“We will be Buckeyes forever”

To those who have no more connection to The Ohio State University than what they occasionally see on the football field, Coach Jim Tressel has come to represent all that their program could not be. Not only did Coach Tressel guide his team to eight BCS games in ten seasons — three of which were BCS National Championship games, he did it in a way that others did not. Where others would show bravado, Coach Tressel showed humility. Where others would let emotions run wild, Coach Tressel was refrained. He became an icon of dignity and honor that is too often missing in college sports.

But coach Tressel and his players didn’t just excel on the playing field, they excelled in the classroom. Just last week, 40 members of the Ohio State football team received academic honors including Chimdi Chekwa who was one of five Big Ten male finalists for the Medal of Honor. According to a report in The Lantern, over the past six years Ohio State has carried one of the highest APRs in the country–36 points higher than the national average.

Yes, Coach Tressel is a great football coach but he is also a great educator and mentor. During his ten years at Ohio State he has not only brought great pride to our football program, he has brought great pride to our university. And that is why it is so difficult to see him leave under these circumstances.

At this point it is fairly safe to say that resigning was not what Coach Tressel wanted to do. Given the choice coach Tressel would have chosen to be with his players, to face whatever came at them together, as a team. However, now that Sport’s Illustrated has taken their turn quoting anonymous sources and printing disputed allegations, it is obvious that there is no way Coach Tressel could stay. The media has deemed him guilty going so far as to say, “His integrity was one of the great myths of college football.” (SI investigation reveals eight-year pattern of violations under Tressel)

Without a doubt, Sports Illustrated is taking great joy at providing the final nail in the coffin of Coach Tressel’s career at Ohio State. They made a point of contacting Ohio State and asking that Coach Tressel be made aware of the allegations in the story. (What better way to sell magazines than to force the resignation the day before the issue hits the stands.) According to Sports Illustrated, instead of responding, Ohio State spokesman Jim Lynch told Ohio State to contact Coach Tressel’s lawyer Gene Marsh for any further comment. At that moment, the die had been cast and ending Coach Tressel’s tenure at Ohio State was only a matter of formalities.

More investigations and accusations will come. The Dispatch is reporting today that Terrelle Pryor is facing a much deeper NCAA investigation and it’s quite possible that his Ohio State career may also be over. The next few months will be a feeding frenzy as journalists quote every anonymous source who ever saw an Ohio State player walk past a tattoo shop or park a car.

Regardless what the NCAA decides to do with Coach Tressel, this is the end of his coaching career. Unlike other coaches faced with NCAA violations, he is not flying the coop for the NFL. In time, this will blow over and like Coach Hayes, who maintained a campus office in the ROTC building until his death, and Coach Bruce and Coach Cooper, who also maintain an active presence at Ohio State, he will find his place in Columbus. He has made a profound mark in the annuals of Ohio State history and will continue to be a presence at this great institution. As he said in his resignation letter, “We will be Buckeyes forever.”

This is not only a loss for Ohio State, this is a loss for all of college football.


  1. dave jackson says

    Are you serious? Im an SEC fan but come on dude, get real. You guys will be lucky NOT to get a serious “institutional” penalty here. The NCAA has no choice now but to deepen its investigation. And for the record, everyone in the country knew Pryor was a loser. What a joke.

  2. Gulfportcarl says

    Dave nobody gives a shit about the SEC on this blog. We consider the SEC the garbage pit of college football. Your the loser Dave, you have no idea what you are talking about. The SEC could only hope to get a coach like Jim Tressel. I wanted him to stay and face the music and the Buckeye Nation would have backed him all the way. He made a mistake and would have had to face the music, but he and Ohio State would have survived and come out better for it. Coach Tressel will rank right behind Woody Hayes in Buckeye Lore. Jim Tressel you are still agreat football coach and a greater man ,and the Buckeye Nation is stronger for having known you the past ten years. It will be hard not seeing the sweater vest on the sidelines every Saturday. He was always gracious in defeat and he will take the final loss the same way. From what I hear he was only going to coach a few more years anyway. Good luck Coach Tressel in what ever you decide to do in your life. Now we need to get behind Coach Finkel and support him and this years team. We still have alot of talent and can still win the Big Ten and go to another BCS bowl.

    • Drew says

      The SEC would love to have a coach like Jim Tressel? How many coaches in the Big Ten have NFL head coaching experience? The SEC has three. They were miserable failures but they show that the next step down from the NFL is the SEC.

  3. Gulfportcarl says

    Mike is either a Mighigan fan or SEC fan. Either one has no right calling us cheaters. They have a long history of cheating. Tressel might have lied to the NCAA, that would make him a lier not a cheater. Dumb shit

      • Jack says

        Interesting. So allowing players to play an entire season when you know they’re ineligible isn’t cheating. What world do you live on?

        • Drew says

          I live in SEC country and am wondering why Auburn hasn’t had the book thrown at them. I rejoice in other programs’ pain.

  4. Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

    I think this is a very good thing for tOSU. As you may remember …… I thought Tressel should have resigned 5 months ago. It was pretty obvious back then that this “story” was not going away and we were only looking at the tip of an iceberg. In the coming months …. I think we will see that there has been a complete lack of institutional control (for years). I also don’t believe that Jim Tressel was in on this stuff all by himself. I thought the press conference back in Dec with Tressel and the A.D. was extremely odd. It appeared back then as it does today that JT was going to be the fall guy for the entire athletic department. Bottom line …. Innocent Men don’t cut and run on their football programs (see Pete Carrol).

    I think that this is a case of not being able to see the forest through the trees. I would implore my tOSU friends to look at this situation with a fresh set of glasses. I am somewhat surprised of your continued loyality to JT (even worse ….. Carl puts him in the same sentence with Woody Hayes). No “man” is greater than the University and these issues have caused great harm to the reputation and tradition of tOSU. JT is part of the problem…. and some of you are still drinking his kool-aide. It is time to honestly assess the problems at tOSU and clean out the people that “allowed” it to happen. You need to get the ship back in an upright position and begin the rebuilding process. Bottom line ….. protect tOSU ….. not the folks that put you in this position.

    @Carl …. I disagree with your liar vs. cheater comment. The lying actually led to the cheating. Jim Tressel knew that his players were involved with activities that would make them ineligible to play. By lying (not reporting) that led to the cheating. Then he further compounded the problem by lying to the NCAA.

    My condolences to you folks …… and hope for a speedy recovery.

    • says


      It’s good to hear some constructive thoughts. Coach Tressel didn’t cut and run. Lou Holtz pointed out on ESPN last night that he spoke to Coach Tressel last week and he said that he wanted to stick by his players. Coach Tressel was asked to leave and because he understands what is best for the university, he stepped down. Sports Illustrated contacted Ohio State, let them know that they were about to lambast them and the university responded. Given the choice, Coach Tressel would ride this out with his players. He asked them to return and would do the same if he could.

      Don’t think for a minute that Coach Tressel felt he was bigger than the University. Although Mark May and others have misinterpreted Gorden Gee’s comments about Coach firing him, that was not the case. Gee is a quick witted individual and often speaks from the cuff. To see May claim that Tressel felt he was bullet proof goes to show once again how little he knows about Ohio State.

      We will not see that there was a “complete lack of institutional control.” These boys are huge celebrities in Columbus. Wherever they go, people want to get close to them. Everyone wants to be able to drop names on the golf course or be able to say that so and so hangs out at their bar, restaurant or in this case, tattoo shop. Edward Rife, the owner of the tattoo shop, was exactly one of those individuals. As the Sports Illustrated article shows, he was a fan who enjoyed hanging out with Ohio State players.

      Ray Small also clarified his comments saying that although he sold his Big Ten Championship rings, he knew it was against the rules. He also said that his coaches didn’t know he sold them.

      Coach Tressel is not the problem. He has done great things for this university (not just on the football field) over the past ten years. Walk through campus and see the changes and growth at Ohio State during the past decade. Much of this can be directly attributed to the renaissance Coach Tressel brought to the Ohio State football program both on and off the field.

      So yes, Coach Tressel and Coach Hayes belong in the same sentence. Both were mentors and educators first and football coaches second. When the dust settles, Coach Tressel will be remembered right next to Coach Hayes.

    • Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

      Please take a “middle of the road” approach to your interview. I am really concerned that your Homerism may take over here….. don’t let it get out of control.

      • Gulfportcarl says

        Tony, you can’t ask a man to be someone he’s not. I say let your homerism show Jim.

    • says

      Make sure you’re wearing a sweater vest for that interview…Unless you have a tweed jacket and smoking hat…

  5. says

    Jim; You were spot on a few weeks ago when you talked about the time line to kickoff was too far off and everyone wanted something to report on with NCAA football.

    I wondered if JT would survive. And now we know. Personally I think everyone knew the system. This isn’t just an OSU system, it is an NCAA Football and Basketball system…These are the sports that allow the rest of NCAA athletics to exist. Tennis, golf and swimming aren’t paying for the athletic budgets at the universities – Football and Basketball are…maybe a few other sports/segments that run in the black, but most run in the red…are carried by the MONEY SPORTS.

    I like the stipend idea, but where do you start and stop…should a football player get $400 a month and a swimmer not? There are 1,000 Slav- err Student Athletes at the university, where does the stipend start and stop. How about a pay for grades…A’s get 500, B’s get 400 and C’s get 300 – sorry that’s as low as I go…teachers are gonna have pay, based on performance (grades), why not students – I got $10 an A in High school…

    I think the real story is being ignored. This behavior is happening at ALL the BCS schools, has been for years and there is just too much money flowing to shut it down. this is a house of cards, start pulling the low cards and this gets too ugly too quick. NCAA doesn’t want that much heat.

    Here’s a perspective – everyone admits that there ought to be a playoff system for the national championship…but there isn’t, because the BCS / NCAA has the bowls to answer to and everyone is afraid their money won’t be there…same reason OSU players played in January Game…who wants to see a bad bowl game or a blow out, because the stars can’t play…no one! No viewers no money….

    So with the money that is being generated with these programs there just isn’t a viable solution. Reality can’t dictate a solution there are too many hands out assuring their share…Sorta reminds me of Washington and Congress….remind me of one of my favorite jokes…”If Pro is the opposite of Con, what is the opposite of Progress…”

    The NCAA will continue this course until something moves it, who knows what or when that will be though.

    And yes I think Tressell will maintain a presence at OSU like Woody did…I remember meeting Woody at OSU in 1986, before he died in 1987 – he would just show up at the quad or union and hang around telling stories and talking with students.

    BTW – Ordering my 106-22-0 shirt definitely a collectors item.

    Mikie out…

  6. Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

    It is funny how tunes change …. I use to hear about how your program was impeccably clean …. how Tressel did things the “right” way …. etc, etc, etc. And you lamblasted the SEC as cheaters. Now that tOSU has been caught with their hand in the cookie jar … “everyone does it”. And, we need to pay these players to play. There is quite a bit of hypocrisy in all of this. You are desperately trying to change the rules to somehow make your violations acceptable and just.

    I believe that most head coaches for major college football programs walk very close to the line of legality. Even if your “everyone does it” arguement were true ….. does it make it right? Isn’t that the same argument that pot smokers use in trying to legalize mary jane? They say “everyone does it” too …. and we know that isn’t true.

    • gulfportcarl says

      Tony, you come on the blog sounding so pious. Mister do the right thing, never make a mistake, Mister perfect. That’s right your an Oregon fan, no tradition, no championships,
      no nothing. I also suppose when Chip Kelly’s mistakes come to life you will be the first one to throw him under the bus. You have nothing that comes close to the Buckeye Nation. Your fans come from a single state out in the northeast, most people could not point to Oregon on the map.
      What im trying to says is when you have been in the game as long as Ohio State has you have alot of disapointments, so you learn to enjoy the good times. We have had some great coaches like Woody Hayes Earle Bruce, John Cooper, the latest being Jim Tressel. The Buckeye Nation honors them all. They have all not been perfect and have made mistakes , but we honor them and they have a home forever in the Buckeye Nation. Maurice Clarett made some big mistakes, but honored as a member of the Buckeye Nation. Hell he lead us to a National Championship. He also made on of the greatest play ever near the end of the game. I’ll even bet Tony has made some big mistakes in his life. We forgive and forget and look forward to another football season. I wish Like Fickell luck, if he has a good season in 2011 he could be the next head coach to lead us.

      • Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

        @GolfCartCarl….. I am sure Chip Kelly walks very close to the edge. It is the only way that you can get and keep good prospects/players. Oregon has its own NCAA investigation going on (tOSU has also been implicated with using the same recruiting practices). We love Chip in Oregon…. he has taken us the the Rose Bowl in 2009 and the NC in 2010! But if he has broken any of the rules …… you won’t see me being ignorant of the facts and singing him praises. It is his responsibility to KNOW the rules and stay within the guidelines (provided the NCAA has a clearly written rule). Per your comment about Maurice Clarett being an honored member of tOSU. We have our own MC … his name is Jeremiah Masoli. He is not an “honored member of the quack” …. he is a thug and we discarded him. His behavior was detrimental to the team and the University. Honor is not an entitlement ….. it is something that has to be earned and maintained. I think some of the Buckeye fans have seriously confused honor with loyality. In my opinion …. you should be loyal to the University and only honor the people that upholds the schools highest standards. I think JT has done great harm to tOSU and has seriously tarnished your reputation, standards, and traditions. I find his behavior ….. less than honorable.

        I hope Fickell does a good job for tOSU. I think a little success would be a good change from the turmoil of the last 6 monts. I hope no more skeletons come out of the closet …. because I am ready to move on from all of this.

        by the way ….. Oregon is actually located in the NW. We are right above California and below Washington (….. No not Washington DC). The northeast would be ME, NH, VT, etc. Also, what do you mean by “single state”? Are you guys down in Florida putting the Confederacy back together?

        • Gulfportcarl says

          What I meant by one state is that your fans are basicly in Oregon. There might be a few elsewhere, but nothing that compares to the Buckeye Nation. We have fans and clubs in almost every city in the USA and many abroad.
          It also seems we have come to the point in this country when a person, coach etc. is rememberd for the his mistakes rather than all the good he has done. you obviously overlooked Jim’s post about 40 members of the football team achieved accademic honors. That was unheard of before Jim Tressel. After Clarett go out of jail Jim Tressel went out of his way to get him back in school. You need to reread the Peoples Buckeye
          post about JT. One mistake should never trump all the good a man has done.

  7. Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

    Jim …… nice job on the interview …. but homerism and denial was running rampant.

    • says

      You know, trying to give quick answers to long topics.

      I started to get into this but couldn’t, there really is something to the culture of Columbus (and I’m sure elsewhere) that plays into this. You’ve got a bunch of 19-20 year old kids who are huge celebrities. Add to the fact that you could walk into any bar in town and hear people dropping the names of Ohio State players as if they were their close friends.

      Also, what is the value in being the car dealer that sells Terrell Pryor his car? He may sell a car at cost or take a loss but it’s not because he is working a payola scheme, it’s because there is value in Columbus in being able to say, “I sold Terrell Pryor his car.” At what point does it cross the line?

      No, I’m not defending Ohio State by saying “everyone does it.” I also still feel that perspective is needed. Give the fine, make the suspensions and move on. Right now, the media is making the decisions and not Ohio State or the NCAA.

      • Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

        I completely agree …. the dealerships (and like companies) are in it for their own profits. But, your compliance department is larger than any other NCAA school. Unfortunately I think perks run rampant in every major football program. The kids are always going to try to get away with it. But, I hope all the other coaches have taken notice and will no longer turn a “blind eye” to these violations.

  8. Nick D. says

    I’m a UMich fan and obviously have an anti-OSU bias; however, I do think that while JT was involved in some major violations, his altruism and coaching skill will not go unnoticed in the history books. For a perfect example, look at Woody – he left under unsavory circumstances and is still nationally recognized as a historically great coach.

    I would’ve loved to see JT stick around for a chance at blemishing his record against the maize and blue and am sad to see him go. Don’t forget though, he did make his proverbial bed.

  9. Hog in LR says

    I read on this blog leading up to the Sugar Bowl just to get some more Buckeye perspective for that game.

    That being said, I can understand that many of you feel Jim Tressel did nothing wrong…if you are of the mindset that rules don’t constitute right and wrong. It so happens the NCAA is a body that requires you to follow the rules if you want to be a part of the organization. Jim Tressel knowingly broke the rules. Jim Tressel knowingly played star players who were not eligible to play. Jim Tressel acted in his players’ best interests. Jim Tressel’s actions were against the rules of the organization he has agreed to play within, and affected every single team OSU played last year. All true statements. So if you feel OSU is bigger than the NCAA, and your judgment is more important than the NCAA rules everyone who opts to participate in NCAA sports has agreed to play by, then you should continue to feel that JT did nothing wrong. I do think you’re crazy if you think a guy whose job, which pays millions a year, hinges on winning never considered that following the rules would quite likely lead to a lot less winning…and thus willfully chose not to follow the rules. I think it’s clear that Tressel felt OSU football and winning were more important than the integrity of the NCAA’s rules.

    I think this sort of thing probably happens at most or all big football schools. I think it’s better that most people admit this – and as a whole, OSU fans felt strongly that their program was a cut above the rest. You definitely broke the rules. Hopefully the stipend talk heats up and alleviates some of the most pressing reasons why sports players do this sort of thing – not to make a ton of money, but to get by and quite likely to have a bit of extra flash here and there.

    From what I hear, Tressel did a great job in the community and really excelled in a lot of areas. In this particular case, he also excelled at blatantly breaking the rules he had agreed to play by.

    • says

      I appreciate your comments and agree that Coach Tressel broke the rules. However, I don’t believe that he did so in order to keep his players in the game. Coach Tressel has demonstrated in the past that there are more important issues than the game at hand. At some point, we have to look at intent and I don’t believe Coach Tressel’s intent was to “cheat” the NCAA.

      Yes, there should be repercussions for what he and the players did but there also needs to be some perspective. The media is having a field day taking down Ohio State. Unfortunately, the media decided Coach Tressel’s fate, not the NCAA or The Ohio State University.

      • Is this a joke? says

        JT as you call him knew about the rule violation 9 months ago. He most certainly lied in order to keep them in the game. He allowed his players to play the entire season last year knowing that the situation would either a) Never be discovered or b) end his taint with his famed recruit.

        Jim Tressel has never coached a top recruit without scandel. Clarrett, Troy Smith, Pryor. Intent to cheat… I think so.

        • buckeyetilIdie says

          for the record…Troy Smith was not a top recruit..just an athlete that Tress turned into an amazing QB….for every TP and Mo Clarett there are just as many Craig Krenzels and Nick Mangolds. I hope you are all getting all this hate out of your system….football starts soon and that is where OSU excels….not on the front page of espn. I bet your a fan of a school that we have spanked on the field in the last 10 years….

  10. Steven Meyer says

    You Bucknuts need to stop worshipping Tressel like some God and quit slobbing all over his knob. He knew about it, then lied, then lied again about it, then more crap came out and was forced to resign. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Just wait next Sunday when CBS’ 60 Minutes uncovers the strippers and prostitutes Tress paid for recruiting weekends. Do you still want to worship the jackass now?

  11. says

    Lots of opinions floating around out there. Some are unbiased, some are not, and some will still change a bit after even more allegations come about.
    The one thing we do know for certain is Jim Tressell lied to the NCAA about what his players were doing before the season even started. That means what he reported (lied about) to the NCAA had a direct affect on the outcome of the 2010-’11 football season.
    Regardless of what accomplishments Jim Tressell may have achieved on or off the football field, leading up to that move, was clearly a willful act of putting wins before integrity.
    Sure, he was protecting his players alright. He was protecting their eligibility.

    I noticed today on a local Razorback sports radio show that a Buckeye fan called in and immediately started blabbering about how much more integrity tOSU had than SEC teams who were over-signing their recruiting classes.
    Just in case that guy wasn’t aware of it, this recruiting process is currently legal. Sure, it seems dirty, but this is what college football has evolved into. It’s a business and everyone knows that. Coaches either win (within the rules) or get fired. It’s just that simple.
    Unfortunately, Tressell found a different way and was caught.

  12. The People's Buckeye says

    I’m going to miss him as a student of the university and of his.

    I hope that those involved with buying the memorabilia take a long look at it to understand how it cost one man his job. I hope the players look at their tattoos and understand how it cost one man his job. I hope Pryor looks at his Nissan and understands how it cost one man his job.

    One lawyer and former player broke his oath to protect what?

    Material possessions caused a man to lose his job. “Dedicated” fans and “committed” players cost a man his job. Tressel lied, I get it. However, no one here or on any blog at all is going to have the opportunity of a high pressure job to know what his position is truly like. If it were so damn easy, not one coach would be fired… ever.

    I don’t think one Ohio State fan deserves to be upset at him. Not one. Gee, yes. Smith, yes. Not him though. Everyone seems to forget the land before time where Ohio State was routinely throttled by Michigan and only got as far as stubbing their toes in the game before what could have been potential National Championship opportunities in the 90s. When Cooper was fired, the alumni and fans all wanted that corrected… and they received their wishes. Unfortunately, the ugly truth is that you cannot compete for national championships without some perceived wrongdoing, unfounded or not.

    It’s my choice to remember the man that was my head lecturer for ten weeks. It’s my choice to remember the man that gave me the pleasure of watching Michigan fans walk around with their faces down for a decade. It’s my choice to remember the man that hoisted the crystal football one night and dedicated it to every Buckeye on the planet.

    I don’t understand why there’s as many non-Ohio State fans as there Ohio State fans on this blog now, but I’m sure Jim loves the hit counts on account of the wasted efforts to sway feelings. People will choose what they want to believe. That’s the great thing about free will. Us buckeyes aren’t anything less than people. Shocking, I know.

    • Not Alan says

      You’re probably not the smartest Buckeye if your name is Terrelle Pryor, your coach resigns (because of some of your major infractions), and then you show up at the Woody Hayes’ training facility the same day in a Nissan 350 Z.

      Couldn’t you ride your (a) bike or take a taxi, TP? Way to pour fuel on the fire…

      • says

        Well said Joey.

        @Alan: I told The Pulse Network yesterday that Pryor’s car means one of two things:

        1) Either he is a complete idiot to show up in that car while under a pending investigation himself


        2) The car is absolutely, 100% legit and he has nothing to worry about driving it in public.

        Wouldn’t it be nice if it was #2.

        • The People's Buckeye says

          WBNS reported this morning that he’s driving on a suspended license. Methinks it’s more likely to be the former.

          • says

            Yeah, I saw that this morning. Hoping to get a chance to post on it later today.

            O.K., here’s a third possibility, Pryor has already negotiated a deal with an NFL agent, has no plans to play college ball in the fall and bought the car for full price based on future NFL pay or current pay he’s receiving from agent.

          • Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

            I have to admit ….. this whole TP/Car/License thing is pretty commical. It just goes to show how detached some of these guys are. This kind of goes back to what I posted earlier this morning…. You guys are extremely loyal to your football team (sometimes to a fault) …. but, I don’t think some of the players have the same feelings towards – You/Tressel/tOSU. I think that they are so self involved that they believe that they are bigger than the University. You folks got so upset that some of these players would sell their lucky charms (err …. gold pants), rings, etc. Well …. maybe that stuff really doesn’t mean anything to them. JT may have tried to protect his players backs …. but, it has become pretty obvious the some of these same players could care less about him. Will TP go down in history as an “honored” member of Buckeye nation? Or will he go down as the self absobed idiot who tarnish the legacy of tOSU….. from the inside. JT already gave TP a second chance. If these “car stories” are true than TP should be booted. Even if the car is legit but he is driving on a suspended license … close the door on the way out. You don’t need anymore distractions or side shows.

          • Not Alan says

            Maurice Clarett won a National Championship at Ohio State and has re-enrolled at tOSU to get his degree.

            Terrelle Pryor beat an SEC team in the Sugar Bowl when he probably should have been suspended.

            I’m guessing that Clarett will get a standing ovation during a 10 year anniversary celebration of the NC and hopefully for getting his diploma.

            I’m guessing Pryor won’t have a 10 year anniversary celebrating his win over Arkansas. Because we are likely to have to forfeit all games last year.

  13. Marin says

    Thank you for this article. After sitting through other OSU coaches it was great seeing tressel in action! He was an incredible coach and mentor. I am sad to see something that has also plagued other schools, other coaches, and players end his career at osu.

    Most of the time it’s not just the coach it takes a whole athletic department. USC was first, OSU second, this isn’t something out of the ordinary they just chose us to make an example out of. I’m sure others will follow.

  14. Home Inspector Training says

    That’s a sad story to lose a long time coach but that’s life, you can’t help the changes every time. The thing they must do is to move on and find another better coach. And focus to the team’s goal.

    • says

      He has created quite a big noise in the Big 10, but seems to be like the Huskers of the 1980 s who senegmily always got beat by southern teams in January.Hopefully, teams like Illinois and Minnesota and the new-look Michigan teams will give his teams a sterner test than the patsies of the past.Pelini’s team will win the Big XII North this year, write it down.

    • Not Alan says

      I’m a bit torn on you even advertising these Jim Tressell shirts on the blog so I hope you are making a nickel each time someone buys one. I still have my “In Tressell We Trust” t-shirt but I won’t be buying this one. Quite frankly, I may never wear my “In Tressell We Trust” shirt except to paint the interior of my house here in Big 12/PAC 10 country (Boulder). While I’m proud of what the team did on the field during JT’s tenure and all the positives that he did for the community, (blah, blah, blah…), I’m done defending the guy and the program. It just makes me look stupid to my TCU and other college football savvy friends.

      While I believe the players deserve more blame in this situation, Tressell and the assistant coaches have the responsibility to be watchful of these transgressions and not turning a blind eye. And as some would suggest, that as a program, it’s OK to lie and cheat because everyone else is doing it? Please? If that were the case, taxpayers wouldn’t be paying millions of dollars for the United States DEA to convict Lance Armstrong of “doping” for 7 Tour de France victories he won on foreign soil.

      Of the many “experts” that I have heard comment on this situation, Chris Spielman may have summed it up best for me yesterday on ESPN-That Tressell should have resigned months ago. Spielman speculates that The Ohio State program will face sanctions including a post- season ban this year and maybe for several years to come. So even if we go undefeated this year, we won’t participate in the first Big 10 Championship game, let alone a bowl game.

      This also got me thinking. With the resignation of Tressell and pending sanctions like those that were handed down to USC, there is a stipulation in the NCAA’s ruling that allows juniors and seniors to transfer away from the program to a D-1 school without needing to sit out a year. NCAA bylaws also allow new recruits who haven’t enrolled to be released from their letter of intent (think Seantrell Henderson).

      So if Pryor is cleared by the NCAA of Vehicle-Gate and maybe more issues (which I doubt), he could choose to stay at Ohio State, transfer to another D1 program or go ahead and join the NFL supplemental draft. If he stays at Ohio State, it doesn’t mean Fickell has to start him. I wonder if Auburn would be chomping at the bit to get Pryor and allow him a similar field general role as sCam Newton? Or maybe he could get his red Block “O” tattoo switched to green and yellow and play at Oregon? After all, it would be easy to make the Buckeye leaf on his arm look more like a marijuana leaf (just kidding Tony).

      I hope that incoming freshman QB Braxton Miller got his Block “O” tattoo in Dayton or Springfield and not during a recruiting trip with an Ohio State football posse in Columbus who told him he could get a discounted tattoo from Fine Line Ink in C-Bus. Could you imagine if he signed a glove and gave it to this fine establishment for a discount and this came to light?!?! Personally, I got my Block “O” tat at a shop off of High Street and think I paid more than what I should have.


      In the early to mid 80’s, $100 handshakes, along with car dealers and players doing what our program has been allegedly doing in the past several years or more under Tress were virtually eliminated across the country (OK…maybe not the $100 handshakes). It didn’t take anyone but the HEAD COACH to walk out into the parking lot to determine that some of these kids couldn’t afford to be driving the vehicle they had the keys to.

      Ironically, I just pulled a program from the fall of 1998 and from 2006 that shows a full page of Buckeye Contributors. Who are these contributors? You got it right-Car dealers. Along with a statement from Ohio State-“The Ohio State University Department of Athletics would like to thank the members of the Ohio Automobile Dealers Association who have provided products and services to the Buckeye coaching staff. Their contributions are helping to reduce the cost of the men’s and women’s athletic programs at OSU”.

      While I understand the need for money for the university, it seems these relationships with car dealers could also foster an easy relationship with players. I’m sorry if any of the readers here are car sales men. But in my opinion these folks don’t exactly have a history of having the most moral and ethically adjusted compasses. I just hope that Aaron Kniffin is that guy who is well adjusted…

      When the news first broke about “Tattoo-Gate”, I said suspend them for the Sugar Bowl game. However, in the name of money and a possible Big 10 win over the SEC, Tressell, Gordon Gee, and Gene Smith allowed for Big 10 commissioner Jim Delaney lobby the NCAA to allow the “Tat 5” to play after a hasty 11 day investigation that now appears to be nothing but a joke. Don’t think for a second that Gee and Smith are now on the universities’ Board of Trustees shit list. They may be the next to go. Although Annapolis Buckeye has said that the “lack of institutional control” card is not in effect here, it sure is starting to look that way.

      So while these RIP Jim Tressell t-shirts are cute and timely for those that think he got a raw deal? Not for me. I told you over dinner 2 weeks ago in DC that this was going to get worse before it got better. Tressell has no one in the long run to blame but himself for what he has allowed this to become. Not the NCAA, not the Tat 5 and not the Vehicle-Gate participants.

      Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me…

      As I conclude this post, one of my good friends who is Michigan State grad and owns Big Hoss BBQ restaurant in Denver just texted me the following: Hey Buckeye, Pryor just drove to the Big Hoss in his new 2011 Ferrari.

      I will be a Luke Fickell supporter and cheer on MY beloved alma mater this fall and every fall until the day I die. And do you know why? Because I AM A BUCKEYE FOREVER!!! And tattoo branded at that.

      Cheers. If we haven’t already, here’s to hope that we don’t become the laughing stock of college football.

      • Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

        @ Not Alan …. Great post. I always love reading your comments because you bring some sanity back into the conversation. Per your thoughts on Pryor playing for Oregon …. We were on his short list during the recruiting process. I would have loved for him to pick Oregon. Unfortunately, he has too much baggage now and we don’t need the drama.

  15. The People's Buckeye says

    Just read this from Barry Alvarez: “You don’t want somebody to get their legs knocked out from under them and look to that to give you an opportunity. It shouldn’t have to be that way,” Alvarez said. “We won the league championship without all those things happening, I don’t want that to happen to our league. I don’t want to sit there and lick my chops and say, ‘Wow, that opens the door for us.’ I don’t think that’s right.”

    I wish the casual Michigan fan had as much as savvy as Barry.

    • Drew says

      You’re comparing the head of an athletic department and Joe Schmo. Find any university where Joe Schmo has as much class as an AD and I’ll giver you a nickel.

      • Not Alan says

        Tony-are you coming to the Oregon-CU game in Boulder? You can stay with us. Permission to get your personal e-mail address from Jim?

        • Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

          Jim ….. You have my permission to give Not Alan my personal e-mail address.

          I don’t think I will be around for the Oregon-CU game though. I run my business mainly over the telephone and internet. The beauty part of this whole thing …. is that I don’t need to be tied down to one location in order to service my customer base. So, I have decided to get out of the constant rain and seek a warmer climate…… Costa Rica! I am going to be taking an “extended working vacation” and see how well it works for me. Pura Vida!

  16. Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

    No hablo italiano amigo mío. Aunque, estoy de acuerdo con su declaración con respecto a la relación de Obama con su predicador inflamatoria. El reverendo Wright ha sido y seguirá contine siendo una espina en el costado. Supongo que es como el viejo refrán, “Si usted se acuesta con perros que se levantan con las pulgas.