Ohio State Buckeyes: Monday Morning Quick Hits

So the Ohio State Buckeyes not only beat the 52 point spread, they added in another 20 or so points for good measure. And although Coach Urban Meyer got his fair share of criticism (at least on Twitter) for running the score, what are you going to do? When you’re playing the third string quarterback, letting a freshman run it straight up the middle, giving walk ons a chance to play and still scoring touchdowns ? Would have it been better to shorten the game and dive on the ball like they did in Miami?

It would be nice to have the same problem next week against Wisconsin.

Why Florida A&M?
Next year’s play off system should bring an end to this sort of game — hopefully. I don’t think there is anyone out there who believes Ohio State actively pursued this game. There was an empty spot on the schedule, A&M had a great band (key word “had”). Their dancing style would have made a good juxtaposition to the military approach of the Ohio State band. And of course, there was the $900,000 payday.

While it might seem better to just take the bye, money talks. All football teams need to fill home game seats (regardless of who their playing) and adding nearly a million to the coffers of a school like FAMU can go a long way.

What, No Accolades?
Come November I’m sure we’ll once again hear the praise and hype for “SEC speed” as they partake in their annual powder puff match ups against teams like Furman and Chattanooga but there was more than enough Buckeye criticism to go around this weekend. Alabama shuts out Western Carolina 49-0 (in November) and it’s because they are a great team. Buckeyes run the clock with third stringers from the start of the second half and it’s poor sportsmanship.

And worse, the Buckeyes slipped in the polls when they didn’t look quite good enough in their early season wins. Alabama struggled for three quarters against Colorado State yet only lost three votes in the AP poll.

Still No Miller
At first I was upset when I heard that Braxton Miller wouldn’t be on the field against FAMU thinking that at some point, he’s got to get playing time. With Wisconsin up next, it would be nice to see if he’s really perfected that passing game.

I changed my mind about five minutes into the first quarter. It became quickly obvious that FAMU wasn’t going to do much defensively to challenge Miller if he had gone it. He probably get’s better practice against the Buckeye scout team.

More Guiton
For the second week in a row Kenny Guiton was busy writing his name in the record books. It only took him two quarters to set the record for scoring touchdown passes. It’s hard to imagine how Miller could do much better but until we get a chance to find out, I’ll take it.

Ezekeil Who?
In case you missed that blur going down field in the second half that Ezekiel Elliot filling yet another spot on the running back roster. Five runs of 10 yards or more, two touchdowns, 162 total yards on only 14 carries. Safe to say both Miller and Guiton have plenty of help in the backfield.

Tweet of the Week
Michigan once again proved that they are annually one of the most overrated teams in college football. This time it was UConn who did everything in their power to lose this game. Although it took a while they finally did allow Michigan to hold on to their undefeated status. Unfortunately, I don’t put much hope in that record lasting until November.

Even the Michigan fans agree: