How lame is Michigan? Example #352

I remember as a student sitting in the South Stands of the Shoe when some weenie tried repeatedly to get the crowd going by trying to get everyone to wave their keys and shout, “Let’s have a key play.” The only reason I remember this is that everytime the guy did it, he was pelted with hotdogs, coke, popcorn, etc. It was just so incredibly stupid.

Leave it to Michigan to pick up on a great tradition. Now when Michigan fans really want to intimidate, when the team really needs the crowd to come to their rescue, they all dive deep into their pockets and politely shake their keys sending waves of fear into their opponent.

In a desperate attempt to rally 100,000 pitiful fans, one of the popular Michigan blogs has started a campaign to end the horrifying battle cry. I kid you not, they have a t-shirt for that one also.

Michigan is still lame