Buckeyes vs. Florida A & M Point Spread and the Big Ten Letdown

With a point spread hovering around 50-51 points (if you can even find a line) Ohio State’s matchup against Florida A&M should be an exciting game–for the first few possessions at least.

To be frank, it is frustrating to even see this game on the schedule. The last thing Ohio State needs at this point in the season is an FCS opponent. Yeah, I’m sure it’s a huge payday for Florida A&M but it’s a no win situation for Ohio State. I complained earlier this week about the problems with the current state of college football and this game only amplifies the situation. If the Buckeyes completely dominate, at what point will it be enough to satisfy the pollsters? 50 points? 60?

Suppose the Buckeyes open quick and then go into sleepy time mode (which it will be hard prevent). Florida A&M scores a couple of touchdowns against third string players who otherwise may never get that view of Ohio Stadium. Does that mean Ohio State needs to turn up the heat again and run the scoreboard in search of the almighty “style points.”

Granted, barring an upset there aren’t really any big games to shake up the top ten this week but it would be nice to get in one more quality game before entering the Big Ten schedule.

Hungry Hyde and a Heisman Candidate
To make matters worse for Florida A & M, Carlos hyde returns to the field this week and their is no question he will be hungry. His ability up the middle also fills the last hole on the Ohio State offense.

Speaking of Hungry, if Braxton Miller wants any shot at a Heisman trophy this season he is going to have to start turning some heads. Nothing the media seems to love more than watching a potential Heisman candidate run ridiculous numbers on FCS fundraising day. Miller has also found himself facing some possible competition for the spot. Hyde’s biggest problem may be that given the option, Miller won’t want to give him the ball.

Hyde and Miller alone might be enough to get the Buckeyes through their mid-game slump and keep the yards coming. Not really what I call an exciting game but if you’re into that sort of thing. It will be good to get a hint of what this offense can do when at full strength.

Dammit Michigan (and the rest of the Big Ten)
Once again the Overrated Bowl (Michigan/Notre Dame) proved to be just that. In classic Appalachian State style, Michigan almost gave Akron their first road game win in five years. A nearly missed end zone completion and a goal line stand was all that stood between Brady Hoke and a slew of jokes involving tire and rubber companies, blimps, Ohio football teams, who knows what.

And while this might seem like fun and games over here in Buckeyeland, once again Michigan is seriously letting us down. The problem is we need an undefeated Michigan going into November. Other than Ohio State, the Big Ten completely flopped in the Big 10/Pac 12 weekend expo this past Saturday. Wisconsin even took extra measures to make sure that an undefeated Ohio State would have to argue their worth against any of a number of one loss teams for a spot in the BCS championship.

If the Big Ten has any hope of gaining back some national respect, teams like Michigan and Wisconsin, supposedly top teams in the group, will have to do much better than what we saw last weekend.

Somebody’s on My Side
Seven years ago to the date, I wrote a post predicting that Ohio State and Michigan would be ranked No. 1 and No. 2 when they met in November. That post was one of the first I wrote on this blog and in an amazing display of coincidence, my prediction came true.

In an attempt to once again test the fates, just last week I was planning the post that would make the prediction that for the second time in college football history, we would see a meeting of the greatest rivalry in one of the greatest games. The prophecies must be on my side as the post didn’t get past the brainstorming phase.

And Then There’s Notre Dame
Talk all you want about tradition, the loss of the Notre Dame/Michigan game has to be a good thing for college football. Every year the media’s yearning for anything that even resembles football coming out of Anne Arbor or South Bend that even I start to convince myself that these might really be good football teams.

Forget the fact that Devin Gardner ran 15 yards back to his own end zone before handing the ball to Notre Dame. Notre Dame made it to the National Championship last year right? (because partially of course, they beat Michigan). ESPN keeps telling me these are two great football programs. Shouldn’t I believe it?

So while Michigan was busy making memories for a few MAC conference players, Purdue was exposing the fallacy that is Notre Dame. In typical Purdue fashion, they weren’t able to close the deal but they proved once again that the early season Notre Dame/Michigan game tells us almost nothing about the quality of these two teams.


  1. Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

    Jim – Unfortunately last year would have been a perfect storm for tOSU to win another NC. It would have been a undefeated Ohio State squad going against an undefeated Notre Dame. There is no way that the voters would have put a 1 loss Alabama team ahead of you. It was an opportunity lost. That being said ….. it will be an uphill battle for tOSU to get to the NC this year. You are going to need help from both Oregon and Clemson to get there. The PAC12 beat two ranked BIG10 teams this last weekend and finished 4-1 overall. This will definitely hurt the strength of schedule for tOSU at the end of the year. The only tough team you have on your schedule this year is Mich ….. and they almost lost to Akron last week! Meanwhile ….. Oregon has to still get through UCLA, Washington and Stanford ….. and then a PAC12 Championship game. You NEED Oregon or Alabama to lose. I think the polls will be a toss up for both tOSU and Clemson if both go undefeated. Clemson will have better wins over Georgia, Florida State and S. Carolina. But, tOSU has tradition and a global following.

    Per your blog statement on 09/16 – “I can’t think of another offense in college football right now that can bring such a comprehensive package to the field.” – Oregon ranks: Passing yds – 18th, Rushing yds – 4th, Points for – 2nd, Points against – 2nd. Ohio State ranks: Passing yds – 75th, Rushing yds – 13th, Points for – 17th, Points against – 44th. Urban Meyer has copied Chip Kelly’s “blur offense” or how Gulfportcarl would refer to it as a “gimmick offense”. . It will take Urban a few years to fine tune things and be competitive with Oregon. Chip spent 4 years as our offensive coord and then another four as our head coach. It took the first four years to really implement this ….. and we are still working on perfecting it. It will be perfect once we win the NC.

  2. says

    Tony, I’m with you up until the point when you start once again comparing offenses. I remember somewhere hearing about how Oregon’s speed and deception was going to leave Ohio State in the dust.

    I don’t know if Oregon is still running the option they tried back when we met in the Rose Bowl but that’s exactly what Carl is referring to when is calls it “gimmick offense.”

    Looking at the pieces coming together, Ohio State has the full package. It’s not just a quarterback or running back. It’s the receivers, speed at the corners, strength up the middle.

    I’m curious to see how Oregon does against the Cal offense. That may give us a much better idea of where both schools stand. Unfortunately, I doubt that even healthy, the Oregon defense will provide much of a threat and it could again turn into a “shoot out.”