Ohio State Recruiting Open Thread

With only eight days left until national signing day, the annual frenzy that is college football recruiting is in full stride. Although Meyer currently holds the No. 4 ranked recruiting class according to Rivals.com, there are still a couple of spots to fill. Running back Dontre Wilson, currently an Oregon commit, made a visit to Columbus this past weekend along with wide receiver James Clark out of Florida. No word yet on either at this time.

Although Oregon coaches didn’t speak out (that I know of), an article on Oregon Live had a number of Duck fans doing their best Bret Bielema impersonations as they realized that not only was Wilson considering defecting, Ohio State assistant coach Tom “Quick Cals” Herman was jumping on Oregon commits. Hoping to convince a few other Ducks to follow the footsteps of the coach they had hoped to play for, Herman met with 4 Star wide receiver Darren Carrington Jr. and offered scholarships to Tryee and Tyrell Robinson.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, about half the team are now Meyer recruits and there may be only one spot left to fill.

While it’s great to see Meyer bringing in all this offensive talent, it’s the defense that I’m most concerned about. Rivals.com does show a number of 4-5 star recruits committed to the defense.

So what do you think? Who are you most excited to see in a Buckeye uniform? Who would you most like us to see round out the roster and why? Does Oregon or anyone else for that matter have any reason to complain? I mean this is college football right?


  1. gulfportcarl says

    I really this we need speed at running back and at defensive end. We have lost allot of defensive talent to the pros. I don’t care if our recruits come from Oregon commits or anwhere else, it’s not final until National Signing day.

  2. Dave Smith says

    Recruit offense and teach defense. Offense is all about ability, Defense is about technique.
    Nobody could teach Braxton to do what he does, but the defensive staff turned a career fullback into a pretty darn good Linebacker last season. Go get all the offensive firepower we can get.

  3. says

    Give me a damn break. I’m sure these same people are crying for the University of Cincinnati and their loss of recruits because of Butch Jones leaving… or any other school in the history of football for that matter. Coaches leave, players are allowed to decommit and weigh their options. Believe it or not, these players moreso commit to a coaching staff THAN THE SCHOOL. Deal with it.

  4. Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

    Good job on flipping Dontre Wilson to tOSU. This kid should ask himself how many Running Backs has Urban Meyer put into the NFL?? None from Utah, None from Florida, None from tOSU. Meanwhile ….. Oregon has LaMike James, LaGarrette Blount, Jonathan Stewart, Jeremiah Johnson (all currently playing). Then we have Kenjon Barner who will definately get drafted in the first few rounds this year. Then DeAnthony Thomas will get drafted in the first few rounds next year, etc, etc, etc.

    TPB – I agree with you ….. players commit to a coaching STAFF. Gary Campbell has been our Running Backs coach for 27 years. He knows how to develop players and throughout the years our head coaches have supported his efforts. The facts are completely opposite when it comes to head coach Urban Meyer. Either his assistants lack ability or Urban Meyer doesn’t support them. After Chip Kelly announced his decision to go to the NFL, Dontre tweeted that he was in his living room just two day earlier. It appears that Dontre felt slighted because Chip didn’t say anything about his decision while they were meeting. DONTRE …… ARE YOU SERIOUS!?! Did you honestly think that Chip would give you a “heads up” and ask that you keep this a secret until a formal announcement was made!!! Toughen up kid …… That never would have happened. Chip has a great program ….. but, Gary Campbell puts you in the NFL.

    Urban Meyer is like the death sentence for Running Backs ……. Good luck.

      • says

        Death sentence to running backs? Urban Meyer hasn’t been at Ohio State long enough to pass judgment on it but Ohio State has no problem placing players in the NFL. Even if running back isn’t his position, he’s got lots of potential at WR.

        And you may have noticed the former Ohio State player among the Hall of Fame Inductees. Or on those punt returns — he’s the one who held on to the ball.

        Just saw Heisman odds yesterday that placed Braxton Miller second to Johnny what’s his name. Meyer is going to have a very high powered offense this year. Not a bad way to start a career if the NFL is your goal.

        • Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

          Jim – Let me clarify what I am saying here. Urban Meyer got hired and brought in his own coaching staff. You only have ONE coach (Luke Fickell) that has more than two years on the tOSU side lines. tOSU doesn’t currently have a “Football Program” ….. they have a Urban Meyer program. If there was some continuity between Tressel -Fickell – Urban than we would be talking about tOSU’s history of placing players into the NFL. Urban Meyer led football programs DO NOT have a good history of developing RUNNING BACKS and getting them to the next level. He has a history of developing QB’s and wide recievers….. This isn’t good news for young Dontre Wilson.

          On the flip side ….. Oregon has a program. Our coaching staff bridges multiple head coaches. Steve Greatwood/21 years – Nick Aliotti/21 years – Scott Frost/4 years – Gary Campbell / 30 years (Running Backs coach) – ETC, ETC, ETC. Gary Campbell is sending his guys to the NFL on a yearly basis.

          This all boils down to Dontre getting his feelings hurt by Chip Kelly. As he said during his presser about not being “warned” about Chip Kelly’s decision. “To me, it was wrong,” Wilson said in the lead-up to his announcement, “It kind of hurt me a little.”
          (Like Chip Kelly would trust a 18 year old kid to keep his decision in confidence.) Oregon plays 3-4 players deep and if someone gets hurt – it is a “next man up” operation. Dontre has proven to not be ready for Oregon football. We don’t have time for “feelings” or primadonna girls. He has shown his colors and would NOT be a good fit for our program. Hopefully he will get a nice little education at tOSU so he can find a job when he graduates……. because he won’t be going to the NFL.

          Hey Dontre – At 17 years old in 1984 I found myself in Marine Corps bootcamp …… Maybe I should have told my Drill Instructors that the stuff they said “It kind of hurt me a little” and quit the program. Kind of like what you did…… Fortunately, I had a set of balls and never quit. Maybe you should think about growing some too.

          • says

            You threw your argument right out the window when you said, “OSU doesn’t have a football program.” Why do you think Urban Meyer came to Ohio State? Why was Ohio State one of his only outs in his Florida contract?

            It wasn’t because he wanted to create an “Urban Meyer” program. It was because Ohio State has one of the top (if not the top) football programs in the country. The program was not decimated after Tressel left. It wasn’t decimated after Cooper left. It wasn’t decimated after Bruce left and it wasn’t decimated after Coach Hayes left.

            Ohio State has produced more NFL players since 1992 than any other school. OSU also leads in number of NFL starters during the same time period. I don’t even see Oregon on the list.


            Worried about his education at Ohio State? Turn on ESPN and see how many OSU grads are sitting in the broadcast booth – both for the College and pro games. Oh, add a few basketball commentators in there also.

            From your perspective (NFL), the question is, why didn’t he commit to Ohio State in the first place?

          • gulfportcarl says

            Seems Like Tony is making a mountan out of a mole hill. One running back changes his mind and leaves Oregon and comes to OSU and all of a sudden we have World War III breaks out. I no nothing of Dontre and who knows if he will ever be a class A running back. Tony take a chill pill and relax Oregon will be just fine. A running baqcks coach for 27 years dosen’t say much for a coach that stays in one position that long, as for LaMike James, LaGarrette Blount, Jonathan Stewart, Jeremiah Johnson I don’t think there is a starter among them. I saw James in for a couple of plays, but each time he got smaked down. None of them have impressed anyone except for Blount he had a few good games at Tampa Bay, can’t stay healthy and can’t keep his position.
            Urban did win two National Championships at Florida, how many did Chip Kelly and all those long tenured coaches win, how many Heisman winners? I think the answer is 0 and 0. He’s the coach and I have to support him and his moves (12-0 not a bad start). I probably will never be a true Urban Meyer fan, but you can’t knock his success. He has been a winner where ever he coached.
            One last thing don’t put Oregon’s success and players against the Buckeyes, you willcome out a loser every time. Your not in the same ballpark.
            Have a great day and lets here one for the Corp.

  5. Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

    Jim – I think you are confusing History and Tradition with ……. Program. tOSU only has ONE coach that has been on the staff longer than two years. Urban brought in his own system/program (actually took Chip Kellys system) and coaches. I agree that tOSU has a very storied history and a great tradition. But, only one person on the current staff has any real connection with it. tOSU’s tradition and history is “three yards and a cloud of puff”. You didn’t evolve into this gimmick (Gulfportcarls words) offense ……. Urban installed it.

    I used Oregon as an example of what a “Program” is. Most of our staff has between 20-30 years of tenure with Oregon football. They have been with the program through 4 head coaching changes. We have a history of promoting from within so that although our head coach may change ….. the program doesn’t. Rich Brooks was the head coach between 77-94. Mike Bellotti got promoted from Offensive Coord to head coach from 95-08. Chip Kelly got promoted from Offensive Coord to head coach frm 09-12. Mark Helfrich got promoted from Offensve Coord to be our new head coach.

    My point as it relates to Dontre Wilson ….. Oregon has a program that develops young RB’s and gives them an opportunity to play on Sundays. Our program has physical roots that go back 30 years. Your most tenured coach was only 13 years old when Gary Campbell started working with Running Backs at Oregon. How can you say that your program wasn’t decimated (1.Kill, destroy, or remove a large percentage of) when only one coach currently of staff has more than 2 years???

    You can’t look at the history and tradition of Running Backs at tOSU and project that onto Dontre Wilson because Urban brought in a “new system”. But, you can look at the history and tradition of Urban Meyer and how good he has been at developing Running Backs (position specific to Dontre). He hasn’t put a single RB in the NFL ….

    Also, no….. I didn’t slam the education that you get at tOSU. I was merely stating that there will be a better chance of Dontre working a job after he graduates instead of playing in the NFL. I may be wrong …… but, history has shown that Urban Meyer has NEVER sent a RB to the NFL.

  6. says

    Carl’s right. You’re trying to say that Oregon has a better football program because their coaches have been there longer than ours (you were the one who said OSU didn’t have a “program.”) Just like when it comes to reloading the roster each year, when Ohio State needs new coaches, they get the best because it is the best football program.

    Ohio State is an NFL machine. If a kid wants a shot in the NFL and has to choose between Oregon and Ohio State, the stats I’ve shown pretty much seal the deal.

    Ohio State under Urban Meyer is going to be in the spotlight big time during the next few years. Any kid wanting a shot at the NFL, running back to defense, knows that he’s got a great opportunity at OSU.

  7. says

    And as Carl pointed out, even with the revolving door of coaches you seem to think is the norm at Ohio State, look at how many division championships, National Championships, top 10 finishes in the rankings, Heisman trophies, BCS Bowl Games and other awards Ohio State has compared to Oregon over those 20-30 years.

    If only we had a football program to go with them.

  8. Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

    Sometimes it is difficult communicating with you folks ….. because you just don’t stay on topic.

    I never said that Oregon had a better program because our coaches had been here longer. Oregon has a sustained program which goes back 30 years under the current staff. Specifically when we look at the Running Backs positon (Should be Dontre Wilsons primary concern). We have 30 years of data that we can look at and judge whether Gary Campbell is a “builder of men”. Head coaches may change at Oregon ……. but, the PROGRAM stays intact. I can say that Oregon is proof positive that our system breeds Running Backs for the NFL. Mainly because of the coach assigned the responsibility. ………………… Now we will look at tOSU. You have one coach left over from the Tressel era. You can only go back to the last year or two and judge whether this staff has the ability to take a Running Back and put him in a position to be drafted. You can’t really look at history and tradition and say well look at how many players we have produced throughout the years. Nobody on the current staff (exception-Fickell) had anything to do with that history or tradition. That being said ….. This is about Dontre Wilson and his decision to go to tOSU. Was this ultmately a good decision for Dontre?? We can’t really make a judgement call based on tOSU history because this is a new staff that has 1-2 years data to back them up. So, we must look at the head coach and see his track record of developing Running Backs. Again ……. In all his years as head coach has never developed a NFL ready Running Back.

    Keep in mind …… we are not talking about QB’s, Linemen, Centers, etc. This is about Dontre Wilsons decision to decommit from Oregon and sign with tOSU. I think he made a immature decision because his “feeling were hurt a little”. I am glad he showed his true colors prior to signing day because we really don’t need any sniffling crybaby on the sidelines complaining about hurt feelings. You can keep that little girl at tOSU ….. thank you.

    Also … Nobody is trying to compare Oregon players vs. tOSU players. Oregon has a history of recruiting 2-3 star players while the likes of tOSU, USC, etc will usually get 4-5 stars. You should be sending more players to the NFL because your players are better athletes.

    Mark my words …… Ohio State under Urban Meyer will go down in a flame of fire. It has taken Muschamp three seasons to clean up the mess that Urban left behind. His players at Florida accussed him of the same thing that took Tressel down…..preferential treatment of star players. This is Urban Meyers program and he wil do the same thing again.

    Also…… there were plenty of rumors floating around that he quit Florida because is wife found out that he was having an affair with a 23 year old co-ed. That whole ….. “need to spend more time with my family” speech now makes sense. Don’t like the man …… never will.

  9. Dave Smith says

    I think you are mistaking a Program with a System. The coaching staff is not a program. The program is the sum of all of the parts. The players, the history, the coaches, the fans.. all of it. The Ohio State program is above any of the parts. Systems change with coaching staffs, but the program simply builds upon itself.
    Plus.. in addition to Fickle, our current staff includes other former players and former assistants. Meyer , himself, was a former grad assistant under Coach Bruce. All of the former players and coaches did indeed help build the program to it’s past, current, and future successes. You have to also keep in mind that Urban’s system lends itself to a different type of running back. A 170lb RB was never going to be a prototypical NFL running back no matter where he went. If Urban got his mits on Beanie Wells, we would have still been an NFL running back.

  10. says

    Yes. That’s it Dave. The “Program” for lack of better terms is a transcendent concept which rises above the individual parts.

    An important part of that program, one which I intended to point out earlier, is the way players and coaches return to Ohio State. Bruce, Tressel and Meyer (Cooper was a fluke) were all OSU assistants before taking over as head coach. Meyer and Tressel started their coaching career at Ohio State (don’t know about Earl).

    Sure, Fickell was new as head coach but he is not new to Ohio State. Same with Vrable. These and other’s like them all have long histories with the “program.” Tony is making it out like Meyer was starting from scratch and that this is an Urban Meyer program, not an Ohio State program. Anything but.

    • Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

      Urban Meyer, Everett Withers, Tom Herman, Ed Warinner, Kerry Coombs, Tim Hinton,
      and Zach Smith were all hired this season.

      Stan Drayton and Mike Vrabel were hired last season

      70% of your coaching staff was hired this season….. 90% of your staff in the last two seasons. It sure looks like they decimated the program and now Urban Meyer has started from scratch.

      Your trying real hard to connect these current coaches with the tradition and history of tOSU. I really don’t think that Meyer (86-87) or Hinton (85-86) were real impact Grad Asst coaches. None of the other coaches on staff (exception-Fickell) have any other previous coaching history with tOSU.

      Urban Meyer brought in his own coaching staff and is trying to run a Chip Kelly style offense. It looks like tOSU is trying to hijack Oregons history and tradition and play like the DUCKS. Back in 2010 Rose Bowl you folks said that this wasn’t “real football” …..this is “gimmick ball”. It would never work in the Big 10, etc, etc …… How times have changed.

      On the recruiting front …… you guys had a good day.

      • gulfportcarl says

        I here your point , but in the long run dosen’t mean squat. Because your coaching staff has been at Oregon for many years is great, but dosen’t mean they are any better than some one else’s staff that has only been together a few years. They have been all coaching for many years regardless of how long there tenure is at one school, they can all coach or they wouldn’t be coaching a this level. For that reason I am not buying you argument.
        As far as the B10 goes I don’t see anyone running a spread offence it all looks pretty conventionable to me. I don’t see Urban Meyer running any spread-quick stricke offence.
        OSU shut down your gimmick ball so did Alabama twice I believe. All of the top division one schools run the same basicly the same offences. Alabama, LSU, Notrte Dame, Ohio State, Michigan and the list goes on. Times have not chnged power football is the name of the game.

  11. says

    From the recruiting front, looks like good day to me. Vonn Bell is a huge plus and so is Clark at WR.

    Looks like by the end of the day we will have at least a top 3 class if not better.

  12. says

    “OSU is trying to hijack Oregon’s history and tradition.”

    And that right there is where you have gone completely off the deep end. I was thinking about this very idea before I even saw your comment.

    When I think history and tradition in college football, Oregon is the last thing that comes to mind. Although you’ve done a lot to sway me over the past few seasons Tony, it is one reason I really didn’t like Oregon. Until the past few seasons (about the time Kelly came in) when I thought of Oregon I saw a team that was more concerned with the daily look of their uniform than the “program.” I thought of a team filled full of hot shots and individuals who could care less about the larger “program.” I thought of RoboDuck which to me is a perfect representation of what I perceived Oregon football to be.

    Granted, your participation on this forum has helped me move away from that perception. I also think that Chip Kelly has done a lot for changing that perception in recent years but until very recently, my impression of Oregon was anything but “history and tradition.”

    Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ole Miss, (and I can’t believe I’m about to say this) Notre Dame, these are the type schools I think of when I think of History and Tradition.

    If you’re saying a program’s history and tradition are based strictly on their coaching staff and their style of play, I’ll give them back to about 2007 when Kelly took over the offense. You might even be able to justify going back to 10 years or so. That’s not a lot of “history and tradition.”

    As for a shot in the NFL, a team that will get national coverage, a team that will be ranked in the top five if not higher this year and for the foreseeable future, a team that will be playing with a clear shot at the national championship this year and quite possibly in the next few seems like a good choice for a kid who wants a chance at getting to the NFL.

  13. gulfportcarl says

    I have come to like Tony, but he want to have a pissing contest over the loss of one recruit.

      • Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

        Thanks Carl …. What really bothered me was the way Urban handled the situation. He should have shown the kids some respect and given them a day to digest what had just happened. Although we did lose one recruit ……. he went after four 4-star recuits within 2 hours of the announcement. I have no respect for Urban Meyer. The guy is a low life and leech.

        TPB – Just got check up with the Doc …… clear of any Gonzo-itis.