How Lame is Michigan; Example #358

When your football team absolutely blows and your band can’t hold a candle to TBDBITL, at some point, desperation takes hold. When it does, this is what you get. During halftime of the Michigan/Illinois game, the Michigan band put on a show filled with cheap gimmicks and pathetic jokes. There’s something sad and tragic about Michigan, who hasn’t beaten Ohio State in nearly a generation, poking fun at Ohio State’s loss to Wisconsin.

And while the Brutus/Ohio Bobcat thing was cute, the entire performance just reeks of desperation. I love it when Dorthy tells the Nitnany Lion that The Big House is a tougher stadium than Penn State. What are you going to do, shake your keys at them? And in yet another act of jealousy, UM tries yet again to take credit for Script Ohio. While we’re all impressed that Michigan could actually spell Ohio, it was TBDBITL that made it “Script Ohio.”

To give credit where credit is due, I scrapped the video from UMgoblog where even some of their fans were complaining about it. There’s no way I’m going to make you sit through all 12 or so minutes. If you think you can stomach more, the rest of the video is here.


  1. Gulfportcarl says

    Michigan never has come up with anything original. I agree about their lame football team and band. RichRod is trying to play spread offense in the Big Ten but some how forgot you have to play defense. I call spread offense’s (Gimmick Ball). It’s what teams run when they can’t play real football. It’s nothing new in football, It’s like any offense you figure out how to stop it and it fades away. The way I was taught football was lineup man on man and may the best team win. It’s called toughness. We lost to Wisconsin because they were tougher than us man on man. They were just better that night moving our defense out of the way. Thats football, not gimmick ball that some coaches run, or trick plays like Boise likes to run. I’m off the soap box. have a great day

  2. Tony in Beavertown says

    Gimmick Ball? I believe the team that leads the nation in overall offense … and is 5th in rushing …. runs the spread. And I believe that this same team has the 13th best defense in the country. And you are trying to tell me that they don’t play “real football”. If Oregon can keep up this scoring pace …. they could very well be the best offense in college football history.

    I enjoy football …… smash mouth ….. trick plays ….. “gimmickry”. You have to admit that the statue of liberty pass from Boise State a few years ago was a thing of beauty. Likewise …. you have to respect Wisconsins ability to dominate the line and open the running lanes. And finally you have to enjoy Oregons non stop offense that leaves their competition gasping for air. College Football players have evolved and aren’t just a bunch of meatheads who line up on opposite sides and try to clobber each other. Many teams don’t get many 5 star (or even 4 star) recruits every year. They have to recruit the best players they can ….. and then put them in a situation where they can win. Oregon’s recruiting class ranks #38 nationally ….. we are behind 4 other PAC10 schools. tOSU is ranked #2 …… You have the best athletes in the nation! Of course you would like this to be strictly a test of athletic ability… puts you in a better position to win. Oregon does not have the luxury of 5 star recruits like tOSU. To make up for our lack of athleticism we have to practice harder and play smart to win games. I call this ……. “toughness”.

    • says

      Best offense in the history of college football? Getting a little ahead of ourselves aren’t we? As I recall, we heard an awful lot about the amazing Oregon offense last year also.

      Carl’s right. Michigan hired Rodriguez for one reason and one reason only. Back when they hired them, Ohio State struggled against the spread. Michigan needed a way to beat Ohio State and at the time, a spread offense looked like the way to go.

      One of the reasons the Big Ten get’s beat up outside of the conference is because of the hard hitting, defensive nature of the Big Ten. Although modern college football favors a spread offense, it’s very hard to make it work in the Big Ten.