Just Don’t Call it a National Championship!

A lone voice of reason

Although there seems to be a misconception in the world of college football, I feel it is important to clarify that Ohio State did indeed beat Illinois this past Saturday. Not only that, they beat them by a score of 60-35. Yet as the ESPN talking heads shout the triumph of Baylor’s 63-34 win as a “rout” over an unranked Texas Tech, apparently a nearly identical Ohio State/Illinois score highlights signs of Ohio State’s struggles against Illinois.

Last week it was a one-loss Stanford who should be ranked above Ohio State. This week it’s Baylor who trails the Buckeyes in the BCS by .0013 and passed them in the AP poll. Even if Baylor loses to Oklahoma, if Auburn beats Alabama chances are good we will see them jump over Ohio State in the rankings. And seriously, at this point does anyone actually believe that a one loss Alabama would be kept out of the BCS Championship over an undefeated Ohio State?

While it looks like Ohio State will most likely meet a No. 13 or better Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship game, a blowout won’t help. And just to amplify the hypocrisy, in all the talk of Wisconsin’s gazillion yards rushing over Indiana the short memories at ESPN seem to have forgotten that Ohio State all but shut down the Wisconsin running game.

Of course with two losses, it’s safe for the talking heads to expound the virtues of Wisconsin. There is no chance they will become a top BCS contender. Remember though that one of those two loses came at the hands of Ohio State, the other at the hands of the referees.

Alabama won’t need style points in their win over Chattanooga this weekend. Heck, let the defense go to sleep for a few quarters. A score of 60-30 something won’t hurt their ranking.

And somehow, Florida State’s big win over Miami (who lost to Duke this weekend) and a beat down of Clemson who carries a string of impressive victories over unranked teams solidifies the ACC’s dominance over the Big Ten. If Idaho (who can proudly brag about their one win over Temple) gets on the scoreboard don’t count on it being mentioned as a sign of Florida State’s weaknesses.

But that is how propaganda works. Shout it loud enough and repeat it often enough and eventually it becomes truth.

So let the SEC have their BCS “Championship game. Just don’t call it a National Title — especially if Ohio State blows out whoever they meet in the Rose Bowl.


Just received the updated BCS Championship odds. These are the odds not of playing in the BCS Championship but winning the BCS Championship:

Odds to win the 2013-2014 BCS National Championship. (curtsey of Bovada.lv).

Week 12 Current
Alabama 5/4 1/1
Florida State 7/4 8/5
Baylor 4/1 7/1
Ohio State 17/2 10/1
Oregon 20/1 20/1
Auburn 66/1 33/1
Missouri Off the Board 75/1
Stanford 25/1 Off the Board

Note that Baylor has better odds of winning (and presumably beating Alabama) than Ohio State.


  1. Gulfportcarl says

    I’m sick of Mark May, he’s a Big Ten Hatter. Let’s be honest unless Baylor or Florida State loses, and Ohio State can finish the season undefeated they might get a shot at the Big Show. If neither happens the best we can get is the Rose Bowl and that’s not bad. The way it looks now we could be playing Oregon in the Rose Bowl if OSU can run the table. Michigan Sate will be a good test with their defense.
    Bottom line if you aren’t one or two what does it matter if you finish three, four, or five.
    What’s all the fuss about?

  2. Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

    Jim, I completely understand your frustration with the whole BCS scam. I don’t think the new “play-off” system will be much better though. I remember back in 2001 when Oregon was ranked #2 and Miami was ranked #1. The computers decided to pick 4th ranked Nebraska to play in the Championship game. Miami ended up destroying them 37-14 and Oregon clobbered Colorado 38-16 in the Fiesta Bowl. We got robbed of the opportunity to play in the big game.

    I am a little surprised that Baylor has almost caught up to tOSU though. Common sense would dictate that; history, tradition, and a 2 year winning streak would prevail. Baylor has only gone to 4 bowl games (no BCS) over the last 20 years and are 2-2. During that same time period tOSU has been to 18 Bowls (8 BCS, 3 NC). Baylor is basically an unproven program that has 1 signature win (Last year against Kansas State). And after Oregon dismantled Kansas State 35-17 in the Fiesta Bowl …. I would really even question if it was a signature win. Over the past decade they have compiled a 63-79 record. Just not understanding the process that would allow them to overtake tOSU in the BCS standings.

    On a lighter note, it is looking pretty likely that tOSU will match up against Oregon in the Rose Bowl. I am a little concerned because QB Marcus Mariota has a bum knee and I don’t know if it will be any better in January. The Ducks aren’t saying much …. but, Marcus has not really broken out any runs for two games now. He is basically just standing back in the pocket and being a passer. If Marcus is not a threat to run it completely limits our ability to operate the spread offense. It will be interesting to see how everything develops.

  3. Jim says

    I don’t see any reason to think the playoffs would be any better. The selection is going to be handled by a committee that includes Condeliza Rice, Barry Alverize and others? Talk about an opportunity for propaganda.

    Looking at the way the rankings have gone this season, there is nothing to tell me that Ohio State would make the final four. Say Auburn beats Alabama, Baylor and Florida State go undefeated – I could easily see Ohio State getting shut out.

    Yeah, it is looking like an Ohio State/Oregon Rose Bowl. I think the physicality of the Buckeyes will be a problem for Oregon again. The big difference between last time we met is that our defensive secondary is the weak point but our offense is way stronger. Offensive line is great and can give the Miller/Hyde show all the protection they need.

    The defense is also pretty good at getting into the backfield and making life difficult.

    • Gulfportcarl says

      I agree Jim with your recent post. If you remember when then were setting up the four team play off the SEC was lobbying for two or three SEC team to be included.
      I believe unless you win your conference you can’t make the play off.
      Getting back to Ohio State, it will take an act of God for the Buckeye’s to get in. I believe the media{ Mark May and the like} think that the Big Ten dos not play football, hell! we have been playing longer than any team in the SEC. Unless you play in the south, ACC and SEC your not playing football. This committee which is made up of dozens of people some who have no idea about football decide who will play in the four team play off. How about taking the top ranked four conference winners and send them and screw a committee.

  4. Jim says

    I find it amazing that the ACC is getting more credit as a football conference than the Big Ten.

    I agree that only conference playoff champions should get a shot at a playoff system. The problem now is what four conferences. SEC, ACC, PAC 12, Big 12, Big 10…oops, one to many. Guess which conference gets left out this year. This of course leads to only more conference realignment and bigger conferences. Something I don’t really like.

    Look also at the pressure this entire situation puts on Ohio State. They are being forced to carry the water for the Big Ten in a big way. No matter what bowl game they play if they don’t completely dominate and destroy their opponent it will be used to further justify the idea that the Big Ten is weak. The only game that could possible satisfy the critics is a win over Alabama and we’re not going to get that opportunity.

  5. Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

    I hate to say it ….. but, this whole BCS thing is ruining our traditional bowl season. It wasn’t long ago when getting to the Rose Bowl was our ultimate goal. Winning the “Granddaddy of them all” was the pride of the PAC 8/10 (not the 12). It didn’t matter if you were Washington, USC, or UCLA …. As a fan of the PAC I rooted for any of them over the Big10. Whichever team won the game would somehow validate that their conference as a whole was much stronger than the other. The PAC 12 and Big10 have had a very long marriage …. but, I fear that it is now broke.

    Oregon went 95 years between Rose Bowl victories. We won in 1917 and didn’t win again until 2012. That’s a long time. The problem is ….. we have been to 4 BCS bowls over the last 4 years (2 Rose, 1 Fiesta, 1 NC) and it appears that we are too good for the Rose Bowl now. On Monday Senior WR Josh Huff told a reporter, “I don’t want to play in a Rose Bowl unless I’m playing for a national championship,” And our superstar all purpose guy DeAnthony Thomas followed up his remarks by saying, “It’s not a big deal at all, we already won a Rose Bowl, so it feels like, ‘Whatever.'” …………… I am speechless.

    So, two of Oregons top players are saying that they either don’t want to play on Jan 1st or will come into the game with a “whatever” attitude. This does not bode well for the Ducks. If both Ohio State and Oregon take care of business, we will be facing a team that did not go to a bowl game last year and feels slighted out of a chance to play for a NC by the national media. The Ducks will get slaughtered. I hope that I am wrong and this attitude does not represent the team as a whole. But, we will see.

    • Gulfportcarl says

      Well put Tony, I’m like you I would root for the Big Ten teams even that team up north.
      I can remember when you had the Big Four Bowls, Rose, Cotton, Sugar and Orange bowls, and maybe a couple of lesser bowl games, and that was it. In those days if a team had a bad season the teams would take a vote to see if they wanted to go. It was an honor the be invited to a bowl, now you have 37 bowls games plus two new ones this year. Now you have to have 6 wins to be bowl eligible. I don’t know many schools or coaches that think 6 and 6 is a great year and you should be in a bowl.
      Thanks to ESPN this whole situation has gotten out of hand, greed has taken over the bowl system. I don’t see where a four game tournament will change anything.
      Peace Out

  6. Jim says

    My dad used to always say that their was no need to name a national champion and I have to agree. I’ve often said on this blog and elsewhere that we need to go back to a day where there was only one bowl game that mattered and that was the Rose Bowl.

    It is amazing to hear the Oregon players disrespecting the Grandaddy of them all. I don’t think that is going to be a problem for Ohio State. The Rose Bowl holds enough tradition and if they get shut out of the alleged national championship they will definitely have a point to prove.

    Going to the Rose Bowl has always been the highlight of a successful Ohio State season though. Before the BCS, that was all that mattered. B1G network just aired a special on the 1973 Rose Bowl in which voters picked Ohio State over Michigan after the two tied in their season ending game. It was a completely unexpected decision for Ohio State. In the special, they had a reunion of members of both teams and there was no question that those Michigan players were still hurting.

    That was the only bowl game they could go to. The voters picked OSU and that was the end of their season. I guess politics have always been a part of the system.

    There is no question the entire thing is fixed for the SEC. I’ve been making that argument for years. Maybe we need to let the SEC have their “championship” and the Big Ten/Pac 12 drop out and agree to a Rose Bowl series only. (let other division teams still play lesser bowls) Wouldn’t that be a nice spit in the face.

    • Gulfportcarl says

      Wouldn’t that piss off the BCS idiots. The pollsters are not going to let us in so why not have the Rose Bowl be the Big 10 and PAC12 championship game.
      Couldn’t agree more Jim.

  7. Jim says

    You take the profitability of the Big Ten Network, combine it with the Pac 12 and create a “super conference.” Cut the SEC out entirely. The two conferences play just as they do now with champions meeting in the Rose Bowl.

    You keep the traditional bowl relationships — ie. Gator = B1G/SEC but those go to teams that don’t make it to the Rose. Just like in the old days.

    Rose Bowl is played on New Year’s Day and New Year’s Day only. College football season ends New Year’s Day — exactly as it should be.

    Yeah, the SEC would wine and cry about how they are so much better than the B1G and Pac 12 but how is that any different than what we have now. If the profitability of the B1G network and the precedent it’s set tells us anything, they will be begging to get in.