Johnny Utah…Shane Falco…but not Kaenu Reeves

Johnny Utah

I received the following comment on an old post and heck, why not:

“I ran into a thread on the actor Keanu Reeves, which led me to a Wikipedia entry that said he played quarterback for Ohio State – as a matter of fact and not related to his role in The Replacements. I don’t believe this is true. I can’t verify it on-line. Can you help?”

You’ve got to love Wipikedia. The beauty is that it is only as accurate as the last person to modify the post. By the time I got to the entry for my favorite fictional Ohio State quarterback (“You’re goin down Bohdi”), the entry no longer said that Reeves was an actual quarterback but it did say that he went to Ohio State in 1983. I’m afraid that 1983 is before my time at OSU and I have never heard any reference to Reeves as a Buckeye other than in Point Break and The Replacements.

If anyone has heard different, please leave a comment to let us know. I wouldn’t want to put up false information on Wipikedia.


  1. Craig Fujii says

    Thanks for checking up on this. I just looked at the Wikipedia entry and sho’nuff the entry was changed. Gotta love Wikipedia.

  2. says

    I don’t htink he was ever a student at tOSU. He played one in both the Replacements and Point Break. But as best I can find, he was a college hockey player in Ontario. A goalie.

  3. says

    Who cares where he’s from. I just love the fact that Wipikedia, one of the most trusted sources of about every high school student doing research, is confusing the fictional Kaenu Reeves with the real one.

    Personally, I think we need to make it our personal mission to convince Wipikedia that not only was Reeves an Ohio State quarterback but that he was one of the great Ohio State quarterbacks.

    I say we all check in there daily and to keep the Kaenu Reeves Wipikedia post “accurate.”

  4. says

    No, I’m afraid this is nothing more than a personal experiment with Wipikedia. I am amazed that the entry is still up there – spelling errors and all.

    Reeves never attended Ohio State and I’m pretty sure he didn’t play college ball.

    Only five non tuba players have dotted the eye. Name them anyone?

  5. says


    I know Jack Nicklaus did it a few years ago because I was at that game.
    But to get back on topic, I actually own an OSU #9 jersey with Utah on the back (yes that was his number in Point Break, I researched it). It’s the gift that keeps on giving…I’ve had many people buy me beers and countless others yell out “JOHNNY UTAH!” when I’m walking around on gameday.

  6. says

    The Golden Bear is one of them. I was at that game also. Didn’t I see you there? I was the guy with the Ohio State shirt yelling wahoo!

    Who else? I think I was at at least two other games where non-Tuba players were honored.

    I’m with you on the shirt. Heck, I’d buy you a beer if I saw you with it.

  7. says

    Honorary “i”-dotters with the OSU Marching Band include: Bob Hope, Woody Hayes, OSU President Novice Fawcett and his wife, Retired ticket director Robert Ries, and now Jack Nicklaus. OSU president Gordon Gee, his wife, retired directors Dr. Paul Droste, Jack Evans, their wives, and Heavyweight Champion Buster Douglas have also dotted the “i” with the OSU Alumni Band. Additionally, all thirteen seniors of the 2002-2003 National Championship Football team dotted the “i” at the National Championship celebration.

  8. kelly says

    I can’t get a Utah #9 jersey. I guess Nike owns the rights to the jerseys and it has to be a current player.. Help I need a Utah jersey!!

  9. DannyBoy says

    I absolutely must know where to find the t-shirt seen at the top of this blog. That Johnny Utah shirt is AWESOME!!! I imagine it’s from another site that sells the shirt. Please let me know.

  10. Mike says

    You can’t really pick up a Johnny Utah Jersey anywhere. I was lukcy enough to pick up a #9 jersey at TJ Maxx a few years (special thanks to Brian Hartline for being a little underwhelming and not having his jersey sell very well). I then had to take it to a trophy store to get the name put on the back of it. When I told my friend about my Utah jersey he realized that he had an old #16 OSU jersey and he took it to a trophy shop and had Falco put on the back.