Ohio State to Meet Oregon in Rose Bowl



Going into this game, I though Oregon State would be the better matchup for Ohio State. However, after Oregon’s win over Oregon State, I like the way the Buckeyes line up against the Ducks. If the PAC 10 championship is any indication, beating the Ducks will come down to stopping the run.

As is typical of Ohio State these days, the game will turn on the play of our defense. Oregon State did a good job of containing the Oregon option threat for the first half but by mid-way through the third quarter, the Beaver defense had taken some hits, lost some players and in the end just couldn’t keep up.

Oregon’s running attack was all about deception–fake handoffs, receivers coming in on the snap count to run the ball and lots of misdirection. The Buckeyes have seen something similar this year against Navy. While the Navy triple option gave us a scare, it won’t be new and the Buckeye defense has come a long way since that day in early September.

The other thing I like about Oregon is that they are prone to handing over the ball. The Buckeyes like to force turnovers and turnovers could make the difference in a big game.

On the other side of the ball, Oregon’s defense looked quick and brought the pressure. Oregon State quarterback Sean Canfield did a great job at getting rid of the ball quick. The question remains if Pryor can do the same. Either our offensive line will need to do a much better job protecting Pryor then the Beavers did protecting Canfield (although he did a good job avoiding the sack) or Pryor will need to demonstrate much stronger decision making. Our offensive line and Pryor showed nice improvement in both areas during the regular season.

Expect to see more of the Tressel style offense we’ve come to expect this year. Tress will look to move the ball on the ground, roll out (safe) passing schemes and an occasional attempt at the home run. The Oregon defense is just too fast for Tress to let Pryor work from the pocket.

Let’s just hope that Tressel doesn’t over prepare this year. There’s been a sense of tunnel vision during post-season games of late with the Buckeyes failing to adjust as the game developed. Oregon Coach Kelly has come a long way in his first year and overcome a difficult start to the season (yep, LeGarrette Blount was back for the first time since his season debut.) He’ll have his team ready.

Finally, there’s something about the team from 1,000 uniforms that just rubs me wrong. Maybe it’s their flair for fashion (what, no wings on the shoulder’s?). Maybe it’s the cocky attitude that reminds me all to much of the Miami team we beat in 2003. Whatever it is by halftime, I was definitely routing for Oregon State. However, I would love to see the Buckeyes open a big ‘ol can of defensive lead beatdown come January 1.


  1. Tony in Beavertown says

    Unfortunately, Ohio State will get another Pac 10 beatdown. The buckeyes just don’t have the talent to compete against a offense that is as advanced as Oregon’s. Did you see the way Oregon dominated USC? Wow…..and the Buckeyes lost to that same team. Well, I guess there is always next year for the Bucks.

  2. gulfportcarl says

    Tony don’t bet the Duck Pond, It hate to see you houseing all those duck for the next year. Duck get kind of messy and their poop stinks. Boise State and Stanford put beat downs on the Mighty Ducks. They are nothing to write home about. Besides I was hoping to play the Beavers.
    The question you need to ask yourself . Can the ducks run on our defense. You forget the Big Ten is a running conference and stoping the run is second nature. One more thing you don’t want try and throw on our secondary if you do there will be alot of turnovers. Also which one of those ugly uniforms are you going to wear. How about the black one with the feathers on the shoulders.
    Big Ten rules this time Bucco.

  3. Tim says

    I’m certainly not a Buckeye fan and typically don the maze the blue come gridiron season, but I’ve been seeing alot of blogger referring to the Ohio State loss to USC and Oregon’s trouncing of the same. Those of us who are true football fans and not just conference followers know that the Ohio State team that lost to the Trojans is not the same OSU team that finished up the year. This one’s gonna be a tight one. No doubt, the ducks have a high powered offense, but it seems as though Mr. Pryor has finally become a quarterback and their defense is always strong. Given my blue blood, I won’t be routing for anyone in this one, but don’t sell the big 10 short.

  4. says

    Good to have you drop by Tim. As much as we hate the school up north, we need all of the Big Ten to do well in the bowl games.

    Carl and Tim are both right. Shut down the run, force them to pass and the Ducks are in trouble. The USC game is not a good indicator either. I think USC left everything on the field that day and never did recover. Likewise, as Tim points out, this is not the same Ohio State team that lost a very close game to USC.

  5. jamal jenkins says

    Oregon 45 OSU 21
    Oregon to flex it’s offensive muscle in ways that shake Tressel’s defensive mind in disbelief. Tressel will fully understand he needs to step down after another humiliating defeat. Thus the 2010 season his swan song and a chance for him to sing thanks for the memories.

  6. Robert says

    Jamal, that’s quite a bold prediction considering Oregon scored 37 on the less-than-stellar Oregon St. defense. I’d be willing to bet that they have a little more trouble scoring more than 30 on one of the top 5 defenses in the country. Don’t get me wrong, Oregon has put up big numbers all year. But aside from Boise St. (who they scored 8 points on, albeit at the beginning of the season), they haven’t played against a top 20 scoring defense nationally.

  7. gulfportcarl says

    Jamal, what you smokin, I’ll take the 24 points for whatever you want to put up. I don’t want the pond, Tim has already given that away. Tress will be around when Kelly will be back to coaching pewee ball. Enjoy your win over the beavers it will be your last for a while.

  8. BG says

    The difference in the game will be the Bucks ability to move the ball on the ground against Oregon (keeping their offense on the sideline) AND more importantly how often the 8-10 NFL style defensive lineman get Oregon into 3rd and long. This is the deepest defensive line that I have seen at Ohio State in many years. I believe it’s been well over 20 games since Ohio State has allowed a 100 yard rusher. The Bucks always have a good defensive line, but most of this year’s starters and backups will be playing on Sundays. USC was lucky to escape the Horseshoe with a victory. If Tressel had challenged the first touchdown – they wouldn’t have. The offensive line has come along way since then. Bucks 28 Oregon 21.

  9. Boise Bronco says

    Two common opponents, Purdue and USC, seems like a lot of teams get lucky when they play the Buckeyes.

    Blue Turf rules!!

  10. Tim says

    I love it how the article attempts to point out that Oregon is cocky. I think Ohio State is the second to last team in the world (Notre Dame being the last) that can talk about other schools being cocky. My prediction is that Ohio State is gonna come into this game expecting Oregon to be all smoke and mirrors and be truly surpised when their offense is legit and the defense is much faster than what they have been used to. Just because you are Ohio State doesn’t mean that other schools are just going to fold up and bow down to you. I expect a close game overall, but I see the Ducks winning this. Probably in the same fashion as the Arizona and Oregon St. games.

  11. Tony in Beavertown says

    I still say that the Buckeyes will take another Pac 10 beatdown. The Big 10 is not the powerfull conferene that they use to be. Big 10 has 3 teams ranked in the top 25 while the Pac 10 has 5 teams. So, the Buckeyes have had a much easier schedule then the Ducks. The Ducks offense is dominated by deception and when it is working ….. there is no defense in the country that can stop them. They play fast and practice even faster. They Buckeyes defense is not use to this kind of pace and will be tired out by the mid point of the 3rd quarter. The Ducks defense is questionable. This is the only area in which the Buckeyes have a chance to exploit. But the Beavers knew that going into the Civil War game and could not capitalize on it (even with 2 turn overs). If it comes down to a shoot out…..there is no way that the Buckeyes can out score the Ducks. The unfortunate thing is that the Ducks only have a few seniors on their team….so it may be a few years before the Buckeyes actually are able to win another Rose Bowl. If the Buckeyes played in the Pac 10….they would probably be ranked 5th. Behind Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Cal. But ahead of USC because I think they played better ball down the stretch. So, the Buckeyes would be looking at the Las Vegas or the Pointsetta Bowls if they played in the pac 10. But thankfully they play in the Big 10 and get a free pass to the rose Bowl. It will be an interesting matchup for the first 1 1/2 quarters. I don’t think you can take much away from the Oregon vs. Oregon State game though. That is always a dogfight and they are rivals. That game was not a good indication of what the Ducks a capable of doing. Cheers

  12. says

    Boise…where did he come from. Lot of teams get lucky? In the last five years the Buckeyes have only lost three games to teams that were ranked below the No. 3 and one of those was Penn State who was ranked #16 at the time.

    “Lots of teams…” Enjoy your moment Boise.

    Oregon looks great on the run but in the same sense that the Buckeyes haven’t seen anything like the Oregon offense, there is no question Oregon hasn’t seen this Buckeye defense. These guys don’t tire. The abuse quarterbacks and wear down offensive lines. As has been mentioned before, the Big Ten is about stopping the run and the Buckeyes now how to do it. Force them to throw and look out for the secondary just waiting for an opportunity.

    This game won’t be a shootout. It’s going to be a running game across the board.

    As for the cocky implication? I have very little contact with the Oregon fan base, only what I see on the field. The fans may be a different story but the players, just look to the cute uniforms to see the difference in philosophy between the two teams. I will give Kelly credit, he did a great job of bouncing back from a difficult opening to his career at Oregon.

    A couple of thoughts though, it was Oregon that tried to introduce the Robo Duck pictured above. Try that at Ohio State.

    The other…did anyone notice the assortment of hats, jerseys and such in the fan base? Is it green O on white? Is it yellow on green? The confusion was obvious.

  13. Gulfportcarl says

    I agree Annapolis, Whats Boise got to do with anything. I we played their schedule we would be undefeated also. You think you can use you influence to get them put on the schedule. I would love to see the Buck,s put a beatdown on the bronco’s. I want to know if robo duck is gay. Looks like it to me. The Ducks will rue the day they steped on the field against the Buckeye’s.

  14. Tony in Beavertown says

    Gulfportcarl…..You are responding to a post by Annapolis and wondering if the robo duck is gay? Annapolis just mentioned how “cute” the Ducks uniforms are. I don’t think either one of you are on the right blog. This is a sports blog……I think you both need to find a “rainbow” blog and continue your conversation in private. I am a former Marine and believe the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy is very appropriate for you. As for this being a running game. Masoli has proven that he can equally play both the ground and the air. If you stop the run…..he goes to the air. When you adjust to stop the pass…..he hits the ground. The offense is set up to keep the defense guessing and reading the sets the defense presents. Carl, I hate to be the one who tells you this…. but Boise is ranked higher than the Buckeyes and truth be told….. are a much better team. If the Buckeyes played in the WAC conference ….. they would be #2 behind Boise. They are just a better team whether you like it or not (hence the higher ranking). Finally, Annapolis….I am not surprised that the different colors confuse you. Because you are obviously a very simple person, chewing gum and walking at the same time is probably a struggle.

  15. drew says

    The only thing that makes OSU fans feel like they have a good defense is that they play against impotent Big-10 offenses all year. I like the visor over the sweater vest, 35-14.

  16. duckeye says

    Oregon’s team speed will be too much for an Ohio State University. I dont see how they are going to simulate that speed in practice using big ten players. Chip Kelly with 4 weeks to gameplan against one team?….AND he now has Blount as an option? My money’s on the visor and the genius that lies beneath it. Oregon 44-27.

  17. goducks says

    Robert…OSU strategy (and hope) is to shut down the Oregon running game. Well, good luck with that one. There have been a few comments that Oregon hasn’t faced any run defenses this year. OSU is currently allowing 83 yrds/game. Well, Oregon St. was allowing 98 yrds/game rushing going into last night. The ducks put up 288 yards rushing. Arizona St. was ranked 6th in the nation in rushing defense at the time allowing 87 yrds/game. The Ducks rushed for 304. The only time a team has shut down Ducks rushing was in the first game of the season on Smurf turf. And the reason it has become so hard to shut down is that half the time, even Oregon doesn’t know if they’re going to run or pass. It should be a great game!!

  18. Gulfportcarl says

    Tony, I was in the Navy which runs the Marines and I have to correct you. There is no such thing as a former marine once a marine alway a marine. Kinda sheds some doubt to me. I still say the robo duck looks gay and if you don’t like it let the shoe fit. I see duck all over and I never thought a duck was anything to be afraid of.
    As far your Hm Hm Team speed goes, what happened when you played Stanford, where was your team speed? I don’t know what the extent of your football knowkledge is but if you stay in you lanes and play your asignments there are no holes to run thru. Duh! The ducks haven’t played a defense that hit as hard as the Buckeye’s all year. Your the one in for a rude awakening.
    Go sell your speed and ducks on Ebay maybe you can get a couple of bucks. Boise State is ranked higher by a couple of spots, but look at their strength of schedule, real week about as week as you can get. whats the combined records of their opponents way under 500. How many other WAC teams are in the top 25. Sucky conference. Shit any big ten team could play their send teams again the WAC. Yall must be smokin some good stuff up there. Duckeye,Tony Tim and Drew keep on dreaming for your nightmares coming.

  19. John says

    How many players does Oregon send the the NFL compared to OSU? Football is king in Ohio, all the great coaches are from Ohio (Meyer, Miles, Stoops, Tressel, et al) and our talent is home-grown. Ohio HS football is second-to-none. Oregon recruits from elsewhere and buys horrible uniforms. Let’s face it, Oregon is known for angry liberal girls with hairy armpits and football players that have perfected the sucker punch. Go Bucs!

  20. Tim says

    I love how Oregon beats one good team and their fans are thinking they are god’s. While Oregon has NEVER won anything the Buckeyes have a National Championship this decade and two other NC appearances (where granted they lost). Once you win something Oregon then you can talk (like a NC) then you can talk on an Ohio State blog. Until then, shut your mouths.

  21. Ohiostate is a joke says

    Lets see, we have two common oppon, Purdue and USC, you guys were home for USC had a huge advantage and lost, and got beat by purdue. USC was a middle of the pack team this year, and you lost at home….The Big ten is abusurd…for the love of god look how crappy the confrence is…Even are loss against stanford we scored 40 points…Your defense cant stop us..repeat your defense cant stop are O…You lost to usc at home…..The only chance you have is for the ducks to play a bad game, because all things being equal we are the more talented team…not to mention that your guys choke in every big game of the last 7 years…..

  22. WHF says

    Boise opponents are .380 – I watched them when ever I could – They remind me of the Mt Union Purple Raiders of the 90’s. They look so good within their conference. they should find their way into a stronger conference. Its the only way they will ever compete for a NC.

  23. Robert says

    “goducks” – Thank you for not being ignorant like some of the other people who have posted and admitting that it should be a great game. I agree completely. As far as Oregon running on OSU, I’m not dumb enough to think we’ll keep the ducks under 100 yards, but OSU has such a more complete defense than either Arizona St. or the beavers. Breaking off big plays isn’t as easy against the stout Buckeye defense as it is against the teams you mentioned. I think if OSU keeps the ducks under 30 (which I think is definitely possible), then they have a strong chance. But like you said, I’m really looking forward to this matchup, and we’ll see what happens come January 1st.

  24. Jabbone in SoCal says

    In describing Oregon’s attack, Bob Blogger writes: “The Buckeyes have seen something similar this year against Navy. ”

    Are you kidding me or was that a joke and I am the only one that missed it? Let’s face it, the only thing similar between Navy and the Ducks is that they both feel at home on the water. Pryor, once the next Vince Young, now the next “what was that guy’s name?” has regressed into an also ran. OSU will get points on the Ducks, just not nearly enough to hang over four quarters. The Big-10 beef can’t hang with these birds of prey. Let’s face it – the best defensive showing for OSU is likely to be right here on your blog, defending what is arguably the most overrated team in the most overrated conference in college football. Big 10 was what, 1-3 against the Pac 10 this year alone?

    I will give respect where respect is due, though. Ohio State has one of the more storied programs in the history of CFB. Many greats, a lot of tradition, many former players in the NFL. On that note, I used to be somebody too.

    Thanks for the platform. Oh, and since when did they run high speed interned to those countless Ohio trailer parks? Home grown, baby. Mom, I mean sis, what’s for dinner!

  25. Tony in Beavertown says

    Tim – what one good team are you talking about? Hopefully you are not referring to USC. Oregon played much better teams then them this year. This comment shows how much of a homer that you are. If i am correct….the Pac 10 has 5 teams ranked in the top 25 and the Big 10 has….only 3. Seems to me that your conference is full of cupcakes. Bottom line….Ohio State is (was) over rated. Which is why you almost always lose in big games. That not a bad thing….just a fact. Another fact that “ohiostate is a joke” pointed out….You have already lost to two teams that Oregon beat. And you had home field advantage. I suggest that you start happy hour well before the actual game…..maybe you can get drunk enough to pass out and avoid the heartbreak of seeing Ohio State get dismanteled by a much better team. My only request is that you don’t take your anger out on your family. Domestic violence is a terrible thing.
    John – Don’t talk about my wife that way. And it’s not the hairy armpits that scare me….she has more hair on her legs than Sasquatch (honey, if your reading this…..just kidding….kind of).
    Gulfport Carl – What the heck is a “buckeye”? -” The edible nutlike seed of a horse chestnut” …. or …. “a breed of chicken originating in the state of Ohio”? Nice to know that your team represents some chicken….. Not very intimidating. Have you ever seen a pissed off Duck? Now that will make you change your drawers. Stanfords defense did not beat Oregon….we still scored over 40 points. Like Timmy…….You showed your homerism and lack of football knowledge with this statement. Oregon’s defense could not stop Stanfords offense. So plug all the holes and lanes you want….Oregon will roll over Ohio State. The problem that you will have is that Masoli is good at “reading assignments”. If you Blitz….he will make the adjustments and get the ball to the right player. Do yourselves a favor…..Instead of watching Ohio State choke in another “big game”… spend some time with you families. You can read about it in the morning and not have to experience the heartbreak….once again.

  26. Gulfportcarl says

    If Ohio State is a joke them how about keeping you bull shit for the Oregan blogs. Thats all it is is bull shit . Yall fianally win the Pac Ten and you come on our blog talking crap. How many National Championships have Oregon won, how man Rose Bowls have you played in, how many Hiesman Trophy winners have you produced. Before this year were you ever in a BCS Bowl?
    All you Duck fans are nothing but a bunch of upstarts who never had the chance to talk crap before, so you making the best of it. Go ahead a nd talk out you asses anf when it’s over the Ducks will be the one sitting on the bench with thier head in their hands. Get ready to play a real team.

  27. says


    What does your “storied past” have to do with a game yet to be played in the future? They aren’t on your team now. Your Buckeyes will have to know who actually has the ball before they can stop them. I respect your Big-10 team, but believe it’s too slow to stop the Ducks..By the middle of the 3rd quarter, your big ‘ole lineman will be gasping for air, their tongues will be hanging to the turf, and they won’t be able to keep up..Good luck..

  28. BG says

    1.) “Big 10 has 3 teams ranked in the top 25 while the Pac 10 has 5 teams. So, the Buckeyes have had a much easier schedule then the Ducks.”

    Really?? – The Big Ten is the only conference with 3 teams in the Top 10. hmmm.

    2.) “Oregon’s team speed will be too much for an Ohio State University.”
    Really?? Heard that about University of Miami in 2003 as well. This is my favorite urban legend.

    I have never been as confident with a bowl match up. Oregon has never beat THE Ohio State University and it won’t happen this year!!

    0-7 will become 0-8.

    The Oregon offense will however be the biggest challenge OSU has faced this year. I expect them to score between 14-21 points. That’s alot against this defense.

    This game will come down to Special Teams, Defense, and Turnovers. Oregon fans are going to hate watching this game. Tressel will slow the game down, play field position, and play to win a 7 point game.

    Buckeyes 24 Oregon 17.

    It should be a great game for those who like to watch defense.

  29. WHF says

    Ducks should be glad they get their chance this year and not next year. TP will be a much better player in his junior year, as well the receivers and backs. They also should be glad they did not play USC earlier in the year. Or they would have started 0-2.

    Oregon fans will be the bucks best asset, just like Miami fans were. I hope they and the media pound the bucks all month on how they will get beat. I expect Tressel will want his only chance at a Rose bowl very badly. He may surprise you with his play calling.

  30. Robert says

    I love when people point to common opponents as a reason why one team is better than another. Contrary to what some people seem to believe, a football game is actually a head to head matchup, not a contest of who beat who earlier in the season.

  31. says

    I see the Oregon fans have found us. Good to see their insight although I’m not sure what to make of Beavertown Tony bringing in the Marines and such. Sarcasm Tony…sarcasm.

    I’ve got to ask? You guys really don’t take that Robo Duck thing seriously do you? As I understand, it was brought in a few years ago by the university in an attempt to move beyond their contract obligations to Disney and the fans rightfully shot it down.

    I have to be honest. I don’t know much about the history of Oregon football. That said, I think it is obvious that our Oregon fans don’t know much about Ohio State football. Especially this team and the development we have seen this season.

    Oregon get’s this one shot. Enjoy it while you can. The Buckeyes will be back again next year with a quarterback who is doing anything but slipping into oblivion. The only thing is for Ohio State, we’ll be looking at another BCS Championship, not the Rose Bowl. Oregon is a flash in the pan every few years. Buckeyes reload and are back year after year after year.

    Buckeyes need speed to practice against? They see it every time Pryor gets the ball. Most schools would love to have a running back with his abilities.

    From what I see, these are two radically different programs historically speaking. The Buckeyes are built on storied tradition. Oregon’s got Robo Duck. (And Animal House which I’ll give them. Way cool.)

  32. Betting Man says

    The Ducks put the ball on the ground and the Bucks are good at taking it away. Advantage Bucks. Ducks score fast, Bucks struggle on O. Advantage Ducks. Duck D has played several top offenses, Bucks play weaker pro style set offenses, advantage Ducks. Ducks run for 200+ a game, Bucks are a great run D, but will have difficulty with the three talented runners and the size of Blount in the 4th. Advantage Ducks. If the Ducks get up by more than 14, game over. If OSU can force some turnovers they can take this one. If not Oregon in a rout. My money will be on the Ducks. Too much Offense, team speed, and better playmakers at QB, and RB, and TE.

  33. Tony in Beavertown says

    GulfportCarl, I have some more bad news for you…..Oregon only has a few Seniors that are impact players on this team. It will be a few years before Ohio State has a chance to win the Rose Bowl. Your best bet is to hope that Oregon is playing for the National Championship next year. This will put Ohio State up against the #2 team in the Pac10 and maybe you will have a shot. Unfortunately for you, it will probably be USC and Matt Barkley will probably be a much improved QB. And we all saw what he did to you this year. The Ducks have been a good team for many years. We also play in the best/strongest conference in America. Oregon doesn’t get the “blue chip” or “5 star players” that USC and Ohio State signs every year. We have to rely on good coaching and better playing. I don’t think that Ohio State is a joke. I do think that they are overrated and under achievers. You have potentially one of the best QB’s in the nation and all your coach lets him do is HB Dive to the left…..HB Dive to the right…..HB Dive to the Left….etc. If I am an Ohio State Booster……I am screaming for a new coach. There is no imagination in the Ohio State offense and your game is quite boring. Keep pounding the ball inside for 3 yards at a time. Ohio State plays “not to lose”. Your goal is to get the ball within field goal range and get at least 3 points on every drive. Meanwhile, Oregon plays “to win” ball games. They will drive down the field very quickly with a no huddle offense. It is nothing for Oregon to move the ball 80 yards in 9 plays and only take up 2 minutes on the clock. Oregon will capitalize on your 3 point field goal by scoring a touchdown and putting your team down by 4. This pound the ball inside strategy just won’t work against Oregon. Carl…..quit being so much of an arrogant “homer”. This “Football is king in Ohio” is gibberish. Trust me……”Football is king in Texas” ….. “Football is King in Florida” …… “Football is king in California”. John – that comment was udderly ludicris. Trust me…..There is life outside of Ohio State. Bottom line…Ohio State is overrated. Oregon will expose them just like they did when USC was ranked #5 and when Cal was ranked #6. The only reason that Ohio State is ranked as high as they are is because you play in a very weak conference. I am not saying that Ohio State is a “bad” team….they just don’t belong on the same stage as Oregon. Ohio State should be playing USC again in the Poinsetta Bowl or something. At least you would have a chance to redeem your football program. Unfortunately for Ohio State…. They are playing Oregon in the Rose Bowl and this will just be another loss in a “big game”.

  34. WcoastO says

    UO- OSU history includes one close game – the 10-7 ‘ 58 Rose Bowl victory for OSU……the other games were probably very one-sided in OSU’s favor……these games were played in the era when UO would go to Nebraska, OSU, OU, et. al. for a payday and a sure loss……these were the days before the 85 scholarship limit was imposed……..when the so-called traditional powers would out-spend other schools and take most of the best players and roll over the Oregons of the nation…….now the talent is spread out more equally and the difference is in the coaching and health of the players……there are examples everywhere where many traditional powers have a revolving door for coaches because they aren’t winning as much in the past……and non-traditional powers are successful when they get good coaching………Oregon and Oregon St. fall into that category…….so Oregon’s win-loss record against OSU should be largely irrelevant……regarding the Rose Bowl match-up, I like Oregon’s chances……..there is team speed in all positions on both sides of the ball…..the UO offense is extremely difficult to handle – both mentally and physically as it comes at the defense so fast and from so many different directions……. it should be a good game and I’ll be there to watch it…….Go Ducks!

  35. Tony in Beavertown says

    Annapolisbuckeye…..For the record…..robo duck is gay. Bad idea and i am shamefully embarrassed. I am OK with the different uniform combination ….. although I prefer consistant traditional colors. I personally hate the feathers on the shoulder pads. But, Eugene is a pretty liberal town and when your biggest booster owns NIKE….stick close to the suggardaddy and take what he has to offer.

  36. WcoastO says

    Oh, I forgot to comment on your picture of “RoboDuck”…….most Oregon fans wouldn’t say
    “really?”, but would/did say “wtf?”…..that was a misbegotten PR fiasco that flopped – big time…..and has no chance of coming back……..I was at the game when RoboDuck was “hatched” (really!)……and everybody was wondering who came up w/ that idea….and why.

  37. WHF says

    It will be interesting to see what the odds are out of Vegas – they are more often correct than not, after all their lives depend on it.:)

  38. Gulfportcarl says

    It’s my experience when another teams fans are coming to the other teams blog it ‘s because thier scared and by talking crap it makes the feel like the really have a chance , but when reality sets in they have to take Paxil, and Zoloft. Better get your prescriptions early.

  39. WcoastO says

    Forums are good places for fans to exchange information about their teams and the “debate” (if you want to call it that) the topic. It’s been my experience that a majority of posts on both sides are composed by emotional, somewhat irrational, and immature individuals – devoid of logic, grammar, spelling and often lacking basic knowledge of the sport…….but, that being said, it’s cheap entertainment while watching games on TV, and occasionally there are thoughtful, coherent posts to read.

  40. Gulfportcarl says

    Whats wrong Tony can’t handle the truth. I was playing football before you were born. Where you and the Ducks want to get , I’ve been there. You and the Ducks are nothing but a bunch of wanta be’s, and never will.

  41. WcoastO says

    Of course you can cite specific part(s) of my posts as evidence to support your contention that I have a lack of football knowledge…….and thanks for a quick (and good) example of an inane and vacuous post….totally devoid of rational thought or relevancy……I didn’t expect one so quickly….I’ll be waiting for your evidence……….

  42. Tony in Beavertown says

    Carl, were you the waterboy or the towelboy? Beat USC and Purdue this year…..and you have an arguement. But Oregon just is not intimidated by the “history” of Ohio State. Just like they weren’t fazed by the Trojans. This team just prepares better and executes better than most. I don’t think that Oregon is on a championship level (one step below). I think Ohio State is one step below Oregon. You folks have not seen/played a team quite like this. Mark my words…..by mid point in the third qtr you will see Defensive Linemen and Secondary with their hand on their knees trying to catch their breath. Oregon has owned the third qtr all year long. There is no way for you to simulate Oregon’s offense. Most plays that Oregon will run will be determined by what sets Ohio State presents. It is a very fluid offense that gives masoli many options to choose from. Fortunately for us……he is a perfect QB for this type of offense. He is smart….has great football IQ….almost always makes the right decision….can run like a running back…..and can deliver a good hit. My only concern with him is that he doesn’t take care of the ball when he is running. Ohio State will need to create and score on turnovers in order to stay in this game. You won’t stop Oregon from scoring……they will still get atleast 35 points. Can Ohio State find ways to keep up on the scoreboard and make this competitive. I don’t think so. Your team is too one dimensional and settling for field goals isn’t the answer. Enjoy the hype leading up to the game …. but Ohio State just does not have the tools to win.

  43. WcoastO says

    Here’s a little history lesson about NCAA D-1 football: prior to the 85 scholarship limit, programs with huge amounts of money – state money and/or donor money – could provide many more scholarships (100+) for their programs……….these programs are the “traditional” powers – OSU, Nebraska, Michigan, USC, ND, to name a few, which ran up big win/loss numbers against the poorly funded programs (Oregon was fodder for many of these teams)……..now, with the scholarship limit, the traditional programs still get their share of the best athletes – but not all of them – and programs like Oregon have become competitive on a national level……with the talent distributed more evenly, good coaching makes a huge difference, and again Oregon has had good coaching over the last several years…….these facts make the traditional programs (their fans) edgy…..because now they have to compete with every other program for athletes, coaches, and, of course, wins…….Oregon has steadily established itself as a program worthy of yearly national recognition…….it is far from an “upstart” program…..that being said, I believe that the UO – OSU game will be entertaining and I like Oregon’s chances……..this isn’t the Oregon program of the past.

  44. Tony in Beavertown says

    WcoastO….very nicely put. Thanks for your insight and doing a little research. To back up your claim of national attention I would like to remind our friends at Ohio State that ESPN Gameday visited Eugene twice this year and they selected Oregon vs Oregon St to play on their coveted Thursday night spot for rivalry week. Again, thanks for your insight on this.

  45. buckeyemark53 says

    The Bucks vs. the Ducks in the Rose Bowl (who would’ve thunk it?)
    I still remember vividly Ohio States last Rose Bowl appearance (a win over ASU). Of course, I’m hoping for another great Big 10/PAC 10 game with the Buckeys coming out on top when all the dust settles. Go Bucks!!

  46. says

    (Attempting to cut through the crap…)

    Tony does hit the number one frustration with Tressel right on the head. Read any of the Buckeye conversations here or on other Ohio State forums/blogs and Tressel’s conservative play calling is the #1 frustration. There was maybe one pass up the middle against UM. The Buckeyes should have been tearing that crappy secondary apart and Tress didn’t even test it. He’s gotten good at playing for field position, not the win.

    Will we be back next year? Yeah. Will we be in the National Championship hunt. Yeah and Ohio State will be more of a national contender then Oregon. If you want to believe the PAC 10 is the greatest division in college football the so be it. Other then Mark May constantly blowing USC, it really doesn’t mean much.

    Buckeyes are a young team also. Unfortunately, they don’t have the big out of conference game next year unless you count Miami as a “big” game. Oregon’s got Tenn which has a long way to go. Regardless of what our friends from Oregon say, most of the country was down on the PAC 10 this year and for good reason.

    Sort of surprised you bring up Blount so soon. I don’t know what happened behind the scenes and I’m going to give Kelly the benefit of the doubt. Maybe Blount did some amazing stuff behind the scenes (helped little old ladies across the street, sold the most girl scout cookies…whatever). As for his size, I don’t think it will be a problem for this defensive front. As is becoming the norm for Ohio State, these guys are monsters.

    Now of course since I’ve brought up Blount, I’m sure the Maruice Clarett comments will be quick to follow (and I’ve already seen it popping up on the Oregon forums). Just remember, Clarett didn’t get into trouble until after he played for Ohio State. He was suspended at the first sign of legal problems and never came back.

    Last thing for now, thanks for the link to the Oregon X & O’s breakdown Tony. That’s good stuff. I was impressed Thurs. with Masoli’s ability to deceive. It will be interesting to see how he holds up the defensive front he’s about to face.

  47. big10 says

    Vegas probably opens this at oregon -7 and the Ducks crush that spread. OSU has not beaten a good team in 2 years so why can they do it now?

  48. Tim says

    Big10, why did you use such an arbitrary amount of years like 2?

    Why would it matter if they have beaten what you say is a good team in 2 years? Why not 3, 4, 5 years? Is two years somehow significant? How many National Championship games has Oregon ever won in lets say 100 years. I would think that 100 would be a better gauge statistically of a team wouldn’t it?

    Kids graduate and leave early, a team year in and year out is different from the one before. This isn’t the pros. If your only reasoning is the level of competition for such a random number of years then you have no reason to post a comment.

    And just for the records, Penn State and Iowa will both be in the top ten at the end of the year (Ohio State beat both). What top ten teams did Oregon beat? And don’t give me the argument that Oregon beat USC and Purdue and OSU lost to them.

  49. WHF says

    I sure hope all you ducks are here to rub it in our faces on 1/2/10
    even if you lay a egg, after all buckeyes are poisonous to ducks and ducks are pretty stupid creatures.
    Oh how you will hate Ohio State

  50. Gulfportcarl says

    Good morning everyone. The Ducks have been gibbering for the last two day and i’m sure we haven’t heard the last of them. Let them talk, rant, rave and what ever else they do. The Buckeye Nation doesn’t care, we have heard it all before and to tell you the truth, there somewhat week compared to the rest.
    I watched two great gameds yesterday. Two teams were blessed with speed while the other two were just plain power running, defensive football teams. Florida with the most talent and speed
    in the country got the crap kicked out of them by a power running football team Roll Tide. They also had a great defense who stayed in thier lanes and shut down Florida speed. The other was Nebraska with no offense, no speed on offense. I don’t think they had 150 total yards. They shut down Texas with probably the best QB in the country and speedy receivers and running backs. Texas did win by a point. To bad I was hoping for a Texas loss to put one of the other undefeated teams in.
    My point in all this is my Duck fans is that a had hitting defense and a power running offense can negate speed all day long. Ihope you should learn for yesterday and rethink your stance. Just because you team has some speed does not assure a win.
    Have a nice day all.

  51. WHF says

    One of the advantages the Pac 10 has held over Big 10 teams is the time between the end of regular season, and bowl games. It shows that the downtime made it harder to keep teams in playing condition. The Big ten now will adjust for this in in the next 3 years IIRC so the season will end in December.
    I like the way things are going, media picking the bucks to lose. Duck fans thing their Rose bowl is in the bag. This we can’t lose should pass over to the duck players. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Afterall we are supposed to lose anyway, pressure is off us. The bag may end up a game bag with BUCK shots ducks in it. The only thing saving the ducks at this point is this


    “It’s an awesome feeling,” Kelly said about winning the Pac-10 and taking his team to the Rose Bowl. “We’ll get cracking. We know we’re going to have to play against a really, really good Ohio State team.

    You see that Kelly knows what the fans and my hope his players do not know
    bucks by 2

  52. puckduck says

    Good assessment of my Ducks.

    We simply weren’t ready for Boise State because our offensive line was brand new, but they have come a long, long way since Game 1. As for Stanford, our other loss, that was due to the Cardinal being able to target and hit our one achilles heel, a sustained power run game.

    We’re vulnerable their because our linebackers are designed for speed our our D line is undersized relative to a ‘power’ offensive line. That being said, the D played heroically against Stanford, despite what the score might suggest. We’re it not for the brilliant and lucky play of their QB named Luck, we still would have won that game. My hunch is that this is how you guys must beat us if you are to win – power run.

    We lost 3 All American candidates in our secondary by Game 3 too, btw. Yet our freshmen have come in and performed brilliantly. I’m sure some of them will get post season honors, when we ought to have expected a collapse of our entire D, given the injuries. Anyway, that’s the first point about Oregon’s D that I would emphasize. If Pryor wants to run and throw, he better be very accurate or he will pay. As for running, you will be surprised by how agile and speedy or linebackers our. They are the heart of this year’s D .

    When our fullback Blount got injured, we went to LaMichael James who was a very different kind of back. Blount is NFL sized, and James (along with Barner and Crenshaw) are all small backs. James has been brilliant, elusive in a Barry Sanders kind of way, tremendous YACer, and is surely a contender to break the all-time NCAA career rushing record, if he can stay healthy. But when Coach Kelly rolled Bloun halfway through the 3rd quarter against Oregon State, the entire west coast was surprised because Kelly had reinstated Blount 3 games earlier without ever using him.

    Just a note then to Buckeye Nation. James will our feature back in the Rose Bowl, but Blount will get plenty of carries. Look to see a VERY different offense than all the video tape you might find on 09 Oregon, because that’s how much Blount will change the look of our offense.

  53. Tony in Beavertown says

    @WHF – Nice quote cupcake. Are you now a mind reading Ju Ju Man too? You have no idea what Kelly “knows”. In reality….”You” don’t know Kelly. To be honest with you……I don’t know Chip Kelly. But, I will give you some background and explain his quote. Chip is a very private person. He doesn’t talk about his personal life with the media, his players, his assisstants, etc. He runs this team as if it were a business. Painted on the locker room door is, “Time to go to work”. He expects his players to have balance in their lives and wants them to enjoy their family, off time, etc. But, when you walk into the locker room….it’s work time. This approach is why Oregon was able to overcome the devestating loss to Boise State in week 1. Before our game with Washington….a reporter was peppering him with questions about this being such a big rival of Oregon’s. His response to the reporter was, “every game to us is like the Super Bowl”. He further explained his philosophy by saying….If we only get hyped up for rivalry games (Washington and Oregon State) every year….then at the end of the season our record is 2-10. So, Chip Kelly has his team focused on “One game at a time”. Chip does not say anything bad about the opposition. Leading up to the “Civil War” game ….. It was professional ….. businesslike …. “Time to go to work”. He does not talk negative about his next opponent. This is “Work”. Chip related game time preperation to taking a test. If you study hard, then you can’t wait until it’s time to take the test. WHF – Don’t read anything into this quote. It’s just Chip Kelly being….Chip Kelly. He will not give Ohio State any quote that thet can use to get fired up over. He truely is a class act of a coach. But, be forewarned ….. he will have this team prepared to play Ohio State.
    GulfportCarl – Please don’t put Ohio State in the same class as “Roll Tide”. Are you psychosis or something? You need to step back and do a reality check. Start living in the “real world”. Ohio State is not close to being at the National Championship level. In fact….neither are the Ducks (as I pointed out yesterday). Don’t get me wrong….they are both good teams…..but not NC’s. Please seek help for your delusional rants. Cheers.

  54. Tony in Beavertown says

    @puckduck ….. Uhh…..they already found out about Blount. He did not get injured. He got suspended because his fist accidently touched sombody elses jaw. Purely an accident though. Nice try to cover up ….. but they have been showing the clip all season long. I would like rewrite history too brother.

  55. Tony in Beavertown says

    One last note that I think we can all agree on …… Godspeed to Greg Oden. He went down last night with a knee injury that will likely take him out for the season. This is a serious injury that may effect his entire career. Greg is loved by the basketball fans in Oregon and we are so sorry to see him go down. He has worked so hard to overcome the surgury from his rookie year and was finally making an impact on the Blazers. I feel that the Blazers must be cursed (I knew we should have picked Jordan over Bowie). I hope Greg has a successful and speedy recovery.

  56. Gulfportcarl says

    Tony, I don’t believe there was any statement camparing Ohio State and Alabama. I quess I have to spell it out for you because your lacking in comprehension. The point was that in both of yesterdays games you had two speed teams, especially Florida beaten by a hard running, in your face defense, which negated Florida’s speed, and Nebraska did the same to Texas, except Texas was lucky enough to win. Speed is a great thing,but it’s easy to defend if the defense stays in their lanes and plays in your face football. So don’t get to enamored with your speed because It can get shut down just like Florida and Texas.
    One more thing I could care less about Chip Kelley. I suggest that if you don’t whats said on this blog go back to your own and don’t contaminate this one. Thier’s no anchor tied to you ass.
    Now can you understand this if not I will send you a tutor.

  57. Tony in Beavertown says

    Temper….temper….Carl. Have you ever considered Anger Management classes? Also, check your blood pressure too. We are all friends here. I think you are missing the “speed” thing. Oregon runs a no huddle offense. yes, their primary running backs ond offensive line are small ….. but they play the game quickly. Your defense won’t get tired because of our individual offensive players. They will get tired because Oregon runs a play and immediately gets back on the line and runs another, and another, and another, etc. Oregon does not give the other team enough time to catch their breath. By the third qtr the opposing teams defense is usually very tired and Oregon starts to roll. Running a no huddle also does not allow the opposition time to figure out what you doing and make adjustments. Oregon runs a very complicated offense that is difficult to defend….not impossible…..just difficult. The problem with your assignments theory is that Oregon will play off of whatever set Ohio State presents. Please read the link that I posted last night. But, your theory plays right into Oregon’s hands. Your best bet in beating Oregon is to force the turnover and score points. Ohio State can not play conservative football and expect to win. You need to let Pryor off the leash and have some fun. Your defense will not shut Oregon down …… you need to put points on the board (alot of them). furthermore, I posted the comments about Kelly because WHF used his quote. I only wanted to enlighten our Ohio State friends to not read anything into it. I am sorry that you feel that any opposing view other than your own is “contamination”. Carl, you are a “Homer”. No, there is no anchor tied to my backside …… but appropriate comment from a “crackerjack”. Semper Fi.

  58. puckduck says

    “@puckduck ….. Uhh…..they already found out about Blount. He did not get injured. He got suspended because his fist accidently touched sombody elses jaw.”

    oops got me there. of course blount didn’t get injured, but suspended. but the point is, noboby outside of oregon and maybe the northwest knows what Oregon’s offense looks like with blount. view beware.

  59. Gulfportcarl says

    Tony, You bet your ass I’m a homer. Buckeye born and bread. I’ve been a homer (speaking in your terms since Hopalong Cassidy). WTF is wrong with being a homer. I’m proud to be a Buckeye win or lose. I don’t go to Oregon sites, I have no intrest. I don’t need to be educated on football or anything else, especially by you.
    The game will be decided on the field not by you or me running our mouths. It’s Tressel’s job along with his coaching staff to figure Oregans offense out. They get payed the big bucks not me. I’ve been thru many of these big games unlike you. To me this is just a game, win or lose. I’m not betting the farm or anything else. I did make $20 on the Alabama game. I also can congradulate the other team if the win and I expect the same if we win. WTF has Semper Fi got to do with anything.

  60. says

    You guys still going at it?

    Carl’s got a good point about Texas/Nebraska but I don’t think you can compare Texas to Oregon. As I see it, two entirely different styles of play.

    Tony’s point about the hurry up offense wearing out the D is important. This is why it is crucial for the Buckeyes to hold them to 3 and outs which they are completely capable of doing. Paste a couple of those little guys once or twice and suddenly they (the playres, not the team) are playing a different game. We’ve seen Ohio State do that to a number of teams.

    It also plays well into a running power offense. Long slow drives keeping the Oregon offense we keep hearing about off the field will be important but the way we have relied on the run and short game lately, won’t be much of a surprise.

    Not sure how you came up with Ohio State as the underdog in this game. Far from it. I have to say I am amazed at the confidence I’m seeing from the Oregon fans. You’ll remember my implication about Oregon in the post above. I think we’re seeing that this is something entirely new for the Ducks. Buckeyes have been there before…if we’re not in the BCS Bowls (and it’s been a while since we haven’t) then it’s a failed season for the Bucks.

    Don’t know why the Kelly quote has become a controversy. Are you saying that Kelly doesn’t really think Ohio State is a good opponent? I think WHF is right on target in that overconfidence might be a huge problem for Oregon — especially if the media does start hyping them as the favorite.

    I still want to know what Blount did to “earn” his way back onto the team. I’m amazed he is even still at the school, least bit dressing to play. Didn’t dean Wormer put him on double secret probation? (oh yeah…expect lots of these in the weeks to come).

    It will be interesting to see how Kelly uses him. It would be a different look from what Oregon have shown all season. The size thing though…have you seen Ohio State? Especially our defensive front? Size isn’t usually a problem for these guys.

  61. Tony in Beavertown says

    GulfportCarl, I have a couple of questions; you said that you are “Buckeye born and bread”. Are you white, wheat, or cracked wheat? How do you congradulate somebody?

    According to the Urban Dictionary – congradulate:
    To give praise for ones accomplishments only after said person paid way too much for a college edumacation.
    Eric paid a lot of money for college, finally got a job and asked people to congradulate him.

    Carl, I am a fan of college football. Even though I support the Ducks ….. I can appreciate and enjoy other teams. Your “homerism” goes beyond normal standards and borders on delusion. I would welcome your thoughts and insight on any of Oregon’s blogs. This open exchange of ideas and communication is what America is all about. The world would be a boring place …… if everyone was like Carl. Likewise, it would be a boring place if everyone was like Tony. Celebrate diversity Carl…….celebrate diversity. On the diversity note ….. Carl if you congradulate me …… then I will resipikate and congradulate you.

  62. Gulfportcarl says

    Tony, I enjoy a good game of football regardless of who’s playing. Both games yesterday were great. I live in Florida and was overjoyed to see Florida get the asses kicked. I also enjoyed you win over USC. Next to Florida, USC comes next in line as the two teams I despise the most.
    I consider you taking about my homerism a compliment. If you going to do something do it right.
    I said I would congradulate Oregon not you. Isn’t FAN short for FANATIC. I rest my case.

  63. WHF says

    I admit our defense is not quite as good as the 2002 defense. I do expect they actually could be better in 2010 season. I see by recruiting that Tressel finally got some better receivers. TP will need those if we are to compete for a NC in the next two years. They got a great RB also. As far as a cure for SVS, or known in lay terms as Sweater Vest Syndrome, there is none. Do not despair as it is treatable with flash cards. :):) Tressel knows that this may be his only chance to win a Rose Bowl – traditional type anyway. This is something he has dreamed of all his life. It really comes down to TP, he will make or break OSU for the next two years. The bowl games look bad again for Big Ten. I think we are underdogs in every game. I know its hard to see but Tressel is evolving. He knows he has to if he is to remain the HC at OSU. He just wants to do it slowly. I understand as look at the # 1 winning program in history, two years no bowls. What state has the most players in NCAA football. California, Texas, Florida, or Ohio, anyone know.

  64. Gulfportcarl says

    Annapolis, I agree if Blount played for OSU or any OSU player did what he did Tressel would have kicked them of the team. I quess Chip Kelly is lacking in a few areas. Tony forgive my typo’s. Good night all.

  65. WHF says

    I understand Blount taking a swing at the Boise player, he provoked him. The part that is bad is he is not face to face, he waits till he is not looking. The Florida players act was worse as he is really trying to injure a player, calculated, not provoked. Like hockey it needs to be stopped, that was a criminal act, worthy of prosecution. I think that if a provoked OSU player takes a fair face to face shot he gets suspended, but a sucker punch and his playing days were over at OSU.

  66. Mike says

    time for the Big10 to put up or shut up…
    If you don’t handle Oregon like i’m sure your very cocky fanbase thinks. What then?
    first it was “oh its only USC not the whole pac 10” Now its USC and the rest of the Pac?

  67. gulfportcarl says

    Mike, I think you got it reversed. After years of anonymity it’s about time someone else steps up.
    Enjoy your one year in the spotlight. Success is fleeting as Oregon will find out. Big Ten has always been there, so what are you talking about.

  68. says

    Tony…Carl…kiss and make up already. Carl’s been a great participant on this blog and I think its great that Tony’s joined the discussion. I welcome you both.

    I think we can both agree that Tony’s comments are way better then what we get from the SEC fans when they stop by.

  69. puckduck says

    Not trying to pick a fight here, but from the west coast point of view it seems like the Big Ten is definitely experiencing a down phase. Conference to conference, the Pac10 is having a very good year, but the notion that it is often weak with only one good school is a total fallacy, for anybody who cares to look will note that typically USC not only loses a game a year in conference, but wins 1 or 2 others by less than a dime.

    Of course I personally expect Ohio State to be a tough opponent, but there is a chance the doors could get blown off the hinges in this one, what with Oregon’s offense (whom Dennis Erickson, formerly of Miami etc fame) just said that it was the best offense he has EVER seen in all of his years on college ball.

  70. Niles PDX says

    Message to Coach Tressel, Assistant Coaches, Players, Buckeye Nation, and most importantly….the Strength & Conditioning Staff… GET IN SHAPE!

    You have never played a team with a game speed/tempo like Oregon. Get those hands off you hips Defense!

  71. Gulfportcarl says

    Annapolis, I believe Tony started it with his insults and all I did was retaliate. He has hurled all kinds of insults my way. You know buckeyes don’t take that crap from nobody. In respect to you and the blog I will extend the olive branch. Doesn’t mean I believe a word they say. I have seen some of thier games I was not overly impressed. I was glad the beat up on USC. They just barely
    beat Purdue, I think it was 2 points. They score alot of points which have heard about over and over again. Thier defense on the other hand has given up almost as many points as thier offense has scored. Lets hear some talk about hier defense?

  72. WHF says

    We saw Saturday when a team depends on one player to much its a mistake. Tebow was down, a very important defensive player had a hangover and game over. Take away two mistakes by Tebow in the red zone and thats a 5 point game with 6 minutes left. OSU learned early in the season as TP tried to do to much and we lost to USC and Purdue, a team that is actually much better than their record. TP started handing the ball off and we started winning. I really think OSU will be a team to contend with 2010 11. If Grahm is any good then we have some good years ahead. Stanzi from Mentor Ohio gets injured and 2 losses follow for Iowa, half their offense is from Ohio. If Mazola was to get injured, how competitive would they be, how high in the draft will he be. OSU was competitive before TP and will be after he is gone. I never expected OSU to be 10 – 2 this year. 9-3 no worse than 7-5. I also think that having home field advantage, USC – UCLA all these years has had a effect on win loss record. PAC 10 vs BIG – 10. Rotate. neutral spot like BCS. We have no games with snow, blowing freezing wind, the elements are supposed to be part of it.

  73. Tony in Beavertown says

    Carl, that was kind of a back handed olive branch. But, I will accept it graciously. I got offended when you called Robo Duck ….. Gay. I personally think he is gay too. But, because I’m a Duck …. I can call him that …… and you can’t. Enough said …….. moving on.

    Mr Carl, I would love to share with you some facts and stats that you may find interesting. Oregon 2009 – points for: 375 points against: 204
    Ohio State 2009 – points for: 351 points against: 146
    Ohio State obviously has a little bit of an advantage here ……. but not by much. Oregon had the best PF vs. PA spread in the Pac10. I humbly propose these stats will show that your comments about our Defense giving up as many points as our Offense is completely baseless and without fact. I admit that our defense will have a hard time with your Offense….. if they let Pryor throw the ball. If Ohio State continues to play conseratively (field position) …… then the Duck defense will either get you to punt or kick field goals. I really don’t believe that Ohio State is going to stop the Ducks from scoring. So, you must be agressive in your Offensive attack.

    Annapolis, thank you for welcoming me into your home for a while …… it has been a pleasure. Per your question about Blount. Nobody knows what kind of agreement was set up with him. Everything has been kept behind closed doors and not shared with the local media. Reinstatement had to be approved by; Coach, Oregon AD, Pac10 Commish. So, it wasn’t a one man decision. Since his reinstatement …… Blount has not been allowed to talk to the media. That being said…..I agree with most of your posters. I think Blount should have been kicked off of the team permanently. There is no room for this type of behavior in college football. Oregon runs a clean program and does not need this negative publicity. He may not even play much in the Rose Bowl. I am not surprised to see him play against Oregon State because this is his last home game as a Senior. And it is customary to make sure that your Seniors get to play in the last game. I don’t think that it was a coincidence that Chip kelly didn’t call his number before now. But, we may see Kelly put Blount back into the box and not see him again. It may be a problem for Ohio State if Kelly does decides to play Blount. It is kind of tough to scout a guy who has not really played all year. I guess it kind of keeps things interesting though. Per the Kelly quote, trust me ……. he will not take Ohio State lightly. What I was trying to express is just the opposite. He takes every game and every team seriously. WHF wrote”You see that Kelly knows what the fans and my hope his players do not know, bucks by 2″ I may have misinterpreted his comments …… but, I think he was trying to say that Kelly thinks that Duck will lose. WHF, correct me if I am wrong. Cheers

  74. WHF says

    Tony I have no clue why you insulted me – the quote was from your coach.

    He did not say good team – really good team – he said “really really good team”. That is a statement that he believes. You are wrong – that quote is clear and does not mention lose or win.

    If Ohio state plays a really good game I predict a two point win. Insider says take the Bucs +4

  75. Tony in Beavertown says

    WHF – I have watched coach Kelly give interviews all season long. This is his normal MO to talk up his opponent. That being said…..I ran into another quote from Kelly from an artical on ESPN. This one seems to be out of character for Kelly:

    “This football team is going to finish this thing the right way,” Kelly said. “We are not going to play in a bowl game, we are going to win a bowl game.”

    This does not sound like a coach who thinks his team is going to lose. I do apologize for calling you a “Ju Ju Man”….. But, you are trying to spin this quote into something it isn’t.

  76. Tony in Beavertown says

    Why Niles??? Why??? I just don’t get why you would post that here. Robo Duck is one of thoese “skeletons in the closet” type things. You never bring Robo up during family gatherings. And you certaintly don’t bring it up wen you vist the inlaws. Why??? Why???

    I can only assume ……. that NilesPDX is Robo Duck. You are the man behind the mask and trying to get your 15 minutes of fame. I will officially stop defending Robo Duck.

  77. WHF says

    My point is that your coach has more respect for OSU than the majority of OU fans. As far his quote you posted, May the luck of the Irish be with him.

    On the other bowls I think the people who pick the teams did well. Cincinnati would get beaten bad by TCU but they may have a chance at a Florida team that may show up half hearted. IMO Boise will lose by more than 1 this year.

  78. Gulfportcarl says

    I was just looking at the bowl schedule and noticed the Big Ten has two teams in the BCS bowls.
    Big Ten has six teams in the bowl picture and the Pac Ten has one team in a BCS bowl and two in the other bowls, and no USC. Very intersting considering the Pac Ten is the better conference. Wonder how that happened? Apparently more bowls would rather have ties with the Big Ten than the Pac Ten. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  79. WHF says

    I sure do not understand it gulfport. Mich State 6-6 and I understand they lost some players. It must be they are so greedy they have no shame. ND does not need money they passed. I wanted to see the Bucks play LSU. I really felt PSU with Clark would nip us in happy valley. I really thought we would beat USC, PSU to the Rose bowl, they choke with Iowa as we used to with Michigan

  80. Gulfportcarl says

    Yes , but we have two in the top ten and one a number thirteen. Besides the Ducks the rest are all at the bottom. Big ten has four with one at 25, but we are ranked much higher and received the quality bowls. I think that trumps the Pac Tens five teams.

  81. Gulfportcarl says

    I do agree that a 6 and 6 team should not bein a bowl. Thats the problem when you have to many bowls, you have to fill them with someone. ESPN owns all the bowls but the BCS. Seems like every year we have a new one. There is even one in Canada. Even the St. Petersburg bowl were I live is a joke. MONEY rules.

  82. WHF says

    The nice thing is for the kids who gave so much for their school and will never play another game. The memories for them. The majority will go to work there is no NFL for them. I went to high school with Les Miles when Elyria High was a state power. I had to work and never saw a game till after my discharge in 75.I would listen to the game on WEOL at work. I refused to my kids to work in high school, you only have one chance to be young.

  83. Gulfportcarl says

    WHF, You went to school at Elyria High School in Ohio. I went just west in Sandusky. How the hell did you wind up a Duck fan?

  84. says

    Niles, you just made my night. That video is straight out of The Onion. So many great lines I don’t know where to start. That will be front and center on this blog in the morning.

    I actually had never heard of RoboDuck until I wrote this post. I was looking for an image of the Donald mascot to poke fun at and came across the one above. I did a little research into it at the time. Sounds like a total mascot FAIL.

    Good to hear Northwest Ohio is well represented. I grew up in Findlay and a grad of FHS myself. Heading back there for Christmas. I did a lot of sailing over the years out of Sandusky (and I won’t get into my stories of the islands nearby).

    I can’t believe you’re not into the St. Petersburg Bowl Carl!? I happen to be very close to the blogger who writes at http://www.bowlatthebay.com. Yep, that’s me. I’m working with the agency handling their social media. I wasn’t going to go down for the game but I caved this weekend. It should be a good time. I just need to find a gig like that for the Rose Bowl.

    You guys want to do me a favor, join their Facebook page as a fan and follow them on Twitter. We’re trying to get a combined 5,000 fans/follows by Dec. 11. If they do, they’re giving away a nice price package at the Trade Winds Island Resort in Tampa. As of today, they had less then 300 to go.

  85. says

    Oh…sorry…didn’t mean to bore you puckduck. Got off topic there.

    It’s not a West Coast perspective on the Big Ten, it’s a media perspective. Every Saturday you’ve got ESPN bending over for the SEC and the Mark May USC love fest. (One day Lou Holtz is going to climb right across that desk and bitch slap May. I set the DVR every weekend waiting for it to happen.)

    College football today rewards 50+ point blowouts and scoreboards that read like basketball games. That style of football doesn’t translate to the Big Ten. Maybe it’s the late season cold. Maybe it’s the physical size of the players. Give me the Big Ten over a 50 point spread any day.

    I loved Pete Carroll’s anger when Stanford ran the score on him. Good thing he’s never done that to anyone.

    This of doesn’t mean that the Big Ten isn’t a top division. They catch a lot of crap because of bowl performance but when you look at the rankings, the Big Ten almost always plays up.

    This year the matchups look pretty good as most are right next to each other in the BCS. Wisconsin (25)/Miami(15) is the only mismatch ranking wise but Wisconsin should be able to handle them.

    Also, notice how USC lost the game after playing Ohio State two years in a row.

    Sure Puck, there’s a chance the doors could get blown out on this one but there’s a better chance that Oregon could get shut out. There’s a ton of confidence blowing in from the west. Like I said, one big hit on those running backs and suddenly they’re playing a different game. It’s happened many times to Ohio State opponents.

    Heck, Buckeye’s have been hitting Michigan recruits so hard the last year or so that they transfer out of the Big Ten before the next season.

  86. Gulfportcarl says

    Sorry WHF, Guess Ihad a brain fart. Sorry to insult you. I’ve been in Florida since 1973 and I know what you mean about thos Gator Fans, They make me sick.

  87. Gulfportcarl says

    Ge Elyria, Lorain, Sandusky, used to play each other in the old Sandusky Bay Conference until they change everything.

  88. WHF says

    Bay conference – not Elyria High 1954 to 87 The Buckeye Conference, Elyria, Fremont, Marion, Lorain, Admiral King, Sandusky.

  89. Gulfportcarl says

    Your right , I got a case pf CRS. I don’t know what it’s called now. I think they changed it all around.
    The Sandusky Bay Conference is a high school athletic conference with eight members from the Sandusky Bay area of north central Ohio. It is affiliated with the Ohio High School Athletic Association.

    The eight current member high schools are:

    Clyde Fliers
    Edison Chargers
    Huron Tigers
    Margaretta Polar Bears
    Oak Harbor Rockets
    Perkins Pirates
    Port Clinton Redskins
    St. Mary Central Catholic Panthers.
    I know I remembered it somewhere. Just the wrong schools.

  90. WHF says

    Edison – My cousin Tony led Edison to s state title in 75 IIRC. Recruited by Woody Hayes he turned it down cause my uncle had died and he stayed home to run the farm for his mom. His father who was a Elyria high star of the late 30’s was recruited by Paul Brown at 15 yo to play for what was then the Cincinnati Reds a farm league football team, so I have been told.

  91. Gulfportcarl says

    WHF, I just looked up Sandusky and the have been changing conferences left and right. To bad about your cousin. I’m sure it broke his heart to have to turn down Woody. Looks like football runs in your family.
    I was to slow and undersized to play for Earle Bruce. He coached at Sandusky when I was there.
    I’ve put on some pounds since then, still slow.

  92. Tony in Beavertown says

    Gulfport Carl…..why is it an insult to be a Ducks fan……I am once again offended by you.

  93. GoDucks says

    The vest is sweating the team speed of Oregon. Can’t wait to be at this game. I went to to the national championship when Florida crushed the Buckeyes and I cant wait to see Ohio State get humiliated again.

  94. WHF says

    IIRC Earle was at Sandusky ranked #1 and a EHS guy name Godbolt kicked a field goal in the last seconds to ruin his # 1 ranking. 20 or so years later Sandusky again #1 played EHS and a kid name Godbolt, yes his son kicked a field goal in the last seconds to beat Sandusky – we watched in disbelief. We went to high schools that have more history than many colleges. EHS was founded in 1813 and chartered in 1830. They Ely family started towns all over the US

  95. Tony in Beavertown says

    Annapolis, you can’t really disregard the Big10’s recent bowl losses to “playing up”. Meanwhile, the Pac10 has a winning record in Bowl games over the last 7 years. We have 5 teams that made the BCS top 25 this year. And we beat the snot out of each other every Saturday. The Big10’s bowl losses is why most people think that the Big10 has lost it’s edge. If the Big10 was that good of a conference ……. then playing up would not be a problem.

  96. WHF says

    Tony you believe that OSU is over rated – where do you rank them
    Do you feel the Ducks are under ranked and where would you rank them

  97. goducks says

    Hi gpCarl…I can correct you on the bowl count. Pac 10 has 6 teams total playing in the bowl schedule. Of that, of course, only 1 bcs bowl contender, Oregon.

    Concerning conference strength and rankings, I will leave it up to the stats pros to measure the conference rankings. Teamrankings.com has the pac 10 ranked 2nd, the big 10 ranked 6th. As well, the combined record of schools each team played against Oregon 83-76 / OSU 76-69.

    And as a reference for those of you who like to slice & dice all the stats, if you haven’t been there visit… http://www.teamrankings.com/ncf/stats/

    Of course, we all know at game time…it’s all out the window anyway.

  98. Gulfportcarl says


  99. goducks says

    One of the biggest issues in my mind is the month off from game play. I know all the teams have to deal with it, but for Oregon, who is a momentun team, it will be interesting to see if they can keep their game energy and focus through preparation. The first 10 minutes of the game, and the third quarter will be the tell-tale for how Oregon will do. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there is not an O turnover right off the bat. Lately, Oregon seems to come out a little too pumped up and Masoli’s first couple passes are usually mock 9 and who know’s where. Both teams had some good wins down the stretch (Penn State / Iowa – Arizona / Oregon St) so hopefully both are peaking rather than backing in like Texas

    The stats can be argued in many ways, but at game time, deciding which ones are really important is difficult. I certainly look at these closely, but I believe game momentum is a more important factor. As for game plans, I watched an OSU game late in the season and I was quite surprised how mobile TP was and how much more open the offense appeared compared to previous decades (I grew up in Indiana).

    As far as coaches and game plans, Oregon doesn’t vary their philosophy at all either. It’s run & gun as fast as they possibly can (sometimes, a little to fast). They never come close to winning time of possession. They are however, pretty good at making haftime adjustments, and thus have had a number of spectacular third quarters this year. If things don’t work in the 3rd…not good.

    One thing that has been strange this year, is that the O defense was great the first five games of the season, were scoring touchdowns off turnovers almost each week. But that hasn’t been the case lately…the defense, as a whole has not been as stout

    Also, interesting is that Oregon is young & poised in their skilled positions to return a strong team again next year. I would be interested to hear what OSU’s forecast is for the future.

  100. Gulfportcarl says

    goducks, In my opinion the first quarter will be the tip for me as far as how the game goes. Most of the year OSU has struggled in the first period and then gradually gain momentum. The second half is when they really start rolling. I don’t have the numbers but yardage and points, especially the running yardage escalate. I believe after the Purdue game Tressel put the clampas on TP and his passing and he reverted to Woody’s style (three yards and a cloud of dust). Before that the running game was inept. It’s been like the tale of two offenses. If TP has time to step and throw he’s normally pretty accurate. If he has to run and throw not so good. He also has a tendoncy to freeze under pressure. I don’t really know what to except from the offense.
    The defense has been our pillar of strength this year. The Dline and linebackers have put pressure on all year. Gibson, Hayward, and Denlinger has owned the line of scrimmage. Homan, Rolle and Spitler have real solid at linebacker. Russell, Coleman, and Chekwa have benn solid in the secondary. Against Penn State they play in your face step for step and the shut down the mighty lions. It’s when they play that stupid zone coverage they get in trouble. They play a great red zone also.
    As far as the future goes they look great. If all the juniors stay they only lose for players total. They should be real solid on both sides of the ball next year. Hopefully TP get his act together because he has some great receivers to throw to.
    I hope the coaching staff has learned how to deal with the long layoff by know. Not playing since 11/21 is a long layoff. The tale of the tape will be what tean shows up. Hopefully it’s not the team of the last three years.
    One note of intrest the start a home away agains THE U next hear.

  101. WHF says

    If you want to know OSU future you need only look at the past 8 years. TP will be a year older and the receivers and backs will be also. OSU average rank for the last 16 years is about 12.5 second to #1 Florida at 12. Expect they will finish in the top 10 next year. They could possibly compete for a NC in the next two years.

  102. goducks says

    What about the other powers in the Big 10? Will Iowa, Penn State be good as well…or are they graduating a lot. How ’bout Michigan? Are they coming on?

  103. goducks says

    gpcarl…Has your D line faced many zone blocking teams this year? And is the defense a high pressure, blitzing team?

    I just checked Scout.com on your committments this year. Sounds like JT would rather play Woody ball (and BTW…I do remember Woody and his teams!). There are a couple incoming that look promising…RB Smith from Ft. Wayne, 6-2, 216 (Before the College weight program) and FB Hyde from Va. 6-0, 225.

    All our running backs are 180. With the exception of Blount, who is well…blount.

  104. WHF says

    Michigan has a good offense, look at their stats. I bet the freshman Tate Forceir is a more accurate passer on the run than Masoli in two years, he is good. But putting together a defense next year will be tough. Clark is gone at PSU. PSU is PSU well coached and will be competitive. I really expect OSU to win next year for 7th title. I feel they will get 7th win on Mich. but in 2011 expect the rivalry to be a great one ending in December now. They are eliminating the long layoff between reg season and bowls.

  105. says

    Interesting you bring up that link goducks. I was just about to write on that post. I’ve been talking to Rob behind the scenes. He did play for Ohio State. Look for the next post to include Rob’s commentary.

    As for the Ohio State defense, if they are anything, they are a high pressure D. The front four is all they have needed to give offensive lines and qbs fits. The’ve also got a secondary that likes to score off turnovers. One of the reasons I think the Buckeyes match up well against Oregon.

    Then there’s also Pryor. We keep hearing about Oregon’s offensive speed but Pryor is insane when he makes the decision to go. Reports are that he runs a 4.3. His biggest problem has been his hesitation. He’s also big and there’s a couple of highlights where he just tossed the defender to the ground. I thought Wells had a stiff arm…

    As for next year…Pryor is only going to get better and his receivers are young. Although Carter hasn’t turned it on yet, you can just sense that he’s got his father’s genes. This is a young team and it’s only going to get better during the next two years.

  106. goducks says

    Anna…..As for TP…sounds like a bummer he didn’t pick the O. Might have been a great match. A high pressure D (OSU) against a high pressure O (O) might just be what we need to make our holiday complete!

    So as far as the d-line/L-backs go…they are a pressuring defense? I couldn’t quite get that from the game I saw?

    From the future scouting reports on these teams, sounds like we’ll have a lot smack-talkin to do for a couple of years! I truly appreciate discussing the issues on OSU ground. Just makes the game more interesting!

  107. WHF says

    I have read all over the net about this lame game. So I am so sorry for all the duck fans. It must be very heartbreaking to finally win your conference and a trip to the Rose Bowl, only to play the over ranked cupcake busted 10 team, a nationwide consensus I hear . 47 to 3 some say, 35 3 by half time. What a dismal day for you. A hollow win that will leave you empty and unfulfilled till next year. Why would the PAC 10 stay in a agreement with the Bust 10 only to have to play it’s winner each year. Break that deal and you could have played Florida, TCU, Cincinnati or even better, Boise. What could possibly be worse, OMG nooooooooo, could it, is it possible, what if, no , ok, ok I’ll say it , what if you were to get upset. The PAC 10 champ beaten by a overrated Bust 10 cupcake. Would they then deserve the title of the ” Pathetic 10″. Well either way I guess you are losers and I dare say win or lose, you have my sympathy.I have read all over the net about this lame game. So I am so sorry for all the duck fans. It must be very heartbreaking to finally win your conference and a trip to the Rose Bowl, only to play the over ranked cupcake busted 10 team, a nationwide consensus I hear . 47 to 3 some say, 35 3 by half time. What a dismal day for you. A hollow win that will leave you empty and unfulfilled till next year. Why would the PAC 10 stay in a agreement with the Bust 10 only to have to play it’s winner each year. Break that deal and you could have played Florida, TCU, Cincinnati or even better, Boise. What could possibly be worse, OMG nooooooooo, could it, is it possible, what if, no , ok, ok I’ll say it , what if you were to get upset. The PAC 10 champ beaten by a overrated Bust 10 cupcake. Would they then deserve the title of the ” Pathetic 10″. Well either way I guess you are losers and I dare say win or lose, you have my sympathy.

  108. Tim says

    WHF – Who are you a fan of? Just curious because Ohio State has a national championship this decade, how has your team done. Unless you root for Texas, Florida, LSU, Oklahoma, Miami (FL), USC or Ohio State then go back to where you came from.

    Your post basically said no matter what, the winner of this game between two good football teams shouldn’t be considered a good team because of the team they played? Do you realize how asinine that sounds and in return how ignorant that makes you sound?

    No matter what this should be a good game pitting a great offense vs. a great defense. Don’t listen to the hype the Bucks have team speed, especially at LB and S and should be able to go one on one on the outside. The difference will be the front four. If Oregon can handle Heywood and Co. (which no one has done all year) the Oregon probably wins. If the Bucks control the front then they probably win. Should be a great game, can’t wait.

  109. WHF says

    I was born a Buckeye, I will die a buckeye win lose or OT. I live in Florida and I have 10 Buckeye shirts a asortment of hats and I wear them win or lose. Tradition my high school has 1 Heisman 5 state titles, more than the ducks. I’m just so tired of hearing how we should arrange not to show to avoid our being slaughtered. This is the same xxxx that the 2002 Buckeye team heard all month. I never expected OSU to contend at this level this year. I hoped to lose two games at most Iowa and Penn and go after LSU, another shot at Florida, we do not need a win against Ducks we are 7-0 we need wins against the SEC.

    If you think the Ducks consider us anything but a cupcake from a over rated conference do some searches.
    Another BEATDOWN – Blowout. Banned from bowl games I have heard