How Lame is Michigan; Example #357 – Buckeyes Own Michigan in Their Own House

It’s official. Buckeye nation rules the world!!

I read about this on the MZone but I didn’t believe it until I saw this for myself.

For God’s sake, this is in their own house! At what point will they step up and stop the humiliation. Not even in the deepest depth of my imagination could I see something like this happening at the Shoe.

The writer from the Mzone claims that the atmosphere at the game was amazing. He goes on to clarify, “if you were sitting in the student section.”

He continues:

My buddy got us great seats, section 4, almost the 40 yard line…but apparently right in the middle of a fucking tax audit. These people had all the energy of a rotting corpse…which is almost an insult to rotting corpses.

On several “key plays,” I turned to look at the folks above me to see what they were doing. I was hoping to see yelling, screaming and general noise making. Instead, I think I saw breathing. Although even that might be debatable. Hell, these people don’t even shake their keys.

How pathetic.

Worst of all was when the Ohio State fans in attendance started their “O-H-I-O” going around the stadium. Thankfully, the student section stopped it since the cadavers around me were obviously trying to break some Guinness Book of World Records mark for quietest stadium section ever in a big game.

Wow, that is so amazingly pathetic. I was at the game last year and while yes, the #1 vs #2 rankings had a lot to do with it, I would say that for a Michigan fan, this atmosphere is anything but “amazing.”

The day that Michigan fans ever come anywhere close to doing something like this in Ohio Stadium…well…I’m sorry…I just can’t find the words.

After searching a little further, it appears that yes, the cheer did circle Michigan Stadium three to four times getting louder each time (It took that long for the Michigan fans to catch on). You can see another view of the cheer here.

According to a comment on that YouTube link, you can hear it on the T.V. at about 2:00 left in the game.

Update II
“Courtney,” the cinematographer who captured this historic moment has left a comment below. According to Courtney, the cheer actually happened a number of times. Be sure to read her comment below and from all of Buckeye Nation, we thank say thank you.


  1. courtney says

    That’s actually my youtube video…it’s from one of the first times that we got stadium Ohio going around….we got it going about 4 separate times…I didn’t get any of the others because my camera decided to die on me. You can’t hear all of it very well on youtube either, but there’s definitely some better ones of one of the other times.

    I was absolutely shocked that we could actually get stadium Ohio going. I’ve been on roadtrips where we’ve done it in Indiana, Michigan State, Northwestern, even Purdue…I just never in my life would have imagined that we’d get it going in MICHIGAN! Talk about embarassing!


  2. says


    Those of us who couldn’t be there thank you. Buckeye Nation thanks you. You have represented us well.

    I have also seen the cheer at away games but I never thought I would see it in the heart of enemy territory.

    I think that is even better than when we tore down the goalpost at an away game after securing a Rose Bowl bid.

    (Trivia time: who’s was it?)