Ohio State vs. Michigan Spread Opens at 17 (and a bunch of other stuff)

Ohio State Michigan

Buckeyes open as 17 point favorites against the Scum and personally, I think that’s a little low. In an interview I did for a UM podcast today, I think I committed to 43-12 Bucks (I’ll link to it when it goes live). What I haven’t seen yet and what I think is much more interesting is the over/under.

But before we get into that, a couple of thoughts on the 2010 Michigan season. Michigan climbed as high as No. 18 in the AP this year. With big wins over UConn (who could be a 4-loss team in a BCS Bowl), Notre Dame and Bowling Green, all signs pointed to the return of Michigan and even better, the Heisman Trophy for Denard Robinson.

Then they met Indiana (and Michigan State, and Iowa, and Penn State).

At that point, Coach Rodriguez smacked himself on the forehead saying, “Oh…you mean we have to play defense also?”

It basically comes down to this–the college football world is so desperate to see something that resembles football coming out of Ann Arbor that even the slightest shimmer is enough for the pundits to exclaim, “Michigan’s back.” Next thing you know, they’re all but ready to hand the Heisman to Robinson and bets are made on which BCS game UM will win.

Then reality sets in, we all realize that 65 points against Bowling Green really doesn’t mean all that much and we find ourselves here yet again.

But 43-12?
Yeah, 12 points might be a little high but the Buckeyes have been starting slow. Michigan is a one-dimensional team. Once the Buckeyes adjust to stopping Robinson and force him to pass, game over. Even if Robinson does manage to find holes and starts putting points on the board, it’s not like we won’t have an answer for it.

Personally, I think the biggest challenge for Robinson is actually getting a chance to play. Wisconsin pounded the ball straight up Michigan’s throat and Michigan could not answer. In the post-game comments Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema spelled it out (per AP on ESPN), “”I said, ‘They can’t stop our run game,'” Bielema recalled telling his players. “Point blank, it’s just that simple.”

So that’s what Wisconsin did. They ran the ball and they ran it again. Don’t think for a minute that Tressel won’t do the same. When Coach Tressel finds something that works, he likes to repeat it again and again until it doesn’t. This could mean big (and I mean big) yardage for Herron with impressive numbers from Pryor and even Sane. Justin Boren and the rest of the O-line will eat the Michigan freshmen for lunch. It won’t take long for them to blow huge holes through the Michigan defense. When they’re not building highways out of the backfield, they’ll be giving Pryor enough time to Tweet about how he hopes Posey catches the long pass he’s about to throw.

Run the ball, run the ball again and leave the fans wondering what it would have been like to see Robinson take a snap or two.

Quote of the year
This has to be one of the best comments to come out of Michigan in a long time. In his weekly Presser notes, Brian at MgoBlog quotes Denard Robinson as saying,

“I think our defense is one of the best defenses in the nation. I don’t care what nobody say. We face them every day, and they just help us get better.”

No…seriously…I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to. Robinson knows, he has to face that defense every day in practice and they’re really really tough.

The Song Remains the Same
I was going through some of my Michigan week posts written during the past couple of years and I was amazed to see how many of them could have been written today.

In 2008, I ticked off a Michigan blog when I suggested that Coach Rodreguez didn’t understand the importance of The Game. Maze and Brew thought I took Rodreguez’s comments out of context (and was pretty “dumb”) but read down to the last comment on the post. Ike got it and hit it right on the nose.

I actually brought that up in the interview with the Michigan podcast. I don’t think I intended to but I can’t get over the sense that Tressel approaches The Game in a way Rodriguez never will.

That year I also asked the question, “How do you kick them when they’re already down.” Rereading that post you realize how little things have changed. I asked the question again last year and I’m sure that if I can squeeze it in, I’ll ask it again sometime this week.

Last year I also took a tour of the wasteland. For a school that prides themselves on academics, sometimes you just have to wonder. Don’t believe me, scroll down the page of that post and check out the confusion faced by Michigan fans confronted with satire.

How Lame is Michigan; Examples #359 and #360
I’ve been documenting the lameness that is Michigan for a number of years now but I just don’t know what to make of this. I stumbled across this video on UmGoBlog.com. under the heading, “Journey To Columbus – Hype Video” (ex. #359 below)

At first, I thought it was satire. I thought that it must have been made by an Ohio State fan and they we’re poking fun at it. It’s got everything a satire needs, bad 80s music, melancholy Sylvester Stallone fu, ridiculous monologues from Rocky IV (really, didn’t Rocky jump the shark around III?). If you watch it on Umgoblue.com, something causes it to read “UmGoBlo” in the top right as the video plays. I kid you not folks. Check it out for yourselves.

I’ve watched it more times than I can stomach and I’m still not sure if it’s satire or not. It’s posted on a YouTube channel owned by, and I shit you not folks, “In Rod We Trust” which is another Michigan blog I’ve never seen before (ex. #360). At this point, I’m convinced that this is all an elaborate joke. Read the “Rich Rodriguez Thesis.” Stephan Colbert couldn’t hold a candle to these guys.

But here’s the thing, if it’s not a joke, this is the stuff that get’s Michigan fans pumped up. No ramp entrance, no glorious battle music, just man lust for a sad Sylvester Stalone. I watch this video and I get this horrible image of these guys getting all excited and messing up the plumbing in their dorm.

I’ll leave it to you folks. You’ve got to love the edits of last year’s Ohio State players walking off the field with heads hung low. Yeah…it was a real rough game.

And with that, it’s 12:37 a.m and…


  1. Tony in Beavertown says

    Why did this video remind me of a bad Miami Vice episode (were there any good ones) with Don Johnson?

  2. Gulfportcarl says

    They love Coach RichRod, they were ready to lynch him after year one and two. As far as Robinson goes (I don’t care what nobody says) does he take English at Michigan or do they even offer English as a subject. My oppinion of the team up north is waisted money on a secondary
    education . The Big House is a waist of concrete and steel. I think the shower happenings has damaged more than the plumbing.
    As far as the game Heron should see 200 plus yards, Pryer should see 200yards rushing and 200+ yard throwing. I might give them 17 points only after we put the second team in. Buckeye’s had 49 against Purdue let go for 60+ against their weak defense.
    Sorry RichRod another year of disapointment. Another year of disaster and fraudulant football.

  3. Shoelace16 says

    Ohio state sucks!! Not as good as Michigan!! 57-43 is the all time score!! The suckeyes are losing to! We have the best winning percentage toooo!! You cant spell C_ck _ _cker with out OSU!!
    GO BLUE!!! 57-43!!

  4. Gulfportcarl says

    With a name like Shoelace you should be used to being stepped on. Obviously your not very smart if you think Michigan can score 57 points on the Buckeyes. You haven’t scored that many over the last four years on OSU. Get real, get a life, and get a real team.

    • says

      First Look? Who do they think they’re kidding? I had them back in Sept. and you saw them first here folks.

      I’m traveling and left my press photos of the uniforms at home. Nike gave me this really cool flash drive with the photos of all the uniforms on it. At some point this week, I’ll put one up here.

  5. GoHuskies says

    Seriously, Gulfportcarl – you can’t make fun of poor English or grammar and then write
    “waisted” or “waist.” I think you were looking for “wasted” and “waste”, respectively. Or perhaps
    “you’re not very smart” instead of “your”?? Try picking up, and reading, a copy of “Eats, shoots and leaves”. And next time stick to poking fun at football and stay away from English and grammar -leave that to the educated of the Pac-10. BTW: I know it’s not likely, but Go Blue! But more importantly, GO DAWGS! Mighty are the men who wear the purple and the gold! I’m sure we’ll see OSU in the Rose Bowl in a matter of years.

  6. Gulfportcarl says

    Mr. Huskie, Who died and left you in charge. One misspelled word and your a critic. Maybe you should be a critic of the Huskies and the PAC Ten. Next time you go on someone else’s blog show a little respect.

  7. Tony in Beavertown says

    GolfCartCarl …… Don’t let the Dawg get under your skin. He is just pissed off that the Huskies have been irrelevant for the past 10 years. He is just a bitter … bitter ….. little man. The Huskies (player and fans) are some of the most arrogant and disrespectful people I have ever met. Let him dwell in the cellar that is his domain. Mr Huskie?? How did the latest ass whipping from Oregon feel?? What is that 7 years in a row now? You are like our 7 year bitch. We look forward to doing it again next year (thank you). You should probably focus less on other peoples grammar and more on your pathetic football program. Or better yet ….. maybe you should start rooting for the WSC Cougars. They seem to be more relevant than the “door mat” Huskies. Oh and by the way ….. Jake Locker sucks. He was an idiot for staying his senior year and it will cost him millions of dollars. Yep …. smart guys at U-Dub (should be U-Dumb). Locker had fooled everyone into thinking he was a quality QB …… He is nothing but an imposter and a Joke. In short …. go crawl back into the hole that you came from and enjoy your 4-6 season.

    “Mighty are the men who wear the purple and the gold!” ???? You are a joke…… and so is your team.

  8. GoHuskies says

    Goodness. Did I fire you up, boys? First of all, don’t be presumptuous… no one said I am a male, just because I talk football. Second, Tony in Beavertown: there is more to football than money and the NFL, such as pride, education, and learning (and I don’t mean “education”). Locker stayed at UW knowing he would learn more from another year at school under Sark, even at the cost of millions. Clearly, he has more on his mind than money – he even passed a draft in the MLB his sophomore year. He is more of a role model with young kids than most can only dream to be. And drawing from your name “Beavertown”, I infer you are an OR State fan, yet you fail to recognize UW beat #24 OSU, knocking OSU out of the top 25 never to be seen since. Further, who the *@#$ are the WSC Cougars? Are you talking about the WSU Cougars? Clearly, you have no concept of rivalries or NCAAFB. Now you, Gulfportcarl: again, let’s go back and revisit you’re vs. your. Once you have that mastered, then punctuation should be next. When asking a question, follow up with a “?”. E.g., Who died and left you in charge? And to the both of you: one of two or more huskies equals one husky. Elementary school grammar rule: nouns ending in – y preceded by a consonant are formed into plural by changing – y to – ies. Ergo, that’s Mr. Husky. Now you guys have bored me much like the Boise State/Nevada game.

  9. m@ says

    This blog really does remind me how blessed I am to be a Michigan alumnus. My life is infinitely better than yours 364 days of the year; you can have the Game for all I care.

  10. Gulfportcarl says

    If your so bored Huskie go the fuck back where you came from, because you are not relevant on this blog. You must be bored if all you have to do is worry about spelling. Tony is right Washington has not won anything in years. When you learn to play football you can come back and make your points. When was the last time Washington was ranked? They need to make the transition from reek to rank, it will take more than Jake roll model. By the way, what bowl game is Washington going to this year? The Toilet Bowl is more like you style.

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