I’m So Bored With the SEC

I was going to write an in-depth post on Ryan Mallet and Arkansas but it’s late. The video above pretty much sums up my feelings on the SEC.

(If I can get it of my iPhone, I’ll post my video of this tune from the 2010 Dead Schemblecher’s I Hate Michigan rally.)


  1. kkremers says

    WOW !!!! I knew it hurt,but I had no Idea how much !!!!! I don’t think we have any musical groups here in S.E.C. Land with songs about the Big 10 . LMAO

  2. kkremers says

    I guess if you lose 9 times in a row to another conference ,or whatever ,it would get kinda old! I am not really looking at this as a SEC /BIG 10 thing,I like the match-up.2 teams which have history of being ranked over the years,granted Ohio state has been ranked high the last 10,Arkansas has gone thru difficult years re-building and trying to catch up to the ”speed and size” of SEC teams after it joined,Remember Arkansas was almost always a solid no.2 in their old conference.Then they go to the SEC and every week was like playing Texas,Two Great college Q.B.s ,Two coaches who are thought of as Great offensive coaches .Great fan’s on both sides ect… The only thing more would be for it to be for No. 1. All in All it’s gonna be a fun game to watch ! If Ohio state does win… I know it’s going to be party ,party, party for them .I’m pulling for the Hogs ,it would be a great win for Arkansas also…Because we DO respect Ohio State and all of their past and tradition ….. Either Way – PARTY ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. says

    Just a shot across the bow to see if anyone’s out there. That’s actually a band that comes out of the Ohio State/Michigan rivalry. The usually stick to the school up north.

    I agree that this year it’s not really an SEC/Big 10 thing. If we were playing Alabama, it would be. I think one of the most interesting things is the quarterback matchups. Who would have ever thought that the Big 10 has the mobile qb while the SEC brings the pocket passer.

    Also like the fact that Mallett is a refugee from the Rodriguez fallout. Lots going on with that story.

    It’s also obvious that you’re relatively new to the SEC. Of the SEC fans who’ve come through this blog over the years, there is nothing, and I repeat nothing that shows any form of respect for Ohio State in their comments. Hopefully, there are more like you out there and they’ll pay us a visit. As I said, the SEC hasn’t represented themselves too well around here over the years.

    We had some great discussions with the Oregon fans on this blog last year (heck…we’ve almost converted one of them.). Hopefully, I’ll get a more substantial analysis up today.

    • Tony in Beavertown says

      Jim …… Not even close. You would see me singing “HARE KRISHNA” before converting to tOSU.

  4. EArHog says

    No respect? Perhaps not from those SEC yahoos who intentionally show no respect for any of their team’s opponents (altogether too high a percentage of those types, IMO). As for this SEC yahoo, I just watched 30 – 40 minutes of Jim Tressell press conference/interviews (58th birthday, etc.). That guy is a class act. (comparing JT’s interviews with Les Miles’ makes me laugh out loud) I’ve been reading a discussion thread (11Warriors, or something) and the Buckeye fans that were participating expressed themselves like actual college graduates – obviously educated and well informed). Razorback fans are envious (or should be) of OSU’s rankings and overall success over the last 10 years. I believe that the Razorback fans who expresses confidence in an Arkansas victory in the Sugar Bowl are simply ignorant.

    I look at it this way – if Buckeyes win the Sugar Bowl, it’s another bowl win (except for the SEC monkey thing). If Arkansas wins it will be a matter of supreme team and fan pride, likely to carve itself a place in Razorback history and lore. Their head coach (Bobby Petrino) will become a bigger hero in the State of Arkansas than he already is. I expect OSU’s BCS bowl experience will not cause the players to suffer over-excitement and hyperventilation on the sidelines, and therefore they may play better than the awestruck “golly we’re glad to be here” Hogs.
    But having said that – Hell yes, a Razorback victory would be a sweet surprise.

  5. Not Alan says

    Jim? Are you being a poser and posting these kind words as Arkansas fans? This is so sweet I’m getting a toothache. It’s taken us a year to grind down Tony in Beavertown. We’ll have kkremers and EArHog singing The Ohio State Fight song and Hang on Sloopy by New Years!

    BTW, Welcome Hogs Fans!

    • Tony in Beavertown says

      Uhh ….. Not Alan ……. In the words of my infamous friend Rodney King, “can’t we all just get along?”

  6. Not Alan says

    So the SEC and FL just lost Urban Meyer (again). Rumor in Denver he’s already in line to take the Donkey’s head coaching job and coach Timothy Richard Tebow (again).


  7. says

    Yeah…I’m not sure what to think. These Razorback fans are really throwing me off balance. An SEC fan calling Tressel a class act!!?? Comments without one use of a four-letter word or the term “Suckeyes?”

    Up is down, left is right, world spinning out of control.

    You’re right EArHog when you say that this would be a historic win for Arkansas. Problem for the Buckeyes though is that we pay dearly for losses on the national stage. Buckeye fans have also come to expect much more than just a BCS game. Although I don’t necessarily agree, there are those Buckeye fans disappointed that we’re not at Rose Bowl or National Championship.

    As for Les Miles? Who did he play for in college? Nuff said.

    And yeah, I see that Urban is stepping down….again. Do a search of his name on this blog. You’ll get an idea of where I stand on him.

    Good to have these Razorback fans stopping by. Be sure to check out my latest post on the actual game: http://www.thebuckeyeblog.com/ohio-state-arizona-point-spread/

  8. The People's Buckeye says

    Wow, I wish the Oregon fans last January had the same humility as these Arkansas fans do.

    Oh, hey Tony. 😀

    • Tony in Beavertown says

      TPB ….. They are trying to lull you into a false sense of security. Sure they meet you with a hug and a kiss ……. right before they throw the left hook. Don’t fall for their tricks TPB. KKKremers is a BAD MAN……..

  9. American by Birth, Hog fan by the grace of God! says

    As a U.S. Army two combat tour veteran, I have served all over the world with college football fans from all the top conferences. Being proud of your conference is nothing new to me… I grew up watching the Mich/OSU game in awe….. I have so much respect for OSU. Over 100,000 fans, the U and so many great games ending after a battle of two great teams leaving nothing left on the field but sweat and blood. When not watching my Hogs play, I watch, cheer for and Love the tradition that OSU has. Heck, my brother-n-law is from Ohio. And I am from the great state of Arkansas. I will not bore you with how many National Titles the SEC has won in the last ten years.(I’m sure you know personally) But seriously, you have a great team. You do not have to like, Love or even Respect the Hogs, But for one moment do not think that we are not a real SEC Team and will awe the OSU fans with our Southern Style of Football. As the nation will find out on Jan. 4th, We ARE a Good Team that will Earn and Demand the Respect of All OSU fans. Cause you have mine…….. May the Best team Win!!!!

  10. says

    Wow. I’m not quite sure what to say. This is just so far out of character from what we’ve seen as Buckeyes from the SEC. In the five years that I’ve run this blog, it’s pretty much become common knowledge that if an SEC fan is going to leave a comment, it’s going to be full of four letter words and lack any semblance of intelligence. To hear the word “respect” coming from an SEC fan is so out of character from what we’ve come to expect.

    If we were playing Florida or LSU and I’d posted that video above, I can assure you this discussion would have taken a different tone.

    So to be honest, I can’t say that I like, love or hate the Hogs. Up until now, we haven’t encountered them enough to form an opinion hence they got lumped in with my general opinion of the SEC.

    Don’t worry, you’ve broken free from that stereotype. Glad to see there is intelligent life down there in the south.

    Sure takes the fun out of the post I was going to write based on this video though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp1YOca7oTg

    As for the SEC video above, I think it’s safe to say it captures the Ohio State fan’s feelings of the SEC. To watch ESPN or follow the BCS polls, you tend to get a little tired of it. When the Buckeyes lose to Wisconsin (who’ve been knocking everyone around) and drop 10 places but Alabama loses and only drops 4? 5? Whatever it was? It gets a little old.

  11. Hog Fan In Tn says

    I was reading the other postings and I apologize for my behavior and that of other razorback fans, Ohio State is rich in tradition and football history much more so then Arkansas and it is a beautifully run program (I dont think I’ve ever heard of an OSU player getting arrested). We just get a little excited because we dont have the pro teams in baseball football and basketball in Ohio all we have is the Arkansas razorbacks and we can get a little riled up sometimes, but I digress, I apologize again and as previous Hog fans have said, may the best team win and hopefully its a good game! and Go Hogs 😉

    • The People's Buckeye says

      We’ve had players arrested, we’re just not as lenient about punishing them as that Florida school.

      • says

        No apology needed. Believe me, we’re used to much worse from the SEC.

        The Arkansas fans are bringing a good debate to the table. I’m afraid I can’t say that about many of the schools we’ve played over the years.

        Although I’m going to have to go back and reread what you posted earlier. If it’s enough to apologize for now, it must be good 😉

        • Tony in Beavertown says

          Oh come on TPB and Jim …… Don’t get suckered into this “apology for our fans” crap. They just want you to drop your guard so the can hit you over the head when you turn your back on them. Don’t fall for their traps!

          • Hog Fan In Tn says

            You mustn’t be as leniant because I’ve yet to hear of an osu player running a drug house, or getting dui’s down here

          • The People's Buckeye says

            We had a player that got arrested for a DUI… riding around on a golfcart on campus. Was still allowed to play after that.

            That’s pretty much all I know of.

          • says

            There’s no trap here from any of the Arkansas posters from what i’ve read so far.
            Most of the Buckeye fans here have been very cordial and I have no problem with them. That doesn’t mean I always agree with everything they say, but I still respect them none the less.
            The only Buckeye posters I have a problem with are Tony in Beavertown and Will Fellows. They seem to have a chip on their shoulders when it comes down to arguing the facts. To be honest, just down right immature at times. That’s too bad.

  12. Tony in Beavertown says

    LOL …. GonzoHog …… I’m not even a Buckeye fan.

    But, if you stick me in the same company as Will Fellows than I will take that as a compliment. Bottom line …… I am tired of all the SEC rhetoric. This game will not be won on strength of schedule ….. nor will it be won with the tradition of tOSU. I think that it will boil down to experience. Both tOSU and Arkansas have good football teams. But, tOSU will be better prepared to play this game than Arkansas. I think that the Hogs will get caught up in the moment and not have the focus to win this game. Seriously …… you have already lost your two biggest games this year and that was within your own conference. I see a pattern developing. tOSU does not take BCS bowl games lightly and have been to their fair share …… they know how to get their players ready for this game. This has nothng to do with stats or SOS ….. so, I guess we will see if I am right.

    • The People's Buckeye says

      Tony’s reiterating what I’m saying, we have too many seniors with big game experience. Just because Arkansas beat four ten team wins or whatever the number may be, doesn’t mean they’re a lock to beat Ohio State. It’s okay though, I forgive Hogs fans and anyone else who really believes SOS is so telling. Tell me about how you faired against a team with Pryor’s ability in a multiple package offense. Tell me how you faired against teams that run zone blitz schemes with a roaming defensive end. Give me something tangible, then we can get down to dissecting this game the RIGHT WAY.

  13. says

    Yep, I’m ready to get in on. Too bad the SOS won’t be involved when these two titans clash on the 4th, just like it wasn’t involved when those other SEC teams kick Ohio St. in the balls almost every year. (lols!)

    Notice I said nothing about the Big 10.

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  15. Wild Bill says

    The thing that bores you about the SEC is that they kick the Buckeyes and the Big 10’s overrated butts in all bowl games. I guess it does become boring to be embarrassed year after year by the SEC as an 0-9 record will should certainly do. In a feeble attempt to save some face,
    Tressel, OSU and the Big 10 are allowing the five rules violators to participate in the Sugar Bowl whereas players from most any other school, especially the SEC would have been suspended and sent home immediately. If these five had been third stringers, Tressel might have considered suspending them and then brag about the high ethics standards practiced by OSU. What a joke !!

  16. Tony the Quacking Duck says

    As someone posted earlier: SEC = (see everyone cheats). Hypocritcal donkey!