Ohio State vs Illinois Game Changing Moment

I want to put last weekend behind us but I just have to do this. At today’s press conference, Coach Tressel responded to reporters questions about the play below. I can’t believe that if reviewed, the play wouldn’t have been changed, Illinois would have been down a touchdown and momentum would have taken a drastic shift. Illinois would not have been able to go into the time eating drive that it did in the fourth either.

Regardless, we’re Ohio State and it shouldn’t have been this close.

From today’s press conference:

REPORTER: Following up on that, the fumble at the end of their first run, did you send that in this week for an inquiry of why there was no replay of that or no scrutiny from the press box?

COACH TRESSEL: From what I understand now, I didn’t know this then, is that there was a technical difficulty with the replay system and I guess that happens. We had a couple technical difficulties with what we were doing too, so that didn’t make the difference in the game.

: Washington, they were showing replays up on the big screen and a couple times, a lot of people thought that influenced things. I don’t think you’re allowed to do that in the Big Ten, correct? Controversial replays? And you’re not allowed to have a monitor in the press box.

COACH TRESSEL: I know we can’t have a monitor. I know we can’t have any type of monitor playback or still-shots like they have in the pros, as far as what the rules are on the scoreboard, I don’t know.

REPORTER: What I’m asking, you have a challenge, how strange is that to have the ability to have a challenge but not have the information for a challenge other than you standing there on the sideline?

COACH TRESSEL: The thing that we’ve all been instructed in the replay system is that every play is reviewed and that they don’t want us to waste a timeout and so forth and quite honestly from where any of us were, that was a long way, that was 83 yards away or whatever that was, so none of us were that sure exactly what occurred. And we have faith in the system. Sometimes the system isn’t perfect, but you know I’m not a replay guy to start with, because it’s not comprehensive, but the replay system we have, we have faith in and go from there.