Stop…Wait Penn State…Don’t Go to the ACC

Yeah, I stole the idea from the Daily Show

As Ohio State rivalries go, Penn State holds a special place in the Buckeye fan’s heart. Since 2005 when the very first of their beloved “White Outs” caught Troy Smith and an unsuspecting Buckeye team by surprise, Penn State fans have gotten themselves worked into a frenzy of overconfidence as they enter the Ohio State game. This is especially true at home as they build their Paterno, I mean Nitanyville, don their white shirts and make a lot of noise for about a quarter and a half.

Terrelle Cryor Shirt FailSince that day in 2005, Penn State has failed to beat the Buckeyes in their home stadium. To give them their due though, the Buckeyes have lost to Penn State twice since 2005 in the Shoe including the game which created the image of a sulking Terrell Pryor made so popular by Penn State fans everywhere (note: Buckeyes won the year they made that t-shirt to the right).

And who can forget the 10 months or so between the time the Ohio State tattoo scandal broke and the time we learned about the Penn State coaches and university executive board cover up of child sexual abuse in the Penn State locker room scandal. I’m talking about that special time when we had hang our heads while Penn State fans raged from their soap boxes about how Ohio State had hurt the Big Ten.

So as rivalries go, there is always something special about watching the Buckeyes beat Penn State.

The B1G Conspiracy
Considering what Penn State has been through the past year, I think the football team has handled their situation well. Those who stuck behind have pulled together through the worst of adversity and given their fans something to rally around. Look a little deeper however, and my sympathy for Penn State starts to fade.

As the 2012 season progresses, there is an undercurrent among Penn State fans that the B1G refs are out to get them. In a round table discussion conducted by, more than one of the participants expressed their thoughts on the B1G reffing conspiracy against Penn State. (Jason at MSOG does a great job at dispelling that theory. He also tipped me off to the Pennlive story.)

But it’s not just the fans who seem to think that they are being treated unfairly. After losing on a highly questionable call against Nebraska, Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin implied that yes indeed, the refs were out to get them.

So Let’s Just Leave

While it’s easy to understand the frustration of Penn State fans (well, maybe not) and their need to make sense of everything that has happened the past year, has once again taken the discussion to the next level. In their hope of finding something to rally around, something to make the Penn State fan base whole again, they are calling on Penn State Board of Trustees president Karen Peetz and University president Rod Erickson to leave the Big Ten and join the ACC.

According to writer Mathew Pencek, moving to the ACC would help to  ” rid the unwanted step child status as a Big Ten member that has been festering since 1990, [and] puts the athletic program in a place that re-establishes historic rivalries…” (you listening Syracuse?).

Why didn’t I think of that?
What better way to salvage what little may be left of your football dynasty than to move to from a division like the B1G to the ACC. Think of the opportunity to reestablish that old cross-border rivalry with Maryland and of course the gobs of money from the ACC network.

Penn State has some dark years ahead of them and Penn State fans, in their utmost desperation find themselves looking to the ACC thinking that the talent there might be more on level with the Penn State team of years to come. If they truly feel that left out by the Big Ten, if they truly think that the Big Ten is working against them (first I heard of it), then go. As Jason at MSOG points out, their departure would open the door for Notre Dame or possibly Oklahoma.


    • gulfportcarl says

      Tony, how the hell did Oregon and Kansas State lose and let the SEC back in the picture. The SEC was out of the picture this year and you let hem back in. Maybe the biggest joke of all Notre Dame the luckiest team in College football will be #1.
      Later, I have to go get rid of this headache.

  1. gulfportcarl says

    Why would Penn State want to move to the ACC, they already have enough losing programs. Believe it or not I see the B10 getting better and the ACC competing with the Big East as the worst BCS conference. They need to get real as far as the Ref’s go. Every team gets their share of bad calls, but a conspiracy giver me a break.
    I think they should try to get an invitation to join the PAC 12, they would be a good fit.
    I could really care less where the go, maybe Penn State should have got the death penalty then there would be no issue.
    Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo cry me a river.