How Lame is Michigan; example #355 has a discussion up today that shows the incredible lameness of Michigan. There was actually discussion of not playing Chad Henne(surprised you with that link didn’t I), Mike Hart or any other of Michigan’s top players. The idea being that win or lose to Wisconsin, they finish at least second in the Big Ten assuring a Bowl Game so save your best players for one lost shot at a win over Ohio State.

The fact that anyone would even ask this question says about all I need to say about _ichigan I need to say at this point.

ESPN Game Day did show Henne warming up but if he goes out early, we all know what’s up. (There it is. I’d hate to let you down. Now viewed over 136,000 times)

I hope Wisconsin absolutely pummels the Wolverines today. Go Badgers!

UpdateStill first quarter, Henne is out and Hart hasn’t played. They are both “injured.”


  1. You are pathetic says

    Your assessment of Michigan not playing Henne or Hart was pathetic. You need to think about winning your own games and look at Carr’s career record against Buckstache Nation.

  2. says

    Ah, Buckstache…must be one of our beloved fans from the M Zone. Such cards..what with the Buckstache thing and all.

    I’ll give you that my shots at Carr not playing Henne or Hart are very low blows.

    However, both are on the depth chart for next weekend and word out of Anne Arbor is that they are healthy enough to play.

    It is an awful thing to say but I wouldn’t put it past Carr to blow off a meaningless Wisconsin game in order to improve chances against Ohio State. He is that desperate.

    Especially when Hart has the helmet on and is begging the coach to put him in.