The Great Ohio State vs Michigan Joke Contest (and yes, there are prizes)

OK. Here’s the deal, the post below is from 2008. Although I haven’t posted the 09 prizes yet, entries are now open. I’ll update from the home page soon but for now, go ahead and post them below (since this post seems to be coming up higher then the original on Google at the moment. Follow the link below (fixed now) to see what’s been done before and check back on the home page (or subscribe by RSS) to let the world know what you think about the whore…I mean _ichigan.

Thanks to that school up north setting a record for all around crappy season, THE GAME just isn’t cracked up to what it should be. That however, shouldn’t stop us from relishing in that great annual tradition – the telling of Michigan Jokes.

This year, I’m giving away a copy of the A&E documentary “Woody Hayes’ Ohio State Buckeyes.” (and yes Alan, I know you’re out there). If I get enough jokes, I’ll throw in a copy of “The USA Today College Football Encyclopedia.” The encyclopedia is huge and has a run down of every college football game played by a the top 70 college football programs going back to the 1950s.

Here’s how it’s works:
Last year, I put up an open thread for Michigan Jokes. That post is one of the most popular posts on the site.

To enter this year’s contest, go to the post (click here) and add your favorite Michigan joke in the comments section.

And while yes, you will see that the legendary “Webmaster 2000? is deserving of the prize from his efforts last year, you must add a joke during the 2008 Michigan week to be eligible for the prize.

You, the reader, will determine the winner. Above each comment field their is a little thumb up or thumb down. Be sure to vote for your favorite joke. The joke which receives the most votes will be the winner. (I just added the comment voting and I’m not sure if it works. If it doesn’t, leave me a note and I’ll try to get it working.)

So, while this year’s Michigan game may lack the luster of past years, we can still have some fun at our downtrodden rivals expense.