Michigan/Appalachian State post game remarks; more fun than a historic upset

While I remember the difficulties of last January all too well, this has got to be worse. At least we got to the big game. For some reason, Michigan seemed to think they would be there this year. A couple of the UM players still haven’t given up hope but more on that later.

Being the compassionate person I am, let me play tour guide around the wasteland that has become the University of Michigan.

We start our tour with some choice comments from the post game press conference. (Taken from audio files at Mgoblog, one of the best Michigan blogs, as of midnight Sat. night, all posts had been removed and there was nothing but an old television test pattern with the words “Please Stand By”.

Under the category “Suicide Watch” and a picture of a man carrying a sign reading “The End is Near,” The M Zone warned visitors to their site that while they didn’t mind negative comments, “…all dick comments just to be a dick will be deleted.”

It almost makes me want to start posting comments just to determine what actually qualifies as a “dick comment.”

But if you really want some interesting Michigan fan reading (and no, I don’t slow down to watch car wrecks on the highway) check out the “open thread” at The M Zone which begins before the game and ends shortly after the game. In order to get the discussion going, the comments begin with:

“…just for kicks, what sort of self-destruction might you entertain should the Wolverines stumble and ‘shudder’ give this game away?”

I only ask because the comments on this blog keep me in stitches and I need a good laugh.”

An early response speculates that, “Ann Arbor would be like sunrise on Jonestown. Kool-Aid, anyone?”

Suddenly, with a 14pt. deficit on the board, the tone begins to change. I’ve never actually seen a snuff film but something tells me the experience is about the same.

Oh, and one more thing…the Buckeyes beat Youngstown State Sat.