Official Announcement from The BBN; Yes, We Have Winners

The following is an official announcement from Buckeye Bloggers Network Headquarters. After extensive discussion, analysis and under the table payoffs, we have our winners in the Bracket Challenge contest. From HQ:

We’ve hesitated to announce the winner of the Buckeye Bloggers Network Bracket Challenge this year, mostly because we were waiting to see if our insurance provider would cover any… uh… peripheral damage that might result from someone winning.  For some reason, folks seem to be “overly enthusiastic” these days.

That being said, we’ve got to give huge accolades to Austin for his victory over Greg by one point… our winner had three of the final four accurate, and even predicted the palindromic UK KU matchup and Wildkat victory. Greg had a similar set of selections, but fell just short based on some earlier selections- understandable doubts of Cincinnati’s prowess, perhaps.

Greg isn’t out in the cold, however- Given the benevolence of our partners, we were able to provide prizes for the top ten finishers… they should be anxiously standing by their mailboxes as we speak.

If it’s not already obvious, we couldn’t have done this without the help of our great sponsors, so PLEASE show them some love. We were lucky to partner this time with:

  • The Buckeye Room– Great gear for the greatest fans in the nation
  • Fresh Brewed Tees– Shirts and gear for Ohio and Cleveland sports
  • Time And Change Clothiers– Livestyle gear for the gym or out at the club
  • CVS Flags– You want everyone to see when you fly your colors, this is the place to go
  • Cholula– Mandatory for tailgates and game watch gatherings
  • Wheat Thins– Goes great with gametime snacking, plus it’s “wheat” and “thin”… that means healthy, right?

Stay tuned to the BBN for more Buckeye coverage and ways to get involved- we’ve got some ides brewing for the Spring Game that you’re going to want to be a part of.


  1. gulfportcarl says

    Congrat’s to Austin and a great big thank you to our sponcors, and a special thanks you to Jim for putting it all together. It was a fun time and thanks to all who played.
    Go Buckeyes and bring on football.