Five Bracket Rules for Ohio State Fans

Win and all is forgiven

The Buckeye Bloggers Network (The Silver Bullet, Buckeye House Call, Our Honor Defend, Men of the Scarlet and Gray, and The Buckeye Battle Cry) is joining forces to bring you The Buckeye Blogger’s Network Tournament Challenge. Along with the chance to claim bragging rights on a bevy of Ohio State bloggers, we have a number of trinkets…I mean prizes to give away. (Entry information at the bottom of this post)

When picking your bracket, it is important to recognize that you are up against a a group of Ohio State bloggers and readers of said blogs. With that in mind, I give you five unwritten rules for any self-respecting Ohio State fan when filling out their bracket.

1) You Must Pick Ohio over _ichigan
Brady Hoke thinks it’s funny to refer to the Buckeyes as “Ohio?” What better way to teach him who Ohio is by sending the scum home from the tournament early. You will recall that a couple of years ago, Ohio knocked off Georgetown in the opening round.

Remember how much you regret not taking Appalachian State? Don’t let it happen again.

The Bobcats beat the Meatchicken and that mascot Brutus tackle thing…all is forgiven. Buckeye fans choosing Ohio to go out in the first round will be subject to the appropriate ridicule and public shame.

2) Michigan State Goes to New Orleans

All good Buckeye fans know that the Big Ten is without question the toughest basketball (and football) division in the country. If Michigan State managed to beat the Buckeyes in the Big Ten Championship than they can beat anyone.* Besides, it’s not like there is anyone standing in their way. I mean really, Duke? The Buckeyes looked like an NBA team against Duke. I’m sure MSU would do the same…uhm…wait a minute…nevermind.

While we’re at it, advance all Big Ten teams to the second round.

(*See point 3 below)

3) Michigan State Plays the Buckeyes in NOLA
No need to discuss outcome of this game. See point 2 above.

4) Kentucky goes out in Sweet 16
Yeah. I’m still bitter. As I’ve already pointed out, I like the idea of Indiana being the ones to do it but heck, I don’t care if it’s Wichita State. I just want to see Kentucky in the tournament just long enough to get their hopes up.

5) Duke Dominates the South.
Well, maybe not. I just want to be able to say that the Buckeyes dominated the team that tore through the Southern bracket.

So there you have it folks. If you’ve got any to add, post them in the comments below.

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Update!! Prizes Coming Together

It looks like we’ve got a number of good prize packages coming together including gift packs from Cholula Hot Sauce, Ohio State flags from CVS Flags, goodies from Fox Sports Ohio and possibly more. Be sure to get your bracket picks in by tomorrow morning.


    • The People's Buckeye says

      Nevermind, now I know what you’re saying but I doubt Duke even gets to the regional final of the South bracket. They’re on a downslide.

      • says

        Yeah but if you’re going to stick with the homerism that is required of any good Ohio State fan, I want Duke to tear things up in the South making us look all that much better. MSU beats them in a close game in the Final Four to meet the Buckeyes in the final.

        Works for me.