Michigan’s Boren Crossing Enemy Lines?

I’ve been meaning to get to this one for a while but so far, Michigan Coach Rodriguez’s arrival at Michigan has been nothing short of successful. So successful in fact that the BuckeyXtra (Columbus Dispatch) recently reported that former Michigan offensive linesman Justin Boren visited an Ohio State practice and is seriously considering a transfer to Ohio State. Boren has been released by Michigan leaving Michigan with only one returning offensive linesman.

The Detroit Free Press, in an article about the void created by the loss of Boren, said that Boren said that it had nothing to do with the challenge of playing center in a spread offense without an quarterback. Instead, he cited the lack of “family values” in the Michigan program.

Family values? Why would he think that? I mean, the entire coaching staff that recruited him and coached him for the past two years has been tossed and replaced by a coach who left his old school with nothing but the ashes of player records and a healthy lawsuit to boot.

On top of everything else, the Free Press reports Boren has a talented little brother Zach who had talked with Michigan recruiters. Dad says he will probably follow his big brother.

I’m just glad we have USC on the schedule this year because at this rate, Michigan may not even be able to field a team come November.

This about says it all about Ohio State and Michigan: The last Ohio State coach who couldn’t beat Michigan was fired and replaced by Jim Tressel, a man of dignity and character who pretty much owns Michigan and has taken us to three BCS Championship games. Michigan fired a coach who couldn’t beat Ohio State and replaced him with…well…they replaced him with Rich Rodriguez.

At least they still have a rivalry with Notre Dame.


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    Rodriguez will be no answer for big blue – their football team may follow their bball team into oblivion. Or so we can hope.

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    I couldn’t agree more. As much as I love watching the Buckeyes beat Michigan, I at least seek a worthy opponent.

    I’m afraid it may be a long and difficult road back for Michigan.

    Face it, Rodriguez was brought on because they think Tressel can’t respond to the spread offense. Unfortunately for UM, that may not be much of a threat.