Everybody Just Relax!!

Alright everyone. We’ve got a long summer ahead of us and there’s not a lot to talk about between now and August. As a result, the 600 pound gorilla in the room (commonly known as Coach Tressel) is receiving way, way too much speculation and discussion. And although the NFL betting sights are probably taking odds on who will become the next OSU coach, here are a four topics to discuss that don’t involve NCAA violations.

Cameron Heyward goes in first round
It was good to see Cameron Heyward get picked by the Pittsburg Steelers last night in the first round. When I talked to him on Monday, he said that the excitement and anticipation of the NFL draft was almost more than he could take. Congratulations Cameron. At least one 600 pound gorilla has been lifted.

Spring Game – Offense
Although we got a taste of the early season Buckeyes during last Saturday’s spring game, there is still a lot to be determined. All four quarterbacks had their moments but of the four, Braxton Miller still has my vote.

Yeah, they kept it pretty basic when Miller was on the field but is it just me or does he have a serious arm. A couple of those passes looked like they could burn the skin off the receiver’s hands. He also threaded a couple nice shots through the crowd. Unlike the other three, Miller showed the ability to scramble and it was nice to see a quarterback who doesn’t throw off his front foot when pressured.

Joe Bausermen didn’t do anything for me but bring back bad memories. 4-11 is nothing to write home about.

Taylor Graham’s touchdown pass to T.Y. Williams was a thing of beauty. I’m afraid Graham’s going to need a lot more of that and a lot less of the five sacks that he gave up to make it come September.

Jordon Hall looked good. Hall put on an impressive performance even though it took him two more carries to put up the same number or yards as Boom. I don’t know what it was but he just looked fast. I think we’ll see a lot more of him next season.

And then of course there are the receivers. Yeah…that will come in practice right?

Spring Game – Defense
Well, they started out good. Seven different players put up seven sacks. By the end of the scrimmage things were starting to fall apart. Granted, the majority of the defense was watching the game from the injured reserves. There were a number of names I hadn’t seen before lining up on D.

2011 Basketball Recruiting Ends Well
Scout.com ranked the Buckeye recruiting class No. 8 overall. Illinois (13) and Michigan State (18) also cracked the top 25.

I Said Relax
Now that the NCAA has delivered their “Notice of Allegations” against Ohio State, a day doesn’t go by without a new article about who will replace coach Tressel. And although rumors are flying around Columbus that Urban Meyer has bought a house in Upper Arlington so he can spend his days outside of Gordon Gee’s office attempting to lick Gee’s shoes as he walks past, it’s just too early.

And without getting into too much detail about my feelings toward Urban Meyer, my biggest concern is that the media, not The Ohio State University, is going to fire Coach Tressel. The decision from the NCAA won’t be passed down until mid August. That’s a lot of time to speculate and guess at what’s going to happen and there’s a lot of football writers desperate to fill their columns. Don’t believe me, just skim the articles on Bleacher Report (and no, I’m not giving them a link).

Even Kirk Herbstreet has gotten into the act. Herbstreet of course renounced his Buckeye cred around the time he bailed out of Columbus for the SEC. (Did I mention that everyone needs to relax?)

The more the media speculates, the more the NCAA feels the need to prove that they actually stand for something. In the old days, those who offended the king were put in the stockades. Today they get paraded around on ESPN.


  1. gulfportcarl says

    I’m very relaxed, all this Tressel talk goes in one ear and out the other. It’s my belief Tressel is going nowhere regardless what the NCAA board or screwup’s decide. I agree that Braxton Miller is the new Starting QB. Bauserman has never impressed me as a QB. I quess Kirk could not handle the heat in Columbus so he moved to North Carolina. Kirk is a great college analyst, but he is afraid to let his Buckeye roots show. Remember once a Buckeye always a Buckeye, he should not be afraid to let his Buckeye side shw from time to time. I can’t wait until the Game Day Crew come back to Columbus, I can see Buckeye Nation giving him the business (Boooooooooooo).

  2. says

    So are you guys going to compete for a NC next season without 5 of your best players in the early going or what?
    Tressell certainly didn’t seem to think you could pull it off last season by telling the truth about his best players, who he obviously covered up for over these NCAA allegations for fear of losing them.
    So, what direction does Tressell go now? If he ends up getting fired, is it the Media’s fault or his? A combination of both maybe?
    If he doesn’t get fired, what will this show about the decision making of the OSU administration? Will the NCAA lay down the hammer if they deem this as the university not taking accountability for his actions?

    Also, the NCAA “not standing for something” goes two ways here. If they really lay down the hammer like they did with USC over the Reggie Bush issues, what will be the reaction of OSU fans? That they are a bunch of hypocrites/crooks/idiots?
    What if they go more leaniant on OSU than most people believe they deserve? What does that make them? Smart?

    I’d really love to hear what you guys actually believe is fair punishment without trying to bring up what the NCAA DIDN’T do to Auburn for what we all believe to be true. Please be specific.

  3. Dave says

    I’ll jump here.
    Here’s what I think is fair:
    The fine is appropriate. Anybody that doesn’t think it hurts, write a check for 8% of your total salary and see if it hurts.
    I think we’ll end up vacating all the wins from last year except the sugar bowl because the kids were reinstated by that game. And yea, I think that would be fair.
    I see a few years of probation being warranted.
    I don’t believe the team deserves a post season ban.
    I also don’t believe a “show cause” is warranted, although it would have no real teeth anyways so long as Coach Tress stays here.
    The Suspension is where I have flexibility. I’m OK with 5 games.. but wouldn’t be surprised or outraged to see it extended to a full season.

  4. Dave says

    And for the record.. yes.. we could still be in the mix for a NC. But it hinges heavily on how the quarterback battle shakes out… and if the new group of receivers can hold on to the ball.
    If we get thru the first 5 games, we get the rest of the guys back for the teeth of our schedule with fresh legs and bodies.

  5. says

    I think Dave is right on target. I’m not sure about vacating the wins but that is one way the NCAA can appease the media (and public) and show they are being heavy handed. A USC style penalty would be too much. We’re not talking about a booster putting a kid up in a ocean-front home. We’re talking about a collector hoarding memorabilia.

    The Dispatch pointed out that the NCAA notice did not include “failure to monitor” or “failure of institutional control.” (http://www.dispatch.com/live/content/local_news/stories/2011/04/26/tressels-deception-crux-of-ncaas-case.html?sid=101) Those are the big ones and without those two charges, it would be hard to see post-season penalties or even vacated games.

    That doesn’t mean the media pressure by Aug. 12 may not have a huge impact.

    As I understand it, the only one who could receive a full season suspension at this point is Coach Tressel.

    As for the team, if they get through the first five games, I think this will be a very tough team to beat. The receivers need to step up and their are holes on defense but just think of the depth you’ll have by game six or so.

  6. says

    All very good points. I also agree with not vacating the wins, Jim. The NCAA was very clear on their take of the player allegations with their allowance of 5 OSU players to participate in the Sugar Bowl. To say any other win last season was not justifiable as well would be an injustice, fueled by hypocricy.
    What OSU accomplished in the regular season is the sole reason they were chosen to represent the Big 10 in the Sugar Bowl, there for, common sense beckens the reasoning behind allowing no regular season wins, while allowing a post season bowl victory.

    I also agree with you in the fact these violations weren’t nearly as serious as the ones commited by USC/Reggie Bush. The “institutional control” thingy rears it’s ugly head bigtime there.

    I believe the most noticable issue here lyes with Jim Tressell and how he and other university administrators handle the inquiry of the NCAA in August. If these allegations have been blown out of porportion and the admin is still on Tressell’s side come August, how will the NCAA view this?

    On the other hand, if the pressure of the media/national perspective becomes too much to overcome, will they alienate Tressell and eventually fire him to save face and move forward? Lots of questions.

    • says

      NICE! Mike Vrabel joined The OhioState cohicang staff .. Congrats to Mike Vrabel. Retired from the Chiefs today and is now linebackers coach at OhioState. Tough 2 retire, but a great job in NCAA.

  7. Gulfportcarl says

    The General needs to disregard anything the press says. Their carriers are made by getting coaches fired. I can’t think of one member of the press that I give any cred to. I used to think Herbsteet was credible, but in recent days his cred went out the window. Screw the media and the horses they rode in on.

  8. says

    I still don’t think Tressel intentionally lied in order to keep his players on the field. Remember, he was originally contacted by a lawyer who was involved with a drug and murder investigation. Yes, in hindsight he should have contacted his superiors at the university. I still believe he was concerned about the safety of his kids and what they were getting mixed up in and responded in a way he thought would help (ie. contacting the individual from Pryor’s home town).

    Carl, the problem isn’t that Coach Tressel doesn’t need to listen to the media. It’s the NCAA, the University and everyone else. Tressel can handle media pressure. I’m not so confident in the NCAA.

  9. Gulfportcarl says

    Good point Jim on the NCAA and the press. The NCAA can only dish out penalties, they can’t demand a coach be fired, correct.

  10. Dave says

    They can’t demand it, but they can suggest that the penalties may be less severe if they do. It would be pretty chicken shit though.

    • says

      That’s exactly what I was getting at. How the NCAA views the university either fully supporting or eventually alienating Tressell. Only time will tell, but there’s a lot of time between now and August.
      Personally, I don’t believe the safety of the players issue was all that went through Tressell’s head when he was first contacted. It may have been his initial thought, but as time went on, I’m convinced there were others factors involved with his decision making.
      Tressell’s a smart guy. How could he not think about the fact that this was a very good year for a potential NC run. I suppose it just depends on which side of the fence you’re looking through, but I don’t blame you one bit. If this were my team we were talking about, I’d be the same way.
      I know you guys are the supposed enemy, but in a way, I feel kind of sad for your program. I never even blinked when the shit hit the fan in Southern Cal., but for some reason, this has a different kind of feel to it.
      I always liked OSU when I was a kid, even if I was a Razorback first. I always found myself watching and rooting for OSU when they were on T.V.

      • says

        Although I have this sense that hell just froze over, it’s good to see a much more constructive discussion than we’ve had in the past.

        Interesting…I never thought of Arkansas as an enemy…just another opponent. I guess when you’ve got _ichigan, “enemy” takes on a new meaning.

        Not to overstate it but there haven’t been many year’s when Tressel hasn’t had a shot at an NC run. He’s proven himself in the past by doing things that may not be best for the win/loss record but were best for his players and the team.

        I think all of the Ohio State fans agree that this has a different feel to it. I think that “feeling” about Ohio State is the reason so many want to see the Buckeyes go down on this one.

  11. Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

    UH-OH …… Now they are talking to car dealerships. This is not looking very good.

  12. Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

    Relax, tOSU …..Congrats on a great Mens Vollyball Championship. I wonder if these vollyball players have been to Kniffen Auto Sales yet. I hear they have some great deals.

    2009 Chrysler 300 ….. UNDER 20,000 MILES
    $0 Down
    $0 payments for 48 months
    0% Interest
    (this offer is good to all tOSU football players ……only on approved credit)
    For more details ……. please see Coach Tressel

  13. says

    Funny….you would think an Oregon fan would be worried about their players’ latest legal defense.

    I agree that it’s hard to live up to the Ducks. Not only are they a major player in an NCAA investigation that could take out half the SEC, they throw in an annual burglary charge for good measure.

  14. says

    The way the NCAA has been blowing it’s proverbial trumpet the past couple of years, I have a feeling a lot more schools are about to feel the wrath of these guys.

    * examples: NCAA investigates Michigan for violating summer practice limitations.
    Now OSU seems headed for hot water.

    Rumor after rumor is speculated about Auburn paying for players.
    Look for Alabama to be the next one eye balling the chopping block.

    Texas A&M just recently adapted to a new method of recruiting…..It’s called the “Let’s not allow the Longhorns to out-recruit us for major top talent in the state of Texas anymore” routine.
    A&M currently has 21 recruits commited for 2012.

    See where I’m going with this?