Penn State Fans Demonstrate Their Overconfidence Once Again

At least JoPa made it to the end zone that day.

At least JoPa made it to the end zone that day.

As we head into Penn State, questions abound about the Buckeye offense. There’s no question the defense can get the job done but can the offensive line protect Pryror, will he throw with poise and confidence and will Penn State be able to stop the Buckeyes when they do turn to the run?

All valid questions and all keys to the game. However, don’t think for a minute that we’re the only ones with a few question marks hanging above our heads. Thing is, most Penn State fans are so wrapped up in their white t-shirts and defensive stats that they are missing a key point which in any other team would raise concern. This is Penn State though so let them enjoy their moment. They don’t get it often.

While the Penn State stats look good on paper, consider that their seven wins come against Akron, Syracuse, Temple, Illinois, Eastern Illinois, Michigan and Northwestern. Not really a powerhouse of college football. Last week Northwestern gave the Lions something to think about. The Penn State defense that we keep hearing about also allowed 17 points against Illinois — one of the least effective offenses in the Big Ten this year.

Against Iowa, their only opponent worthy of discussion, they completely fell apart. The Iowa defense hit Daryll Clark over and over again exposing more then a minor weakness. Clark wore the shock on his sleeve the entire game and limped off the field at the end with his head hanging low.

But not to be deterred, once again Penn State fans charge forward yet again drowning in overconfidence. They’re finding great glee in the photo of Pryor hanging his head after last year’s loss forgetting of course that another inch to the right and Pryor not only would have made the first down ending the game, he very easily could have been headed to the end zone all alone. They find strength in the Buckeyes sleepwalk against Purdue. They desperately search for the magic of the “white out” of 2005 which no longer shocks anyone although it is cute to see them try– what with the little tent city and all.

In a final act of “Won’t you be our rival…please?” they have taken to photo shopped pictures (Block O Nation collected them here) declaring it “Hate Week.”

Sorry Penn State but we’ve already got a team to hate. Try as you might, at this point you’re just not worth my ilk.

CorrectionApologies to Syracuse. They are 3-5 (0-3 in conference) with one of their wins coming over Northwestern. I corrected the earlier error in the post above.


  1. Mike says

    Just wanted to take the opportunity to clarify a few things (and I hate to presume to speak for most Penn Stater’s but I will try):
    – The website you refer to does a hate week for every team we play, including Eastern Illinois and Temple. Ohio State is not singled out or special in this regard. In fact I would say we hate Iowa and Michigan more than Ohio State right now. I think we realize we are not your biggest rival and we don’t strive to be. It is just that both teams have been pretty good for the past few years so it has become a very big game.
    – Yes we love the picture of Pryor hanging his head but the man rejected us and subsequently made disparaging remarks about us. It was our first opportunity for payback and we made the most of it. Also, is fairly hypocritcical to call us out for this picture when you have gotten so much mileage out of the JoePa running to the locker room jokes/pictures (which happened 3 years ago). I mean Pryor earned it by fumbling the ball and throwing an interception. I am pretty sure JoePa didn’t gorge on Fiber One before the game to put himself in that position.
    – Our offensive statistics may not be a good predictor for this game since we have played only one team with a defense of OSU’s caliber. On the other hand your offense is probably not much better than the other Big Ten teams we have played so I am not sure you can call us a paper lion on defense.
    – As someone whose passion for their team inspired them to create a blog I don’t get why you would put our fans down for the White Out’s or Paternoville’s. I just don’t get the point of throwing stones at gameday activities that really don’t have anything to do with the game. I know it is a more historied tradition but I don’t really care who “Dots the I” but I understand it is part of your gameday and if it gets your fans psyched up good for you.
    – What’s with dismissing a loss to Purdue as a sleepwalk and then trying to say we are susceptible because we beat two teams soundly (NW and SU) and one of those teams beat the other? Does that make you the 10th best team in the PAC10 because you lost to a team that lost to a PAC10 celler dweller? It makes no sense and has absolutely no bearing on how OSU and PSU match up.

  2. says

    Wow. You should see what it’s like around here Michigan week. I was planning at least one more pot shot at the fans but this overly defensive reaction sort of takes the fun out of it.

    Oh and sorry about the link. I fixed it sending it to the intended Black Shoe Diaries post. You’re right, we’ve really gotten a little too much mileage out of the JoPa picture. Nothing but laziness on my part.

  3. says

    Hey, you know, first off… good luck Saturday. My father, also a PSU alum, works for Ohio State (and has since ’91), and so I’ve had the chance to wear your colors at the Shoe many times. One of my fondest memories was the ND game back in, what, 1994? I probably still have the program somewhere. Columbus is a great town and I enjoyed spending my later youth there. If I ever had to live in Ohio or PA again, Columbus would certainly be where I’d end up.

    Still a season ticket holder for his employer, I’ve seen every PSU-Ohio State game in Columbus since I can remember. The games are intense and the fans really get after each other (for us, more than anyone we play annually). That being said, yes, PSU rests their head on Ohio State as being their Big Ten “rival” — as a fan, I view OSU as the “big dog” in the league, and everybody wants a piece of the top guy. Michigan State, our designated last game on “rivalry weekend” in the conference, needed somebody to fill their last spot when PSU joined the Big Ten, and so they paired us. Ask MSU fans and they’ll tell you the same thing PSU fans do: we’re not rivals, the game is almost always irrelevant (exceptions being years where one of us were competing for league titles), and we were pigeonholed into believing adding a trophy (the craptastic Land Grant) would fuel the game’s intensity. It hasn’t. Ohio State is our closest opponent, in a state where we heavily recruit (and vice-versa), and a lot of our rosters are composed of players who know one another from high school football (PA and OH bleed H.S. football, too). The passion runs deep. You think we WANT to end our season with MSU? No. So, if we’re stuck into the same mold every year, than surely we’re always going to view OSU as our top rival, even if we’re you’re No. 2. Give us Pitt (especially), Syracuse, West Virginia, Notre Dame and/or Maryland annually? OSU falls easily falls back into place as just another game (no disrespect intended).

    Also, Syracuse did beat NW, but that wasn’t their only win. Syracuse on paper is bad, but they’ve played some teams close, including the Bearcats last weekend. Of course that doesn’t matter since they still lost, but I heard the same “they play people close” tagged to Purdue postmortem. Paper lions? I know you don’t believe that, and I also know that you realize PSU is your second “biggest” game to-date.

    Enjoy the game Saturday and please watch it without the koolaid (which, by the way, we’ll be serving a blue version of at our tailgate in the Ag Arena lot you’re invited to — look for the white Keystone symbol flag).

    Fight on State,

  4. buckeyemark53 says

    Over the years since Penn State’s been a part of the Big Ten, there’s been some great games that only add to both teams’ storied histories. Being an adjoining state, there’s a built in respect for one another as it’s a great area for high school ball (including the Big 33 game) and college ball. I personally remember a night game in late October when it snowed at Ohio Stadium and Raymont Harris ran roughshod over the Nittany Lions. I got a free ticket from my boss at the time who was a Penn State alum and we both enjoyed the game (I did a little more because the Buckeyes won something like 26-9 or 29-6). I’m looking for a win on Saturday, where the defense is tough and the offense is just good enough. Go Bucks!!

  5. bosshawk says

    Has everyone heard about the unveiling of a new uniform for our Buckeyes vs. Michigan? So many of the loyalists are upset. Why? It’s time for a change. Maybe football philosophy will change along with it. Hey folks! It’s time we come into the Twenty-first century. Buckeye fans say “we don’t need to change. We have the best looking uniform in college football (and I agree).” Just don’t totally change it. It’s not like our uniforms look like the uniforms Pete Stinchcomb and Chic Harley wore. The Buckeye uniform has changed dramatically over the years. Just check out the uniforms of the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and early 60’s. You would never know they were Buckeye uniforms. Therefore, don’t talk to me about tradition and the uniform. That’s our problem. We don’t accept change too readily. It’s time to change our mindset. I hope this unveiling is something symbolic of change we’ll see in our team on the gridiron. Also keep in mind it’s only for one game. We’ll still maintain those beautiful scarlet and gray uniforms. GO BUCKS!!!!

    It’s funny but I had been approaching the OSU coaching staff with an idea for an alternate uniform that we might wear during non-conference clashes and bowl appearances. I’d like to know what you think. Please visit the following link:

  6. says

    O.K. Now you’ve really got me off my game. First Mike and now Nittany Nation. I wrote this post with images of fans throwing urine bombs at the OSU band and a video floating around of a very large group of Penn State fans throwing beer at and threatening a couple of Ohio State fans who made the mistake of walking past. You guys are too polite (and it’s appreciated).

    This is a great game and I believe we are currently tied 12-12 in the series aren’t we? I also have to admit that at times like this, when Michigan can only seem to spiral downward, I’m thankful to see Penn State (and Iowa) doing well. I do think this is their first big test though. Hence, it’s good for both programs.

    Living in Penn State country though, I must admit that I have enjoyed watching the fans build themselves up for the let down (at least in 06-07).

    The recruiting is an excellent point especially when you look at NE Ohio and Western PA. I believe that not only did we get a quarterback from PA, you got one from OH right? (not fact checking at the moment).

    You’re right about Syracuse. I’ll fix that.

    One more thing, I remember going to the first Penn State/Ohio State game after PSU joined the Big Ten. It was a great atmosphere then and has been ever since.

    This game is going to be a defensive struggle. The team that can handle the pressure on offense will be the team that wins this game.

    Oh, and Boss. I was just about to post on the uniforms. As I understand, they’re wearing 1954 throwback uniforms. No complaints on my end. I’m all for going old school.

    I do like the Woody helmet though.

  7. gulfportcarl says

    Let the fun begin. Penn State and Ohio State is tuirning into our second best rivalry since they joined the Big Ten. Mike! it’s only a game so don’t get so huffy. Don’t worry about JoePa he can handle it. He should be like Bobby Bowden and retire anyway he’s to dam old.
    I believe the defense of both teams will dictate what the offense’s do. Both teams offense’s are a bit suspect. Let just sit back and enjoy the game and watch the Buckeyes win.

  8. says

    BlockO here,

    So I now have at least 1 or 2 PSU fans from BSD posting on my comments section where I reposted all those photoshopped OSU images claiming that I am guilty of Copyright Infringement….One of them even mentioned he was a copyright law expert and that he has sued and won, seemingly a threat…

    Funny seeing as how those who did the photoshopping did not own the original images they infringed upon when they altered them in the first place, no…?

    I’m sorry were they planning on selling them? I sure as heck am not using them for commercial purpose, so whatever.

  9. says

    Wow BlockO. Pretty amazing that in creating something they hoped would go viral, they get upset when it does.

    I’m really having trouble getting a grip on these Penn State fans. They seem to be all about a rivalry but the minute you give them rivalry, they get defensive, make excuses, talk about how much they want to knock off the top dog and then threaten copyright infringement?!

    And I’m not just referring to our Penn State fans above. I appreciate their comments and welcome them any time. It seems to be a consistent theme I’m seeing in a number of places.