Arkansas Razorback Offense, Ryan Mallett and a 3.5 Point Spread

Ryan Mallett Sugar Bowl

Once a Michigan quarterback?

The last time the Buckeyes faced Ryan Mallett, he was stepping in for an injured Chad Henne only to get pummeled by Ohio State in Lloyd Carr’s final defeat to the Buckeyes. Three years later, Mallett has developed into one of the top pocket passers in the country leading Arkansas to a top spot in the SEC.

Although I’d like to give Mallett credit for bailing out of a sinking ship, unless your name is Boren, once a Michigan player always a Michigan player. Remember, at some point in his life, Mallett decided that playing for Loyd Carr would be a good move. Mallett told the Detroit Freepress ( that he still had a little Michigan in him. As for Ohio State?

“I don’t know if it’s something you can say on air or in the paper,” Mallett said.

All that aside, who would have ever thought that in a Big Ten/SEC matchup, the Big Ten would bring the mobile quarterback and the SEC the pocket passer?

Containing Mallett
Not to state the obvious but the key to winning this game is going to be limiting the Ryan Mallett passing game. Mallett has been putting up 300+ yards per game and has thrown 30 touchdowns this season. At the same time, Mallett hasn’t faced a defense like Ohio State’s. The Buckeye passing defense is ranked 4th in the country holding opponents to only 153 yards passing per game. At the same time, the Buckeyes haven’t faced a passing quarterback like Mallett this season.

That doesn’t mean the Buckeye secondary hasn’t seen a quarterback like this before. Chimi Chekwa, Ross Homan, Devon Torrence and a number of others all got playing time against Colt McCoy in the 2009 Fiesta Bowl. Yeah, McCoy put up some big yards that game and yeah, Texas won but remember, McCoy threw more than 50 times and the Buckeyes held Texas only 21 points.

A more important stat may be turnovers. Mallett has thrown 11 interceptions this year while the Buckeyes have picked off 18. The Buckeyes also lead the nation with 7 defensive touchdowns. One turnover could make the difference in this year’s game.

Force Mallett out of the Pocket
The Buckeyes need to make Mallet scramble and throw under pressure. Under a collapsing pocket, Mallet tends to do the same–collapse. If the Buckeyes can get to him early and shake his confidence, it could be a long day for the Razorbacks.

That leaves Kniles Davis
Davis has racked up more than 1,100 yards rushing this season. After Davis though, the rushing yards drop off quick. If the Buckeyes can take Davis out of the game and still pressure Mallet (which I think they can), then again, long day for the Razorbacks.

Point Spread at 3.5
Not a lot of confidence in the Buckeyes as they open as 3.5 point favorites. This is probably due to the Buckeyes past bowl performances against the SEC than anything else. As usual, I think it’s low and although I’m not positive, I think the Buckeyes have beaten the spread in all but two games this season. Something tells me this game won’t come down to a field goal.


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    Oh man…how did I do that. No wonder this post isn’t getting any traffic. Good eye though. Now that I’ve changed the URL, I’ve probably broken any incoming links burying the post for good.

  2. Gulfportcarl says

    It does not worry me who we face Arkansas, Arizona, or Oregan, the Buckeyes will be victorious.
    Bring them all on in this years Sugar Bowl the norh will rise again.

    • Tony in Beavertown says

      Oregan?? ….. I think you mean Orygun. You don’t want a piece of them this year Carl. Trust me …… just take care of business against “Arkansaw”…… let us take care of the SEC.

      • says

        I’d love a Buckeyes/Oraygun rematch this year. Nothing the Buckeyes love more than shutting down a running game — unless you’re the size of Wisconsin and I don’t think the Ducks are a threat in that dept.

  3. Gulfportcarl says

    The only problem with an Orygun is you might forget to put the bullets in or put blanks instead of gun powder. Trust me I hope you do take care of the SEC and Hiesman winner Cam the Scam.

  4. says

    LSU’s pass defense is currently 10th in the country with 165.8 passing yards per game.

    After 11 games their pass defense averaged 151.8 passing yards per game until Mallett burned them for 320 yards.

    Alabama’s pass defense is ranked 12th, but would be at 155.9 passing yards per game if you eliminate the 357 yards produced by Arkansas in that game.

    I think Arkansas has faced a pass defense on par with tOSU. tOSU has only faced one QB who has thrown for more than 3,000 yards, but you can hardly put Indiana’s passing attack on the same level as Arkansas.

  5. Dave Smith says

    If the Buckeye’s have a weakness on defense , it’s been with big bruising running backs and mobile quarterbacks.
    Arkansas features a 215lb. back and a quarterback with a total of -46 yards rushing this year.
    The D-Line will be able to pin their ears back and meet at the quarterback all day long.

    Good way to send Mallett out…. a good old fashion beat down by the hated Buckeyes :)

  6. says

    I think Dave hits it right on the nose. Wisconsin got us the same way they are getting everyone this year — by bulldozing through the Ohio State defense. Arkansas doesn’t have the size to do the same. It’s the mobile quarterback that has traditionally given the Buckeyes trouble.

    And no, the Buckeyes haven’t seen a passing qb like Mallet this season. As I point out, they have before and handled him well. The big difference is that these Ohio State defenders have two more years of experience.

    That leaves the rushing game. Mallet sure doesn’t have anything in that dept. and really starts to show his weakness under pressure. Question becomes, can the offensive line protect him. I’m not counting on it.

    This discussion sounds an awful lot like last year. We heard an awful lot around here about how Masoli was going to tear the Buckeyes apart. We all know how that worked out.

    • says

      Hey, just trying to respond to the statement in the blog saying Arkansas hasn’t faced a defense on the level of Ohio St. They have.

      Didn’t say that Mallett was going to tear it up against Ohio St., but its hard to look at those numbers and say Mallett is going to crumble.

      You are also referencing a guy playing on a different team 3 years ago when he only threw three passes.

      • says

        I was referencing Colt McCoy as the qb they faced in the Fiesta Bowl, not Mallett. Obviously can’t compare the Michigan Mallet that played against Ohio State in 07 to the Arkansas Mallett playing today.

        • says

          I see what you’re saying, but in that game you were able to pin your ears back and go after McCoy. He was the only person to worry about for your entire Front 7. That was a Texas team with no rushing attack. The only rushing came from a Mobile QB. While McCoy is a great football player and a terrific QB, I don’t think handling McCoy is the same as handling Mallett, because they are going to do different things.

          McCoy will beat you with his legs, he’ll scramble out of the pocket giving his receivers more time to get open, and then he’ll throw a short curl route to Shipley who will beat the first tackler and get about ten YAC.

          Mallett has a much stronger arm, but much less mobility. He also hides the ball very well on play fakes. Mallett has the ability to make ALL the throws, only worry is he comes out too jazzed in this game like he did against ECU last year. Watch the first Cobi Hamilton TD catch from the LSU game (sorry don’t have a link right now). That kind of sideline throw beating the safety is one of those throws that you won’t get from any other QB.

          Hard to compare Colt and Mallett.

  7. says

    Agreed. That’s why I think it will be important to force Mallett from the pocket and make him throw under pressure.

    Ability to hide the ball? Sounding again like last year’s Rose Bowl discussion (although no, nothing like the qb we faced last year).

    I also think we’re hyping the wrong quarterback here. Of course, I haven’t written about the Ohio State offense vs. Arkansas defense yet. Buckeye defense is dangerous in a number of ways.

  8. Buckeye Ryan says

    I’m real nervous about this game. Things don’t seem to go so well for us every time the bright lights come on (both titles games, any game against any SEC team or USC). I just hope we don’t choke again. I know the rest of the country really loves to watch us play.

    • Razorback Ryan says

      “Things don’t seem to go so well for us every time the bright lights come on”

      Be prepared for that once again. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! PIG! SOOOIE!

  9. GirlHog says

    Hey. I can’t wait to meet The OSU in the Sugar Bowl! We’ll be down there in full force, as I am sure your fans will, also. It should be great fun! We are both great teams with great programs. Your coach is awsome, as is ours. I hope it’s a close game, and of course, I hope for an Arkansas win.

    On another note, on one of our Arkansas websites, we have articles everyone can comment on. There is a very obnoxious person on there calling himself/herself “The Buckeyenut”. He is relentless. I just hope the majority of your fans are not like he is……a real jerk! See y’all in New Orleans!

    • Not Alan says

      Jim! STOP THE MADNESS! Nice Hogs fans in this blog and now even a GIRL!!!

      just kiddin, GirlHog…

      • GirlHog says

        Not Alan, I know, it’s hard to believe that a girl knows or cares about football! My sisters and I discuss the Razorbacks all the time. We often wonder out loud how many other women are having conversations like we do! Not many, I would assume. Anyway, most of the OSU bloggers are cool. I can talk trash with the best of them, but BuckNut has gotten on almost everyone’s last nerve. He comments on everybody. There is a line you just don’t cross, and he high-jumps over it! I know he is getting the attention he desires, and he is funny at times. But overall, he sucks!

        Good luck in the game. Sorry one team has to lose. If our A-team shows up, we should squeak it out. If not, we will be sad in The Big Easy. At least it won’t be a long trip home for us. I live in NW Louisiana.

        Go Hogs!

  10. Not Alan says

    Yeah, GirlHog. I get it. My wife’s father was a Dean at tOSU for about 20 years. She grew up going to FB, BB and hockey games. A typical Fall Saturday here in Colorado pretty much has us watching CFB all day long. Sometimes the ladies that stop by want to chit-chat with her. She wants nothing of it. And, will politely let them know it by saying something like “SHUT THE F^CK UP”. I love her so much.

  11. adam razorback says

    ok first off good luck stopping mallet bama couldnt do it lsu couldnt do it auburn couldnt do it our losses were to number one teams in the nation but we were still able to pass mallet will put up 400+ 4tds 1int davis will rush for 150+ if you want to talk smack join a real confrence go hogs

  12. Gulfportcarl says

    What would be a good a good conference to join Adam? Not the week SEC, The last time I looked the Big Ten had more teams in the top ten than the SEC. One more thing to remember the Big Ten was winning championships when the SEC was still in diapers. Ohio State has been in BCS bowls the last 10 years, how many times has Arkansas been rated high enough to be in a BCS bowl? We have been in 3 Championship games, how many have you been in? We lost 2 of the 3 but we were still there.
    Lets talk about Mallett he’s like your coach Bobby Petrino, both runners. Mallett was to be the heir apparent at Michigan, but when Loyd Carr got fired he got his running shoes on and settled in Arkansas. Petrino left Louisville for the NFL Falcons and when he failed at that he ran back to college and stop running at Arkansas. the question is how long will he be there?
    Adam you come to an Ohio State Buckeye blog and you complain about us talking smack. What did you expect to hear? Your welcome here, but bring facts and you will have to put up with us homers.

    • titanl1 says

      Easy to have 3 in top ten when rest of conference sux; I wish the Hogs were in the Little 10 or Little 12. Then we would be guaranteed 10 wins every year at a minimum. LOL. You played 1 game against ranked opponent all year; and got your ___ handed to ya. I cant wait Buckeyes will be 0-10 against SEC. :) 45-24 Hogs roll…..

        • titanl1 says

          I do think strength of schedule will play a major role in this game. As College Football fans; all any of us want is a good close game so we can all sit on edge of seats the whole game. Good luck to both teams; give us a nail biter…..

          • titanl1 says

            I have a really good friend who is a HUGE Buckeye fan; we will watch it together,will never hear the end if Buckeyes win. Funny thing is neither he or I are spouting off much. Think we are both scared.LOL. My concern is not so much your defense but your quarterback. If he runs for 100+ yards will be very interesting game. Our secondary is suspect for sure, but I am much more worried about his legs than his arm.

          • titanl1 says

            I have a really good friend who is a HUGE Buckeye fan; we will watch it together,will never hear the end if Buckeyes win. Funny thing is neither he or I are spouting off much. Think we are both scared.LOL. My concern is not so much your defense but your quarterback. If he runs for 100+ yards will be very interesting game. Our secondary is suspect for sure, but I am much more worried about his legs than his arm. Good news is we have 3 more weeks to discuss it…

          • says

            I agree. I think Pryor is going to be a much bigger issue than the defense. I also think he’ll be a bigger issue than Mallett. That’s the post I haven’t had time to write yet.

            Somebody mentioned Ohio State putting up 30 points as if it couldn’t happen. The Buckeyes have had one game this season in which they didn’t put up 30 points.

            It’s not just Pryor that can run for 100+ yards. Boom Herron is also getting numbers like that.

            However, you won’t see Pryor running 100 yards. That’s not the offense Tressel is running at this point in Pryor’s career. It’s the fact that Pryor can put up 100+ yards that makes him dangerous. Watch him on those 3rd (or even 4th) and long plays.

            If the Arkansas secondary is weak (and I haven’t had a chance to really look into it yet) that does not bode well for the Hogs. Given the opportunity, the Buckeyes will open it up and when they can’t do that, watch for Sanzenbacher cutting across the middle.

            When you compare passing stats, Mallett and Pryor aren’t that far apart. Mallet has more total yards but that’s due to the difference in offensive styles (Buckeyes bringing a more balanced attack).

            Completion Percentage:
            Mallett 66.5%
            Pryor 65.8%

            Yards Per Attempt
            Mallett: 9
            Pryor: 8.56

            Mallett: 11
            Pryor: 11

            Interesting considering the two differing styles.

          • titanl1 says

            Your running back will have a descent game but not great; we are pretty descent against the run. It is the scrambling that concerns me. Our secondary is not as bad as it was early in the year, but still suspect at times. I do believe game will be pretty high scoring; both teams could be in 30′s. Think the over would be the bet…..

    • Michael Simpson says

      The Tiny Ten has three teams in the top ten, ’tis true. That’s a testament to the inflated worth the TT has with sportswriters on the coasts. Ohio State does not deserve to be in the Top Ten based on its strength of schedule. Arkansas has beat the following Top 25 teams: LSU, Texas A&M, MSU, and South Carolina. All of them are bowl bound. Ohio State has beaten the following Top 25 teams: .

      I don’t begrudge Bobby Petrino for leaving the Falcons before the Michael Vick fiasco overcame the team. I also don’t begrudge Ryan Mallett, who wanted to be a Razorback his whole life but not thinking he would play when Mitch Mustain signed, to leave Miss-again and come home when he had the chance. And as far as how long till Bobby Petrino leaves? As soon as someone writes UA a check for 18 million.

      And it’s “weak”. Like the Buckeyes. You’re welcome, Homer.

  13. Texas Hog says


    I think you are free to write anything you please especially on your own blog; but the statement “Mallett hasn’t faced a defense like Ohio State’s” is totally irresponsible. Arkansas and Mallett has faced the #1 team in the country twice. Both times he lit it up. He then faced the #6 ranked defense in the country in LSU. He lit them up. One person already alluded to the Peyton Manning type NFL throw he made on a sideline route in stride to Hamilton that went for 85 yards. Impossible to defense that play with that type of throw unless you intentionly interfere the guy. Also, the pass Mallett threw in the same game against LSU with 6 second left in the half that went for 80 yards and a quick six. 99% of coaches sit on the ball in that situation; not Petrino with Mallett. I will not say OSU will not win the game because they are a good football team, but you will not stop Mallett and the offense. #1 Auburn had to score 65 to come from behind and win. We scored 44 points in a lost and felt like we should have won the game but Auburn was aided by several questionable calls that were game changing plays. No excuses we lost, but my point is that unless someone on this blog can confidently say you expect the Buckeyes to score 30 plus points, you do not stand a chance with this matchup. Blitzing Mallett dos not work and will get you beat. His interceptions for the most part has been poor decisions not pressure. He has a tendency to believe he can make any throw. For the most part he can. He is a gifted QB and you will see on 1/4.

  14. Buckeyemark says

    I’m convinced this will be a very competitive game between two good teams. Of course, I’m hoping the Buckeys beat Arkansas and don’t woory about the spread (it should be closely contested). A win is a win, even by 1. Handle Mallet and you handle Arkansas. In their losses, it’s true the other team had to outscore Arkansas, rather than limit Mallet’s production. I’m looking for something like Buckeyes 41 – Arkansas 38.

  15. Gulfportcarl says

    Piece of cake scoring 30+ points against The hogs. It’s kind of like playing Michigan an offensive team but no defense. We all know how that game turned out. You hog people forget we have a Quarterback that can throw, and run, and we have a running game that’s hard to stop. The Buckeyes are used to play and beating one trick pony’s. No reason why Arkansas should be any different. Like you said it the Buckeye Blog and we can say what we want, don’t like it go back to Arkansas.

  16. Texas Hog says

    Interesting, my score prediction is 38 – 24 Hogs. I think OSU is capable of scoring 30 plus; but they will need a special teams TD or a few timely turnovers that result in scores. That is how Auburn & Alabama got the scores. By the way Arkansas does not run the spread, but it sure looks like it the way they throw. More like Indy Colts offense. The running game is stronger than you may believe or have heard about. With McFadden, Felix Jones and Peyton Hillis gone, the next Superstar RB is Knile Davis. He is Freshman and he will take it to the house from anywhere on the field. I can’t wait, I think we have a good match up with a legit team. As I have not seen OSU this year, I thought I may learn more about the team. Pryor legs will not beat the defense. He may get long runs and a few big first downs, but he will not be able to outscore the Razorbacks. Just don’t think Arkansas has not been battle tested. Every week it is big game for a team in the SEC West. I think OSU is just as good as LSU, Auburn or Alabama so it will be a great game. May the best team win.

  17. hogboss69 says

    Think this is one of the best matchups of the bowl season. I think it will be closer than most expect it to be. Gulfportcarl you need to have your football credentials taken if you think Razorbacks def is like mich. rofl.. i dont believe any def in the SEC is as bad as mich. I wish the OSU coaching staff thought like fans and believe all they have to do is stop Mallet. Then Knile could run for about 200. But since you guys have a smart coaching staff , i don’t see them doing that. I believe the team that can stop the run wins. Mallet is going to get his yards dosent really matter the team osu, lsu, auburn, bama, etc. key is arkansas running the ball and arkansas stopping the OSU run game. also turnovers. if Mallet throws 3 int we lose. If you guys don’t get him to throw more than 1. and knile gets 100 plus.. wow going to be a rough one. but thats why the game is not played on paper but on the field. and as fans its fun to talk smack , with much respect. me honestly im not going to say i want it to be a close game, because i dont, that stresses me out. i want to win by 4 tds so i can relax. lol peace see you on the 4th

    • titanl1 says

      The Buckeyes have played 1 top 25 team all year; and got beat far worse than score showed. Cant wait for this game; if the Hogs have a couple turnovers could be close. Otherwise somewhere around 45-24

  18. says

    I go away for the weekend and look what happens.

    Texas, to say that Auburn had to score 65 points to come back proves my point about defense. And don’t forget, the Buckeyes were ranked No. 1 also. Although we lost, the Buckeyes held a Wisconsin team that’s putting up basketball scores.

    Mallett putting up 400 yards passing? That’s just delusional. As I mention above, the Buckeyes are the 4th ranked defense in the country. More important the Buckeyes are the top scoring defense in the country. Again, force Mallet from the pocket, force him to throw under pressure and the turnovers are going to come. Buckeyes capitalize big on interceptions.

    As for a “real” conference. Please. Enough of that already. Big 10 has three teams in the top 10. At least you guys have the weekly ESPN/SEC love fest and even that’s starting to wane this season.

    I haven’t written my comparison of the Ohio State offense vs. Arkansas defense yet but there is no question the Buckeyes have an answer for Mallet and they will be able to respond to everything Mallet puts up.

    The biggest difference is that the Buckeyes bring a very balanced offense. Not only do they have a quarterback with the speed to leave Arkansas defense running circles in the backfield (if they can get to the backfield), they’ve got multiple threats on the ground and in the receiving corps. Pryor’s got a stiff arm like a club and he regularly turns broken plays into big yards. As I said in an earlier comment, the focus in this game should be on Pryor, not Mallett.

    That out of the way however, I’ve got to give these Arkansas fans credit. We’ve come to expect something much different from the typical SEC fan. You guys are welcome on this blog any time.

    • says

      So you’re ignoring the previous responses in regards to the other top ten defenses Arkansas has faced and the fact that LSU’s defense was ranked ahead of OSU’s until they played Arkansas?

      You’re asserting that flushing Mallett (btw major props for spelling his name right… even some of our fans do it wrong), from the pocket will instantly lead to turnovers.

      You’re implying that a balanced offense is one where the QB has speed as opposed to the traditional idea of balance being the run and the pass (which Arkansas has a 3,000 yard passer and a 1,000 yard rusher – 90% of which came in the last 8 games).

      I gotta say, it sounds like you’re really worried about this Arkansas game.

      • says

        I’m implying that a balanced offense is just that. The fact that the quarterback has speed only adds to the equation.

        No Pryor doesn’t have 3,000 yards passing. He only notched up 2,551 yards in the air. Herron however, also ran for 1,000+.

        From a qb perspective, Mallett has a total -46 yards which tells me that he doesn’t do too well when forced to run. It also tells me that he’s not a threat to run the ball. This means if it’s a running play, chances are it’s going to Davis. Also means that if he’s flushed from the pocket, chances are we’re going to get him.

        Flush Pryor from the pocket and chances are, it’s a first down. Pryor’s biggest problem is probably when he stays in the pocket when he shouldn’t and tries to pass. That’s where we see the interceptions.

        Pryor has 639 yards on the ground. Along with Pryor and Herron, the Buckeyes have three other guys that can be a threat on the ground.

        That and 2,000+ yards passing pretty much adds up to a balanced offense.

        • says

          It’s starting to get kinda funny in college football where getting flushed from the pocket has become a good thing for some QBs. I live in Baton Rouge, and all LSU fans want to see Jordan Jefferson on bootlegs because they say he throws better out of the pocket etc.

          In the past that was the knock on a lot of running qbs (Michael Vick, Vince Young, Matt Jones…). They rely on their feet to create for them and run out of the pocket TOO soon. Really a QB should be stepping up into the pocket before he passes, but if a QB does get flushed then he’s starting about ten yards back from the line of scrimmage and has to run 20 yards to pick up the first down at that point.

          I would actually Ryan have about 30 yards less rushing than he does, because there were a few occasions where he should’ve taken the sack rather than making a few bad throws that resulted in interceptions.

          By the Numbers – Comparing Offensive Balance
          Arkansas 37.3 ppg
          OSU 39.4 ppg
          The edge goes to OSU with 1 more TD and 6 more FG than Arkansas – More balanced in scoring due to all of those field goals

          Arkansas 150.83 ypg 22 TDs
          OSU 219.67 ypg 25 TDs
          The edge goes to OSU clearly, though Arkansas has considerably narrowed the gap when reviewing the last 8 games.

          OSU 229.2 ypg 28 TDs
          Arkansas 338.4 ypg 34 TDs

          Can’t give all the passing credit to Mallett though as Tyler Wilson had about 300 yards in a loss to Auburn.

          That being said in YARDS it looks like OSU has a more balanced offense, but the real key to a balanced offense comes from ATTEMPTS

          Offensive Tendencies
          Rush – 390 – 48.3%
          Pass – 418 – 51.7%

          OSU (more balanced because our QB would rather run it than throw it)
          Rush – 502 – 60.8%
          Pass – 324 – 39.2%

          • says

            Good stuff Robert.

            Field goals are an important point with Ohio State. Tressel likes his kickers and knows how to recruit them. Buckeyes get within 40 yards and chances are, they are walking away with at least 3.

            As for passing, can’t say the same about Pryor’s backup. Let’s just say I hope Pryor stays in the game.

            Although Pryor likes to run the ball, I wouldn’t say that he’s the reason for a more balanced offense. That honor goes to Tressel. Of those 502 carries, Pryor accounts for 120 of them. That means there’s still 382 carries by someone not named Terrell.

            That’s only a handful short of the total rushing attempts by Arkansas.

  19. Texas Hog says


    I like you cause you bring good information. I really wish to learn more about OSU because I have not seen them play. But I do intend to show facts to dispute the current belief and mindsets about the Arkansas defense.

    In response to giving up 65 points to Auburn. I admit it is an embarrasment and maybe shame on me for trying. But… we lost our Heisman hopeful, quarterback Ryan Mallett, who went out in the first half after taking a blow to the head. But Tyler Wilson took over at quarterback and the Razorbacks didn’t miss a beat — not until the fourth quarter, anyway. The score was Auburn 37 Arkansas 35 at the start of the 4th. Mallett suffered a concussion on the hit.

    Auburn scored the final 28 points in a dizzying display, putting up four touchdowns in a little over 5 minutes to finally finish this one. It was as if the SEC Gods came out of nowhere to protect Auburn as an undefeated team. We were on the road and the 2 of the SEC refs calls just sucked out whatever little hope we had and the wheels came off. Those very controversial calls went for scores for Auburn. The costly interceptions in that game were Wilson’s not Mallet’s. The Hogs have steam rolled every game since. South Carolina, MSU, & LSU were the biggest tests in that stretch. I need to check some Big 10 stats; but I think you guys are in for a big surprise the way I am getting it.

    Hogs 38 Buckeyes 24

  20. says

    Apparently, I’m not the first to bring up the Arkansas defense although I don’t agree with Carl’s comparison to Michigan. Nobody can bring a defense that bad and still make a BCS bowl game, not even UConn.

    I don’t know what to make of the loss to Auburn. I remember I was flipping over from the Ohio State game glad to see Auburn fall, turned away for a moment and I don’t know what the hell happened.

    The biggest question, since that game, has Arkansas learned how to recover when things are falling apart. The ability to regroup and pull it together when all is on the line can make or break a big game.

  21. Fishoutofwater says

    Please stop saying Mallett “tore up Auburn” he didn’t play. I know you hog fans are a pathetically proud bunch. (i have to live with you). although its funny i go to UofA and wear my OSU stuff and no one ever said anything until later. yes 0-9 stop riding the coattails of other teams accomplishments. There is no reason why this should not be a blow out

  22. Texas Hog says


    First who said Mallett “tore up Auburn”? Not saying they didn’t but I could not find it in the posts. Mallett was hit with a helmet to helmet hit on a play deep in the Auburn red zone and knocked out ofhe game due to concussion. SEC refs did not call a penalty nor did the SEC office aplogize like they did for bad calls against #1 Florida. If you live in Arkansas you should sense the frustration that Razorbacks fans have had over the years. Has NOTHING to do with OSU. This is the First time the two teams play so your wearing a OSU cap in Arkansas may as well be a Minnesota hockey team cap. If somehow we get a Hockey team and they get to play an elite Minnesota team in a big game then you that hat would suddenly take on new meaning. It is called life and I reference Renee Gork who was fired for dunning the Florida cap.

    By the way, the facts aginst Auburn Ryan Mallett was 10-15-96-0. The key was no picks because he took a beatdown from the very poor decision in throwing a pick against Alabama all but making it easy for them to steal the game. Mallett did not lose the Alabama game. The team had a meltdown. Tyler Wilson went 25-34-332-2 against Auburn. Short a pick he threw he came close to all time folklure as he played one of the best games I have ever seen for a QB coming off the bench on the road against the #1 team in the nation. I think the 0 – 9 references are related to the fact that Arkansas is ACTUALLY considered the #2 team in the SEC. Nationally the SEC is considered the best conference. Given the facts that OSU has struggled with SEC teams , it is natural to state and believe that OSU will face a very good team and have trouble with them based on past performances. Arknasas has historicaly had trouble in Bowl gams as well and we have to suck it up like a man until they prove otherwise.

    Sorry, you are forced to live in Arkansas. You should contact the State Department to get out.

    Arkansas 38 The Ohio State University 24

  23. Texas Hog says

    Addendum to the above, if you subtotal Malletts’ and Wilson’s numbers you will see that Arkansas passed for 428 yards toatl against #1 Auburn. Someone may have referenced the 400 + yards; in my football book, that qualifies for lighting it up :-) Especially if you are the #1 team in the nation and you knock out the opposing team’s star QB early in the game, you figure to cruise. If Tressel plans to go after Mallett, he will light it up big time. OSU has ONLY 19 sacks all seasons!!! That is 86th in the country. OSU high defenisve ranking is not due to getting after the QB. What makes anyone think they will be able to get sacks with meaning against Arkansas? You may get 1 sack but Mallett will get 3 or 4 TD passes. Be thankful Mallett came back home to Arkansas and is not running Carr’s Michigan offense. Mallett only went to Michigan because he knew he would be playing behind Mitch Mustain who eventually clashed with Houston Nutt, and transferred to Southern Cal. Luck and Mallett are two legit NFL QB’s. There will be no bust with any of the two. I thought OSU may have a chance with Special Team’s play but my research show that both teams are mediocre at best for KO and Punt returns. Our FG kicker is very solid and I suspect OSU will always have a solid kicker. Make no mistake about it, this will be a good game. I plan on ordering some of that Buckeye Grilling Lime Sauce and “PIGGING Out” win or lose. Pun is intended.

  24. Dave Smith says

    I decided to take a look at the stats for every game both teams played this year and see how the stats said the game will play out.
    I looked at how each team performed against every team they played and compared the actual results to what the theroetical results should have been based on averages.

    After a long day of statistics gathering, this is how I see the game playing out on a purely statistical basis.

    Ohio State rush for 229 yards
    Arkansas rush for 89 yards

    Ohio State pass for 195 yards
    Arkansas pass for 270 yards

    With no turnovers, the score would be:
    Ohio State 36
    Arkansas 24

    …now figure in that Ohio State should have an advantage in turn-over margin by about +1.2, I’ll give a “Tressell Ball” 3 points for that advantage. I would have given more, but Arkansas has the ever-so-slight advantage in the kicking game.

    That gives us a final score of

    Ohio State 39 Arkansas 24

    Should be fun!!

  25. Texas Hog says


    You forgot to throw in the Buckeye nuts for those cookies.

    Mr. Dave Smith,

    How in da world did you come to those conclusions :-) I like your thinking but your data lend to a ton of questions. I will assumed it is valid until I can prove otherwise however. How did you translate yards to scores or is all that dat mutual exclusive? If so, you should just focus on showing how you got the score as it is the only thing that is relevant. Your analysis suggest Arkansas will only have 359 total yards!!! You have not seen the Razorbacks. Mallett will get that by himself. It would be interesting if you take your same analysis and only compute for OSU & Arkansas top 4 opponents. In Razorbacks case that would Auburn, Alabama, LSU, & South Carolina. In OSU case I think that is Wisconsin, Miami Fla, and after that; I have no idea. Point is to throw out the cupcakes and lets talk real meaningful data. Arkansas has played the 4th toughest schedule in the country and I think OSU is right there with Boise State. (60th ?)

    Final thing as I am learning about OSU. What is a “Tressell Ball”? Lsat week I learned what fear the vest was. This “Tressell Ball” is new. Do you guys plan on using some special ball (“Tressell Ball”) so Mallett cannot throw it? C’mon Man!!!

  26. Dave Smith says

    ha ha…. funny..
    I’ll start with “Tressell Ball”.
    Coach Tressell has a habit of playing very conservative football. Basically relying on the opponent to make a mistake(which they normally do) and limiting the number of dumb mistakes his offense can make. That’s why I only added a field goal for 1+ turnovers.

    Good idea though… greas up the ball a little to keep Mallett from gripping it : )

    Yards and scores are not strictly tied together.. especially as the Buckeyes tend to bend and not break on defense.. relying on a crucial 3rd down stoppage. We really don’t care to keep teams under 400 yards of offense so long as they don’t score more than a dozen ro so points. I just included the yardage to see how close I could predict.

    The predicted score came straight from scoring averages over the season.

    I won’t go into the details too deeply, but here’s the jist(sp).

    The Buckeyes defense allows 13.3 points per game and Arkansas scores 37.8
    Average those two and I would have Arkansas scoring about 25 and a half.
    To further fine tune, I looked at how each team performed in each game against the averages.
    For instance… On average, Arkansas scores 141% of their opponent’s average allowed points, however Teams Ohio State played were only able to score 49% of their season average.

    I’m glad you asked me to explain..I must have been doing SEC math earlier.. because asI recalculate, I somehow gave you an extra touchdown. The corrected score should be:

    Ohio State 36
    Arkansas 18

    Guess We’ll get to Mallett more than I originally thought.
    He must still have a little Michigan in him :)

  27. says

    If you don’t know what Tressel Ball is than you won’t understand what we’re talking about when we say the Arkansas offense is in for a surprise.

    This year’s offense is a little too strong for classic Tressel ball. The ’03 national championship season was probably a better look at what is known as Tressel ball. The defense was so strong that year that the punt had become an offensive play. Buckeye punter would drop the ball within the five, defense would push them back into the end zone and either end up with great field position or a defensive points.

    Classic Tressel ball the defense overwhelms and the offense hangs in there. This year, we’ve got both…overwhelming defense and a strong, balanced offense.

    Holding Arkansas to 359 total yards isn’t a stretch. Obviously you haven’t seen the Buckeyes. The Buckeyes have held opponents to an average of something like 251 yards per game. Again, ask the Oregon fans around here what happened to them last year.

    You’ve got to learn that no matter how much hype the SEC gets from ESPN and others, we’re all getting a little tired of the “strength of schedule” stuff. Most of us just don’t buy it. The only reason that Big Ten teams struggle to stay in the top ten is because they beat each other up so bad during the regular season (sound at all familiar).

    …and I’m not even going to bring up playing in the cold.

  28. Dave Smith says

    Just to be fair.. I did as requested and dropped the cupcakes.

    Based on average points for to points allowed, I dropped the 4 worst teams from each schedule.

    It didn’t help :(

    Ohio State 40
    Arkansas 20

    Guess we’ll have to let them play it on the field…

  29. Hog Fan In Tn says

    Just one thing to say even though knile davis only has 1,100 yards this year those numbers are a bit mishapen. He’s only been the starter for 8 games and has gotten most of his yards during those 8 games, I believe he has an average of 125.0 ypg during the stretch or something like that correct me if I’m wrong. Just giving my two cents worth, I like a good ol fashion debate. Dont think I’m a troll, good luck buckeye fans and I hope its a good game, WPS! go hogs!

    • Hog Fan In Tn says

      one more thing during the first four games he only had 20 carries and now look where he is forgot to put that on there

  30. Texas Hog says


    Be forewarned, I am BSIE (Industrial Engineer) from U of A and I actually took one class (Bio Dynamics Engineering) at The Ohio State University in Columbus when I was a Junior. When I came out school in 84 I had two offers Offer 1 was from Ford Motor Company in Lorain Ohio (Cleveland) and Offer #2 Rockwell International Richardson TX (Dallas). since I am Texas Hog you know which one I took.

    With that I out the way, do you think I am crazy or simply an idiot? Don’t answer that :-) By dropping the worst 4 teams does nothing for the point I was making. Now I am going to really make some hairs stand up and I don’t mean to, but it looks like to me OSU has had 9 Cupcakes!!! & 1 Vanilla Wafer in Miami, FL; I was giving you guys a break by selecting the top 4 teams each team has played. Mathematically inside your numbers, they do not do any justice. No offense is intended; but OSU offensive yards and defense numbers are not to scale against the level of opponents Arkansas has had to play. You know about outliers…? We had some cupcakes to but not as many. Dropping the 4 worst team take care of all of cupcakes but OSU still have about 5 cupcakes in play in your bia math.

    Texas Hog

  31. says

    I have numbers, I didn’t do any exhaustive number crunching…. I too am en engineer, but I can go to and look up Offensive and defensive production on their website

    Arkansas Offense
    6 games against the AP top 25
    470.7 YPG 6.9 Yards per play – both good enough to rank 5th out of 109 FBS teams

    OSU Offesnve
    1 game against the AP top 25
    311.0 YPG 4.5 Yards per play – 68th.

    Arkansas Defense
    ranked 29th
    381.7 YPG

    OSU Defense
    ranked 12th
    336.0 YPG

    Only three teams have played 6 games against the AP top 25. Arkansas, Auburn, and UNLV

    • Dave Smith says

      Oh jeez… I thought we’d already determined that yards have no direct connection to points…. Oh well…my bad I guess.

      • says

        Shouldn’t that be your own reply to your yards creating points post?

        I simply threw out some yardage numbers to let people make their own decisions.

  32. Gulfportcarl says

    I don’t know if regular season stats mean that much in post season play. My reasons are as follows, each team has a long layoff, OSU probably has the longest because they finish to damm early. You have Christmas and New Years vacation and grade finals somewhere in there. This game is in New Orleans (party town) allot of distractions, plus all the Sugar Bowl events they have to attend. OSU fans know the evils of Bowl time, two trips to the championship game and two flops. It’s really hard to predict how your team will play on game day because of all the above mentioned reasons, and many more I have probably left out. So lets not get to caught up on regular season stats because postseason is a different game all together. We all want our teams to win, but stats go out the window. It’s nice to have you Hogs on the site, just like last year we a lot of Ducks quacking about how their speed and etc. We even have a regular on the site who showed up last year and still makes an appearence. Good luck Tony to your Ducks I will be pulling for you to beat Auburn. I will be a Duck fan for a day.

  33. says

    The one thing I don’t understand is why some Ohio St. fans seem so hell bent on bringing up the national rankings, over and over.
    Look, I think the Buckeyes have a very good football team, as do Winsconsin and Michigan St., but that’s where it ends. To say the SEC isn’t quite noticably the stronger conference is nothing short than just flat out playing dumb with common sense.
    The only teams currently that are not highly competitive in the SEC are Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Tennessee and Ole Miss. Florida is down, but very capable of beating almost anyone. Same goes for Georgia. South Carolina and Miss. St. were both very tough and physical teams this season.
    In this particular season, Auburn, Alabama, LSU and Arkansas (all in the West division) had the guns to play for a NC. There’s only one problem. They all had to play each other and someone had to lose, meaning the winner got to play South Carolina for the SEC championship.
    Auburn and Arkansas had already beaten SC, with Arkansas’s win coming on the road in Columbia, 41-20. It was 41-10 before the subs took over the last 10 minutes of play.
    There’s a reason some of the best teams in the conference (including Arkansas) have top 10 strength of schedules. Why do the best SEC teams always wind up at the top? Because they play the best, plain and simple.
    Why is Arkansas the highest rated 2 loss team in college football? Think about it.
    Big 10 fans don’t like to talk about it, much less admit it, but they know it’s true.
    What bowls would Ohio St., Winsconsin and Michigan St. be playing in if they all had 2 losses? What would their national ranking be? I garantee you none of them would be in the top 10.

    • says

      It’s not the Ohio State fans that keep bringing up the national rankings. You could very easily make these same arguments about the Big Ten. Let’s give it a try.

      The only teams that are not highly competitive in the Big Ten are Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois and Purdue. Northwestern would be a serious bowl contender (not BCS) if their quarterback hadn’t been knocked out for the season (don’t believe me, look up his stats) and Illinois is just so inconstant that it’s painful to watch at times.

      Yeah, Penn State and Michigan are down (and yes, Michigan is having a down program) but on any given day, Penn State can give you a game. Yes, it’s hard to justify these two programs at the moment.

      That leaves Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan State and Iowa. Bring any team in the SEC to Iowa, Wisconsin or Columbus and they will be lucky to get out in one piece. Those are three of the toughest stadiums in the country (not to mention the cold).

      Ohio State, Wisconsin and Michigan State all had the guns to play for a NC. There is only one problem, they all had to play each other and someone had to lose (O.K. Substitute Iowa for Michigan state in a couple of games.)

      Why do the Buckeyes drop nine places after losing to Wisconsin in Madison? For the same reason that Arkansas is the highest rated 2 loss team in college football. Because there is an incredible media bias toward the SEC. You’re right, a Big Ten team loses twice and their out. Thanks to the love of the ESPN/SEC network, the SEC can regularly lose 1-2 games and still be in the NC hunt. (Not too mention EPSN’s financial interest in the SEC.)

      I agree. A Big Ten team with two losses will never make the top 10. It’s absurd that we can’t say the same about the SEC.

      The SEC is also scared to death to play out of conference. Yeah, Miami let us down this year but go back through the Tressel era and you’ve a number of very difficult games early in the season. You’ll never saw an Urban Meyer team put themselves up to that sort of scrutiny.

      This is the last year you get the strength of schedule argument. Next year we bring in Nebraska and a playoff. That gives you Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin and Nebraska. All six have programs to rival anyone in the SEC (if not bigger). Problem is, they all have to play each other and someone has to lose…blah blah blah.

  34. Gulfportcarl says

    If the SEC is so great why is all the Hogs trying to convince the Buckeye fans of this fact? Like I said before on the blog, the Big Ten was winning championships when the SEC was still in diapers.
    Pac Ten fans were trying to convince us last year that they were the stronger conference. We all know how the Rose Bowl turned out. This year we are inundated Hogs who are trying to do the same, the results of this years Sugar bowl will be the same. I live in Florida and have to listen to the SEC bullshit all year. Oregon will be Auburn, Buckeyes will beat Hog land, take it to the bank.
    Ohio state has been to a BCS bowl for 9 straight years in that time how many have the Hogs been to? We have been to 3 Championships how many have the Hogs been to? You have one year where you make a BCS game and now your unbeatable. Take your bullshit somewhere else and to some place where people care.

  35. Will Fellowes says

    A civil blog – how nice. Last year the Duck fans were morons. I am a Buckeye living in Florida and I did watch allot of SEC games. From what I saw Mallet took advantage of defenses that seemed to have melt downs. I saw allot of discipline failure, mostly second half IIRC. Receivers that were totally missed out of the backfield sometimes. They were really able to get defenses on their heels and then they would make mistakes. I have always watched LSU as I went to HS with Les. I’m not sure they will be able to fluster OSU defense as well as hey did Bama, LSU. and Auburn. I did not see the SC game. The ball is shaped funny, there are flukes, and luck. Those things aside the team that controls the clock, runs the best should win. Our special teams seems fixed, coverage, and kicking good. Our return guys are doing well. Duck fans did not believe me when I said. TP can and will PASS, PASS, PASS. What SEC fans may fail to realize is the losses to Florida and LSU educated JT to understanding. You go all out and you might win, or you might lose. But if you don’t gamble then for sure you will lose. the 2002 defense is a once in a lifetime defense.

  36. Texas Hog says

    In a way, I see similarities with Razorback Fans to what I sense from Buckeye Posts I see here and elsewhere.

    #1 We both seem to hate ESPN, Razorback nation remain forever livid about the media treatment when Petrino quit the Atlanta Falcons to come to Arkansas. The talking heads were vicious even go so far to advise recruits not to come to Arkansas because Petrini would quit on them.
    #2 It was even worse when you consider that Home Depot is the major sponsor for SEC and CBS. Because of Falcons owner Arthur Blank we even got unfair heat and treatment from CBS
    #3 Razorback nation was hot at ESPN for not bringing Gameday to Fayetteville when you had #1 Alabama in town to play #7 Arkansas. (It was probably a good thing because there were a lot of threats :-) We do have our idiots to. When I was school I use to be one.
    #4 We are use to not getting a lot of respect, much like everyone (some) feels the Big 10 is soft & slow, Arkansas is perceived on another tier behind LSU, Florida, Alabama & Auburn. We have made just as many SEC Championships as those schools, but like OSU, we never close the deal. same goes for Bowl games. Warning that was all pre Petrino.

    To go easy on some of the sensitive Buckeyes, I will not post the Bleacher Report 5 reasons Arkansas will win, but if you strong minded and wish to have the inside facts of what is most likely will occur check out this story.

    Mr. Fellowes,

    Your points are valid. I think the reason those receivers are so wide open are not just mental breakdowns. The offense contributes to that mayhem.
    We have two receivers that Desean Jackson like in Joe Adams and Jarius Wright. They run routes and will put the moves on you. They burn CB’s badly as a matter of routine. The other recevers i.e. Cobi Hamilton is a big physical gut with blazing speed. He had the two 80 plus yard TD’s against LSU. Then we have the star TE in DJ Williams who was just voted the best TE in college football. Point is those guys are all good enough to make defense look bad. Sometimes some DB’s play off to get angles and pursuit on the field because they know in most cases the QB can’t make the throw. Mallett can.

    On the other side of ball, it looks as if OSU will be able to run with Herron & Pryor. The problem will be they will not be able to score at a rate to keep up with the Razorback offense. When OSU is forced to come out and pass, the game dynamics will change. I am only hearing talk about one receiver and his last name is a load. For the record, I am not sold on the Oregon Ducks. I think Big 10 is better than Pac 12.

    • says

      Just for the record, don’t take anything you read on Bleacher Report as fact. I know how their system works and they highly value content that creates a controversy. The writer of the referenced article wrote that for the link back to his sports gambling website.

      That aside, the Buckeyes won’t be “forced” to pass. It is a solid part of their game. Yes, as freshman Pryor preferred to run. For the past two years, he’s developed as a passing quarterback.

      To say that the Buckeyes don’t have receivers is also a huge misconception. I only hope Patrino is thinking like the rest of you Hog fans.

    • Will Fellowes says

      Texas Hog

      I think that you are making comparisons of the Arkansas OSU game based on how they played other teams they played. I admit that they are relative but deceptively so. You said OSU will not be able to score enough to keep up. Here is one example of why using Arkansas past games may not hold true. Open up the box score on these three games.

      OSU vs Illinois 24 – 13
      Illinois vs Mich 65 – 67
      OSU vs Mich 37 – 7

      The game could be a blowout either side, or come down to the last possession.

  37. says

    I’ll give these Hog fans credit. They are bringing a great discussion to the table. A big thanks for stopping by.

    Lots to respond to here. I’m going to try to pick my way through the comments and get a new post on the game up today.

  38. MortgageHog says

    Hey guys I just found this site and it is a great debate going on! Buckeye Fans I give you credit because of the pride and blind belief that you show just like us Hog fans. I truly believe that the season test that the Hogs have faced in comparison to OSU will play HUGE when it comes down to the 4th qtr. Like others have stated that season stats can be thrown out when discussing what will happen in NO. There is too much time between games and there is plenty of time between two great coaches to game plan. This is where I personally give the nod to Arkansas. The college football game has changed in the last 10 years to a more Offensive powered game. I don’t believe that either defense will completely take away or stop what the other offense is trying to do. Tressel is a great coach but Bobby P is an offensive mastermind. In an earlier post someone mentioned that they had watched a few Arkansas games and that we had got chunks of yards on broken plays by the others defense. That was no accident!!!!! Its called Bobby Petrino is drawing and calling plays!!! Arkansas 42-31 Everyone have a safe and fun trip to New Orleans!!!!!!!!!

    Side Note: I am sure you OSU fans are familiar with the Hog call. What kind of rants and cheers will we as Hog fans have to listen too???? There is one thing that I look forward to more than anything is the atmosphere! I think half of the state of Arkansas is heading south whether they have a ticket or not!!!!

    • says

      O-H-I-O and possibly the singing of “We don’t give a damn for the whole state of Michigan…” I know, doesn’t make a lot of sense but we do it wherever we go.

      Also, when the game ends, as Buckeye fans storm the field to celebrate yet another victory, you will suddenly see it go quite, the team, coaches, everyone will gather in front of the band and all will sing the Carmen Ohio.

  39. Will Fellowes says

    I doubt you will see 60 points scored in this game. If there is then it will be special team failures.

    • MortgageHog says

      As a Buckeye fan you better hope it gets in the 60′s. Do you think OSU can hold Arkansas to 28 or under??? OSU’s Defense is really good but with the fire power Arkansas at every position on offense it would take Arkansas not playing good for them to win and not OSU stopping them. Mallett in a weather controlled dome…..I like his chances to have a big game!!!!!

  40. The People's Buckeye says

    I don’t check this site for a day and the comments just exponentially grow on this page. Anyone going down to N’awlins?

  41. Will Fellowes says

    If Arky was really as good as you think, they would be playing the Ducks and not the Bucks. I knew how OSU would attack the Ducks last year. People did not believe me when I said they will pass pass pass. But I have no clue how they will do after Arky. Here is a prediction, if Arky gets the ball first and attempts a pass on FIRST down and he gets sacked, OSU will win. Last year the ducks felt at min they would score 35, min they said. they got 17.

  42. Michael Simpson says

    So which pony are you forgetting about? Knile Davis? Cobi Hamilton? Jarius Wright? D.J. Williams? Or that tall guy, Ryan wazzhisname?

  43. Michael Simpson says

    It seems that the Buckeye fans are comparing stats without comparing the opposition those stats were earned against. Arkansas is 4th in the country in passing yardage. No. 1 is Hawaii, whose 10-3 record is still only good enough to get them into the Hawaii Bowl, because their victories were against the WAC for the most part.

    Arkansas’s opponents were 87-59. OSU’s were 72-72. OSU beat Miami and Iowa when they were both in the Top 25, but they’ve both fallen out. That leaves OSU’s only Top 25 opponent as Wisconsin, who beat them. Arkansas is 4-2 against opponents that are now in the Top 25 — a better indicator of strength than their rankings at game time. (Don’t believe me? Then you must think Texas is a top ten team.)

    Besides their strengths of schedule, Arkansas improved tremendously throughout the year. South Carolina was a crucial game on the schedule, and we smashed them on the road. The Hogs got the “road game” monkey off their back in a big way with wins against Georgia, USC, and Mississippi State (the game that had me scared at the beginning of the year). Let’s talk about MSU for a second — eight wins, ranked in the Top 25, heading to a bowl game. And they’re fifth in their division. Welcome to the SEC.

    But I shouldn’t pretend you’ve not been introduced to the SEC, right? After all, you’ve faced them in bowl games nine times…

    • says

      Because Arkansas played such a big role in Ohio State’s record against the SEC.

      You Arkansas fans act like Ohio State has never played in a big game before. The leaders on this team will be playing in their third or fourth BCS Bowl game. The seniors have been to a National Championship game. And don’t think for a minute that the fact that the lost doesn’t have a big impact on this team. Under Tressel, the Buckeyes have always grown and developed after the few losses they’ve experienced.

      Although the Buckeyes may not have played a team the level of Arkansas this year, they have played these teams in the past. They also have a lot of experience playing in big games on the big stage. I’m not just talking about the team, I’m talking about the actual players that will take the field in New Orleans.

      So even with the strength of schedule, this team, these players have proven themselves repeatedly on the national stage. You guys act as though you’ve never been there before…but then again, I shouldn’t pretend that you have.

  44. says

    Arkansas’s offense is simply the most diverse, complicated and down right talented bunch Ohio St.’s defense have yet to see.
    The Buckeyes are good on D, but I doubt they will be completely ready for everything Coach Petrino, Mallett, Davis, Adams, Wright, Hamilton and Williams have in store for them. Oh, and don’t forget that monster O-line averaging 320 lbs. across the board.
    Not even the so-called famed defense of the high and mighty Ohio St. Buckeyes can master that much offensive prowess even in a month’s worth of bowl practice. The Razorbacks have mastered their skills to peak perfection against SEC defenses all season.
    What will Arkansas’s D face in the Buckeye offense? Pretty much the same thing they saw with Alabama. The only difference is that Ohio St’s QB can run better when needed, but Bama has better RBs and WRs..
    What’s the difference between Auburn and Ohio St.? Auburn has a more dominant O-line and the best duel-threat QB in the country, BARE NONE. Oh and please, Terrell, you would dominate in that offense? Get over yourself pal and don’t think for a second the Hog D won’t be paying attention to those comments the coaching staff will have plastered all over the training facilities and locker room walls.
    And to think, just because your big mouth gave this unit the inspiration they needed, the Razorback D will have (in our STs coach’s favorite phrase) it’s BEST PERFORMANCE TO DATE against duel-threat QBs.

    Thanks Terrell.

  45. Will Fellowes says

    Just before they started the game Chip Kelly was asked about his UP Tempo offense that was at a level above any competition, and he said, ” this is how we play all season, its not something a team can prepare for in a few weeks”.

  46. Texas Hog says

    Can you buy Buckeye nuts? If so, where and how much? I would love to put some near the fireplace next to Christmas tree sitting inside my Hog hat. If Santa takes them, then I know Hogs will take Buckeyes too… We should start a pettition to send Florida to Big 10 and bring Ohio State to SEC. Move Auburn to the SEC East and force OSU in the SEC West. Wander how long it takes for that magic BCS streak to end. But noooooo, you guys will be playing in the Ivy league, no I mean Leaders Division? Are you kidding me.

    Petrino will likely watch the OSU Wisconsin & Miami games to see what the Buckeyes are all about. I will review those stats as none of the other games should count at the BCS level. Nevertheless, Petrino is salivating at the prospect of highly regarded defense coming to town. Sacking Mallett on the first play is pipe dream for a team that only has 19 sacks all year. 85% of those against cupcakes. Ark defense #8 in the nation with getting sacks and #2 in the SEC. We average 3 sacks per game. Can we get this game moved up? I can’t wait.

    • says

      Buckeyes won’t be looking to sack Mallett. They will however be looking to contain him which they will. However, there won’t be any surprises from Buckeye fans when the do get to him though.

      Please, please, send some of your SEC teams up to the Big Ten for a couple of games. Let’s see how they handle the nutcases jumping around in Wisconsin in late November or a 15 degree game in The Shoe not to mention a Penn State White Out in the snow. I would give my eye teeth to see more Big 10/SEC regular season games. Of course, the SEC has proven that they don’t care much for difficult out of conference games. Without them, all we get is this same SEC crap…over and over and over…

      And this is exactly why I posted the video in an earlier post…”I’m so Bored of the SEC.” We all are.

  47. says

    Aww, don’t be that way, Texas Hog. After all, The Buckeyes play against all those perennial power house programs like Minnesota, North(if only we had our QB back) western, Michigan, Purdue, Indiana, Illinois…..
    I sure hope we can play with these guys. Lord knows we haven’t seen any competition yet.

  48. Gulfportcarl says

    Why are all these Hogs trying to convince us how good Arkansas is? Fact of the matter I don’t give a shit what they think. Money talks and bullshit walks. We will find after the game who was the better team. This talk about the SEC vs the Big Ten is useless and doesn’t really mean much. Do me a favor and go some where else with you bullshit.

    • The People's Buckeye says

      I’m pretty sure Tony’s busy cracking interchangeable jokes on the Auburn forums.

      • Tony in Beavertown says

        Jim, If my memory serves me right ……. Oregon used the Rose Bowl as a “warm up” game for the National Championship this year. Obviously Oregon was only going half speed last year to avoid any potential injuries to our players. So, you can’t really take too much from that game…..It was kind of like a scrimage for us.

        TPB – Actually I haven’t been on any Auburn forums. I’m a bit old school and appreciate the history between the BIG10 (err….legends or leaders) and the PAC10. The Rose Bowl isn’t called the “granddaddy of them all” for nothing. Although this year it will be a liitle odd watching Wisconsin vs TCU. I would have much rather seen Stanford represent the PAC10 and let TCU take one of the “at large” spots. As far as the Oregon vs. Auburn …. I look forward to the game but there isn’t any history here. It is kind of like a “one night stand”. Do what you got to do …… and then just show her the door. We probably won’t play them again for another 25 years. I am hopeful that Oregon just puts the smakdown on the SEC. I grew tired of their rhetoric years ago.

  49. Will Fellowes says

    Yes last year it was quack quack quack this year it’s oink oink oink. At first the Arky fans were just discussing points very civil, and smart, which is why joined in. I wonder who Dr Lou will pick this time.

  50. Michael Simpson says

    Arkansas fans aren’t acting like OSU has never been to a big game. We’re just acting like they’ve never won one.

    You may get some SEC teams to play OSU during the regular season, once you can show that you can win a bowl game.

    • says

      Buckeyes are tied for the most wins in the BCS. Your ignorance is wearing thin.

      We’ve got 7 national championships and three trips to the big game in the past 10 years. How many BCS games have you won Arkansas? How many national championships have you won?

      Next year, when Mallett is gone and you’re struggling to make bowl eligibility, the Buckeyes will be back in the national championship hunt. And they be back the year after that. And again the next year.

  51. Will Fellowes says

    Well lets see since OSU is 7-2-1 against the SEC in regular season games. I never did like domes as it removes the element of nature. High school playoffs in the north are very hard. Especially at the end when the ground is frozen like concrete.

  52. The People's Buckeye says

    Coach Jim Tressel had a farm.
    On that farm we had a duck.
    With a quack quack here and a quack quack there, three hours later… no one heard a quack quack.

    Coach Jim Tressel had a farm
    On that farm, he had a pig
    With an oink oink here and oink oink there… three hours later, no one heard an oink oink.
    Coach Jim Tressel had a farm.

  53. Texas Hog says

    The Peoples Buckeye. Now that was funny…. :-)

    But, I thought you thought you guys were playing Arizona?

    The fact OSU did not play Northwestern is the equivalent of Arkansas NOT having to play Floriad thi syear. Or is it? Had OSU played Northwestern versus Wisconsin you would likely be in the National Championship game. Does that make the team any different? That is only the point that I think we have made; but you guys seem to be in denial. Not really meant to agitate but the road to the BCS is easier for OSU. On the Other hand, if we had Florida this year, then we get the #1 strength of schedule, not the National Championship birth.

    Now back to my question, can I buy some buckeye nuts?

    • Will Fellowes says

      You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. You can give people information, but you can’t make them think.

  54. Will Fellowes says

    Tony – nice to hear from you – hope you had a good year your ducks have. As far as a warm up you correct. Chip learned allot thanks to OSU. The 9+ minute drive in the Cal game and hear you are. Playing for your first NT and as you know the Buckeye nation is large, and I bet 99% are pulling for the ducks. I am for sure. The situation reversed you are the underdog and its the best place to be. The SEC does not believe you can play defense

    • Tony in Beavertown says

      Thanks Will ….. Yes it has been a great year ….. personally and football wise. The Ducks were just happy to get to the Rose Bowl last year and the loss to tOSU was a huge let down. Unfortunately tOSU fans didn’t get the Ducks best shot. That loss stayed with the Ducks this entire year and I am hearing a “time to go to work” theme coming into the NC game. Last years theme was ….. “we’re going to the Rose Bowl!!”. So …. just getting there was a win. The Ducks probably don’t go to the NC game this year if they would have beat tOSU last year. So, yes ….. thanks to tOSU we are in the big dance and ready to not let this one slip away. I think the Razorbacks are in a very similar situation this year. All of their arguments are the same …. stats the same ….. etc. But …. will they show up? That is the big question in my mind. They are a talented football team …. or they wouldn’t be playing in the Sugar Bowl. But, are they ready to win.

  55. Will Fellowes says

    Texas Hog – Actually if Persa had not been injured they are probably a bit better than Florida Is Vanderbilt the SEC – to North Western ?. If so our nerd school is allot better than yours.

    • says

      I would say Vanderbilt is more like the 12th team you guys don’t currently have. Except they play baseball pretty well and their basketball arena friggin’ sucks.

      Northwestern is more like Kentucky as far as teams on the field go.

      • Will Fellowes says

        Kentucky is equal to North Western in academics – ? Are you sure. I have not seen the ratings list lately but NW is way up there.

        • says

          What part of “AS FAR AS TEAMS ON THE FIELD GO” do you not understand?

          Who gives a crap about academics?… It’s a college football blog.

          • Michael Simpson says

            Athletics are supposed to attract students and alumni $$$ to the school to improve its academics. At least that was the initial justification back in the old days. And OSU is much stronger than Arkansas on that score, mostly since the south has never valued education. But Arkansas is getting better academically as well as athletically.

          • says

            Sorry, haven’t been on here much over the weekend, didn’t want to just let that go.

            Glad to hear how much respect you have for us and our education system. The whole point I was making is that Northwestern can actually play football every now and then, just like Kentucky.

            I think if we’re trying to compare SEC and Big Ten schools, it is best to look at teams, not academics, because Academics have even less to do with the on-field results than our conversations do.

      • MortgageHog says

        Truth be told the Big 10 is loaded with Kentucky’s in comparisons to on the field playing! Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Purdue, and Northwestern. All of these teams have times when they are pretty good but not consistently. Like I have told everyone I have tons of respect for what OSU has done but when push comes to shove there is no way that they could year in and year out be in a BCS game while in the SEC. That’s no even a questionable statement!!!!! Everyone following this board and keeping up to the lead up to the game (Unless they have blinders on) have to admit that Arkansas 10-2 record is stronger than OSU’s 11-1 record. I know you OSU fans get sick and tired of hearing about the SEC and truth be known from an SEC fan that your 0-9 record against the SEC is nothing more than a fluke! You guys have a hell of a program and the stars have not lined up in your last 9 bowl meetings with the SEC. OSU has just as much talent on the field year in and year out as any SEC school but your competition every week does not. Just out of curiosity while checking some recruiting stuff I looked at how the big 10 compares and its not OSU’s fault but your conference is weak. That has played a minor part I believe in the last couple BCS games against the SEC. I am seriously not wanting to be one of the a$$ hole fans but just stating facts when I say that your high ranked Defense does not impress me in the same way that Boise St high ranked Offense doesn’t not impress me. Every thing we talk about on here is speculation. The more I hear the OSU fans talk about how they believe they will take care of Arkansas the better I feel like the game should end up in Arkansas’s favor. Besides Wisconsin nobody has hit them in the mouth like they will get hit in the mouth on the 4th. NOBODY (INCLUDING MIAMI) has the speed that you guys will see on the 4th. I am not saying that OSU doesn’t have the speed or can’t hit someone in the mouth but they have not faced the speed and have not been hit in the mouth. Like the old southern saying “never pick a fight with a guy that has had his ass whipped!”

        • says

          Thank you for the 0-9 record as a “fluke” and the respect for OSU. As you can see from a couple of my comments, my patience was starting to wear thin.

          Both myself and another on this forum made the comment about the importance of the Michigan game and the Rose Bowl. Up until the BCS, if the Buckeyes weren’t at the Rose Bowl it was a let down. If they weren’t at the Rose Bowl, chances are, they lost to Michigan.

          Although it’s hard for those on the outside to understand, the impact of the Ohio State/Michigan game is huge. Never more so than in the lead up to the Florida BCS game when a No. 1 Ohio State beat a No. 2 Michigan.

          Although in recent years, Michigan hasn’t held up their end of the bargain, the Bowl game was often an after thought. Traditionally, the Buckeye season comes down to one game and that’s against Michigan.

          On the “NOBODY has the speed that you guys will see on the 4th” I once again refer to last year’s Rose Bowl discussion. Check them out. It sounds all so familiar.

          (You’ve got to love the Oregon uniform on that one)

          • MortgageHog says

            I understand Mr. Jim that it is probably the same song again in your ears. We all know that Oregon does have a good football team but in my eyes you can not compare there spread option offense to Arkansas’s Pro style offense. Two completely different animals. I was able to watch the game and you guys blew them up on the front and I have a feeling Auburn may be able to do the same thing and that causes them to get out of rhythm. What you are dealing with Arkansas’s offense is you have a system that if you come after Mallett we have the athletes at receiver to get separation early and the ability to break tackles and if you lay back and play it safe no matter how solid your defense it spells trouble with a very good qb. Knile Davis is a special back. Blitz to much he will bust one before you know it. The more you watch him you start seeing Darren McFadden all over. Strong and very very very fast. Its fun talking about all of this and I know we are all just ready for the game to get here. We can toot our horns til then and yall can toot your horns til then!!!! No matter what I expect a great game between a perennial power house and the new up and comer. This will not be the last time our two programs meet in a BCS game.

            Oh and PS! You have got to admit that if yall where 9-0 against the SEC we would be hearing all about it! LOL! Yall have a great weekend and finish up your Christmas shopping!!!!

          • Tony in Beavertown says

            Jim, I think we are wearing that same uniform on the above link in the NC game …. Ironic.

            MortgageHog …… You are using a very old argument. Oregon was a very fast team last year (even faster this year) and tOSU found a way to stop them. So ….. you are completely wrong in your statement that they haven’t faced a team as “fast” as Arkansas. tOSU brought back almost their entire team from last year …. and they did a nice job at stopping Oregons “fast” offensive.

          • says

            Thank you for that Tony. Good to get a third party opinion. I agree that comparing the Oregon offense to Arkansas doesn’t work but like Tony said, they were a quick offense and we found a way to stop them.

            However, we heard the same thing about Oregon — blitz to much and they’ll get you. So the Buckeyes didn’t blitz nor did they play it safe, they contained and completely shut down a very effective offense.

            I can’t believe how fast the comments are flying on this blog.

            Have a great weekend yourself.

          • Tony in Beavertown says

            Kind of funny listening to the same arguments as last year. Great QB’s: Mallett/Masoli …. Special Backs: Davis/James (Heismen runner up) …. special receivers …. dual threats …..etc …. etc …. etc. This is like a Rocky Horror “time warp”!

  56. says

    So, let me get this straight…

    Annapolisbuckeye makes a post about Ohio Defense against Ryan Mallett and Knile Davis, correctly stating that the best way to beat Arkansas is pressure Ryan Mallett and take Knile Davis out of the game.

    He also incorrectly made a statement saying Mallett has not faced a defense like Ohio St. to which I responded with rankings, and stats, but that wasn’t what Ohio St. fans wanted, so they started the Ohio St. has been here 7 out of the last 8 years and Ohio St. is just going to show up and beat Arkansas with Tradition.

    Annapolis, it looked like you were going to be someone that could talk facts intelligently until you resort to “Buckeyes are tied for the most wins in the BCS. Your ignorance is wearing thin.

    We’ve got 7 national championships and three trips to the big game in the past 10 years. How many BCS games have you won Arkansas? How many national championships have you won?

    Next year, when Mallett is gone and you’re struggling to make bowl eligibility, the Buckeyes will be back in the national championship hunt. And they be back the year after that. And again the next year.”

    Stats DO translate between leagues, and being 0-9 against the SEC is a pretty tough number. I think it speaks to how good tOSU program has been for years since to play against an SEC team you have to make a bowl, because we don’t play each other much outside of bowls, and usually it’s a BCS bowl, national championship, or Capitol One bowl.

    You have to realize that everytime you talk about Ohio St’s run over the last few years, the best response hog fans have, is the fact that Arkansas plays in the SEC. While OSU has had a really nice run, everytime the play an SEC team at the end, they lose. The SEC has won 4 BCS national championships in a row, and Arkansas played every single one of those teams. Lost a close game to Florida, Beat LSU, Lost to Florida, Lost to Bama…. These hogs and these fans have seen championship caliber teams, and most hog fans are pretty confident that they are one Ryan Mallett concussion away from a national championship this past year.

    Oh, and I’m actually not that worried about Ryan Mallett leaving, I’m more worried about our 3 offensive linemen and our stud wide receivers. Good luck getting back to a “balanced” attack without Terrel Pryor’s QB speed next year.

    • Will Fellowes says

      From 1947 IIRC to the start of the BCS the best Ohio State teams never played a sec team, never. The best Ohio State teams won the Big Ten title and went to the Rose bowl and played a PAC 10 team. I was always against playing Mich last game. I was always against the Rose Bowl lock. That prevented the best OSU teams from going to cotton, sugar, and orange bowls. After losing to Michigan or whoever in the Big 10 OSU could care less about any bowl except the Rose. They showed cause it was a pay day and they had to.

      Jim Tressel is the first OSU coach in my lifetime that could get them to play after losing to Mich. Down 28 0 to SC they scored 28 points in the forth quarter but lost 31-28. He got them to play Texas tough only to lose in the last minute. He did fire them up to beat ND.Go back and look at the 7 bowl losses to SEC teams and you will see that these were not good teams. OSU’s regular season record against SEC teams is 7-2-1.

    • says

      So you got to see my late night frustrations coming through. Every time we’ve brought up stats on this forum, it’s been met with “strength of schedule” and how many times have we been reminded by Arkansas fans that Ohio State has 9 bowl losses to SEC teams? That’s no different than talking tradition.

      I never said that the Buckeyes are going to win with tradition. I’m talking about experience. The seniors have played in four BCS games including a national championship. In the same way that Arkansas has experience playing against the SEC teams, the Buckeyes have experience in the big games and yes, losing (under the right coach) builds a team just as much if not more than winning.

      Also note the comment that sparked my response “Once you learn how to win some bowl games.” Yes, that’s what led me to the “ignorance” remark.

      That said, I appreciate your comments and as you can see, my outburst wasn’t aimed at the more constructive comments in this discussion.

      On the 0-9 record, there is something to be said for the time between last regular season game and final bowl game for Ohio State. This becomes especially important in the Florida loss. The Buckeyes had just come off what was one of the biggest games in the history of college football (No. 1 OSU vs. No. 2 Michigan). Having been at both games, the atmosphere was night and day. OSU/Michigan had over 100,000 people in the stands and another 200,000-300,000 outside the stadium during the game. The atmosphere at the BCS Championship, a full week after the rest of the bowl games, felt more like a traffic problem for the people of Phoenix.

      I’m getting off track and no, it doesn’t excuse the loss but the Buckeyes played their national championship that year in November. LSU, we got beat, plain and simple.

      I appreciate your recognizing the value of Ohio State’s bowl record. We tend to hear that it doesn’t mean much over and over again.

      So, let’s put that out of the way and get back to meaningful discussion.

      I don’t think the Buckeyes will win just by walking on the field. I do, however, stand by my comment that Mallett hasn’t seen a defense like this. I was going through posts from before last year’s Rose Bowl and it’s amazing how similar. I could almost switch Ducks for Razorbacks and they would be interchangeable. I started last year’s discussion talking about how the Ducks hadn’t seen a defense like the Ohio State defense. As we saw in the game, they hadn’t.

      Buckeyes won’t be chasing Mallett around the backfield and going for the sack. Instead, look for them to stuff the line shutting down the run game and pressure the pocket. The secondary may have their hands full but they won’t be outclassed and watch out for the errors. Secondary has capitalized big on mistakes all season.

      Tressel will bring a conservative defense that will make Arkansas work for every yard they get.

        • Will Fellowes says

          I think its the most disciplined that Arky will face this year. It may not the fastest or the biggest. But i watched allot of SEC games and feel that it is the most disciplined to date. LSU had the best defense in the SEC IMO

          • says

            Discipline is a tough thing to measure. That’s like coach-speak.

            I don’t watch enough football film to say “This is a tough defense, the holes open but the plug them quickly, they’re in the gap, they don’t give up the corner, they tackle well, their linebackers don’t bite on the fakes…”

            Seems to me like the best defenses we played all year were Bama and LSU. Alabama stopped the run, but had issues dealing with a lot of the combination routes in the secondary. LSU did decently well against the pass…. I think the 80 yard and 85 yard passing plays were a little over 50% of their passing yards, but the big problem LSU had was stopping the run in the 3rd and 4th quarters.

            I can’t talk about Discipline with these guys though… Obviously should’ve been a sure tackle at the end of the 2nd quarter, but that seems like the only lack of discipline to me.

          • Will Fellowes says

            I retract LSU has best defense – I think after spending more time at SI Bama still has the edge. I think they are the best disciplined SEC defense. I also believe that this years SEC defenses are not as good as previous few years. That may or may not have something to do with offensive numbers in the SEC this year.

            Be interesting to see how these words are now twisted.

          • says

            Not to twist anyone’s words but isn’t that where I started the discussion? I agree that this year’s SEC defenses are not as good as in previous years–hence my original comments that Mallett hasn’t seen a defense like Ohio State yet this year.

  57. Will Fellowes says

    Texas Hog you are correct swap NW for Wisconsin and OSU would be in the NT. It would be a game of defense again. OSU defense, kicking game and kick coverage are peaking now so it would be a great game. 27 points might not be enough this year. OSU could get there next year and as of now many think the Ducks will be back. Auburn will be near the bottom of the SEC. Unless they can find a new CamShaft :)

  58. Will Fellowes says

    On the field performance yes. So yes a Big 10 school that does give a damn about academics compares on the field to a SEC with a lower standard. Academics does have a great effect on a schools ability to field a team. Cam for instance could never play at North Western, even if he paid them. Since this is college football, and not Pro, I think the term Student Athlete is important. If academics were not important, Princeton, Harvard, and Yale might still be the best teams in the country. Their domination is still not matched. 16 titles for Princeton IIRC :)

  59. Gulfportcarl says

    Texas Hog, from Florida Buckeye, I think I’ll wait until the game is over to form and opinion on how good or bad the Hogs are. Like I said in a previous quote regular season stats and conference vs conference means nothing. Postseason play is a new animal with a lot of variables to think of.
    That said I have four Buckeye nuts in my collection I can send you no cost. Just need to know how to get them to you.

  60. Tony in Beavertown says

    My prediction ……. the Hogs won’t show up for the game. I think that they broke through a “glass ceiling” just getting to a BCS game. This is victory enough and they will fail to “finish” in a big bowl game. tOSU has been here many times before and will have experience and tradition win the game. This isn’t a good or bad comment about Arkansas football team….. more a comment about human nature. I will be very surprised if they are ready to play.

  61. Gulfportcarl says

    Tony, I totally agree with Arkansas not showing up. I hope last year was test run and this year your Ducks beat the crap out of Auburn and Cam the Scam.
    What the hell did I just say, that I was pulling for the Ducks. Go figure I never thought this day would come, Oh well stranger things have happened. Really I want to see Auburn crying on the sidelines, with their heads bowed in defeat. A big Buckeye cheer for your Ducks.

  62. GirlHog says

    Hey, guys. I’ve been reading this blog for several days now, and it’s like apes beating their chests at each other. This one quoting stats, another one boasting their record, many people stating OSU’s record against SEC teams, etc. I know I am just a woman, but I do know quite a bit about football. At the end of the day, this game has nothing to do with tradition, previous years, past coaches, how many times a team has been to a BCS bowl, or any of the other trivia. It comes down to one game, one night, which team shows up (the A or B team), and who wants to win more on that given night. All of the other junk goes out the window. I WILL step back and give you one example. In 2007, the last game of Arkansas’ regular season, we beat LSU (LSU then No. 1, Arkansas not ranked). LSU then went on to the National Championship game against The Ohio State University. Arkansas was said to have no chance against the mighty LSU. Moral to the story: ANY TEAM CAN WIN ON ANY GIVEN DAY, NO MATTER THE ODDS AGAINST THEM. Y’all have a nice day now, ya hear? GO HOGS!

    • Tony in Beavertown says

      “Y’all have a nice day now, ya hear?” ……… Please ….. stop with this sappy saying.

      GirlHog, tOSU is a known commodity and have “shown up” to play (and win) big games. Arkansas has demonstrated the ability to play “inspired” football against a team that nobody thought they could beat. The Hogs are an unknown commodity in “Big Games”. You certaintly didn’t show up in the two biggest games this year against Auburn and Alabama. BCS bowl games are a little different than playing division rivals or conference championships. You see these teams every year and can plan accordingly ….. this is different. I personally think that Arkansas will be a little shell shocked once this game starts. So ….. in short …… we know what tOSU brings to the table ….. who knows if Arkansas will even show up.

      “Y’all have a nice day now, ya hear?” …….. I think I just threw up in my mouth (a little)

      • GirlHog says

        It’s obvious, Tone, that southern niceties make you sick. Hate it! Maybe you should take a lesson from nice people like us. We are nice in the South. We actually speak to people we don’t know!

        As I said before, past accomplishments won’t really matter on January 4. The best team that day will win. As far as being “shell shocked”, it could just be OSU. I really believe Coach Petrino will have the Hogs ready to play on the same field as The Almighty.

        One more thing, Toney Roney. If you are making the trip down to New Orleans, be prepared. Try to be polite, and don’t show too much of your rear end and embarrass yourself or your home state! Seriously, the people in New Orleans go out of their way to make people have a good time there. I’ll be there. Hope to see you, love.

        • says

          Don’t get too excited GirlHog. He’s from Oregon. That’s what happens if you hang around here too long. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself here next season talking Ohio State football.

        • Tony in Beavertown says

          GirlHog, I actually lived in Camp Lejeune NC for a couple of years. I have met some very nice people in the south ….. and some ….. not so nice people. It is probably just the “southern niceties” that throw me off a little. Way too much slang in it for my taste.

          To your comment about tOSU being shellshocked ….. we know that this won’t happen because they have been in similar situations in the past and have demonstrated the ability to get the job done. We don’t know how Arkansas will respond to big game situations because they haven’t been in many. Human nature says that “just getting there” is a win. I don’t think that the Hogs will have their heads in the game and they don’t have the experience to actually finish. It usually takes losing a few of the big games before you learn how to win them.

          Why would I be going to New Orleans??? My team is in GLENDALE AZ BABY!!!!!! We are getting ready to put the smack down on fellow SEC team Auburn. Puulease don’t get me confused with the “Nuts’ around here.


          • Michael Simpson says

            Tony, is there really a better city to play a bowl game in than New Orleans? If there is, it ain’t Glendale. Word is a lot of Arkansans are going to NO without tickets to the game just so they can find a bar in the French Quarter (I think there are one or two down there) and watch the game while knocking back some hurricanes!

          • Tony in Beavertown says

            Michael ….. I’ve heard great things about NO but have not had the opportunity to go there myself. I can’t think of a better place to watch the game myself though. I have been to Glendale AZ though ….. and you are completely right. Not much to brag about there.

      • Michael Simpson says

        Arkansas has a schedule of “Big Games”. It’s called “The SEC West Division”. And it wasn’t you, but someone else who said the big game for OSWho is Miss-again. If they lose that game — or if they win it but no one cares because Miss-Again stinks — then they may or may not care about their bowl game. They get up for the Rose Bowl, but the others not so much. Btw I disagree — they played hard in their loss to Texas. On the other hand, OSU piled on to their own player, Ted Ginn, after he scored the first touchdown on the opening kickoff against Florida, and he was out for the rest of the game. If you all show up for the big games, you should act like you’ve been there before, not injure your fastest offensive threat on the first play of the game.

        • Will Fellowes says

          Jim Tressel is the first OSU coach in my lifetime that could get them to play after losing to Mich. Down 28 0 to SC they scored 28 points in the forth quarter but lost 31-28. He got them to play Texas tough only to lose in the last minute. The young defensive back went for the interception instead of the tackle and cost them the game. They did not lose to Mich that year it was Penn State that beat them IIRC He did fire them up to beat ND

      • Hog Fan In Tn says

        Best offense in the SEC
        One of, not the best I’m not saying he is the best, coaches in the SEC
        Best pocket QB in the SEC
        Best WR corps in the SEC
        One of the best o-lines in the SEC
        SEC > Big Ten/Eleven/Twelve whatever
        therefore Arkansas > tOSU

        oh and its called southern hospitality all that terrible weather in Oregon would out me in a bad mood all day too y’all have a nice day now, ya hear ;)

      • says

        Didn’t show up for the biggest games? Because we definitely took 31-18 beatdowns in those games huh? Guess that’s actually a little unfair. But we didn’t get completely taken out of those games, and we were in both games with a chance to win.

        We did a very good job against Alabama, but it’s hard to get a running game off the field when they are led by running back like Mark Ingram (Heisman Winner)

        We had work to do coming back against Auburn, but we had a couple questionable calls and an injured quarterback. At the end of the game we couldn’t neutralize a running game led by Cam Newton (Heiman Winner)

  63. GirlHog says

    Thanks for the info, Annapolisbuckeye. Excuse me, Big Tony, I didn’t know you bleed green. Now, why are you on this blog? I don’t see the connection. You need to take your blowhard self to the blog titled, “How Bad Will Auburn (Cam) Beat The Ducks?”. Just sayin’……

    Cheers to you!

    • Tony in Beavertown says

      Girl Hog ….. I looked for that Blog ….. couldn’t find it.

      I look forward to exposing the SEC as the frauds that they are. Over rated and over hyped.

  64. says

    I told you those on the outside wouldn’t understand the Ohio State/Michigan game. As I said, the year the Buckeyes played Florida in a bowl game, the national championship had already been decided. We won that back in Columbus.

    Hate to tell you Tony, having been to both Glendale and Tempe for bowl games, Glendale sucks. Tempe rocks. And that has nothing to do with the outcome of the game.

    Maybe they’ve built a few more Applebees in the sprawl that is Glendale by now but considering the housing market in Phoenix, I wouldn’t count on it.

  65. Michael Simpson says

    Yeah, people outside the Big Ten couldn’t possibly understand a rivalry like Ohio State-Michigan, because there aren’t huge rivalries like that anywhere else, except maybe Florida-Georgia, or USC-UCLA, or Oregon-Oregon State, or Oklahoma-Texas, or Texas-Texas A&M… But are you saying that OSU’s already won its “big game” and won’t show up for Arkansas? I’m jiggy with that…

    • says

      Let me try that again only slower this time…

      Those are all great rivalries but no, none of them compare to the Ohio State/Michigan game. Call it elitist, call it what you will but it’s true.

      As I said before, during the past few years, Michigan isn’t holding up their end of the bargain and it’s hurting the Big 10 as a whole.

      Obviously, this year’s Michigan game was a mere blip on the radar when compared to year’s past. So no, don’t think for a moment that the Buckeyes don’t see the Sugar Bowl as the big game nor will they look past it.

      However, when we look at the 06 game when Ohio State was ranked No. 1 and Michigan No. 2, there was no comparison between that game and the BCS game against Florida. I was at both and saw them both first hand. Ohio State/Michigan games for the Rose Bowl are always legendary but to decide the National Championship contender? Historic.

      The ’06 Ohio State/Michigan game leading up to the BCS title was miles beyond anything the BCS has ever seen (or will ever see).

      The BCS title game is screwed. By the time it rolls around, a week after the holidays, everyone is back to work, it’s played on a weeknight and it’s hard to keep it from being an afterthought. When played on West Coast time, it’s even worse for fans back east.

      When you hear Buckeye fans talking about getting to the bowl as the accomplishment, they speak from experience –both ours and from seeing opponents playing on the big stage for the first time.

      Also, watch out for the New Orleans bowl distractions. If the local news in Arkansas is showing highlights of fun filled events (eating contests, amusement park visits, etc) filled with Arkansas players leading up to the game, look out. It’s going to be a long night for the Razorbacks.

      • says

        People are reading it…. I wouldn’t worry about slower, but maybe use less big words.

        You sound like you’re saying “oh, we don’t win the BCS championship, so that’s why it sucks” I know that’s not what you’re saying, but that’s what it looks like.

        I wouldn’t expect distractions to be a factor. I’ve been on a lot of athletic trips even back to the previous head coach, and being a band member we stayed in some of the same hotels, and the coaches keep a pretty short leash on the players. I’m sure tOSU does the same thing before games that Arkansas does. They always take the players away from campus on friday before a game and put them in a hotel to keep them from partying and keep them focused on the game the next day.

  66. says


    Do you not understand why Buckeye fans are always consistantly met with the ‘ol strength of schedule argument? It’s the same reason everyone was so pissed off about Boise St. and TCU being ranked in the top 5 at the beginning of the year. THEY DON’T PLAY TOP LEVEL COMPETITION.
    Oh and I can just hear it now. If Winsconsin rolls TCU, (which I predict they will) every Buckeye/Big 10 fan will say “see? They never had to play a really good team until now”.
    On the other hand, if it’s a really close game, or if they actually knock off the Badgers, they’ll say “whad ‘ya expect? TCU was ranked 3# in the country”. “They we’re a good football team”.
    That’s how it works, right?

    Oh and another thing, it’s hilarious that one Buckeye fan actually pointed out the fact that North (I wish we had our QB back) western was included on the list of ” they all have to play each other” , but then another Buckeye fan points out that Ohio St. didn’t even play them this season, stating “do your homework”
    What’s so funny about this is the fact that by not playing them, contributed even more to your lack there of strength of schedule.

    You wouldn’t know it by my very direct comments, but I actually like Ohio St. They’ve been my 2nd favorite team since I was a kid. (around 8 I think) I don’t know why, they just are.
    When Woody Hayes punched that Clemson LB after he intercepted a pass in that bowl game and ran the ball out of bounds on the Ohio St. sideline, I was simply stunned.
    I was around 12 or 13 years old, back around 1978 or ’79 I think, and had never seen a coach act that way toward an opposing player. I’ll never forget it.

  67. GirlHog says

    They definitely will have the Razorback and Buckeye players attending events the whole week. I am sure they will be shown a fine time. But, I read that Petrino will have his players on “lockup” the rest of the time. I seriously doubt that they will go unchaperoned anywhere! I would hate to read in the paper that discipline was taken and players were sent home! Surely they will be prepared for the Big Easy Sin City!

    • says

      No, I’m not talking about players on their own time. It’s all the “official” events that go with the Bowl games.

      Back in the 90s it was a regular thing on the Columbus news to see Coach Cooper and the Buckeye players doing everything at the Bowl game but practicing. The Buckeyes would then go out and fall on their face.

      The Tone’s a bit different since Tressel arrived.

  68. Texas Hog says


    The one thing for sure; is the disclaimer that this blog is “with a heavy Ohio State bias”. It is no surprise that each blogger would think their team should win in a big game like this. Where the conflict arise is how in the word can ANYONE think Arkansas has NOT played against competition like the Ohio State Buckeyes (Defense or whatever) ? Who is the elitist?

    If I knew nothing of Arkansas football, and I discounted all of the very astute, and intelligent comments inserted to the blog by determined Razorbacks fans to educate their fellow mankind, I would think the following:

    #1 Arkansas has zero chance against OSU.

    #2 Hogs games against defensive weaklings such as Alabama, LSU, USC, MSU, & Auburn does nothing to prepare them for what they will see against OSU.

    #3 Arkansas’s head coach is in no league with The Man wearing the Vest; and his NCAA & NFL experience credentials is nullified because OSU defense is so great.

    #4 Factual proof that OSU will win the game is because of their historic history with Michigan and because they have been to a gamillion BCS bowls in a row.

    #5 By looking at the games played & won last year, is Exhibit A of proof that OSU will outgun Arkansas and that overcoming speed is of no concern, see game (last year) against the Oregon Ducks.
    #6 There is no need to reference a game Won this year, because Michigan was having an off year. Besides OSU after beating Michigan should be at the GrandDaddy of them all. They are The Ohio State not Missouri; so “They” do not have to show anybody any wins against ANY top 25 to be consider tops in the nation.

    #7 OSU is 7 – 2 – 1 against SEC teams in REGULAR seasons. The 0-9 against SEC Bowl and BCS games and is irrelevant because OSU had played and either or beaten or lost to Michigan and did not really give a damn because they were not in “The” Rose Bowl.

    I think I understand now… Let me apologize for my surely misdirected views about the Razorbacks and THIS YEAR’s BCS game in New Orleans. Maybe I should work with other misinformed Razorbacks to see if we can’t petition to move to the Big 10 so we can play against a (The) really good defense!!!!

    Scheeeeeeeeeeeezce!!!! Iunderstand Buckeye nuts are poisonous? I could use a few right now, but I think I will fix me a Martina instead :-)

    “The” Texas Hog

    • says

      Hmmm…I seem to be sensing a little insecurity.

      I’ve gone through the discussions from last year and will post some of the comments in a day or so although you’ve done most of it for me in the above 7 point list.

      Just for the record, my bringing up Michigan had nothing to do with this year’s game and it’s gotten us way sidetracked. Although the point is pretty much lost by now, I was addressing the Buckeyes 2 recent losses in the BCS title game.

      No, we lost our opportunity to play in the Rose Bowl when we lost to Wisconsin. Every Buckeye fan out there accepted it that day.

      So, I’d be glad to steer the discussion back to anything that even resembles common sense if you’re up for it. We started out on the right track.

      I also addressed Buckeye Offense/Arkansas D (although I don’t have lot on that) and also coaching in this post:

  69. Gulfportcarl says

    Our friend Tony from Oregon came to us last year when we played Oregon in the Rose bowl. He was like you hog fans, obnoxious, quoting stats, comparing conferences and etc. Not giving the Buckeyes a chance to win and when it was all said and done the Buckeyes won. Tony came back after the game and and gave the Buckeyes their props. Has been a contributor to the blog ever since. I have never met him but if I get out that way I will for sure look him up and buy him a brew.
    Texas Hog, Gonzo Hog, and Girl Hog, Hog fan in Tn. Why don’t you go bother some other blog.
    You are all full of yourself and your comments are getting real boring.

  70. Michael Simpson says

    I totally overlooked that no rivalry compared with Ohio State-Michigan. None. That is THE rivalry to end all rivalries. It has always won every rivalry rivalry since rivalries have had rivalries. It’s better than Army-Navy, Duke-North Carolina, Washington-Dallas, Yankees-Red Sox, Bird-Johnson, Ali-Frazier, North-South, Rome-Greece, and the moon and the sun. I was arrogant for even thinking I could comprehend the greatest of the OSU-Michigan rivalry, and how its great greatness could make the national championship meaningless.

  71. says


    Thanks for being the ultimate Buckeye fan. “You are what we thought you were”.
    I suppose everything was cool until solid points began to be validated. Go figure?.

  72. Texas Hog says


    I would have helped you guys last year with your points against Oregon. No offense Tony, but I think OSU beats Oregon again this year if they were to play. I see no Hog fan trashing andor disrepecting OSU. We are just are stunned that no one, NO ONE from OSU on this blog will acknowledge our team as even capable anywhere near the level to play OSU? It is not like this will be a good game between even matched teams, but it is like Arkansas HAS NEVER played anyone like OSU… and “we” are obnoxious because “we” think we have played against some pretty good talent? Then you wish to throw us out, tell us to leave, C’mon Man!!!! “Why can’t we all just get along?”

    Shifting gears, how did you get a screen name of Gulfportcarl? Is there a Gulf in Ohio? I am Texas Hog, (Dallas) so I usually have this kind fun jacking around with UT & OU folks from the Big 12, but you guys are in a different league. The Leaders league :-)

    BTW, thanks for your offer to ship me 4 Buckeyenuts. I thought it was a joke because I didn’t really think it was a such thing as real buckeyenuts (not counting you guys). So I googled them and found them all over the place. I ordered 50 off They should ship from NW Ohio? I hope that is a good thing? Look like acorns to me; but I guess The Ohio State Acorns would not sound right. :-)

    Lighten up, we are not from Michigan, have fun, enjoy life, and Merry Xmas.

    I think your friend Tony is either a Spy or Quack? Everytime I see that Oregon Duck from now on; I will be thinking Tony. If during the NC game the Duck attacks the Auburn Tiger; I will know what to tell the FBI. It will have to be Tony.

    • says

      I think that 160 some comments later, we’ve all gotten lost in the discussion.

      Realize that I never said not meant that Arkansas can’t and won’t play on a level near OSU. I think this is about the best Bowl match up going. You’ve got two of the top quarterbacks in the county and two of the top coaches in the country. I think this is going to be a very good game. I also think there is an overconfidence regarding Mallet against the Buckeye defense. Not that they can’t compete against the Buckeye defense. Just that the Buckeyes are up for the challenge and will most likely give the Arkansas offense a surprise.

      Go back to the original post. It’s much more humble than you’re giving me credit. It’s not until I hear that Mallet is going to run all over us that I start to respond.

      As a guy who grew up in northwest Ohio, I’m glad to see you’ve ordered the best Buckeyes available. We had a tree in my front yard growing up. If only we had Amazon back then. I could have made a killing.

      What you want to do Texas is sprinkle them with some olive oil and roast them for an hour or two at about 350. Absolutely delicious right Carl?

      • says

        Oh yeah. Probably better make a note that I’m not at all serious about eating Buckeys. And seeing how some of my sarcasm has been missed in this forum…


        Make a necklace out of them or something but do not eat them.

        However, if the game goes like I think it will, I’ll leave the dining decisions to you.

  73. says

    UM/O.State is a great college football rivalry, but it’s only the greatest in the minds of the fans representing those programs.
    Texas/OU think the same, as does Bama/Auburn, Florida/Florida St. and USC/UCLA. What’s the difference?

  74. The People's Buckeye says

    All Points Bulletin

    I’m posting nutty comments to show really I could care less for the mental masturbation going on. I’m a student here. It’s my firm belief, being a student, Bobby Petrino is going to be the one left holding his **** in his hand. Had to hear all of last year about how Oregon’s offense was too much for the Ohio State defense to handle. Now where are we? Two hundred YouTube videos later of that dumb pundit from Fox Sports spouting his mouth to the tune of Cam Hayward raping Jeremiah Masoli in the backfield.

    Keep your stats. Keep your Michigan reject. Be prepared for all the YouTube videos and SmackApparel shirts. There’s too much senior leadership on this team to let a school like Ar-KANSAS to walk all over them.

    Oh, TexasHog, my reference to Arizona was because Annapolis wrote them in the URL as opposed to Arkansas. That’s why you should read the following comment. You can do your homework too.

    Tony, I’m warming up to you. No homo.

  75. Texas Hog says


    Where you at? Your real name is not Dennis Red (Green) is it? Who did you think they were? That was hilarious. Of course, I have had two Martini’s by now :-) Remember how we always thought that Arkansas Texas was THE RIVALRY. Rememer the THE SHOOTOUT. Now it is LSU; crawdads and all down on the bayou.

  76. Michael Simpson says

    Tell you what, let’s go back to strength of schedule. What say you to the fact that OSU’s opponents are a combined 72-72, while Arkansas’s are 87-59? I think the only meaningful thing anyone said about that lopsided difference is that all the Big Ten teams are beating up each other all the time. But so are the SEC teams (and Big XII and Pac-Ten etc.) So, is there another reason Arkansas’s stronger opponents are irrelevant?

    • says

      My earlier comments regarding Big Ten strength of schedule were to make a point. We have heard for years that one-two loss SEC teams deserve to be in the title game because they beat each other up so much during the regular season.

      I believe if you look back, I pretty much took your(?) comments word for word and replaced them with Big Ten teams.

      No, the tougher SEC teams aren’t irrelevant in any sense. No question that Arkansas has earned the right to play in the BCS. We’re just all getting a little tired of the “strength of schedule” stuff. It’s been like a broken record for years now.

      • Michael Simpson says

        Yes, strength of schedule must sound like a broken record; that doesn’t mean it’s not a valid point. Might want to change the record.

        Strength of schedule is a better reflection of strength outside the conference. Frankly, Arkansas doesn’t have a tremendous amount of that except for its victory over Texas A&M, who ended up at 9-3. OSU should be commended for playing Marshall and Miami (though both teams are having bad years), but Eastern Michigan? When you talk stats, they should be in the perspective that one of OSU’s opponents was 2-10.

          • Michael Simpson says

            So your point is your won-loss record is less relevant if you play a bunch of weakies? I agree. We call it STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE. Glad you came around!

          • The People's Buckeye says

            No, my point is the amount of scholarships given to the FCS teams in comparison to an FBS school. Thanks for playing though.

          • Texas Hog says

            So there are Chinese Buckeyes too? Whats up with the People’s Republic Buckeye?

            Now lets suppose this; as you are a Student of tOSU and obviously very inteligent…

            Lets say Indiana, Purdue & Minnesota did not exist. But Wisconsin #2, Wisconsin #3, and Wisconsin #4 did exist and all on the same Big 10 Schedule for Ohio State. All equally good as THE Wisconsin but all cannot be ranked at the top because they must all play each other. All 4 Wisconsin teams are top 14. You beat Wisconsin #2 and Wisconsin #3. Do you think it is fair to consider a Boise State team or ANY other team over your team when and assuming if they had not beaten ANY top 25 team but played one of the Wisconsin teams and got beat? President Gee does not think so. (My favorite NCAA President BTW)I think if he were on this post he would agree with what we are just trying to get all see and say. I need one Buckeye to work with me here.

          • Texas Hog says

            Oh yeah, for those that may not be so quick…

            The Wisconsin = Auburn
            Wisconsin #2 = LSU
            Wisconsin #3 = South Carolina
            Wisconsin #4 = Alabama

            Can we at least agree that those assesements are correct? Or am I to believe that you guys do not feel that ANY of those teams are top ranked highly regarded teams capable of beating ANYBODY?

          • says

            So what if we looked at this from another angle. Yes, Auburn, LSU, South Carolina and Alabama are all very good at beating each other. But how does that justify the SEC as the top conference in college football?

            Unfortunately, their ability to lose to teams within their own conference doesn’t really tell us much about the quality of the SEC. We then must turn to out of conference play to justify the SEC rankings.

            When we do, we see the following out of conference games:
            South Carolina – Southern Miss, Furman, Troy
            Auburn – Arkansas State, Louisiana Monroe, Chattanooga
            LSU – North Carolina, West Virginia, McNeese State, Louisiana Monroe

            Of those schools, only LSU makes any sort of attempt at a respectable out of conference schedule.

            And how did they do? Two very close games against North Carolina and West Virgina.

            If that doesn’t prove your point about the toughness of SEC, what does?

            Other than that, the rest of the SEC schools don’t even bother to fake it out of conference. As a result, we are forced to go on your, and the ESPN’s (which has a huge financial incentive in the SEC) word that the SEC is in fact, the greatest division in college football.

            And let’s face it, when ESPN can’t show enough of the highlights of Cam Newton running circles around Chattanooga in November, something is drastically wrong.

            Unless of course, beating Div II schools tells us something about the quality of the league.

            And although the Big Ten has their share of softies early in the season, if you take this year’s top three, Ohio State, Michigan State, and Wisconsin, you won’t see any Div II schools on the schedule.

            And there’s evidence in all three of their schedules that they’re at least trying to get one good game in there (Ohio State/Miami, Wisconsin/Arizona State, Michigan State/Miami).

            I can’t recall a time when you could say that about the SEC.

            So other than the fact that the SEC is very good at losing to other SEC teams, what do you have that justifies strength of schedule?

  77. Will Fellowes says

    Before the BCS the most important game to Ohio State and Michigan was the season ending game. There are rivalry games all over the country. But on a Ohio State blog the only one that matters is OSU vs MU, makes sense if you think about it. I was hoping that when Nebraska joined that would come to a end. But the fans or powers screamed that it was the end of the world so they arranged for it to continue. Army – Navy, Iron Bowl etc. has great meaning to their fans and thats expected. My high school had the oldest rivalry west of the Allegheny mountains started in 1898 Elyria vs Lorain and continued till US Steel went by the wayside. Lorain opted to close one high school and renamed the one school Admiral King, he was a LHS grad. IIRC in 1996 at 98 years it was sad for us to see it end. Our stadiums were built by WPA workers. Nobody on this site gives a hoot cause this is a Ohio State blog. I do not recall any buck fans saying Arkansas has no chance to win this game. But just like last year I have read countless post claiming OSU has no chance of winning, Anyone making any such claim for either side is a moron or trolling just ignore them. I am sure if you go to a Arkansas blog you will hear allot of their rivalry . They do have one don’t they. :) :):):):):):):):)

    NOW the Sugar Bowl

    Last year I had a good idea what JT’s philosophy would be – PASS PASS PASS till the RUN works. I was right. But this year I really am at a loss as what to expect. Anyone have any ideas, first play run or pass. Last year it was a pass and pret near a interception.

    • Texas Hog says

      Mr. Fellows,

      The debate is The Orginal article by Mr. Annapolisbuckeye that says the UA has never played against a defense like OSU? From my short time reading his blog he is obviously very intelligent and gifted. OSU & Buckeyes should be proud of him. However, he refuses to retract that statement and we are just trying to educate him. We do so with jest, humor and good spirit.

      Yes, we do have an Official UA blog. It is called the Slophouse. We are use to trolls; mostly from Alabama and Auburn. Discussions have always been cordial until the OSU game. Some guy by screen name of Buckeyenut trolled the site and just went beserk. If you go to the site you can read some of his comments. Find the ones with with a lot of comments and replies and you can see what I am takling about. It was that Nut they made me want to see what the other OSU Nuts were like. You guys are cordial, bitter; but about things we as Razorbacks have no control over. I sense you guys have a long bitter hatred for the SEC machine. We just happen to be out in front of it this year in your crosshairs. We just want to party and be equals til game time. I think the both teams are capable of winning. I think we have played the tougher schedule and any statement to the contrary is an irresponsible sports opinion.

      There is NO OSU Bashing in the Slophouse. But Buckeyenut berates everything and everyone in sight. I think they may finally have banned him from the blog; and if so, it is the first I have heard of that happening.

      • Will Fellowes says

        I am a buckeye and do not want to hang out at Arkansas site. I am glad you banned some troller that makes all of us look bad. Anyone hear who says Arky does not stand a chance is laughed at by true buckeye fans also, they are probably kids. I again will say I do watch allot of SEC games, I went to HS with Les Miles and follow the tigers, we in Elyria have forgiven him for 2007. But I also watch as many good SEC games as possible. I love college football, it is the only sport I watch. I record them and watch later if needed. I did see Arky play Bama, Auburn, LSU, I missed the SC game.
        SO as far as defense, I do feel speed, size, and athletic ability aside, that OSU’s defense is a better disciplined defense than BAMA, LSU, and definitely AUBURN.

      • Michael Simpson says

        Texas Hog:

        Buckeyenut is no more. Looks like Matt dropkicked him off the board and deleted his posts.

  78. Will Fellowes says

    Texas Hog

    Oh yes the Buckeye tree has nuts. Prepare them just like chestnuts. Put a x with a sharp knife and bake them at 325 for about 20 minutes. Do not share them with family and only eat 4 max, pret near the same effect as payote, or mushrooms. Male sure your last will is updated. Keep your phone close with speed dial to 911. If Arky is winning with one minute left in the game call cause you are tripping. :)
    just teasing they are poisonous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Michael Simpson says

    And that has some relevance other than TT is a weak team? Which adversely affects strength of schedule? Which is important? Thanks for restating the point I made six posts ago.

  80. says

    Someone answer me this. How did last years Oregon team become so relevent to this years Arkansas team.
    Arkansas is not last years Oregon team and Ohio St. is not last years Ohio St. team.
    Who’s the koo-koo bird that brought this masterpiece up as if it somehow possessed some kind of meaningfull insight we weren’t aware of?

    • says

      Ohio State is actually very close to last year’s Ohio State team only they have advanced quite a bit.

      Only comparison to Oregon is that the discussion here is almost exactly the same a year later. Lots of Oregon fans very confident at they approach their first BCS game. Lots of talk about their strength of schedule vs. Ohio State. Lots of talk about their quarterback and how we were going to get blown out.

      I started the discussion pretty much the way I did this year–pointing out that Oregon hadn’t seen a defense like Ohio State’s.

      They hadn’t.

      I’ll put up a post in a couple of days comparing comments from last year and this. It’s pretty amazing.

      • Tony in Beavertown says

        Jim …. check you facts please ….. Oregon in last years Rose Bowl was not ” their first BCS game”.

  81. Will Fellowes says

    M Simpson
    SOS SOS ok so starting with our OCC, you beat your cupcakes by 102 points 133 – 31. We beat our cupcakes by 127 points 161 -34. What is the average rating of those teams? One of our cupcakes is in a bowl, Ohio 43 -3 was the final score, they went 8-4. For Arky it was UTEP 58-21. they went 6-6.

    What does that tell us Michael, anything?

      • Texas Hog says

        Was the Texas A & M cupcake added to the equation? Hogs beat A & M; and A & M Beat Big 10 Legends Nebraska, Oklahoma Sooners and Texas. They are in the Cotton Bowl. (Jerry’s World) Trust me, I am in Dallas. The Aggies are in the Cotton Bowl and was an out of conference opponent for the Razorbacks.

        The way I see it, the Hogs had 3 cupcakes and OSU had 8 cupcakes. Will is doing funny math :-)

        • Will Fellowes says

          You beat Texas AM when they were playing like crap. They also lost to OK State and Missouri. At that time they were 3-3, beating Stephen F Austin – FIU – La Tech. They almost lost to FIU. They then benched their QB and made various other changes before beating Nebraska 9-6,Garcia was out. Texas 24-17 a 5-7 team who lost to UCLA beat. They beat OU later but you can bet they play much harder against their in conference hated foe.
          OU cleaned up their act by years end and if they played today it would be different.

          • Texas Hog says


            My you are determined :-) When we BEAT A & M we had just lost to #1 team in the Nation Alabama in heartbreaking fashion. We were leading 20 – 7 in the 3rd quarter when Mallett was simply tossing the ball out of bounds but did so in a way where he thought a receiver might get it and it was picked off and Alabama got the momentum the the Tide Rolled. So we were 4 – 1 looking to see if the team would fall apart. Nonethesless are you calling A & M a cupcake despite the fact they will be in Cotton Bowl against LSU? Fact is; a Big 12 co champion is one of our OOC opponents. We BEAT them in Texas I might add (Dallas). In Jerry’s World.

          • Will Fellowes says

            You need to read slower – where in that post do I say A&M is a cupcake. Nowhere, I said you beat them when they were playing horrible. They benched that JJ QB you beat and made changes, then started winning games. So you just lost to the then #1 team, what in the hell does that have to do with your win with a struggling A&M. You discredit yourself when you make false claims. Do you think you look smart when all the reader has to do is look at my post and see the word cupcake is not there. They beat 3 cupcakes, and then lost 3 games, Ok State – Arky – Missou. They benched their JJ and won 6 straight. one good win over OU, Nebraska’s freshman QB fell out and two FG was not enough to beat A&M’s 3 FG. LSU does not get the luxury of playing the A&M you played. But a 10-2 SEC team against a 9-3 B12 team should be a win correct. That one on my list to watch.

          • Texas Hog says


            I had intended to walk away from this blog because I sensed a lot of unnecessary animosity being directed toward some. (Not necessarily from you). I think it is good for fans to have fun discussing pros and cons of a game; but in the end they are only words. Out of everything I have read on this site, the one thing that sticks out is no OSU person will concede that Arkansas has a played an opponent as tough as OSU? Let you guys tell it, Indiana & Eastern Michigan has played tougher opponents than Arkansas?

            My FACTs are ALWAYS straight. Very doubtful, that anyone on a blog will ever discredit me. If you are a master of the the English language you understand about implied conversation? If you do not understand English convesration very well, I can see your confusion and I will drop it. If you understand and do not take it personally please read below.

            You Mr. Will Fellowes posted on December 18, 2010 at 1:24 am the following:

            “M Simpson
            SOS SOS ok so starting with our OCC, you beat your cupcakes by 102 points 133 – 31. We beat our cupcakes by 127 points 161 -34. What is the average rating of those teams? One of our cupcakes is in a bowl, Ohio 43 -3 was the final score, they went 8-4. For Arky it was UTEP 58-21. they went 6-6.”

            Your paragraph implies that OOC (out of conference) games were cupcakes. For both Big 10 and SEC. You were boasting how you (OSU) beat your cupcakes better and that one was in a bowl. (Sounds like a Strength of schedule argument to me, but I digress).

            To which I asked the following:

            From Texas Hog on December 18, 2010 at 1:50 am
            Was the Texas A & M cupcake added to the equation? ”

            I simply asked you the question as to whether A & M was considered in your equation as a cupcake to which you have never responded.

            As they were an OOC opponent for us, I wished to point out you calling implying A & M a cupcake no dfferent than Ohio for you. The fact is A & M be in Cotton Bowl against LSU and is a Big 12 Co Champion?

            The real irony here is (and I hope no Buckeye fan has a breakdown) that you were going down the track of validating that OSU had better OOC opponents (Ohio) by virtue of them making a Bowl game. (BTW, Ohio was destroyed in their bowl game by Troy). That is and was direct SoS talk raised by a Buckeye? Arkansas wins that argument too because we played a Big 12 co – champion as one of our OOC Cupcakes.

            When can we get to the point of the fact that these are two good teams that are equally as good as each other? Either could win. I don’t think we ever will on this site because ultimately, you guys are in denial of acknowledging the Hogs are every bit as good as OSU if not better. I worry about your well being on 1/4.

            Texas Hog

          • Will Fellowes says

            My post you quoted states
            M Simpson
            SOS SOS ok so starting with our OCC, you beat your cupcakes by 102 points 133 – 31. We beat our cupcakes by 127 points 161 -34. What is the average rating of those teams? One of our cupcakes is in a bowl, Ohio 43 -3 was the final score, they went 8-4. For Arky it was UTEP 58-21. they went 6-6.

            What does that tell us Michael, anything?
            My point is that it does not mean anything. They are meaningless unless you lose or any of those games were close.

            Where in there is A&M in that post – nowhere. If I was to compare your OOC A&M game I would have used Miami Fl. for comparison. If you add the points you will see that A&M and Miami are not in there. I compared your 3 cakes to our 3 cakes. Yes they are OOC games but they are not cupcakes. You can twist all you like. Worry about my well being. You really are off. Find one post of mine – one, where I said OSU will beat ARKY. Find one post of mine where I said they were not a good team, you can’t. You discredit yourself because you take statements from other post and respond as if they were posted by me. Ok lets see how you twist this one
            Oh and yes I typo allot. “OCC vs OOC”, you pointed that out. I am a disabled vet who never got the full use of left hand back. I did have to learn to walk and talk all over again. Sometimes you can still detect a slur in my speech, I notice anyway, most others do not. My IQ has been tested and is still very high, done by a doctor at Oberlin College. You really think a ffing football game will bother me.

          • Michael Simpson says

            A&M has three losses, to the 8th, 12th, and 14th ranked teams in the country. Yep, they’re a cupcake, all right .

          • Texas Hog says

            I give. Now I understand why you guys think Arkansas is a cupcake. We got two losses, to the #1 team, and the #1 teams in the country (Auburn & Alabama). OSU will simply dominate and Arkansas has not seen and is just flat not prepared for the likes of anything we will see by playing the Leaders Champ of the Big 10. I am surprise they will even televise the damn game ( I mean pig slaughter).

    • Michael Simpson says

      Mr. Fellowes:

      One thing it tells me is that Arkansas doesn’t run up the score against its cupcakes. One of yours went to a bowl? Two of ours did. Texas A&M held OU (the winner of the Big XII) to 3 points, and Nebraska to 6. They held us to 24. They’re ranked 17. UTEP is going to the New Mexico Bowl. That’s not a BCS bowl, but then again Eastern Michigan is no UTEP.

      Of course, we have cupcakes in our conference too; this year they were Vanderbilt and Mississippi. The difference between cupcakes in the SEC and in the Big Ten is that in the Big Ten, they’re ranked, like Penn State and Iowa were. (Actually, some of them are not ranked, like Minnesota.)

      • Texas Hog says

        Okay Michael, I will add Vanderbilt as a cupcake making it a total of 4; but I would not make Mississippi a cupcake so fast. They have Masoli at QB the one that has been herald as the the chosen one from Oregon that OSU has so proudly hailed their victory over LAST YEAR. They were told how great he was (and he was in Pac 10) and now in the SEC West he is in LAST place. Another cross conference indicator of how tough SEC is. Masoli and Mississippi is in last place in the SEC West. They lost to Auburn, Arkansas, LSU, Alabama, & Miss State. Then again what schools could claim they win 3 or more of those games? The more research I do, I may even start drinking some of the SEC kool aid :-)

      • Will Fellowes says

        OCC cupcakes we each have three. Miami is going bowling and they lost their coach, at 7-5 they play ND Although they are 7-5 they are not a cupcake school. We do not run up scores either but yes E Mich was so bad the backups scored 21 points in the forth. Had they not fumbled HYDE IIRC at the 3 yard line they would have scored 28 points.

        My point is that although SOS is relative it is not a good way to make a determination. We know Boise and TCU are for real as although they play 8 cupcakes they usually win those all by 50 points. If Arky played its schedule over again they could beat Bama, and Auburn, but maybe lose 3 others. OSU could beat Wisconsin and lose to Iowa and maybe even Illinois. Think for a minute at how well OSU has dominated the 10 in the last decade. We are so hated that teams in the big 10 could go 1 -11 and if they beat us they would be happy. Last year Beleima, “sos”, the Wisconsin coach openly said he hated OSU. Iowa spanked MSU 37-7, looked past NW again lost, then played OSU to the wire 20-17. They then lost to Minnesota who was 2-9. So try to understand that teams in the Big 10 who are mediocre will play like National contenders, way above their ability when they get a shot at OSU.

        • Michael Simpson says

          I agree with you that Iowa is mediocre; then why were they still ranked in November? Not because ESPN is having a lovefest with the SEC.

          • Will Fellowes says

            Iowa was 7-3 when they lost to OSU, they still had a shot at a B10 title. They fell out after losing to OSU they were not ranked when they lost to Minnesota. They had the potential to be a NT contender and blew it in the 100* desert game letting AZ come back with less than 2 minutes IIRC. They then lost to Wisconsin by 1 30-31 in the last minute. That was loss 2 then they set their sights on OSU and Persa got um again thats two years in a row. They still can salvage the season if they beat OSU at home, maybe share a B10 title maybe get a BCS bowl and they played very well but lost by 3. As emotionally drained as they were they thought they could glide by 2-9 Minnesota but lost by 3. They will show up for their bowl game and collect a check but Mizzou will play a 7-5 team who lost their best receiver and running back. A team that will perform more like a 4-8, team surely a cake walk for the tigers. North Western will also be down without Persa and will play more like a 2-10 team, easy for TT to get a win.

      • Will Fellowes says

        Why compare UTEP to E Mich – we played Ohio U and they finished 8-4. They got 7 first downs and a net 158 yards on OSU, they are bowl bound.

        We had substituted in the 3rd quarter against E Mich and the first team scored 42 points. The other 31 were scored by 2nd and 3rd team players. #3 back Hyde fumbled or it would have been 38 points in the 3rd and 4th quarter. After one pass to a tight end they ran the ball directly at them simple hand off runs. E Mich just could not stop them. These comparisons are worthless by everything you state OSU should lose by at least three scores. If Vegas odds makers were that stupid they would be sleeping with the fishes.

        Do you think OSU could beat anyone in the SEC besides Vanderbilt and Ole Miss. I bet you think those games would be close decided in the last minute. If OSU is as poor as you claim then if they do beat Arkansas what then. As you say we played 8 cupcakes 3 mediocre teams 1 good team in Wisconsin and we lost. If you are correct and really believe all that garbage then MSU beats Mich 50 to 7, Florida will beat Penn State 35 to 7, Bama should beat MSU 50 to 14 and Arkansas will beat OSU 42 – 17

        So if OSU beats Arkansas on Jan 4 what will it mean.
        The SEC superiority is a total myth.
        Add to that Wisconsin losing to TCU, and the Ducks beat Auburn.

  82. Gulfportcarl says

    All this strength of scedule talk is useless banter. Move on to something else if you have anything else you can talk about. Your waisting your time with that shit here, we here it all the time, but every year the Buckeyes are in a BCS bowl, and has won the majority of them.
    As far as the Buckeye-Wolverene rivalry being the best in college football you have to be a Ohio or Michigan native and acually been part of the games to understand. I forgive your ignorance.
    Someone made a comment about what is a name like Gulfport doing on a Buckeye blog. I you read my earlier posts I stated that I live in Florida and happen to live on the Gulf of Mexico in a small town called Gulfport, ounce again I forgive you ignorance.
    You hog fans come on our blog and drop your useless SEC bullshit, we have heard it al before. Do you know anything else? You talk about things you have no knowlege of just to fill a post, once again I forgive your ignoramce. One thing I have come to realize over the last couple weeks is that hog fans are ignorant got a bad case of it. I suggest you all soak the buckeye nuts in water where hopefully they will soften, put them in a blender with your favorite moonshine and make sure you blend them up real fine and have a glass before you go to bed. It will be the best high you ever had.
    Now go take your SEC bullshit somewhere else and maybee you will find someone who cares.

    • Michael Simpson says

      And I forgive Gulfportcarl’s ignorance in misspelling three words in one sentence. I forgive Gulfportcarl’s ignorance in not knowing what a comma splice is. I assumed he was a graduate of OSU.

    • Brian says

      WOW. Really intellegent, as a pretty neutral fan, i must say that i have lost the respect for the Buckeyes and the conference they are in. tOSU fans think that they will win on Jan 4 due to tradition. Well look at OU sooners which have much more tradition than Ark or OSU will ever dream of and theyve been dominated in the latest BCS bowls. Due to the latest posts i’ve been reading, i really hope mallet owns the buckeyes due to the common misconception that ignorance is only in the south. OSU will choke!!! Pryor is no cam newton and wouldn’t be the best in any system due to the fact that he can’t throw the football. Look at the stats. There is a reason that he’s easily the most overrated player in the country. The OSU offensive line are good (in that conference) but are much to small for any other than whatever the Big Ten can scrape together. Next year Nebraska will bring some respect to that conference but then will dominate showing what a real football team looks like.

  83. says

    Gulfport seems a little pissy doesn’t he? I wonder why he takes things so personally? What did he expect?
    Strength of shedule means everything, weather you choose to here it or not.
    It means more than national rankings and it means more than inflated statistics that suggest you are truly rank #4 nationally in defensive statistics. Well, guess what? You could take Bama or LSU, give them your exact same schedule and don’t be suprised when they both land in front of you at #1 and #2 defensively.
    On the flip side, give OSU Bama’s schedule (with 6 opponents getting a bye week before hand by the way) and see what happens.
    No, this isn’t last years or this years Oregon Duck schedule. This is a real (you better have some balls buddy) schedule.

    Maybe we all should have come here with the attitude of just bowing to the great Ohio St. Buckeye program on one knee with hand against chest, throwing rose pedals in the air as these majestic and proud fans walk by and christen us by dropping buck nuts at our feet. Ahh, such greatness at hand people.

    I’m out. I’ve seen better intellectual arguments from opposing fans on an Ole Miss website. This was terrible.

    GO HOGS GO, BABY!!!!!

    • Texas Hog says


      I just talked with the Geico Psychiatrist about Gulfportcarl. He says let it ride, some people just can’t handle the truth and prefer denial versus having to hear it. When we think we are providing them relevant information, the reality is they already know it, but are truly sick of hearing. We are inadvertently pouring salt on old wounds. I think after the game if Hogs lose we can safely come back say congratulations. Much like Tom the Quacking Duck. But when Hogs win, if we come back all hell would break loose. We would again be called arrogant SOB’s, when the reality I am about as genuine as genuine gets. Lets give Gulfportcarl his ball back so he can stop crying. He has started to sound like the Geico pig whining all the way home.

      Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooo Pig Soooie,
      Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooo Pig Soooie,
      Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooo Pig Soooie

    • Tony in Beavertown says

      Gonzo Hog ……. I can’t wait untill Oregon opens a can of whupazz on your SEC “champion” Auburn team.

      • Texas Hog says


        I think until I had seen these elitist thinking OSU bloggers, I would have been pulling for the Quacking Ducks myself. They force their arguments over SEC and not think about the schools themselves. Now, I just want an SEC top brass Sweep so the rhetoric can stop.

        Auburn beats Oregon
        Arkansas beats OSU
        Alabama beats Michigan State
        & TCU beat Wisconsin is all I want for Christmas.

        The above is all doable and will not surprise too many in the rest of the 50 states.

        • Tony in Beavertown says

          Spoken like a true SEC fan …… mabey you should just be happy to get “two front teeth” for christmas. My Ducks are underdogs and the SEC is suppose to win that game. I look forward to the upset.

          Truth be told …… Ducks had a very hard time against Pryor last year. (no offense tOSU) Newton is a better version than Pryor and it will be a big test for Oregon. My prediction is Oregon, tOSU, Wisconsin are all winners. I’ll give you one out of four.

          • says

            I love how the troll you guys had from last year comes out in your defense just because he’s scared of Cam Newton and the SEC. Last year you guys had trouble with Pryor. This year you’ll have trouble with Cam.

            Listen I have no love for Auburn (I just want Auburn to win for the money the conference gets, and I love the SEC streak(not OSU’s O-9), but the 6-0 in the National Championship game), but I hope they stomp you into the ground. I also want TCU to hang 70 on Wisconsin because I know what their fans are like after the Capital One bowl in 07.

            tOSU beats you in a bowl game last year, and now you’re their biggest fan? Where’s your pride?

          • Tony in Beavertown says

            Robert…… I have to respect the last team that has been able to beat us. We haven’t lost since the Rose Bowl last year (bet you wish you could be saying that). It is funny how our old thug of a QB Masoli was kicked off a PAC10 team for stealing a fellow students laptop …. smoking some MJ ….. and other thug activities. Somehow he was accepted into the great SEC. It was equally funny to watch Ole Miss play Auburn (nicknamed: stolen laptop bowl) ….. didn’t newton get kicked out of Florida for stealing a fellow students laptop too? Whats up with the SEC and thugs??? I think it is pretty obvious that the SEC only cares about talent and really doesn’t care about the moral character of their players.

            Am I tOSU’s biggest fan? I guess when they are playing a SEC school …. maybe I am. I would probably root for them if they were playing against USC as well. I would highly recommend that you don’t drink during the Sugar Bowl …. I would hate to see you take your frusterations out on your family.

            Personally…..I have to give tOSU the credit for getting the Ducks to the Rose Bowl. Without that loss ….. we would not be in Glendale.

          • says

            Listen, I’ve never smoked crack, but it seems like you are really enjoying yourself, so maybe I should start…

            But seriously, you’re referencing 2 ridiculous playing situations. Both times when the NCAA approved those players I couldn’t believe it, especially when they take a standup guy like Mallett and keep him out for a year (glad they did because even with Mallett we would’ve sucked in ’08… it being a team sport and all), but they let money grubbing thugs play it just sickens me.

            Interesting masoli stats. Comparing last year at Oregon and this year at Ole Miss — 1 less yard per carry and 7 less rushing TDs on the same number of carries… SEC Defense is down, but still better than PAC-10 unless you count that Ole Miss sucks and Houston doesn’t really know how to coach, just how to motivate.

            “I would hate to see you take your frusterations out on your family.”

            No class man, I don’t know what you’re trying to imply, but there isn’t really a chance at it being anything good. I have class, and if I drink it’s to have a good time, and sporting events don’t translate into wife beatings, that only happens if SHE says something wrong.

            “Personally…..I have to give tOSU the credit for getting the Ducks to the Rose Bowl. Without that loss ….. we would not be in Glendale.”

            That’s a pretty ludicrous statement… Just go back and read it….

          • Tony in Beavertown says

            “Personally…..I have to give tOSU the credit for getting the Ducks to the Rose Bowl. Without that loss ….. we would not be in Glendale.”

            Sorry …. my editor stepped out for a moment and didn’t catch this. tOSU beating the Ducks last year is a big reason why they are in the NC this year. And will be a big reason why they will win it. The Ducks returned almost all of their players from the Rose Bowl loss. They got caught up in all of the hoopla of the Rose Bowl and were not focused on the game. This year has been completely different. They now know what it is like to get to the big game …… but not finish. I don’t believe that this same group will repeat the same mistake twice. They will be prepared to play and finish the season. Don’t get me wrong ….. I think Arkansas is a very good football team and I was rooting for you guys to win the shootout in Auburn. That was an incredible game. But, I think the Hogs are going to do exactly what the Ducks did last year …. lose focus. I think that they will get caught up with all of the distractions that the Sugar Bowl has to offer. Hogs had a great regular season this year …. but this is the post season and experience matters.

          • says

            I just had to give you crap haha.

            I understood what you were trying to say. I don’t think the hogs have the luxury to get distracted in this bowl game.

            Interesting Stat:
            Of the 42 BCS bowl teams, first time teams are 22-20.

            Of the 25 teams that have had multiple BCS births, those teams are 16-9.

            We want to be back in BCS bowl games… looks better for us if we win, plus I don’t want to rely on LSU and and Alabama to have down years for us to get back to the BCS next year. While we expect to compete, Alabama showed just how hard it is to repeat in the SEC.

  84. Gulfportcarl says

    Gonzo,what kind of name is that? Lets end this strength of schedule crap it’s your only argument.The BCS took strength of schedule out of the ranking system for a few years until pissy teams from SEC complained and got it put back in. Boise State has a shitty strength of schedule, but when they play top D1 teams they win. Shows one case of strength of schedule meaning nothing.
    Before the BCS strength of schedule was never talked about. It is the most over rated statistic there is and has no place in the BCS ranking formula. I remember when Bear Bryant was winning all his games and championships half their games were against second rate teams. Unless you can talk about something other tan strength of schedule don’t bother us. I don’t care who Arkansas played only how will they play in the Sugar Bowl and that’s something you have no answer for.
    I have watched Arkansas this year and they played some good games. I also watched them play poor games and really sucked. If you only knew which Arkansas team will show up in the Sugar bowl that’s the big question. You can talk strength of schedule all you want, but it will not help you win or lose the Sugar bowl. You should be more worred about battle tested Ohio State if I were you.
    I have been a Buckeye fan for 52 years and have seen it all the good and the bad. that’s why your arguments mean nothing to me. That’s why I get pissy when a want to be team finally makes it and I have to listen to all their crap. Next year the Buckeyes will be back in a BCS game. Where will Arkansas be? Michael Simpson kiss my ass.

    • Tony in Beavertown says

      Golfcartcarl …… I have to agree with the Hog here. Strength of schedule is important in evaluating teams. Unfortuantely a team in SEC can lose 3 games and still be in the top 25. Some of their team rankings are a joke ….. but it gives them the ability to say that they played 8 ranked teams this year.

      Whoop di doo little piggy.

      Carl ….. I believe you said something similar to me last year: “Next year the Buckeyes will be back in a BCS game. Where will Arkansas be?” ……. You know the answer to that now.


      • Will Fellowes says

        I bet up tempo works better this year than it did last year. This is a big game for Oregon, the beginning of Oregon’s chance a building a dynasty. A rose bowl and now the big tamale, either way Oregon is a winner. Even if they lose they are poised to do more. Losing to OSU did not hurt that program recruiting was good. Auburb ob the other hand reputation further filthy. Chip was smart to dump Mazola and sent him to the light fingered laptop league. I think the Dirty Dozen is on their way out. The Pac 12 is on their way back. USC, Oregon, Stanford, ‘if they can keep Harbaugh’. I just wonder how the Big 12 fairs in the next few years.

  85. Gulfportcarl says

    Tony, I must admit that Oregon was a surprise this year. We had this same conversation last year about strength of schedule. What good it it do Oregon lasst year in the Rose Bowl. You know i’m a homer so do think i’m going to change my mind this year.
    IfI can find a Oregan shirt in Florida i’m going to buy it and wear it when you play Auburn. Kick Auburns and Cam the scams ass.
    Cheers’s my friend, have a great Holiday season.

    • Tony in Beavertown says

      That is why you are so gullible…… You need to have a few “street smarts” to recognize the frauds.

      • GirlHog says

        Tony, thugs are “street smart”. Does that describe you? I don’t fit in the thug or “gullible” categories. You might be a little knowledgeable about OSU, but you don’t qualify to call the Razorbacks a fraud (if that is to whom you were referring).

        • Tony in Beavertown says

          GirlHog ….. I have met many of “thugs” in my time that were not street smart. You said, “It takes a fraud to know a fraud”. If you actually believe what you write …. you are gullible. Many people can spot a fraud a mile away and stay away from that person. The way I read your comment ….. is that you wouldn’t be able to identify frauds …. because you yourself are not one. Regardless, I think the SEC os over rated and overhyped. The SEC gets an automatic BCS/National title bid every year because most of the teams in the SEC are ranked. During the course of the season you can have 3 teams ranked in the top 10 …. or 6-7 teams in the top 25. This results in the BCS computer scores being tilted in the SEC’s favor of getting a shot at the title. So,my comment stands ….. I hope that this is the year that the SEC is exposed as a fraud. Thats not to say that the SEC is a bad conference …. but you shouldn’t be getting the rankings that you are. Case in point…. Look at how much discussion on this blog has been directed at strength of schedule. The Hog fans are backing up their talk with how many ranked teams they have faced. Again, I think the SEC is overrated and overhyped.

          • GirlHog says

            There are 10 SEC teams in bowl games. What will constitute the SEC being exposed as a fraud? If all the SEC teams lose their bowl games, or if some of the SEC teams lose their games?? Or are you talking only about Auburn and Arkansas losing their games? Now, if that exposes frauds, what if Arkansas beats OSU? Does that mean that the Big 10 is a fraud and shouldn’t be in a BCS bowl almost every yeat? If Auburn beats Oregon, does that mean the Pac-10 is a fraud? Maybe I’m missing the point, Tony. Are you just so tired of hearing about the SEC? I understand. If I wasn’t in that conference, I would feel the same way…..slighted. The media can really push for the teams/conferences that they like. Believe me, Arkansas has been on the short end of that stick many times by ESPN. But there has got to be some justification for the title of Best Conference. They surely didn’t just pull it out of the air. Whatever, it is what it is. As you and your friends have said many times on this blog, OSU owns the record number of times of being in a BCS bowl. They haven’t won all those games, either. What now?

  86. The People's Buckeye says

    Rankings and records are ambiguous. Strength of schedule doesn’t matter to me so much as trying to find a comparable opponent in a one-on-one matchup. SOS is more for figuring who has a better claim to be playing for it all.

    For instance, before Ohio State kicked off against Oregon in the Rose Bowl last year, they had victories against four ten win teams. I didn’t sit there at the golf course outside the stadium and say, “Hey, looky here, we beat tougher teams than what Oregon had to face.” No. I looked at Oregon’s zone-read offense, looked at how we handled Michigan’s and Illinois’ version of the offense… average score of those two teams last year was a whopping 5 points. Oregon had better personnel, but regardless, it gave me confidence seeing how we handled it then compared to seeing it for the first time against Illinois in 2007. The team had come a long way in three years, that was enough.

    I understand what you’re saying, but those top four teams in the SEC aren’t all run-heavy-power zone blocking schemes either. You don’t know for sure who’s going to win until the game is played. Hate to sound like Herm, but that’s the truth.

    If beating as many ten win teams makes you happy, by all means, be happy. I’m happy for you. Doesn’t equate to any indication though that Ohio State is inferior because teams didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. We were 11-1 against the spread this year and I’m fine with that, we won like we were expected to all but one time where we had one really tough first quarter.

    And the name is a parody of “The People’s Champion.” It’s suppose to be an extension of my ego-maniacal and narcissistic personality. I don’t think that’s shining through though.

  87. says


    I tend to avoid the computer over the weekend and haven’t kept up with the comments. From what I can see, it’s getting a little testy around here. Without reading everything, looks like lots of the argument is coming down to strength of schedule (SOS).

    Here’s my final thoughts on SOS.

    You have to understand that those of us outside of the SEC are all more than a little tired of hearing SEC fans talk about SOS. It is an issue when deciding who gets to play in the bowl games. For Ohio State at least, I don’t believe it is an issue when it comes to actually playing the bowl games. The Buckeyes, especially this group of them, have played enough big games on the national stage and have seen enough bowl games to play that it doesn’t make a difference.

    At this point, strength of schedule only matters if you think that either Ohio State or Wisconsin don’t belong in a BCS game or Michigan State shouldn’t be playing in the Capital One Bowl.

    So, for the sake of argument (and don’t think for a minute I wasn’t spurring discussion earlier…it is my site remember), I’ll give you that Arkansas has played a tougher schedule.

    Shout it from the hill tops folks. I just said that Arkansas has played a tougher schedule.

    If you think that’s enough for Arkansas to beat Ohio State in a bowl game, power to you.

    And for the record, I would love to see Ohio State play Auburn or Alabama or both–regular season or bowl game. I have complete confidence in both games. Problem as we have it now, and I hate to say this Arkansas as you guys bring a good team to the table, even if we win the Sugar Bowl, we will still be forced to hear that our SOS wasn’t good enough and a possible No. 3 finish will have a question mark next to it for many.

    As the host here, sorry if it’s gotten testy or personal. This is a sports forum and you’ve got to admit, considering we’ve got 230+ comments up here now, we’ve done a pretty good job at keeping it civil.

    • Will Fellowes says

      I to would love to see some regular season games against SEC. Maybe a independent firm should do the schedules. Never the less adding Nebraska. “my hope from day one” and adding a championship game should improve the B10′s competitiveness. I still wish that the Mich game would be random just like all others.

  88. dj says

    Please Arkansas is going to wax Ohio State,unless the DB Can line up invisible our wideouts will get open. Our offensive line which no one talks about has one of the best Lineman in the nation. Demarcus Love has faced Marcel Darius,Nick Fairley,Terrance Cody,etc. He has faired well. Plus our FB 6-2 266 Van Stumon is a beast at picking up blitz,he has leveled Defensive Ends,Cornerbacks,and interior lineman all season. Our Offensive line hasnt given up many sack the last 6 games. Ohio State has faced great defensive teams from the SEC in BCS Games,this is the Best Offensive Team out of the SEC They have ever faced. Arkansas has a track team at wide receiver. They will burn the Ohio State secondary on slants and screens all night. The yards after the catch is phenomenol. Arkansas’ wide receivers have the ability to make you miss in open field and these guys are veterans. They run great routes. Our offense its one of those Cute Spread offensive teams like Oregan with the sign/signals for show. We run a prostyle offense,and we can line up and run at you. We have a physical team both sides of the ball,our defense will sack Pryor cause his damage is done when plays break down. Arkansas has faced the best mobile OB (Cam Newton) Pryor isn’t on his level,plus when we force Ohio State to pass,pryor will get picked off,i can see that happening,cause he sucks in a short passing game. The Play action will not fool Arkansas.

  89. dj says

    Also since some Ohio State Fans are on a who is Arkansas,etc. We beat the same LSU Team last game of the year in Death Valley the same year you lost to them 38-24. Matter of fact we have beaten them 3 out of the last 4 years. They beat us 33-30 in overtime last season. And also in 2006 when Florida Thumped you 41-14 Arkansas was West Division Champs and Florida came from behind trailing in the 4th Quarter 24-21 Arkansas had stop them 2 series in a row. Our back-up return man muffed a punt inside the 5 yard line,that cost us the game. We could have very well played Ohio State then. Yeah what does it matter? The Razorbacks arent push overs,i seriously hope the players dont go into the game with the same amount of over confidence and arrogance as the national media and Ohio State Fans. They dissed Ryan Mallet the Only FBS /BCS QB to throw for 300+ yards in 9 games and did it against 5 ranked opponents! If Kellen Moore and Andrew Luck were in the SEC i serious doubt that would have happen.

  90. Dave Smith says

    Oh dj,
    Right after I get done complimenting the Hog fans for their intelligent and realistic conversations you gotta come in here and blow it for them.
    Nobody has been acting like Arkansas is a nobody. We know Arkansas is a solid program with a solid history. We are used to elite programs playing at an elite level.

    Two things I would like to point out.

    1. If you think you can line up in a pro set and “run right at us”, it will be a long night for your hogs. For your sake, lets hope the coaching staff has a more reasonable approach or the game will get ugly.

    2. Yes, you have faced Cam Newton.. but you didn’t beat him. As has been discussed, losing to good teams does not make you a better team, it exposes your weakness against a mobile quarterback.

    You do provide a glimmer of correct thinking in that the short passing game may be your best option. Slants and Screens tends to slow down and sometimes torch an agressive defense. If the buckeyes defense desn’t practice sound tackling, then this sort of offense probably has a chance to succeed.

    I don’t hear anybody in the media talking like Arkansas doesn’t have a chance..
    I believe you may be suffering from a lack of true confidence in your program.

    Good luck to your Hogs.

    GO BUCKS!!

  91. APPLE IMAC says

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  92. Dj says

    I guess this is the quiet before the storm,all the talk about the SEC’ and competition the big 10 elite did a great job against the 4th,5th & 7th place SEC. And Wow TCU,lol. I guess that SEC speed is a myth. Word is the New Orleans police has put out a warning of hogs running wild Tuesday.

    • Brian says

      Hell Yeah Dj!!!! Keep posting. I was neutral and now I’m all about the hogs. WOOOOO PIG SSOOOOOOIIIIEEEE!!!!! The big ten just showed that talk is all that they can pretty much do at this point because as long as they play football against the south (where football is KING) then the end results will be the same. Sugar Bowl should be a great game but i believe the hogs have it all the way.

  93. Will Fellowes says

    The interception of Penn State, the failure to kick a field goal in the Rose Bowl, and Michigan’s failure to be a team are no more related to speed than the three SEC losses the day before. Now many may debate it was FSU speed that did in SC but I am not so sure. All Buckeye fans knew Michigan State was not for real after 7-5 Iowa beat them, 37 – 7. I stated SC was in previous post. When Northwestern lost Persa we knew they were doomed but they had 7 wins before Persa he was injured, after he left they lost every game, Persa was as important to NW as Scam is to Auburn. We also knew that 7-5 Iowa was for real and although they lost two key players they beat 10-2 Missouri. We also knew that Illinois was a good team but much like the weather, and it was bad weather for Baylor. I predicted 2 – 6 but no more than 4 – 8 for the big 10

  94. Dj says

    So your basically saying a 7-5 Iowa team is the best the The Big 10 has to Offer? If you discredit how good the conference/teams are that futher proves my point. It was some historic bowl loses by a couple of those teams today. 1-5 is better then 3-3 I guess,and some very bad SEC. Teams lost close games,not embrassing blowouts. That was awful what a saw today from Teams that arent the best Offensive SEC teams Auburn/Arkansas. The Razorbacks are missing the #1 tailback Dennis Johnson & Top Receiver Greg Childs goin into the game,however were still loaded. And the speed of the game isnt a myth. our defense is a speed defense that disrupts. We will make plays,Arkansas’ will bilitz all night,Pryor will be forced to beat us passing.

  95. Texas Hog says

    Will, Will, Will. C’mon man….

    The missed extra point by Tennessee….
    The Stephen Garcia meltdowns on multiple interceptions…

    Justifying why a lost is the same as rationalizing a win. What has made this blog more interestng than most is the resentment and frustration directed at some of the points chosen buy some to simply rationlize their belief at to outcomes.

    You speak of Northwestern as if a victory would have been important? If they had pulled out the victory I do not think it would have proved anything one way or the other. Same goes for Illinois win. A great win by the way.

    But with focus on the Big 10 three games against SEC teams. If speed was not a factor, why do you think the SEC teams were victorious?

    For the record, I thought Florida would win a close one, MSU would pull out a slug fest with Michigan and Alabama would rout. I still maintain my prediction of Arkansas 38 OSU 24.

    • Will Fellowes says

      You said in one post to be a educated man. Ok I will take you at your word.
      So what does speed have to do with Tennessee missing a extra point ?
      Wisconsin missing a field goal ?
      Garcia had a melt down ? Mental, or was there lead in his shoes ? Is that a excuse. They are pretenders just as MSU except they got a weaker team in FSU then MSU pulled in playing Bama
      If your quote
      ” Justifying why a lost is the same as rationalizing a win.”
      Ok – then why insist it was speed. When friction or lack there of was more likely to be the reason.
      Your Quote
      You speak of Northwestern as if a victory would have been important?
      What ? They were one of the 8 B 10 teams in a bowl game. I did say they did not belong in a bowl. They guy who got them there was not there, and even with him they are not a very good team.

      I have not made on predictions on these blogs about final scores on these games, that I can remember, find one. On one blog I said that the match ups this year did not look good for the B10 and 2-6 was likely. That we would be blessed to finish 4-4.

      Maybe this will help you to understand. I did not have to have the fastest car, and often did not , to win the race, all I had to do was finish the race in first place.

      I knew MSU was a joke as I watched how many of their games they won ended. You do not get beat by a 7-5 team 37-7 and claim to be a very good team. Iowa was and is a better team at 7-5, and if MSU played their season over they would more than likely be 6-6. Its unfortunate that they did not play OSU to show the 37-7 loss to Iowa was not a fluke. Lou Holtz said it best. MSU had a great year they are not a great team.

      From now on quote from my post – one point at a time.

      • Texas Hog says


        I believe you to be a Marine; so I have respect for you for multiple reasons outside the world of sports. If I ever have the chance to get cover your back, I would be first man up. So take what I say in jest; and in the name of sports banter.

        With that said, when I joined this blog, I felt I was educated. Maybe I took the A’s & B’s I made in pursuit of my BSIE & MBA too literally. If you do decide to take my word, I can promise you that my word is equal to or better than that of Pryor’s :-)

        Speed did not seemingly come into play on the specific plays that you referenced. But if you read my post a little closely, you would have noticed that I said “with focus on the Big 10 three games against SEC teams. If speed was not a factor, why do you think the SEC teams were victorious?”

        You did not answer that question. I did not say speed is why they won, but it was a FACTOR. I could also say power was a factor. See Ingram bulldozing over DB’s. Newton bulldozed over Hogs DB’s and Ingram pretty much did the same so I am not saying in only against Big 10. I think the speed references come out of SEC teams that are powerhouses because no one ever uses speed to beat them. That does not mean no other teams have speed, but it is rarely seen as a factor on plays against a good SEC opponent. Indy Colts are good speed team, and sometimes they are run over; but no one evers beats them at the game of speed. MacFadden and Felex Jones went beyond speed. Those cats had acceleration and they could pull away from some that had speed; but no power to bring them down. Knile Davis is learning to run like that, power and speed.

        BTW, I think if the bio stats are correct, Arkansas lineman are bigger than those of OSU? In that particular game we may be talking size and speed. I think that it is safe to say OSU has speed. It is relative; but when you look at the strenght of their opponents (SOS) it is logical to assume they are faster than all those around them that they have played against. Arkansas should at least match their speed.

        I agree with everything else you say. Can we agree to kill the Iowa, Illinois, Tennesee, Baylor, Georgia and Northwestern talk? You are free to continue to bash South Carolina, they are the Big 10′s Michigan State so far. When you self destruct as they did, they are good example of why speed kills :-) But just do not forget they were not an elite SEC team this year, they were #5 in the SEC.

        • Will Fellowes says

          25th Infantry, and no I would take Bauserman over TP in a fox hole.

          Lets try something
          If Auburn was to lose Cam and Oregon lost Thomas, who would you pick to win the NC and why

          • Texas Hog says


            My first question would be who is Thomas? Now I am no doubting Thomas but James is primary threat I have seen from Oregon. Granted; I have never seen them play live, way pass my curfew :-) Where is that damn Duck? I hope I did not ruffle his feathers. We watch the Oregon Duck in the commercials all the time. My daughter loves that Duck. It would make a great halloween costume but I digress.

            Let me say if Scam does does not play, Auburn does not stand too much of a chance. You make it difficult to analyze if both QB’s go out? With that said if they both were out, I would recall my bet and stay away from picking the game.

            I do think that Auburn loses more in that situation, and if I were forced to pick at direct order, gun point per se, I may go with Oregon because of James. I think it would be easier for Oregon QB#2 to get the ball in James hand for Auburn QB#2 run the complex offense of Malzaln replicating Scammy boy.


            I was in OCS in Newport Rhode Island on track to be a Surface Warfare officer. I never accepted my commision and went own to work in my major.

          • Will Fellowes says

            Well I do differ that Oregon QB is very important. The team is better because he is a bit quicker and smarter than Masoli. Ok do you know how many other RB’s Oregon has.

            Ok Scam & James are out – now who do yo think wins and why

          • Texas Hog says

            OK, I take it that D. Thomas must not be a felon :-) That is real good for Oregon. Mississippi taking Masoli was a disgrace and to me at the same level of OSU appeasing T. Pryor. I will let that TAT 5 slide as long as do come back and sit out games next year. However, based of what I have been hearing; not sure the public perception will play out the same way. Tressel is taking a image beating due to TP. That cannot be a good situation.

            But to your question; with Scam and James out, Oregon wins and here is why.

            Not sure how many running backs Oregon has but it is only 3 that are relevant. James, Barter & Alston. Wth James out, I think the #1 Offense (Oregon) will still be able to tick with Barner & Alston using a running by committee approach. Oregon issues will be trying to run against a very tough Auburn run defense. Passing is how you attack Auburn, so given that D. Thomas will be playing I see Oregon balancing pass run and getting 30 points. At the same time, with no Scam Auburn’s offense will take a big hit. Scam is most of their production. Oregon’s defense is too good and disciplined for a novice Auburn QB to step in and be effective. In your hypothtical, I say Oregon 30 Auburn 21. ( Tony the damn Duck gets to quack for a whole year)

            In real, I see Auburn 37 Oregon 33; but like the OSU Arkansas game, this is a good matchup game and both teams are capable of winning.

            Now for my pipe dream. I would like to see Arkansas win against all of the Tattoo Bandits, and Auburn win NC in a blow out. Shortly after the NC game a revelation comes out with proof that Scam was aware and that his parents took money from Auburn. So they force Auburn to forfeit all of their games. Oregon is too embarrass to try to claim the title. But Razorback Nation stake a claim and argue that we would have been in NC game had it not been for the Auburn lost. With the win over OSU and all of the other bowl results, Arkansas is voted #1 over TCU due to SOS.

          • Texas Hog says

            This is easy.

            With Mallett & the Bandit, Arkansas wins 35 -13

            OSU #2 QB Bauserman is capable; but Tressel obviously has no confidence in him. If he did the Bandit would be out of the game for real. The drop off would be huge as Bauserman will lack the Bandit’s ability to make plays on the fly. I am sure that Tressel will scale down the plays to suit Basuerman’s skills. The Arkansas defense has a relentless pass rush and they will be able to Tee off Bauserman. It will be easier for Arkansas to stop Boom because there will be no lateral or downfield threat. On the other side of the ball, Tyler Wilson will step in for Arkansas. He is proven and Petrino has already showed that he will allow Tyler to run the same office. Please see the Auburn game and Tyler’s stats. He actually brought Arkansas back agianst Auburn. It wasn’t until late in the 4th quarter that we had two horrible calls by the refs that went aginst us. Both of those bad calls resulted in 7 points for Auburn and the game got away from us. Point is that kid played 3 quarters against #1 Auburn on the road. He was so good that some Hogs fans irresponsibly were calling for Petrino to start Wilson. With the two losses back then to Auburn & Alabama; fans were getting restless. Arkansas has not lost since. But they found Knile Davis and since he is still playing, he will continue to be effective. If OSU attempts to Tee off on Wilson, Wilson will make those Mallett like throws. It highlights a point that is often unnoticed or not stated by the media. The Razorbacks receivers are one of the best corp if not the best corp in the nation. They will get open and they usually are wide open; so Tyler and Hogs will not miss a beat.

            For the record if Mallett and the Bandit plays, Arkansas still wins. Arkansas 38 OSU 24.

          • Will Fellowes says

            Wow the difference between TP and Bauserman is 11 points.
            Except after the first series he replaced Bauserman with with Guiton

            But with focus on the Big 10 three games against SEC teams. If speed was not a factor, why do you think the SEC teams were victorious?

            I say for the reasons you stated in the Oregon win and the Arkansas win. When all is factored its not the speed but the ability of the TEAMS

          • Will Fellowes says

            Wow the difference between TP and Bauserman is 11 points.
            Except after the first series he replaced Bauserman with with Guiton

            But with focus on the Big 10 three games against SEC teams. If speed was not a factor, why do you think the SEC teams were victorious?

            I say for the reasons you stated in the Oregon win and the Arkansas win. When all is factored its not the speed but the ability of the TEAMS. The best team in the B10 will be decided on the 4th. My guess is OSU, WU, IU. MSU was a fluke and most of us including Holtz have known since Iowa. I knew when it took a trick play to beat ND.

            Oh and Guiton beat Pryor in the spring game

          • Tony the Quacking Duck says

            Will ….. 3rd Mar Div/2nd Mar Div RSU ……Semper Fi my Brother.

            Texas Hog ….. I see you are smoking on the hooka again. Because Arkansas grabbing a piece of the NC is more like a “crack pipe dream”.

            TCU was very impressive against Wisconsin on Saturday night ….. they are good enough to be in the NC conversation and this game was just one more reason to have a playoff system to determine a champion. I will say that we don’t have anyone to back up Darren Thomas if he goes down for Oregon. Our #2 QB is out for the season …… so, it wouldn’t be a pretty picture. Darren has been forced to “play it safe” over the last 4 -5 games and has not used his running game for fear of getting injured. I am sure that this was a coaches decision. With that said …… I certaintly hope Oregon takes a page out of the tOSU playbook and unleashes this kid in the NC game. Everything is on the line and there are no guarantees that we will be back here any time soon. It is time to just let it all hang out there.

            I am not really surprised by the dismantling of the Big10 by the SEC this past weekend. The SEC was favored (ranked higher) in all but one of those games. With the lone upset coming from the defending champs of Alabama. No real surprises here. Overall …… tough weekend for the Big10.

            Now my SOS rant …… Oregon is the first team in BCS history to lose the #1 ranking without losing a game. We are coming into the game as an “underdog” against the best team in the “best conference”. Good … bring it on. The only way Auburn will be able to keep up with Oregon in the second half is to feign an injury. Almost every team in the first 3/4 of the season used this tactic against Oregon. Finally the Pac10 commish stepped to the plate put a stop to it and suspended the defense coach of CAL for unsportsman like conduct. Lets see how often Auburn players fall to the ground because of a “feigned cramp”. This game won’t be won on the offensive side of the ball ….. both teams can score at will. This game will be won with defense. With Auburn ranking #48 and Oregon at #14 ….. I love our chances.

  96. Dj says

    The speed argument isnt lining up the fastest players for a 40 yard dash. The speed of the game,agility & quickness. Alot of the plays take to long to develop in the prostyle offense alot of big ten teams run. TCU was a fast defense like Arkansas except the Razorbacks are bigger and fast. When u have ends & tackles that run 4.6 4.7 as well as 4.4 4.5 range linebackers thats speed. Not a myth. Plus Wisconsin is a power team,Arkansas has offensive players starting running 4.3,4.4 or better. We lead the nation in scoring plays of 25 yards or more. And we didnt do it against cupcakes. Arkansas will score and maybe score often,and were not Oregon with the cute spread and fancy signs on the sideline. We run spread,and prostyle. We will line up to create match up problems for Ohio States LB’s our short passes will do alot of damage. Shell shocked will be the word following this one. I wonder if the odds maker knew if Illnois offensive coordinator Paul Petrino is Bobby Petrino’s brother. Lol I believe he could discuss some things that may work considering they lost to The Ohio State 21 to 13 I believe,anyway. I just think the argument and excuses will end Tuesday. Stop talkin about your conference members arent this or that. It simply explains or argument u guys havent played anyone your defense is good but the numbers are against teams that arent on a SEC team caliber weekly. #69 strength of schedule when Arkansas’ had the #6. Man I cnt wait. Good luck to both teams.

  97. Gulfportcarl says

    I just got a flash from the Big Twelve, Their site said Arkansas is considering joining the Big
    Twelve because the will never win the SEC. Is there any truth to that?

  98. Texas Hog says


    You are good… You happen to hit a topic that I feel that I hav insight on. Not to mention one that is sore and personal to me. You know how you guys hate the SOS references and SEC idolizing. I and others are same way on the Big 12 brass thinking of Arkansas as a puppet they can use as their leisure. Sure Arkansas would have to listen at any offer that is brought to their attention. It would be irresponsibility not to do so. With that said; the Big 12 is in disarray right now. Nebraska got sick of Texas. I don’t blame them. Talk about arrogance, go to Austin. Colorado jumped off a sinking ship and got on a cruiser in Pac 10. Texas REFUSE to accept TCU in their mix. They would not let it happen. Now that TCU is gone to the Big East. The new Big 10 ( Texas version) stilled called Big 12 need two members. They would love to have Arkansas and LSU truth be told. While I think both schools will listen; it will never happen and here is why.

    Arkansas bolted the SWC because Frank Broyles learned of SWC Big 8 merger plans that did not include Arkansas. SWC wanted 5 more with a total of 12, OU, OSU, Nebraska, Missouri & Colorado. It was a Texas driven plan. Texas’s attitude was that Arkansas was only able to compete in SWC because we were able to recruit in Texas. Kicking us out gave them more recruits and less headaches because we always managed to beat them when it hurted the most.
    Fact is, Texas was wrong. Arkansas largest alumni base outside of Little Rock, AR is in Dallas Texas. Razorbacks play home games every year in Football and Basketball in Dallas, Texas Mark Cubans place and Jerry Jones’s place. Being a Razorback fan in Dallas is like being a Buckeye in Cleveland or Cincinnati. I equate Columbus to Little Rock. We still recruit heavily in Texas and we have the SEC Conference to sale against all of the current Big 12 schools. For the first time that I can ever remember; Arkansas has a top 5 recruiting class in Football. That is usually reserved for Notre Dame, OSU, Texas, Florida etc. If we beat The Ohio State University, it will catapult the program to a whole new level.

    Contrary to what you may think, Arkansas has been in the SEC Championship game more than any other SEC West team. But we have never won which has been the problem. With Petrino; our time is coming. However, with bad officiating against Arkansas like the Florida game last year and the Auburn game this year there are some Razorback brass that begin to openly question motive of SEC office down in Birmingham. Had LSU mysteriously got the nod to go to Sugar Bowl over Arkansas after Arkansas has just beat LSU, then I think the wheels may have fallen off. But as it is, I can’t see any circumstance right now for Arkansas to leave SEC. Money is not a motivator. The Razorback Foundation is one of the richest in the country. Arkansas has some unbelievable philanthropist. Donald Reynolds, Wal Mart heirs, Tysons (as in Chicken etc) and more.

    If you were ever to go to Fayetteville, Arkansas you would be stunned. It is nothing like you would possibly imagine based upon stereotypes. I kno wOSU has seen all kinds o tradition. But one thing I wish Jim would do win or lose, is report on Razorback fans calling the hogs. It is a sight to behold.

    Keep diggin and see if you can find some more mud :-)

    • Texas Hog says

      Carl, I mean Golfcart :-

      I just told my 11 year old daughter about your question. Unlike me or her mom, she is kind of opinionated. She asked me what about OSU and Illinois joing the SEC to make a SEC Super Conference?

  99. Dj says

    Funny sounds like a NObody state fan! Yeah when we win it all next maybe the mini 12 & little 10 conference will split,join conference USA,or the Missouri Valley. Start beating some SEC teams like we do before u trash talk. At least were not gettin ranked because were a media darling team. Playing one significant game a year and being placed in bowl games gettin blown out. Ha!Ha!

  100. Gulfportcarl says

    I don’t play golf anymore, had to give it up because of back problems. I was just trying to pull your chain a little bit. I know about your SWC woes. Illinois might go but I don’t think the buckeyes would make the move, after all their the leader of the pack in the Big Ten. I was wan’t you to beat Florida a few years ago when you had a freshman try and field a punt on the goalline and fumbled the ball and Florida scored a touchdown. I know you remember that game. I pull for anyone when they play Florida. Hey man the I just want a good game, no blow out. whom ever wins gets cudos from me.

  101. Dj says

    I dnt feel insulted by trash talk im glad we are competiting in the best football conference in the nation. Honestly Arkansas proved to be better competition then OSU in the town title games they were favored to win on paper like this one. For the record we lost as SEC west division champs to Florida in a come from behind win 28-24 they hung 41 on your Buckeyes,and we beat the LSU team you lost to last game of the before they hung 38 on you. And losing to a conference champ that lost to a Non-BCS team isnt really saying much. They had a #56 strength of schedule,that makes that lost look real bad.

    • Texas Hog says


      You are spelling it out. Lately, winning the SEC West Championship trophy has been more difficult for the SEC West teams than the National Championship games. Oregon may put Auburn to test because of their highly ranked offense and Auburn suspect passing defense.

  102. The People's Buckeye says

    Plane leaves in two hours. Time to put this one to bed, finally.

    Jim, GPC, Not Alan, Tony, Will… I’m having a drink or two for each of you. The rest of you can go find a new blog to molest after Tuesday night.

    PS Does DJ type on a broken keyboard?

    • Tony the Quacking Duck says

      No not broken ….. just made in China.

      In case you are wondering ….. that was not a slam on China. This is simply from a “quality of product” standpoint. Buy American.

  103. dj says

    Texting on my cellphone got off the phone with friends that plan on joining me watch Arkansas vs Overrated State! They are Buckeye Fans,were excited ready to line up the drinks. They have to buy me a shot of patron for every Razorback score. I might be passed out by half-time! lol. Woo Pig Sooie! Go Razorbacks! Checkout my friends highlight video!

  104. Gulfportcarl says

    DJ, I would say being to 9 BCS games and two championships in the midst is not over rated.
    I would ask you how many have Arkansas been to. You come on the blog running your mouth and obviously now nothing of what you are talking about. Arkansas might win and if they do they get my congrats. This is your first BCS bowl wait untill you have been to 8 more before you call Ohio State overrated.

  105. Dj says

    I do apoligize! Ohio State has won a BCS/flag gate title,and been to 9 bcs bowls.Oklahoma has been to 5 all it takes is to beat one real opponent in your conference and your in! Wow! OU beats Texas or Texas beats OU,put a asterisk by the rest of the teams. For Ohio State the media darling beat Michigan,and well run the table. How easy is that? You guys own the big 10! Kudos!