Braxton or Guiton? Start ’em Both

The Ohio State Buckeyes have listed both Braxton Miller and Kenny Guiton for Saturday night’s game against Wisconsin. Although Coach Urban Meyer is still vague on who will get the opening snaps, yesterday’s depth chart for Wisconsin lists Braxton Miller OR Kenny Guiton in the starting quarterback position. I do like the idea of mixing […]

Ohio State Buckeyes: Monday Morning Quick Hits

So the Ohio State Buckeyes not only beat the 52 point spread, they added in another 20 or so points for good measure. And although Coach Urban Meyer got his fair share of criticism (at least on Twitter) for running the score, what are you going to do? When you’re playing the third string quarterback, […]

And We’re Back! Thank You Coach Bruce

Took a little longer than normal to come out of the off season hibernation this year but we made it just in time for opening day. You may notice the new digs. After seven or so years, the old website had slowed to a crawl. What you see at the moment is just the framework. […]