An Open Letter to Cincinnati Fans

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Get 'em while there hot!

Editor’s note: I received this in my in box from Scott this morning with a note that read, “I grew up in Cincinnati and was really tired of hearing all the trash talk this week. So I got some stuff off my chest. If you don’t want to post it let me know.”

Who am I to stand in the way of a good rant.

Dear Bearcat fans,

Did that game feel like a Yancy Gates blindside sucker punch to the face?

All week the Cincinnati Napoleon Complex was out in full force. Lots of trash talk, a number of your adorable Buckeye State shirts where the cute little paw print is over the uc in Buckeye, and, basically, the whole nine yards.

Maybe we aren’t afraid to play you like you think. Maybe we just don’t want to waste our time. It was very clear who the best team on the court was Thursday night. And it wasn’t the one that was obnoxiously dragging out the inevitable in the final three minutes with a ridiculous display of unnecessary fouls.

Yes, you won a couple of big games in the 1960s, and I tip my cap. But this so called “rivalry” now is as much a rivalry as the mouse-trap is rivals with the mouse. Ohio State is superior in academics, reputation, and – in case you missed the fifteen point beat down or anytime we ever play in football (which is more often than you care to admit) – athletics.

I admit that historically your basketball program is right there with ours (and even has one more championship). Of course, if we are talking history, the gap between us in football is so big that the Grand Canyon has an inferiority complex (a complex you may or may not be familiar with). But, at least right now, we have actual rivals to worry about that are somewhat comparable on the fields of play (M*ch*g@n, Penn State, Wisconsin, etc.), so please stop running your mouths.

Even Urban Meyer, who received his undergraduate degree from Cincinnati, gets it. Was his dream job to roam the sidelines of the high-school sized Nippert Stadium at his alma-mater? Of course not. His dream job just happened to be about 100 miles north on 1-71. That must sting a little.

Oh…and as for the game

As for the game on Thursday night, the Bearcats stepped up to the big boy table and were denied. Fittingly so, since a team that lost at home to Presbyterian and Marshall (and to Xavier by 23 points – just wanted to remind you) really doesn’t belong anywhere near the elite eight.

The Buckeyes, led by Jared Sullinger’s 23 points and eleven rebounds, along with Deshaun Thomas’ 26 points, soundly handled the Bearcats 81-66. Thomas put on a show in the first half with his shooting, but it was the second half defense that carried Ohio State to the ultimate victory.

Cincinnati, trailing by twelve at the half, came out of the locker room on fire and even grabbed the lead for a brief time. But the Scarlet and Gray defense, especially that of Aaron Craft (who swiped six steals), buckled down and buried any threat of an upset.

While I am certainly concerned with the way Thad Matta’s bunch came out of the locker room, I am equally – if not more so – impressed by the way the Bucks responded to being punched in the mouth. There may be better players across the country, but I wouldn’t trade Craft’s leadership and defensive prowess for any of them. His effort and enthusiasm has clearly spread to others.

The Buckeyes now have only one game remaining between themselves and the final four in New Orleans. Craft and company will take on Syracuse Saturday evening, and hopefully bring the same intensity as we saw in the final ten minutes Thursday.

As for Cincinnati, enjoy the view of the rest of the tournament from our shadow. It’s always going to be there.


  1. Todd Chance says

    Hahahaha. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine a more pathetic individual if I tried. How sad does your life have to be that you would waste this much time writing a “Na-Na-Na-Nuh-Boo-Boo” blog about a NCAA basketball game? Next time, turn off the computer and spend the time finding a life, which you obviously desprately need. Must be nice hiding behind a University’s name to make yourself feel like you’re some kind of better individual. You’re nothing more than a parasite. If Sullinger or Thomas wanted to come and talk about their game in a proud manner that’d be far more acceptable. Fortunately, they have more class than to lower themselves to such a despicable level. It’s always pretty amusing to see the low class filth and non-contributing fanatics talk as though they did something useful. Congratulations, you sat on your couch and screamed “Go OSU”. Yeah, you should be proud of that. Laughable. Instead be ashamed that you have nothing better to do with your time than to go on a rant about how “bad” another team is. I’m all for supporting home-teams, cheering for a win, et cetera, et cetera, but to be the type of ignorant douchebag that would blog just to put down another team, well in that case you should worry more about the state of your own life, than the state of a college basketball team.

    Good luck getting your life together.

    • kilt1iron says

      Todd Chance, “Hater.”

      I graduated from tOSU, with a degree and a life path.

      I don’t put down other teams, because their fan base’s behavior does it for them.

      Class. Get some.

  2. Mark says

    Todd doesn’t like a biased BLOG post on what is clearly an Ohio State site. Must be time to re-evaluate life.

  3. says

    I think Todd is missing the point. The Cinci fan base has been a little more than annoying recently. Many of us are happy to see them knocked down a notch or two.

  4. SFinney says

    Also an OSU alum from Cincinnati, and I can tell you that UC fans can definitely be hard headed — chanting “overrated” when they beat Marquette at home, weeks after losing to them by over 20 points; heckling Kemba Walker for slumping only to have him return in the 2nd half, thrash UC, then go on a tear that again knocked UC out of the tourney and into a championship.

    This open letter pretty much sums up every reason I almost hated my own team though. The condescending attitude is reminiscent of a UM attitude toward MSU or something, and way worse than UC fans being over-exuberant about their chances to beat us.

    Shots at academics and “reputation” are always lame when talking college sports, but it’s especially weak when comparing the massive state school to the significantly smaller, if still sizable, urban public school – from the same state. It’s no accident that OSU is “better” than schools like Akron and Toledo, the urban are allocated resources and have goals appropriate to a smaller scale. Are we going to flex our muscle to Cleveland State or Findlay next?

    Man, seeing the arrogance from my own school makes me sick.

    And, let’s face it, best case scenario we don’t play UC because we need to pay the bills at our home gym and can only have a few home/away non-conf series a year that we need to keep open. Worst case scenario, we deliberately avoid UC due to a combination of grudges and irrational recruitment fears. I’m not sure where it is on that scale, but it’s a shame we don’t do a series with them like UK and Louisville do.