Talkin’ AP Poll, Coach Tressel and Buckeye Basketball; An Open Thread

After seeing Louisiana-Lafayette lose to Florida on a fluke and Alabama lose to Texas A&M, I am doing everything in my power to keep from writing yet another post calling out the fallacy of the SEC and the problems with the Polls. Even more frustrating is the fact that although Ohio State remains undefeated, they still sit behind not one but two on-loss teams.

Sure, I could write about Coach Tressel’s return to Ohio State for a special tribute to the 2002 National Championship team (to do it any other way would be a crime) or the Ohio State hockey team’s…I mean basketball team’s non-season opening “Carrier Classic” and the fact that the B1G holds 3 of the top 5 spots in the early season basketball rankings. To do so though would be fooling myself as it would eventually deterate into a rant against the polls and my frustrations with ESPN talking heads arguing how the SEC still deserves a shot at the title game.

So I leave it to you to get me going. Three topics of discussion:

1) How thankful is the BCS that Ohio State isn’t in the discussion and how badly are the AP voters wimping out by not ranking them in the top 4?

2) Is the fact that Coach Tressel belongs on the field with his 2002 team even a point of discussion?

3) Ohio State Basketball team won their season seconder and is ranked No. 4. 

(Bonus for No. 3: Isn’t it great that unlike college football, preseason basketball polls really don’t mean anything? They just get us psyched for a great year!)


  1. The People's Buckeye says

    Arkansas started the year at 8 and is one loss away from being ineligible for a bowl game with Mississippi State and LSU remaining.

    S-E-C! S-E-C! S-E-C!

    • Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

      TPB – I have also watched the self destruction of Arkansas very closely this year and allowed myself a wee bit of satisfaction…….. thank you Gonzo Hog …… been thinking about you. After all the talk of being jealous of the SEC, every team outside of the SEC being overrated, and Arkansas being a “mirror image” of Oregon. I have said it before and I will say it again ……. Arkansas had ONE good year and that was it. You can’t build a tradition on A GOOD YEAR. Oregon has bucked the trend and has become a “non traditional” powerhouse because they have created a unique identity and backed it up with wins on the field (over multiple seasons). I hope K-State and ND lose a game this year so that Oregon can go head to head with Alabama. I still think this is the best match up in College Football. Oregon is like Texas A&M on crack. Alabama’s defense was tired and struggling by the third QTR against A&M. Saban went on record two weeks ago petitioning for a rule against the “no huddle” offense. He claimed that it was potentialy dangerous for the players. That quote was directly focused towards Oregon ……. and he just got beat by “Oregon lite” ……. LOL. Hopefully Oregon wins out and ……… bring on the Kraken!

      • says

        Gonzo can still take pride in the fact the he was The Last Hog Standing after the Sugar Bowl.

        I’m hoping Oregon maintains their spot, would love to see Oregon win it. Or Kansas State. Either one is good, but definitely Oregon given the top three.

  2. says

    I tend to agree that Oregon/Alabama would be a matchup I’d like to see if only for the chance it provides for the SEC to be beat. I am so tired of hearing how the SEC is at a disadvantage because their division is just soooo hard. Also good to see that it was the new guys that knocked them down.

    At the Sugar Bowl two years ago, the Arkansas fans seemed to think that they somehow had a stronger football legacy than Ohio State and that they were destined to win. Nothing like hearing the Arkansas fans chanting SEC, SEC as they marched to the stadium for a beat down — as if they had anything to do with the SEC wins over Ohio State.

    I also had a young lady tell me after the game that it was their game to lose. I asked her at what point in a 28-7 game she came to that conclusion. Leave it to say that pretty much ended our discussion. A very entitled bunch.

    I didn’t know that about Sabin but it sure fits my image of him. Although I think Oregon is the best of the undefeated three (sorry, I just can’t buy into ND and not so sure about K-State either), be careful Tony. The talk does sound a lot like what we heard going into the Rose Bowl a couple years ago.

    I really think the AP wimped out though. I’ll give it that Alabama is legit. I thought Florida was also but they’ve slipped as of late. I’m not sold on Georgia and LSU? I’ve expressed my feelings about them.

    I’m sorry but 2-3 good teams in a 14 team division doesn’t automatically grant you a spot in the BCS Championship. The voters need to be thankful Ohio State is sitting this one out. Especially if all four finish undefeated.

    Arkansas’ No. 8 preseason ranking only verifies the arguments of bias earlier this season on this blog.

  3. Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

    Preseason Arkansas at #8 …….. LOL ….. what a joke. I find it funny that a team like (2011 Big 12 6-6) Texas A&M can come into the SEC and run them to an 8-2 record with 2 easy games still on their schedule. If the SEC was such a tough conference then A&M should have struggled this year (like Colorado and Utah in the Pac12).

    Here is the article with the Saban quotes ….–ncaaf.html

    I don’t see ND beating the Trojans …… Too many offensive weapons on the USC team for ND to stop. Plus it is the last home game and probably last college game for Barkley. The road ends at Memorial Coliseum for the Irish.

    I am cautiously optimistic about Oregons chance to get to (win) the NC this year. We still have three tough games left on our schedule and anything can happen (see Alabama). Our defensive line is decimated and all of our starter are out with injuries. Although our Freshman QB has performed with poise throughout the season ……. He is a freshman and the games only get tougher from here. On the positive note, this is not the same team you played in the Rose Bowl. After two trips to the Rose Bowl and one trip to the NC over the last three years …. most of these players should have a “been there, done that” attitude. They expect to be playing for the NC or at the very least another Rose Bowl. I can’t say the same about the 2010 team. They finally got to the “big game” and I think that was a win in itself. I think it’s a safe assumption to say that Oregon isn’t playing just to get to the NC game this year. We did that in 2011 and came up empty. I will give Oregon the advantage over K-State or ND because neither team has been to a BCS bowl game in quite a while. I think both of those teams will be like the Ducks in 2010 and consider it a victory to just get there. Meanwhile …… we have Alabama waiting in the wings. They are an entirely different animal and would be prepared to play in a NC game. It will be unfortunate if Alabama doesn’t somehow sneek into the NC against either K-State or Oregon. The SEC will forever claim that they beat themselves and the SEC Championship game was the real NC Game. I can hear them already ………

      • Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

        TPB – Since 2000 the Aggies have finished the season only once (2010 coaches #21) in the top 25. During that same time period, Utah has finished their season ranked in the top 25 …. five times (2003-#21, 2004-#5, 2008-#4, 2009-#18, 2010-#23). I think it is safe to say that over the past 12 years Utah has proven that they have a solid football program. I can’t say the same about Texas A&M. They may have had a good 2010 team …… but one good season does not validate the current football program.

        The SEC currently has 6 of their teams ranked in the top 9. Conventional wisdom suggests that the SEC is such a tough conference that a top tier BIG10 or PAC12 team would be reduced to the middle of the pack. Let me illustrate this point by taking a quote from our friend Gonzohog, “If Oregon is so good, then picture this. Picture your Ducks replacing Texas A&M in the SEC West as the new guy on the block. Let’s see how over rated the SEC is then shall we?” (Aug 17, 2012). Gonzo wanted to use the “new guy” on the block as his proof to validate the dominance of the SEC. Well, the season is quickly coming to the end and it appears that the “new guy” will finish with a 10-2 record and still has a shot at going to the Conference championship game. Keep in mind ….. Texas A&M was 7-6 last year in the BIG12. Using Gonzohog logic, I would say that the “new guy” has proven that a “middle of the pack” BIG12 team would be a “top tier” team in the SEC. We all know that this isn’t an entirely accurate assessment …… which is why we don’t use “Gonzo logic”. The bottom line is that Texas A&M has exposed the SEC for what it is.

        In Memoriam: “Thanks Jim, that’s fair enough. Make sure you post something good about Arkansas when they make it to the NC game this season. See ‘ya then.” – Gonzohog Aug 21, 2012

        • says

          Good point Tony. I haven’t been paying much attention to the talk about what Texas AM’s performance in the SEC says about the Big 12 mainly because I think it’s a moot point since TAM is no longer in the Big 12.

          That said, I think it does put a serious pin in the SEC bubble. The biggest disappointment is that although they beat Alabama, Bama will probably still go to the SEC championship. This coming weekend is the SEC’s annual beat up on a FBS school day and Alabama takes on that SEC powerhouse Auburn the week after.

          Although I don’t know the ins and outs of SEC playoff eligibility, it looks like a one loss Alabama will trump a two loss Texas A&M.

          As Texas A&M is helping us prove, the SEC is a division with one or two powerhouse teams–just like the Big 12, the Big 10 and in any given year any of a number of given conferences.

          The problem is, the media, the pollsters and in particular the four-letter network (which has huge financial ties to the SEC), all but had a championship berth to the SEC staring with the first pre-season poll.

        • says

          Gonzo logic?…. You’re on here blabbing about a team like Utah, who undoubtably only plays an occasional powerhouse program, but they have proven what?….Oh yeah, I forgot,…they beat Bama once after the Tide had already blown their potential NC appearance and never even came to play in the first place. Woo-hoo!…Awesome!

          How ’bout Baylor? Aren’t they just fantastic after knocking off that powerhouse KSU team? Outstanding defense for sure.
          And what about those Ducks? Wow! I’m quite sure if this loss allows Bama to creep back into the NC limelight, it will only be because of the national media (ESPiN) SEC hype,…correct?

          Oh and yes Tony, you’re absolutely correct in comparing last years team to this years teams. We all realize now here in the SEC, (with your logic of course) that Texas A&M would’ve taken apart the SEC last season,….with the exception of that one upset to lowly Arkansas.

          • says

            Sour grapes. Delicious. Ohio State still got closer to a national title claim and it’s burning your insides out. I think you’re done here, aside from riding the coattails of Alabama, Florida and LSU.

          • says

            This is true. Ohio did get a little closer to the coveted trophy this time around, but at least we and a few other programs out there don’t have to reduce ourselves to the delusional bragging of beating up on brotherly cupcakes like they do in this pathetic conference they elude too as “The BIG 10 + 2”. or whatever they call themselves these days. (LOL!)
            Funny thing is, Arkansas isn’t shelling out serious dough for their current joke of a head coach either.
            But I am glad you guys finally came to your senses and brought in a quality head coach with SEC experience though. Nothing wrong with that.

          • says

            Or we brought in a guy who’s had experience here in the midwest.

            Which is what LSU’s done twice.

            Alabama’s done once.

            And Florida’s done, obviously.

            And those programs all won titles. MOAR COATTAILS.

          • says

            You’re right about the SEC and those tough schedules. This weekend was a great example–Georgia South, Wofford, W. Carolina, Jacksonville St.

            Texas A&M is exposing the SEC for the fraud that they are.

            And before you get too excited about your “SEC Coach” he started his career at Ohio State.

  4. says

    I always laugh when people use the word “troll”, like it’s some kind of shameful word,…especially when they know they do the same damn thing without telling anyone. (LOL!)

    And to be clear folks, if it makes you feel better to bash the SEC, then great, but just remember, when someone finally does achieve that ultimate goal of knocking down the proverbial SEC wall, don’t make the idiotic mistake of acting as if it were “a long time coming” or “shoulda happenened a long, long time ago” or “told ‘ya those guys were a fruad”, because everytime you say that about one of these SEC conference members that kicked yours and everyone elses collective asses in the NC game for 6… 7… or how many years this string is actually going to last, you just make yourself look straight up, bat shit crazy.

    • says

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  6. says

    It’s crappy? That hurts. Then again you think the SEC is crappy so maybe it is compliment. Either way, thanks for going to my blog and evaluating it. Nothing is funnier than hearing Buckeye fans rip the SEC. You have one win and of course you had to forfeit that one. What I find hilarious is that one win over Arkansas is treated as one of the biggest wins in school history. Ahhh Buckeye fans…so entertaining. Keep up the great work guys. SEC people always love to laugh at you and tell stories about how great it was when their team beat you.