Ohio State Holds Off Late Indiana Surge in High Scoring Game

In Big 10 football, if you hang 40+ points on the board, chances are the game is yours. Against an Urban Meyer led Ohio State Buckeyes however, 49 points still isn’t enough to shore up a victory. In what turned into a ridiculous “shoot out,” Ohio State and Indiana scored a combined 101 points.

The Buckeyes put up a total 578 yards with Carlos Hyde and Braxton Miller rushing for a combined 305 yards. Add in a couple of Devon Smith dropped passes that would have been easy touchdowns and this was an Ohio State offense like we haven’t seen in a long time. Unfortunately, after giving up 481 yards, it’s safe to say that this was also an Ohio State defense like we haven’t seen in a long time.

Depth, Depth and More Depth
No question injuries are taking their toll on defense. Credit Zack Boren for his ability to come in on the other side of the ball. Hopefully, they will be able to fill some of the holes in the coming week.

The Hyde and Miller Show
The Miller/Hyde option is a serious threat. Although Miller has received the bulk of the attention, Hyde is a beast. Not only is he pounding it up the middle, when he breaks through he is hard to catch. Also important to note that Hyde racked up more yards than Miller. Add in a healthy Jordan Hall and there will be no stopping them.

Combined with a serious long ball threat to Smith, this is going to be a tough offense to stop.

Credit Indiana
This is not the Indiana Hoosiers we’ve come to know over the years. Last week, they just barely lost to Michigan State against the Buckeyes, they refused to quit. After scoring with only 1:40 left in the game, they made an amazing on-side kick recovery. With no time outs, it only took the Hoosiers 35 seconds to march the ball straight down the field for the touchdown followed by a tricky reverse for two points.

Once again, they lined up for the onside kick sending it to the weak side. Although it took a strange bounce, Corey Brown was able to recover the kick. It’s a good thing he did as he was the only Buckeye near the ball with a Hoosier in hot pursuit.

Indiana’s 49 points are they’ve scored against Ohio State in the history of the series.

The Buckeyes have given up 45 points over the past two weeks and still walked away with their record in tact. They gave up 21 to Indiana in the third quarter alone but other than a late scare against Indiana, they were never really in trouble in either game. Defense can’t stop them? No problem. Offense will get it done. Sure, it may work against Indiana but don’t count on it for long.

In his post game comments, Meyer did say that they have a problem to fix and that the Buckeyes are exposed against the spread offense. Hopefully, they can get this straightened out in the coming week.


  1. Alan (Previously Known as Not Alan and Previously Alan) says

    That was a close game, Fickell… – Ex Pizza Delivery Guy

  2. Dave Smith says

    I gotta say, after the Nebraska game I was feeling pretty good and thinking the Bucks would have a couple of easy weeks with Indiana and Purdue.
    …not so much.
    The defense really let us down this week and I’m not sure if it was a fluke or just our depth issues coming to light. I couldn’t help thinking the defensive backfield looked really sluggish Saturday night. Short passes turned into big gains as they ran away from our defensive backs.. most of them numbers I didn’t recognize.. but still.
    I saw a few things on offense that disturbed me as well. Even with the good numbers Braxton ended up with, it was touch and go there for awhile. Indiana did a good job of cluttering up the running lanes for Braxton and keeping him under control for awhile. That opened things up down the field, but our receivers again proved that catching the ball can be an issue at times.
    The defensive backs also appeared to be wearing slick gloves as well. If they had held on to half of the balls that hit them in the hands, the game would not have been close.

    Here’s hoping that Urban can put a finger on the issues and a boot up some butts to get things straightened out before Purdue next week.

  3. Buckeyebill says

    If we can play this poorly (on defense) and get a win, so be it….hopefully, this was our “off” game for the season (which we still were able to win)— one caveat however, Purdue will be no pushover…….