struggling program, then brag like you really did something to the SEC.
      What a joke your program and conference truely is in comparison to your idiotic so called facts. You must be so proud of your…ahem…accomplishments.

      • Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

        @ Gonzo ….. Oregon would do just fine in the SEC. Your statement that Oregon is over rated every preseason has been proven to be false. Common sense would dictate that you would compare preseason vs. postseason rankings to validate your claim. Unfortunately, it appears that you are lacking in the “common sense” department.

        Lets also look at your statement re: playing Tennesse. Oregon agreed to “home and home” games with Tennesse in December 2005. They played 2010 at Tenn and agreed to play at Oregon in 2013 (Tenn has since bailed out of this agreement). So, a couple of things are in play here …… Tennessee record: 2001 (11-2), 2002 (8-5), 2003 (10-3), 2004 (10-3). In two of the previous four seasons before the agreement the Vols were in the SEC championship game. Tennesse was a top tier SEC team ….. Your insinuation that Oregon took advantage of a struggling Vols team is just not true. These agreements are usually made years before the actual games are played. One of the exceptions to this rule was last year when Oregon areed to play LSU in Dallas TX. That agreement was made within a year of the actual game (very uncommon). This was essentially a HOME game for LSU. Funny how SEC schools don’t like to play out of conference “away” games……(fear?). Again, your Tennesse statement is without merit, misleading and void of any “common sense”. Yes, I am very proud of Oregons accomplishments. Three straight PAC10/12 titles. A Rose Bowl victory, a National Championship game appearance and a 34-6 record under Chip Kelly. All is good.

        • says

          (lol!) Again, you defer and twist the “facts” to your liking Tony. LSU?… afraid?…hoo boy. How ’bout a few facts on that one? You think LSU was “practically” an away game?…and why, just because the ducks traveled farther?
          Does the same thing apply for OU vs. Texas? Who’s the home team? You do know the meaning of a nuetral field, correct?
          I suppose if Boise had went to Georgia and lost a close one, you’d be using that excuse, right?
          You do realize that LSU blew out West Virginia on their own field don’t you?…”Oh,…but wait, West Virginia threw for over 4oo hundred yards on that vaunted LSU defense!…”…yada, yada, yada…
          When, may I ask you, at any time in the season did LSU look like they were afraid to beat ANYONE throughout their remarkable road schedule?…are you high?

          Here’s a question I’d like you answer. How is it that Oregon can climb the polls on a yearly basis against inferior talent like Washington, Cal., Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Oregon State and Washington State, leaving only USC and Stanford as any real competition, but it’s not ok for Arkansas, South Carolina, Georgia and Auburn to get their asses handed to them by the 2 most dominant programs in the country and do the same without being called “over rated” by the very programs that get the inside track to the NC game every damn year, just because they don’t have to?

          Oregon and Arkansas are pretty much mirror programs as it stands right now. The difference is that you don’t have to play very best on a yearly basis and we do.
          What’s funny is that outsiders (like you) say the SEC has the inside track. Yeah,…now that’s funny guys. We’re just a bunch of over rated bums over here in SEC land. We don’t have to play anybody. We just kick back for a few months, then go pick up our trophy at the end of the year. Hilarious.

          • Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

            “Oregon and Arkansas are pretty much mirror programs as it stands right now” ???
            Since Arkansas joined the SEC in 1992 ……. they have NEVER even won the conference. During this same time period Oregon has won 6 Conference Championships. Since we have adopted the current BCS structure in 1995 Arkansas has been to “1” BCS game (which they lost). Meanwhile Oregon has been to 5 (last three years in a row)……. And we are the current Rose Bowl champs. Arkansas has a long way to go to be a “mirror program” with Oregon. You should probably just try to win your first conference championship.

            Pac 12 vs. SEC in regular season match ups …… 12-10. Looks like our so called “Inferior talent” usually beats your “Murderers row”. Just the facts my friend.

          • says

            Grasping for answers as usual. I see. Excuse me if I’m not impressed with your usual babble of winning “championships” in a 2nd rate conference.

            Look up this stat, since you seem to be so engulfed with what they represent to the Pac 12.
            Look up each and everyone of those games that represent your so called glamorous 12-10 accomplishments. Make sure you’re not comparing Pac 12 “elite” to SEC “middle of the pack” before you go acting all high and mighty over it.
            I already know about USC blowouts against Arkansas when they were 3rd best or less in the SEC. (Houston Nutt era) Care to enlighten me on the rest?

          • Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

            I really don’t have to grasp for answers here. Petino’s conference record is just barely above .500. For some reason you think that this puts Arkansas in an “elite” catagory. You have never won your conference and you can’t even boast about a BCS win. If this doesn’t put you in the “middle of the pack” territory ….. I don’t know what will. PAC-12

            Since 2000, the SEC and the Pac-10 have played 22 games against each other:

            2000 – UCLA 35 – Alabama 24 (@ UCLA) – Pac-10 W
            2001 – UCLA 20 – Alabama 17 (@ Alabama) – Pac-10 W
            2002 – Oregon 36 – Mississippi State 13 (@ Oregon) – Pac-10 W
            2002 – USC 24 – Auburn 17 (@ USC) – Pac-10 W
            2003 – Oregon 42 – Mississippi State 34 (@ Mississippi St.) – Pac-10 W
            2003 – USC 23 – Auburn 0 (@ Auburn) – Pac-10 W
            2003 – LSU 59 – Arizona 13 (@ Arizona) – SEC W
            2004 – LSU 22 – Oregon State 21 (@ LSU) – SEC W
            2005 – LSU 35 – ASU 31 (@ ASU) – SEC W
            2005 – USC 70 – Arkansas 17 (@ USC) – Pac-10 W
            2006 – Tennessee 35 – California 18 (@ Tennessee) – SEC W
            2006 – USC 50 – Arkansas 14 (@ Arkansas) – Pac-10 W
            2006 – Auburn 40 – Washington State 14 (@ Auburn) – SEC W
            2006 – LSU 45 – Arizona 3 (@ LSU) – SEC W
            2007 – California 45 – Tennessee 31 (@ Cal) – Pac-10 W
            2008 – UCLA 27 – Tennessee 24 (@ UCLA) – Pac-10 W
            2008 – Georgia 27 – ASU 10 (@ ASU) – SEC W
            2009 – LSU 31 – Washington 23 (@ Washington) – SEC W
            2009 – UCLA 19 – Tennessee 15 (@ Tennessee) – Pac-10 W
            2009 – Georgia 20 – ASU 17 (@ Georgia) – SEC W
            2010 – Auburn 22 – Oregon 19 (BCS Title Game) – SEC W
            2011 – LSU 40 – Oregon 27 (@ Dallas) – SEC W

            It looks like 11 wins for the PAC12 and 11 wins for the SEC. So, how does this make the SEC superior and the PAC12 “2nd rate”? Just another sloppy rant from Gonzo that can not be backed up with any facts.

          • says

            Looks like Arkansas is passing Oregon in this catagory. In 2010, Oregon was #9, while Arkansas was #16.

            In 2011, Arkansas was #6, while Oregon was #21.

            Hey, you brought it up.

          • Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

            Where have you gone Gonzo??? What happened to your insistance that Oregon and Arkansas were “mirror images of each other”? The only reference I can see to mirror image here ……. one is real and the other one fake. No more talk of seeing you at the Natty? Pack it in Gonzo ….. Arkansas is done. Currently the SEC has 4 over-rated teams ranked in the top 6. I find this very odd.

            Losing to Rutgers ….. really. That is downright embarrassing.

            Signed – Quack Attack.

  3. says

    Please note that I did not write this article above. It is by Chuck Thompson, the author of the book noted above. Although I havent had a chance to read the entire book yet he told me he has 10,000 words dedicated to the subject and from the reviews I’ve read of the book, it is thoroughly researched.

    There is an excerpt from his book at the link below that points out that in regular season play against other divisions the SEC puts up a combined record that is either a losing record or a little better than even. You can see the breakdown of division records via e link:

    It is only in the bowl games where the SEC comes out ahead and he gets into a discussion of that also.

    • says

      I’ve read it Jim. In short, he claims the whole SEC dominance theory is actually a conspiracy theory.
      Here’s an example of where he falls short with his own theory: (pay attention Tony)

      Somewhere within all of his statistics, (if you read all of it) you’ll find that even though he claims the dominance (which only includes the last 6 seasons) is pure conspiracy theory through the ESPN media gauntlet, he somehow seems to believe that his compiled stats, covering 14 years of college football (1998) apply to his so called facts.
      Anyone who keeps up with college football history, knows Tennessee won the title that year, as did Bama 4 years later in ’92.
      No one in the SEC was claiming dominance then, so why all of a sudden now are reflecting back to those season records?…convenience of argument? Seems kind of obvious doesn’t it?

      Yeah, you go right on ahead and post what makes you feel good Jim,…and you go right on ahead and listen Tony. Play the fool.

      Speaking of conspiracy theory,…I think I found one: …yep,…pure ‘ol conspiracy. Thanks ESPN.

    • says

      Like it or not, the SEC programs are the ones who set the standards in college football this high. Of course Kramer is the father of the BCS. Who else would it be, a representative a losing conference?

      • Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

        Has Arkansas ever won a BCS game??? NO.

        I like how you try to ride the coat tails of successful programs. We know the high “standards” that come out of Arkansas ….. two words ….. Bobby Petrino. What a joke. I feel sorry for his wife and children. But if we dig a little deeper and just look at the conference record during his tenure with the team he was 17-15 (53%). Thats a pretty sad record for someone who “sets the standards in college football”. Guess what …. Arkansas IS NOT a standard-bearer.

        • says

          This shouldn’t even need explaining, but for some, common sense just goes right out the door as soon as it opens.

          First off, if Arkansas (top 5 last year) is riding coat tails of successful programs, your SEC over rated analogy just took a major hit. (insert foot in mouth)

          Second, we’re talking football/conferences/program/relevance, when words like football standards are being used. Lots of college coaches have personal character issues. Most just don’t get caught exposing them.

          17-15? That’s your argument? Any college football fan with half a brain knows when programs start over, (like Arkansas did in 2008) there will be turnover.
          Say what you want about the mans character, but winning football games isn’t an issue with Petrino.
          He turned around a football program at a basketball school, (Louisville) then turned right around and did the exact same thing at Arkansas after all the “experts” insisted he wouldn’t pull that off in the vaunted SEC.

          Judge for yourself:

          *2008 – 5-7 regular season with HDN player hold overs and 16 starting Freshmen. Finished up regular season with a win over LSU.

          *2009 – 7-5 regular season with a win over East Carolina in the Liberty Bowl.

          *2010 – 10-2 regular season with a loss to Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl. Finished 10-3.

          *2011 – 10-2 regular season (only 2 losses were to the NC title game teams) with a win over Kansas State in the Cotton. Held Kansas State to fewest points scored all season with a “mediocre” defense. (lol!) Finished 11-2 and a #5 ranking.

          Like I said, if you know ANYTHING at all about college football, there’s no way in hell this should escape ones brain. Reality is like spam on your E-mail to some folks. They’ll buy into anything….kinda like you Tony.

          • says

            You are exactly like the Arkansas fans I ran into at the Sugar Bowl Gonzo. You know, the ones who marched to the game chanting, “SEC, SEC,” as if they had anything to do with Ohio Stat’s record against SEC teams.

            Pointing out that Arkansas was top 5 last year only supports Thompson’s premise that a mid-level team can raise to the top because of the bias of the polls.

            Yes, teams have to start over every year. Up until last season, Ohio State did it very successfully for 10 straight years. Under Urban Meyer, I’m sure they’ll do it for another 10 (granted Meyer sticks around that long).

            As for Petrino, he is the perfect SEC coach. He did turn around a Louisville football program. Only problem is he did it with a team full of discipline problems that had to be completely cleaned out when he left. In the SEC, discipline and character doesn’t seem to be much of a concern. Just read the daily headlines regarding the latest criminal charges against an SEC player.

          • says

            Correction Jim, you mean AFTER Petrino left Louisville. Kragthorp used that excuse to clear himself from any of those issues. Maybe they really just didn’t want to play for him like they did their previous coach?

            I’m quite sure you could give me a few examples of criminal behavior under Kragthorp’s watch, but I believe we had this discussion once already and I fail to remember you ever once showing any concrete evidence of this kind of behavior under Petrino. Would be nice though.

          • says

            To be quite honest, I’m not going to spend any more time than I have researching anything for your sake. Do it yourself.

            This is a blog about Ohio State sports and the state of a second rate team like Arkansas barely registers a blip on my radar. I care more bout the performance of Ap State than Arkansas.

          • says

            Good, then quit wasting your breath on why the SEC is so good and start worrying more about how to knock them off their pedesdal.

            Have you noticed, every single time you post something, it resembles something similar to an SEC bitch slap?…over and over and over.

            Tell ‘ya what Jim. I challenge you. I challenge you to post something about Ohio State football at least 5 times in a row without bitching about the SEC and how badly they beat everybody’s asses when it counts for all the marbles….Go ahead Jim, try it, you might actually get used to it.

            I sit back and watch and I promise to never post here again if you can handle that. Good luck.

          • says

            Although in an attempt to show both sides of the issue, I am currently talking to the p.r. agent of an author who has a book coming out Wed. about the rise of the SEC to their current prominence. I can’t guarantee that the issue won’t come up again.

            However, clicking on the archives link above and taking a quick scan of the headlines, I don’t see a post on the SEC for from Sept.-Nov. Come Nov. we are looking at a bowl game against against Florida so I can’t make any guarantees as the SEC is a relevant topic for the bowl game. I may have also discussed the SEC in post about Urban Meyer coming to OSU as coach. I would say that those posts would be pretty topical to Ohio State football.

            Since I can barely find the time to write current posts for this blog, I’m not going to go through and reread everything I’ve written but other than an occasional back-handed comment (which I am always apt to do), I’m not seeing much on the SEC throughout the entire 2011 football season and I didn’t go back further than that.

            As Tony so aptly points out, once again you fail to deal in facts — facts which can be very quickly researched. Go through them for yourself and unless you fail to find a sting of five Ohio State football posts in a row without an interruption for a post on the SEC, it’s been nice visiting with you.

          • says

            Thanks Jim, that’s fair enough. Make sure you post something good about Arkansas when they make it to the NC game this season. See ‘ya then.

          • says

            Chanting “SEC…SEC…” and Arkansas never having anything to do with Ohio State’s record against the SEC are 2 seperate issues,…period.
            Just wanted to get that out of the way so you know I know,…and before you misinterpret any more Arkansas fans taking pride in their conference. That’s all it is and that’s all it ever will be.

            It’s rediculous people don’t know the difference. 6 straight NCs from 4 different programs, all out of the same conference,proves nothing but the conference SOS theory true and shows why SEC programs don’t need to schedule a murderers row of non-conference power house programs…and all anyone outside the conference does is continue to make excuses why it isn’t them and why they get screwed in the BCS, ect…,etc…yada, yada, yada… (lol) Go ahead and cry me a river guys. Excuses are like pimples on a teenager. They all got ’em.

          • Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

            Remind me one more time Gonzo …… How many SEC conference titles has Arkansas won? When the marbles were on the line in your only BCS game … tOSU took you out to the woodshed. In that same year Auburn won the NC by 3 points. Yet, you are still stuck on stupid. The SEC isn’t in a league all by themselves. There is definately some bias in college football ….. just too many examples to site: 1) SEC team loses a game and they only fall 2 spots / any team outside the SEC loses a similarly ranked team drops 10 spots. 2) West Coast Bias – 80% of the US population lives on the eastern side of the Mississippi river ….. Folks on the east coast don’t watch west coast football because they went to bed. 3) etc, etc,etc …… Nobody will take you seriously when your rants are based on “feelings” instead of facts.

          • Tony th "Quacking Duck" says

            c’mon TPB aka “the paragon of common sense” why are you trying to run me off too. The byline of this blog is ….. “College football analysis and opinion with a heavy Ohio State bias”. Jim has detemined that this is all about college football analysis…… but very biased to tOSU. That doesn’t mean that the blog is wholly focusd on tOSU (just the biased part). Had Gonzo not mentioned the Ducks as always being over-rated in the preseason …… I would have just been a wallfowler (sic). I just can’t sit by and see my Ducks slandered without a response. I get bored hanging out with fellow ducks and would rather be challenged with other peoples opinions and facts. The problem with Gonzo is that he would always post his “opinions” which were really feelings that could not be supported with facts. I grew up on a farm ….. and the only good pig …..was the pig in the pen.

            We have a Rosebowl kinship that I respect and enjoy. Our two conferences have been connected for many years and rivals the “paper champion” NC. They don’t call it the “grand daddy of them all” for no reason.

          • gulfportcarl says

            I could care less about the SEC or the PAC 12 (sorry Tony). This Big Ten and Ohio State Buckeye country. I know Jim brought the SEC up in his post, and I agree with what he said. My thought about the four team playoff is that only conference winners should be considered for the play off. If you can’t win you conference you don’t deserve to have a shot to win the National Championship. Last year was a total disgrace only the conference champ should have went. The other OSU got screwed.
            Peace out

  4. Buckeyebill says

    All that matters to me is Nov 24th………all that other “fluff” (i.e. rankings, power rankings, the pundit’s opinions) are superfluous……… B1G TEN football, to me is, and always will be the essence of college football, and hey; we were the 1st college conference for football! We have the heritage, the legacy, the legends, the coaches that no other conference can begin to compare [to the Big Ten]. You can’t buy that with all the ESPN/BCS $$$ in the world!! Go Buckeyes! They don’t call Ohio ‘The Cradle of Coaches” for nothing…………………..

    • says

      Here here. My only complaint is that they moved “The Game” to Thanksgiving weekend. Makes it much harder to blow off family to go to the game.

      Note my opening comments at the beginning of this post. I am really enjoying the fact that Ohio State is not wrapped up in the BCS mess. For the first time in years, we have returned to true Big 10 football. The only thing missing is a shot at the Rose Bowl. Puts all that much more weight on the most important game in college football.

      • says

        Yeah, I hate the scheduling of the game on Thanksgiving Day weekend. Especially this year with the Carson Palmer, Terrelle Pryor and the Raiders visiting Cincinnati on that Sunday. TOO MUCH OVERLOAD.

  5. says

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