Michigan Jokes; You Want ’em, We’ve Got ‘Em (And Maybe a Prize or Two)

Michigan Joke Interesting man

It’s time once again for The Buckeye Blog’s 5th (or maybe 6th but who’s counting) annual Michigan Joke Contest. Although the sponsors have been a little tight this year, I think I still have a Woody Hayes documentary laying around somewhere. If I can find it (or if the sponsors come through with something better) I’ll give it to the best Michigan Joke of 2012

Originality counts Buckeye fans and that’s getting harder and harder as this blog has become something of an archive of Michigan jokes over the years starting with the plethora of Michigan jokes left behind by Webmaster 3000.

Michigan is lameFrom there, check out a couple of the caption contests of years past here (I know there are more buried throughout this site but can’t find them at the moment).

And of course there’s my running documentation of the lameness of Michigan; Example #357, #358, #352, and of course Grandma.

Dig deeper into this site and I’m sure you’ll find more.

Michigan Joke PrizeBut for now, the best Michigan joke posted below will get a copy of the Woody Hayes documentary (granted again, I can find it). If any sponsors want to sweeten the pot, let me know.


  1. Alan (Previously Known as Not Alan and Previously Alan) says

    What’s funny is the rumors of Rutgers and Maryland (now confirmed) joining the B1G isn’t even making news this week on this board.

    That’s THE GAME week. SCREW BLUE.

  2. says

    You’re a day late. Posted about it yesterday. Also just posted as the press conference is taking place.

    Besides, don’t you know who we’re playing this week? Don’t you know who we’re playing!!!