Ohio State favored over Wisconsin by 15

If you had asked me in August to predict the spread for the Ohio State/Wisconsin, I don’t know exactly what the number would have been but I know this much–Wisconsin would have been the favorite.

Remember way back to the preseason? Oh what good times those were. Michigan was favored with a shot at the National Championship. Wisconsin was going to be the big stopper, the hurdle that if the Wolverines could past, would lead to clear sailing for Michigan senior class all the way to New Orleans. Penn State even had an outside shot of taking the Big Ten championship.

As for Ohio State, it was going to be a rebuilding year. Sure, they looked good on defense but after losing Troy Smith, Ted Ginn, et. all, and after that loss to Florida…well, let’s just say 2008 was looking good. To the media, 2007 was about rebuilding and we all know how rebuilding takes time and nurturing (just ask Charlie Weis).

Oh, and there was no question, none what so ever, that this year’s USC was going to be the greatest team in the history of college football. No really, I’m almost sure I heard Mark May say so somewhere in early September.

What a difference reality makes.

So here we are. Ohio State is back on top at number one, the preseason polls turned out to have about the same life span as that Florida mascot on the Ohio State campus.

After seeing the Buckeyes against Penn State and having seen very little from Wisconsin this season–plus the fact that they are playing at home, I say take the spread. The Buckeyes should have no problem putting up an extra 15 points on Wisconsin.

I’ll give a more detailed analysis later.

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