Defense, Offense and Kicking Game

After Ohio State’s somewhat lackluster win over UAB, Urban Meyer said that the three things that concern him the most are, “Defense, offense and the kicking game. We have to get better in all three phases.”

Four games into the season and the Ohio State Buckeyes and it is still hard to get a grasp on this Buckeye football team. Against an 0-4 team, they took us on a painful journey through the first half only to be capped by two touchdowns in under two minutes. That high is followed by a missed on-side kick to open the second half and another 25 minutes or so of “who is this team” football.

When the Buckeyes need a late-game two-point conversion to put them out of scoring range, we’ve got a problem.

It would be one thing if we saw improvement from game to game but the improvement just isn’t there–at least not to the level we need going into the start of the Big Ten season. Just as frustrating is that Urban Meyer doesn’t seem to have an answer.

Once again in his post game press conference, Meyer stood in front of reporters and said, “We’ve got to get better” as he struggles to find an answer for the performance. He’s got his reasons. Lack of depth and too many freshman is a recurring theme. But at this point he doesn’t have any answers and even seems somewhat confused as to why.

“I thought I really had confidence this was going to be a Ohio State looking team. And it wasn’t,” Meyer said.

Special teams
Wasn’t even a blocked punt folks. It was a blocked drop to make the punt and I can’t help but think that Meyer was out coached on this play. Against a team that has nothing to lose, Meyer tries a new formation and they send the house. At least two defenders came in completely untouched and about the only thing the punter could do was hand them the ball.

Then of course there’s the off-side kick to open the second half.

Expectations are high for Meyer and since he has taken responsibility for special teams, you would think that would be one area where we would see those expectations develop.

And missed tackles

But the good
Amid the UAB 403 yards to our 347 yards total offense, there were a couple of good things. There were times when Braxton Miller couldn’t find a receiver and he took off down field for positive yardage–something we didn’t see last week.

There were the three interceptions and the two-minute drill to end the first half.

And there was the final score.

But it’s a long way to East Lansing folks. This team has the talent and the ability and at moments they look like a top notch team. Somehow, they need to find the intensity needed to carry them through an entire game and I can’t help but think that ultimately, that comes down to coaching.


    • gulfportcarl says

      This year the B10 stands for the amount teams than can play for the B10 championship.
      The way it looks there will be alot of teams playing in the lesser bowls. The winner in Indionapolis might get a BCS bid.

  1. kilt1iron says

    Well, actually, the B1G has “no teams” (including tOSU) if we are watching the same performances these past 3 weeks …..