Friday Cop Out; Beer Drinking Michigan Chicks and an Open Thread

Came across this earlier this week but thought I’d wait till Michigan week. After seeing it on t.v. last night and again in my in box, figured what the heck.

Open thread this afternoon. Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you topics:

1) Binge drinking amongst the elderly in Ann Arbor

2) Miller starting at QB

3) Are coming super conferences the death of the NCAA?

4) Anything else you want to discuss


  1. The People's Buckeye says

    “How can we be sure that these are not just normal looking Michigan chicks??”


  2. Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

    Not sure what you see wrong with these gals??

    So …… It is okay for a pastor to use a dead guy in a coffin as the “I” in OHIO …… but Grandma can’t have a beer? Props to the ladies …. keep living life.

    • msbuck says

      Grandma??? I thought she was the “head cheerleader”—(the wolves always pick the best lookin gal on campus for that title!)—and she’ll be chugging lots more beer now that it’s MILLER TIME!!!!!! Too bad the “canes” didn’t get a big dose of Miller for (4) full quarters—“and they know it”—-and Miller is only gonna get better!!!
      chugalug Grandma!!!!!!!!!!!