Jim Tressel Returns to Akron

The University of Akron announced last night that Coach Tressel has returned to Akron to serve in a newly formed position as Vice President of Strategic Engagement. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Tressel will be working to raise funds for a new basketball arena along with student programs such as the “Akron Experience,” a service learning program for Akron students.

While it was great fun to speculate on the rumors of Coach Tressel heading to Indianapolis, this is a much more fitting position for the former Ohio State coach. Coach Tressel has always been a teacher as much as a coach and it appears that this will allow him to directly work with students.

It may also pave the way for a future back at Ohio State once the smoke clears. Besides, has their ever been an Ohio State coach who hasn’t finished their career at Ohio State (at least not since Woody)?


  1. gulfportcarl says

    I’m glad to see the vest get a job at an Ohio School. Akron is smart grabbing
    tress while he’s still a hot commodity to help fund raise and maybe get a teachers job.
    Hip-Hip-Horay for Akron.

  2. GonzoHog says

    But he lied and cheated! He shouldn’t be around kids! What is he going to teach them!

    *neglects own kids to spend time on a Buckeye blog*


    • says

      I really have no idea what you’re saying in regards to kids and this blog but I’m going to hope that I am missing something.

    • Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

      Gonzo …… you are like a pesky little chiwawa. Tressel has paid his price ……. tOSU has paid their price ……. the fans and alumni have PAID THEIR PRICE. It is time to move on and talk about relative football issues. For example, how does a Mississippi State team that goes 2-6 in conference play get to a bowl game??? The SEC is a joke ………

      This ………. coming from a PAC12 guy.

    • says

      I don’t know if Earl Bruce is still on the university payroll but he plays an active part in the Ohio State community. Woody kept an office in the ROTC building until the day he died. In time, I think Coach Tressel will also find his way back to Ohio State.

  3. gulfportcarl says

    I agree Jjim, JT will be back in Columbus one of these days. By the time his 5 years are up he will be 64, that to old to go back into coaching. The Buckeyes could have offered him a teaching
    position or an administrative job of some kind. I am really glad Akron stepped up to the plate
    and game him a position, after all he has given his life to Ohio Athletics.

  4. gulfportcarl says

    I agree Jim, he will be back in C town one of these days. He has given his life to Ohio athletics’ I’m glad Akron stepped up to the plate and gave him a job. The Buckeyes could have done the same thing, after all he must be a tenured teacher by now. Pay no attention to Gonzo, he lives in a world where lies and cheating is common place .