Five Things to Bitch About on a Sat. with No Buckeye Football

No Buckeye football?! Here’s a week’s worth of bitching instead.

Coach Rodriguez…you’re still here?
Nearly a week after Ohio State drubbed Michigan for a 7th straight year, Rich Rodriguez still has a job. Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon says that he’s going to wait until after the Bowl game to make a decision on Rodriguez’s return.

Granted, Brandon walked into this mess just this year but if he is even considering firing Rodriguez, he needs to do it now. What is he waiting for, an ass kicking at the hands of Nebraska or maybe Missouri at the Insight Bowl? He hasn’t seen enough already?

And while it might look good to wait and might be the respectable thing to do, if he hesitates, not only might he lose Jim Harbaugh to someone else, by the time bowl season rolls around, recruiting season is underway. Not only will it be much harder to pull a good coach from commitments made elsewhere but how many kids are going to want to go play for a team which a coach who’s looking at one year in the best case scenario.

I’m not the only one who feels this way. Lynn Henning at the Detroit News also brings up the financial implications of buying out Rodriguez’s contract and says do it.

At the very least, Brandon should step in and force Rod to get rid of defensive coach Greg Robinson. Note to dRod…you’re not in the Big East any more. Robinson couldn’t even pull Syracuse out of the Big East basement. He sure isn’t going to help you in the Big Ten.

In the meantime, Rodriguez is fighting back tears, reading out loud from the Bible and swaying back and forth to this:

Harbough or Les Miles?
Although it’s been great fun to watch our Buckeyes pound on a hapless Michigan, could you imagine the battle’s between Harbough and Tressel? Ten year war…bring it baby.

Les Miles would be a lot more fun though. How many times has he imploded in the final minutes of a game snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Watching him shove fist fulls of artificial turf down his throat as the Buckeyes pull out another close game would be worth the price of admission right there.

Bad Daddy…Good Cam
Looks like the NCAA is clearing Cam Newton because it wasn’t Cam who asked for the money. It was his daddy. Just wondering, did Daddy insist that Cam went to Auburn when he couldn’t get the financing he was looking for elsewhere?

How much of this decision is brought on by NCAA fear? Fear that they need to resolve this now. Fear of a Heisman candidate with lingering questions. Fear of having to revoke a National Championship title.

To be fair to Newton, how much of this is due to shoddy reporting by ESPN?

Gee Redinbacher

I'll let you decide.

Gee Redinbacher

Seperated at Birth?

Gordon Gee considers surgery
Last week I defended OSU President Gordon Gee when he said that Boise’s or TCU’s schedule against “the little sisters of the poor” don’t justify a BCS Championship game.

Since that time, Boise has stepped aside and Gordon Gee has admitted that he really has no business talking about football. As the Columbus Dispatch reports, Gee said that maybe he should visit the surgical center on campus to have his foot removed from his mouth.

By far the best quote from the article, “What do I know about college football? I look like Orville Redenbacher. I have no business talking about college football.”

I’ll give him that much. He does look like Orville Redenbacher.

2010 All Big Ten Team snubs Pryor
Pryor got honorable mentions in both the coaches and media polls but didn’t make the cut. Meanwhile, Denard Robinson was named Big Ten Offensive player of the year in both polls.

Big games against UConn and pulling out close wins against Indiana will only take you so far. The best thing Robinson has going for him is the ESPN hype machine.

Pryor’s biggest disadvantage when it comes to awards like this is that he’s not the only talent on the team. He doesn’t need to rack up obscene yards because he doesn’t need to do it all himself.

Ten of Pryor’s teammates made the All Big Ten Team.

22 Buckeyes on Academic All Big Ten team
Pryor did make this list along with 21 other Ohio State football players. The Buckeyes tied with Wisconsin and Indiana for the second most players to make the grade. Northwestern came in first with 31. Michigan brought up the rear with only eight players to make the cut. Illinois had seven. And no, Denard Robinson wasn’t one of them.

Michigan State or UConn
Chances are, one-loss-Big-Ten-Championship-sharing Michigan State is going to get screwed on a BCS bowl game while 4-loss-we-got-beat-by-Michigan UConn is heading to a BCS Bowl (unless USF wins or something like that).

Even worse, chances are MSU will meet Alabama in the Capital One Bowl. Don’t know how much faith I have in MSU over Alabama but I’d sure love to see it. I’d almost rather Ohio State vs. Bama in the Capital One bowl than OSU vs. Arkansas in the Sugar. A big win over Alabama would go a lot further than a BCS win over Arkansas.

Of course if Oregon loses…

Big Ten Over ACC
For the second year in a row, The Big Ten won the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. Buckeyes held up their end of the deal taking down Florida State. Great to see the Buckeyes ranked No. 2. Would have loved to see Michigan State knock off Duck but I’ll settle for conference bragging rights.

Buckeyes Take Down Wolverine Ice Hockey in Overtime
It’s one thing when the football team wins but another altogether when we bet them at Hockey. Michigan was ranked No. 11 going into the game.

Anything I missed?


  1. Gulfportcarl says

    Let the team up north deal with RichRod in their own way I don’t really care what happens to him. The dam pet wolverine could eat him as far a I care. Their football program is so screwed up it will take eons to fix it. I’m not even sure Harbough could rescue it.
    Nobody will convince me Cam Newton is innocent in this whole recruiting mess. If I were Auburn I would sit him to show my integrity. The NCAA seems to be making rules on the run. You will never be convince me that he does not know what his father was doing. You have to be a blithering idiot to believe that.
    Gordon Gee is an ass, not in what he said but in backing down on what he said. I hate people speak thier mind and when the pressure gets to hot they back down, or wus out. If you speak your mind be a man and stick to it, man up and tell the ESPN’s of the world to kiss off.

  2. Tony in Beavertown says

    Another year of college football is quickly coming to an end …….. I wish that we can have a rematch of last years Rose Bowl ……but, my Ducks HAVE A DATE IN GLENDALE BABY!!!!!!!!!! Sorry if I sound elated ….. but it is our first time to the big dance. I think this years team has the experience and is better prepared for a big game than last years team. So I expect them to win. I may have talked a big game against tOSU last year ….. but, I knew our guys would be a little shell shocked going into the Rose Bowl. I think our game last year against tOSU is a big reason why we won’t lose the national championship this year. We returnered most of our starters this year and the whole experience must have felt like a “let down” I guess if I had to boil it down to one word … it’s “preparation”. There is a huge difference between prepreation and experience. Last year …… during the Rose Bowl we puckered up so much we needed “Preperation H” to win the game. The Ducks didn’t play “their” game. Getting to the Rose Bowl ….. was validation enough. I certaintly hope this year that the Ducks have learned their lesson and will play to win …… instead of not to lose. I am a little concerned because they have played pretty conservative in the last two games. I am hoping that Chip Kelly just dosen’t want to show his hand too early …….. but this is the NC BABY!!!! I hope that they just throw caution to the wind and and let it go. GO DUCKS!!!!!! GolfcartCarl …. Not Allan …. TPB …… Jim…..and all the others …thanks for letting me participate in the conversation.

    • Not Alan says

      Congrats TIB! I personally am glad to see this match up with Auburn. Should be a lot of points put up in Glendale. You have been a gracious poster as an Oregon fan here in the last year. I’ll understand if you become a little distant as you begin to run your smack on Auburn blogs.

      But, at least come back and visit us with a prediction closer to game time. I think Jim should have a couple of pick em’s for the Bucks/? and Oregon/Auburn.

      Good Luck Oregon!

  3. Gulfportcarl says

    Tony, it’s about time the Ducks lived up to your expectations. Just don’t blow this oportunity and let pay for player beat you. I want the Ducks to run up the score on the SEC. So we all can stop hearing how superior the SEC is. I speak from experience we have been where you are with some terrible results. The ESPN so called experts will have you done for before the game is played. Yall will definately be the underdog, they will give you no chance and no respect. I never thought I would be a Duck fan for a day, might even have to get me a duck shirt (if they sell them in Florida). Good luck and go kick some Auburn ass.

  4. says

    Richrod should be gone, but Michigan is trying to save a little cash and let him go after the first of the year. Cam is as dirty as his father, but he is the best college player money can buy. I do feel for the team up north though, but not Michigan, Michigan State. They are really going to get the shaft. The ESPN hype machine is only going to get worse next year. FOX has the Big Ten championship game while ESPN and ABC have just about every other game. After this bowl season ESPN is going to talk down the Big Ten as much as they can.

  5. Not Alan says

    BTW, the OSU/SCum hockey game was incredible. Bucks were down by 1 with about 11 seconds to go and they end up winning in OT. I hope the Buck’s hockey team can get back to being a player in their conference. Watch the replay on BIG 10 Network if you get a chance or at least the last 5 mins of the game.