Signing Day Open Thread; Bring on the Antici…pation

I try not to get too wrapped up in the hype of signing day. There’s something about the entire process that just can’t be good for a 17 year-old kid. Yet as a college football blogger, I feel some sense of obligation to jump on the band wagon and spend my day in anticipation waiting for the one undecided who might forever change the face of Ohio State football.

Or not.

As usual, Coach Tressel and his recruiting staff have managed to keep the surprises to a minimum. Tressel’s class is already being touted as one of the top classes by both and Probably the biggest surprise was the recent announcement of an offer to Glenville quarterback Cardale Jones. Reports state that Jones was waiting on Ohio State and should announce his decision fairly early this morning. Toledo was also in the running.

This was an interesting move as the Buckeyes already have Braxton Miller lined up for the QB spot. Jones didn’t see this as a problem and compared himself to Troy Smith, also a Glenville quarterback, who was picked up after top ranked recruit Justin Zwick.

Continuing the Glenville pipeline, offensive lineman Aundrey Walker. Although by the time this is posted, Walker’s decision may be out as the Twitterverse is spreading rumours that Walker will announce USC. Don’t put a lot of faith in Twitter but the message getting retweeted at the moment is that the news is coming from a text from Glenville assistant coach Tony Overton.

Walker had narrowed it down to Ohio State and USC. Not going to get too excited about USC grabbing one of our potential recruits. We all know how that worked out last year.

Probably the most exciting in the bunch is linebacker Curtis Grant.Grant is still bouncing between Ohio State, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia but Rival’s Mike Ferrell says Grant is a lock for Ohio State.. Rivals ranks Grant as the #2 pick in the country and it sounds like he’s a real threat on the field. Always good to see the Buckeyes continuing their strong defensive traditions. Grant is expected to announce at 1:30 this afternoon.

Darius Jennings was supposed to announce in an ESPN festival of recruiting later this evening but it looks like he’s moved his decision up to 9:30 this morning. Jennings is looking at Ohio State and Virginia.

So that gives us a starting point. Of course, as I write this I find myself fully boarding the bandwagon I said I try to avoid. As I write, I’m being distracted by the reports on Twitter and trying to resist the temptation to switch on ESPN. Also see that the news is changing quick enough that this post may be outdated before I hit the publish button.

I’ll try my best to keep from updating throughout the day but something tells me I’ll fail miserably.

Update #1
Worst part of signing day? Urban Meyer’s ESPN debut. I’m afraid he’s there to stay folks. It’s enough to make a guy jump right back off that bandwagon.

Update #2Looks like Darius Jennings is heading to Virginia. Jennings is a Baltimore product and it looks like he’s decided to stay close to home.

Update: Cardale Jones Jones has announced that he’s coming to Ohio State. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Jones will gray shirt for one year and attend junior college. This delays the start of the five year NCAA limit. Sounds like he’s got post Braxton Miller plans for his senior season.

Update: Curtis Grant is a Buckeye!
This is a big one folks. Rivals ranks Grant as the No. 2 pick in the country. Buckeyes are putting together a series defense. Grant is ready for the next step and chances are, we’ll see plenty of him next season.

Update: Chris Carter probably won’t be a Buckeye
Not really the way to start your college football career (or lack thereof):


  1. Dave Smith says

    WTF?!!! If there is an ounce of truth to the Carter story, which it looks like there is (and more), I’m glad he showed his character while still in high school rather than pulling that crap in Columbus.
    And…are the girls at that school really that stupid? That school system is really failing someone.

  2. Not Alan says

    Wow. I always had to use Strohs, sweet talk and Van Halen to get a girls clothes off while in high school. Who knew all you needed was a tape measure?

  3. says

    Sweet, continued sucsess in recruiting for OSU, whlie recruiting against very little competition.
    Who could’ve ever emagined?
    I noticed you guys finished #3 according to Scout’s recruiting service, while your closest competition was the new guy on the block, Nebraska, who barely finished in the top 25.
    The SEC had 4 teams finish in the top 10, 6 in the top 15 and 9 teams finish in the top 25.
    Remember that the next time you go crying about how unimpressive the OOC schedules are for SEC teams and how the SOS means nothing. Carry on now.

  4. says

    You really need to lay off the crack Gonzo. Not sure what you’re talking about when you say recruiting against little competition. Buckeyes pull kids from all over the country, including your beloved SEC region.

  5. Gulfportcarl says

    Gonzo is still living the Sugar Bowl dream. He thinks the SEC is still walking in shoes of gold.
    He will come down to earth when Arkansas in back in the cellar this coming year.

  6. says

    What I’m talking about is the very little competition you get in recruiting from your conference bretheren, but continue to act as if the Big 10, 11 or what ever the hell you bozos call yourself now days, are still relevent overall on the national stage.
    Recruiting isn’t the entire ball of wax, but anyone who knows football can tell you that it’s the life blood of any major winning program.
    Is it any suprise at all the SEC dominates in this area year end and year out and produces a battle-tested NC every single year?
    Is it any suprise to you at all that a team like Arkansas can finish 7th in recruiting in the SEC, but still be considered #16 in the country according to Scout?
    And of course the Buckeyes pull kids out of our beloved SEC region. There’s plenty of elite talent down here to satisfy everyone. That’s kind of a no-brainer when an average size state like Florida has a population of 18.2 million and can supply more than enough talent for 3 major college football programs. You’ll have to come up with something better than that, Jim, especially when roughly 90% of your recruits come from Ohio and the surrounding area. Nice try though.

  7. Gulfportcarl says

    Get over yourself Gonzo. Get over the Shit Eastern Coinference. The botton line is there is so much talent everywhere in the country. I rank Texas #1, Cali #2 and Ohio #3, and Florida #4.
    Gonzo what kind of recruiting clsass did Arkansas have #60th in the country?

  8. says

    Gonzo…you have to give him a break. How can Arkansas possibly get a higher recruiting class. I mean they’re in the SEC. Everything is just so much more competitive down there. That’s why it took Arkansas so many years to put together a flash in the pan bowl team. Nobody wants to play for them because of all those big bad SEC teams that will beat up on them. It’s just not fair.

    Buckeyes take great pride from recruiting in state so I’m not really sure where you’re going with that one.

    There’s also something more important and that’s what you do with your recruits once you get them. Tressel has always been good at taking the sleeper candidate and turning him into a top-notch player.

    Just hope that Arkansas coach is a better recruiter at Arkansas than he proved to be at Louisville. They needed to bring in the toxic waste team to clean up after he left.

  9. says

    All of Petrino’s Louisville classes were re-ranked several years later by Rivals and came back much higher. One came back at #6. Look it up. Petrino is well known for coaching up under rated players. He has one in this years class named Kane Whitehurst. (WR)

    Here’s something else you guys can look up in the dictionary while your at it…..Bozo and Jackass.
    Jim’s pictured smoking crack beside the word “Bozo” and Gulfportcarl’s photo illustrates a man with his head stuck in a donkey’s behind.

  10. says

    I’m not talking about athletic ability. I’m talking about the fact that Petrino’s recruits at Louisville were not…how you say…the academic or character standouts Louisville fans were looking for. Yeah, they were top recruits but they were also very good at getting in trouble. In Louisville, Patrino’s well known for recruiting kids that didn’t help the Louisville reputation at all.

    Of course in the SEC, that really isn’t much of a concern is it. How are the athletic graduation rates down there? (And he’s calling me the Bozo)

  11. Gulfportcarl says

    Gonzo, I just looked and Arkansas had 0 -5 star recruits and 5- 4 stars. Not very good recruiting for the great Mr. Petrino. Why do you keep talking about Louisville? They were mediocre at best, I was a South Florida season ticket holder back then and they couldn’t even beat lowly South Florida. Lets talk about Petrino now, onw BCS game and one bomb. I don’t expect them to make it next year. It will be back to shitty lower tier bowls, you know the kind you are used to.

  12. says

    Funny those players never seemed to get into trouble while playing for Petrino. It’s after he left all hell broke lose, unless you have some evidence otherwise of course, smart guy.
    Also, the disiplinary issues in Arkansas’s football program have literally been cut in half since the arrival a Petrino, but they continue to grow worse at Ole Miss. I wonder why?
    Anyhow, the future is looking very bright here in the Razorback Nation. We couldn’t be happier. At least we don’t have players selling their pants and jerseys for a quike thousand bucks, forsaking any kind of historic pride in their university heritage, which they so proudly proclaim as “The OSU”. Hows that working out for ‘ya?

  13. Gulfportcarl says

    Gonzo, Sour grapes, my God have you got and case of Sour Grapes. Since we beat you on the field, you have nothing left to attack our players. We know what they did, but really it’s none of your business. You have enough trouble figuring how the hog are goint to win next year. They are being out recruited by everyone. The hogs will be lucky to make it to a bowl next year, with mallett gone. BooHoo

  14. says

    I guess you have to actually have some historic pride before you sell it. Racist implications of the comment above noted, this really is a ridiculous discussion. Buckeyes have one of the top recruiting classes in the country and according to today’s Detroit Free Press (sorry, don’t have link), they are already looking good for 2012.

    To try to turn this into some sort of discussion about the SEC reeks of desperation — for what, I’m not quite sure.

  15. Gulfportcarl says

    Yes Gonzo Ohio State will be in the BCS, but I know for sure Arkansas won’t. No Quarterback no nothing. I think the football Gods are mad at the hogs for trying to impersonate a football team.

  16. says


    It’s amazes me you have the audasity to even be in a discussion related to something you know nothing about. It’s like trying to talk football with the neighbor’s 12 year old Buckeye fan.
    Arkansas has a very good up and coming, 4 year, Jr QB., mush like Bama had in the 2009 – ’10 season before they won the NC. To say they have NO QB, really proves ignorrance beyond a shadow of a doubt in your behave.
    And anyonwe who believes the significance of landing more 5 stars than the next guy is more important than anything else, (like coaching) has serious issues.

    Oh and Jim, look above at what was posted after only 2 little measely comments covering several days of notta. Gee the Buckeye fans really follow their recruiting don’t they? But not as much as a good ‘ol fashion SEC debate.
    I know of two guys first hand that jumped at the chance like two starving wolfes on a ribeye.

  17. says

    Whatever, Jim. It’s ok though, really. I understand the parameters of the Big 10 idealist way of thinking. “We are still as good as we used to be.” “We are the Big 10!” “We are forever the elite!” “The SEC is over-rated!”