The Door’s Wide Open; Turner Named Player of the Year

Just last week I implied that Ohio State, the top #2 seed, got a raw deal landing in the Midwest bracket. Not only would they need to get past top-ranked Kansas to reach the Final Four, Georgetown and Georgia Tech stood between the Buckeyes and the Elite 8.

Can I get a do over?

When Northern Iowa’s Ali Farokhmanesh buried Kansas with an uncontested three-point shot, he not only destroyed the majority of the office bracket pools, he opened a huge door for the Buckeyes. Add in Georgetown and a solid win over Georgia Tech and the Buckeyes are looking pretty good.

Next Up–Tennessee
I like what I saw yesterday against Georgia Tech. The Buckeyes showed they could handle the physical play of Georgia Tech and should be ready for the big guns (pun intended) of Tennessee. Once again endurance might be a factor as Tennessee rotates something like 11 players. However, I liked the way Ohio State controlled the foul situation as they got into trouble. They maintained composure, avoided serious foul trouble and got the job done. I would say that Georgia Tech was a good warm up for Tennessee as both play a scrappy, inconsistent game.

The Buckeyes need to watch the turnovers and Diebler and Lighty need start hitting the threes a little sooner forcing Tenn to cover the outside. In doing so, the’ll open the lanes for Turner and the Buckeyes can go on the attack. The Buckeyes will also need to capitalize on their high percentage shooting as Tennesse won’t give them any room under the net.

Big Ten Elite Eight?
Yeah, Northern Iowa played quite a game but can they do it again? Personally, I’m looking forward to an Ohio State/Michigan State Elite 8 matchup. We beat MSU at home and we should be able to do it again. As a Buckeye ex-pat living in Maryland, I can’t tell you how bad I wanted Ohio State to meet Maryland. Although most of the locals have lost faith in former OHIO STATE coach Gary Williams and the Maryland Basketball team, it would have been deeply satisfying to see the Buckeyes take them out.

If Purdue can somehow get past Duke, three Big 10 teams in the Elite Eight looks pretty good. Two Big Ten teams in the final four? With Villanova out, it’s not out of the question.

Turner Named Player of the Year
Although this deserves a post of it’s own, Evan Turner has been named the Oscar Robinson Player of the Year. Turner is only the second Buckeye to win the award since Jerry Lucas who received the honer in both 1961 and 1962.


  1. gulfportcarl says

    It’s been along time from Jerry Lucas until Evan Turner. The mention of Lucas brought back childhood memories. What a match up between Cinci. and OSU in the finals two years in a row.
    Back to the now. I thinks OSU can get to the Final Four with kansas out. Sets up very well for the Buckeyes. See you in Indi.

  2. Not Alan says


    My sister says it’s cool you stay at her place. With an IU grad, an ex-OSU cheerleader, and IU cheerleader and a Purdue band member, it may be a volitile household.

    Bring your steel cup.


  3. Vern says

    Another case of Ohio State elitists thinking they were entitled to be the best. Thad Matta and Evan Turner brought great disgrace to the State of Ohio and Ohio State University by not showing any good sportsmanship and shaking the hands and congratulating the winning team. Shame on you Thad Matta for not being a Coach of integrity. I understand how Evan Turner came by his lack of character. My son is a student at Ohio State and works at some of the sporting events. On one such evening after a basketball game my son was directing fans where they should cross the street to get to the parking lot. But not Evan Turners dad, nope he was entitled to cross wherever he wanted to. My son got a chuckle because as he crossed where he was not supposed to, he almost got hit by a bus. I hope one day Ohio State atletics will demonstrate some true character and ability. Vote NO for Evan Turner player of the year!!!

  4. Vern says

    Ohio State Buckeye fans are so starved to ride on the tail of someone who has percieved success to prop up your own insecure being. You probably drink the koolade out of Terrelle Pryor’s cup also? Is it really the kind of character you would want your children to emulate who throws the basketball at the referee and tells the ref his call was BS? Really? Or who has a loss in which he attributed to by turning the basketball over countless times and then cannot go and congratulate the other team for playing a good game? Evan Turner may be the product of you shallow people who only want to pat him on his back and get his autograph when he does good and then turn a blind eye when he needs someone to care enough about him to challenge him to do better and be better.

  5. Cody Rudduck says

    Gary Bradds won National Player of the Year in 1964. Who also played for Ohio State.