Suicide Watch Over; Buckeyes Drop to 10th

It’s official. The 24 hours suicide watch has passed. Disposable razors, over the counter medications and assorted household cleaners have been removed from the lock box and returned to normal storage. Family and friends have gone from around the clock monitoring to a checking in every 45 minutes or so. And although the emergency room psychologist insisted that I stay away from this blog for a few days, the next shift shouldn’t arrive for another 20 min or so. I figure if I type fast, they’ll never know.

I don’t know where to begin and to be honest, much of it is a blur at this point but how about we just start with the opening play.

Honestly, haven’t we worked through this yet. We let Wisconsin run back the opening kickoff…in a night game…in front of 70,000 drunken fans? The one thing we needed to do quick was to put the fear in them and take the crowd out of the game. Instead, we did the equivalent feeding these drunks another case of Schlitz.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the key to beating Wisconsin is to stop White and Clay. Michigan State did it and they won. We didn’t and we lost. Shut down the run, force them to pass and this game is ours. One of the few times we pressured Tolzien, he threw an interception.

Yes, we need to be able to play against the weenies in the SEC and elsewhere but this is still Big Ten football. Good teams can hammer it up the middle and better teams can stop them. We failed to stop them.

When you’re down by 21 in the second quarter, field goals don’t matter. Missing them is even worse. Once you cross the 20, you score 7. There is no other option. At some point, the Buckeyes have to put an end to their fear of the red zone.

Life in the Second Half
So the Buckeyes come out in the second half playing like we expected them to play all game. They drove the ball right down the field and scored from inside the red zone. Defense stuffs the Wisconsin runĀ  (just like they were supposed to do), and six plays later, Buckeyes have the ball back.

Once more down the field and suddenly, we’re down by a field goal.

But of course, after that painful glimmer of hope, the Buckeyes fall apart again taking my vacation in Glendale with them.

Dealing with the loss
The Buckeyes don’t lose often. As a result, when they do, it gets a lot of attention. Ohio State losses are always highly visible because either the Buckeyes are falling from a top ranked spot or they lose in a BCS game that most schools only dream about.

In the past five years, the Buckeyes have only lost to two teams that weren’t ranked in the top 20. Yeah, it sucks but the Buckeyes will be back next week and so will I. It’s going to be a tough trip back to the BCS championship but that doesn’t mean their isn’t a BCS bowl in our future. As for the new rankings, I’ll save that for my next post.

Remember folks, it could be worse, we could be Michigan.


  1. Tony in Beavertown says

    @ Jim, Carl, Not Alan, TPB ……. my condolences on this tough game. It is never fun to lose ….. especially with so much at stake. Although I am elated that Oregon has assumed the #1 ranking …. I really doubt that they will run the table and finish undefeated. There is no “easy win” in the PAC10 this year. There have only been 34 teams that have been ranked #1 in college football since they started the rankings in the 1930’s. Oregon is the first team in 20 years to be ranked #1 for the first time. If nothing else ….. the ranking alone is a moral victory for Oregon and we have broken through the glass ceiling. I won’t say anymore about Oregon ….. or Golfcartcarl will start hammering on me for being a homer.

    Tyrell Pryor is the real deal. The first time he ran ….. I was thinking that it looked like slow motion. But as slow as Pryor looked like he was moving ….. nobody could catch him. He looked like a man amongst boys and did a fine job last night. Hopefully he decides to stay for another year at tOSU because he is exciting to watch. I agree with Jim …… defense was terrible. The Badgers were very predictable … but the Buckeyes did not have a response. The Badgers Offensive line just dominated the first half ….. took the third qtr off ….. and then came back in the 4th qtr. Three yards and a cloud …….

    I said it all last week ….. road games are tough. Upsets happen on the road. The home team is amped up and the crowd is hostile. There is no easy win on the road.

    I hope you guys win out and maybe you can give Oregon a chance to redeem themselves in the Rose Bowl.


  2. The People's Buckeye says

    I’m going to make this short. I know I’ve been slacking off with updates from class, mainly because my economic theory classes have been challenging me and I don’t think any of you guys are going to hold it against me.

    “Coach what you see.” We hear this every time. They saw stuff on film and reacted to it. I’m firmly believe though, the small linebackers is what is holding us back. The difference is as simple as having a Greg Jones versus a Brian Rolle when it comes to something as simple as run stopping up the middle. Once those linemen reach the second level, you better have some extremely physical linebackers to shed blocks and not get sealed up in their offensive staple – zone blocking.

    Tressel made a point to us this morning. “In case you didn’t hear, we lost to Wisconsin. Let’s break down the situations…”

    First down. Did not win first down. “Third down gets all the hype, but first downs lead to touchdowns.”

    As a college student, my perspective is that, you learn more from your mistakes than you do your success. We can win out. There is hope for another excellent season like last year despite the gutwrenching losses that should have never happened, no matter how much we all play Monday Morning Quarterback. Point is, we have Iowa, another zone blocking scheme with a one back set on the road. The boys have the opportunity to learn and mature from their mistakes. Anyone who doesn’t recognize the potential and opportunity of this team, need to sell their scarlet and gray to a second hand store in Ann Arbor. Either be a real fan or sit the fuck down.

    Tony, I know you meant well and everything, but as a navy brat – I consider the word “condolences” to be associated with death. No one here has flatlined, but thanks for the thoughtfulness.

  3. says

    I’m with you Joey. Haven’t given up and as I said above, I’ll be back next week. O-fn-H.

    Did I miss something Tony? I wrote this post after the rankings came out last night. Although the AP and others have the Ducks at No. 1, the BCS pushed them aside (for the moment). That’s not such a bad thing Tony. The Buckeyes have always played better from the No. 2 spot. There’s always a big bulls eye at the top of the BCS but this year it’s really taking a beating.

    • Tony in Beavertown says

      No ….. Good point Jim. People polls don’t matter now that the BCS ratings have come out. In 2001 Miami (11-0) was ranked AP#1, Oregon (10-1) ranked AP #2, Colorado (10-2) ranked AP #3, Nebraska (11-1) ranked AP#4. The BCS had Florida 1, Nebraska 2, Oregon 3, Colorado 4. To make matters even more confusing ……. Colorado destroyed Nebraska on Nov 23rd by a score of 62-36. Even with the loss to Colorado….Nebraska was invited to the “National Championship” (ranked AP#4) and got crushed by Miami 37-14. Oregon had to settle for the Fiesta Bowl and easily took care of Colorado 38-16. This BCS scam is a terrible system and should be thrown in the garbage. If College football wants a “real” National Championship …… there needs to be a playoff system. Until that happens ….. It is all about the roses for me.

        • says

          Although with all the problems with the BCS, there’s something about it I like. If there were a playoff this season, Saturday’s loss wouldn’t have meant near as much. Every game, and I mean EVERY game counts. Even if you add a Big Ten (or Pac 10) playoff, something is lost.

          Don’t believe me, look at the SEC. Unlike the Big 10 and the Pac 10, they have a playoff system that allows for one regular season loss. Lose just one game in the SEC and there’s a good chance you’ll get another shot in the SEC championship. Next year, we could have absorbed this loss much easier because if we run out the schedule, chances our we’d get our chance at redemption in the Big 10 championship game.

          As flawed as it is, add a playoff and something would be lost. You can’t tell me that the 10-12 game playoff system we have right now isn’t a heck of a lot more fun.

          • The People's Buckeye says

            I listened a couple of weeks ago to The Fan, in which it was proposed that the Big Ten do the following:

            1. Tell Notre Dame to either join the conference or find someone else to replace their 3-4 games a season.
            2. Navy can join too.
            2. Invite teams from the Big East, CUSA, MAC, Sun Belt, WAC and MWC to join a 50+ team super-conference.
            3. Divide the teams accordingly into divisions and run a playoff.
            4. Sell the TV rights for the only “College Football D-1A Playoff System.”
            5. Watch everyone else file in to the conference.

          • The People's Buckeye says

            Just to be made sure, my counting isn’t off. I forgot the Navy bit until the end and dropped it in there when it made sense without reordering. Don’t want the nazis that frequently visit the page lately to get anything I say twisted.

    • The People's Buckeye says

      I have a feeling this is a lot like 2007. But instead of the number two team dropping every week, no one wants to be number one.

      Look out for Mizzou, if you’re an Oklahoma fan. They get a lot of production out of their quarterback and there’s a revenge factor stemming from that aforementioned year in which Oklahoma completely dismantled Mizzou’s dream season… not once, but twice.

  4. Eric says

    In addition to what has been said so far, I found it particularly difficult to watch the Badgers run the football in the 4th quarter when everyone in the stadium knew what was coming and the Bucks were unable to stop it…especially after the 3rd quarter success. One more defensive stop and we might be having a different conversation today.

  5. Gulfportcarl says

    Football, Baseball and all sports are meant to break your heart. As bad as we feel jus think how
    the team feels. It was pure hell watching the 1st half, I could not believe my eyes. The strength
    of this team the defense did not show up. Second half got back to a field goal down were back in the game, Huh. I quess they forgot to takle agan in the fourth quarter, GAME OVER!
    Jim, I agree about field goals, if you need one to win then kick it. To kick one when your down by
    21 I think, is plain creap. Thats one of my main ilk with tressel. He kicks to many field goals early in the game. Since we don’t play Michigan State the Big Ten is in their hands. All we can do is hopefully win out and see what happens. A trip to Arizona is out so with some like we can make another trip to Pasadena. If Oregan isn’t in Arizona may a rematch. They beat Stanford, They should have a cake walk, USC, the Washinton’s and the Beavers won’t give them any trouble, unless they stub their toe along the way.
    BCS, Bull Crap Stinks, has Oklahoma #1 go fiqure, I also don’t understand why eveyone is so enamered by Boise State, they play in a crappy conference with crappy teams. Actually starting over from #10 isn’t to bad. It gives us time to move up and maybe get a BCS bowl game.
    Yes, Tony winning on the road is tough, but we know Wisconsin like a book, their is no excuse for the way they played. The milk is spilled so it’s time to move on.
    Buckeye’s forever.

  6. Buckeyemark says

    Maybe this loss was the best thing to happen to our beloved Buckeyes, because as was mentioned earlier, you learn more from a loss than a victory. Especially with a trip to Iowa being eerily similar in nature. Fellas, take good notes, learn, and don’t let it happen again. The injuries this season to the defense are troubling, but still not as bad as the special teams miscues. The good news… these things are fixable and the talent is there. Go Bucks!!!