Just Don’t Call it a National Championship!

A lone voice of reason

Although there seems to be a misconception in the world of college football, I feel it is important to clarify that Ohio State did indeed beat Illinois this past Saturday. Not only that, they beat them by a score of 60-35. Yet as the ESPN talking heads shout the triumph of Baylor’s 63-34 win as a “rout” over an unranked Texas Tech, apparently a nearly identical Ohio State/Illinois score highlights signs of Ohio State’s struggles against Illinois.

Last week it was a one-loss Stanford who should be ranked above Ohio State. This week it’s Baylor who trails the Buckeyes in the BCS by .0013 and passed them in the AP poll. Even if Baylor loses to Oklahoma, if Auburn beats Alabama chances are good we will see them jump over Ohio State in the rankings. And seriously, at this point does anyone actually believe that a one loss Alabama would be kept out of the BCS Championship over an undefeated Ohio State?

While it looks like Ohio State will most likely meet a No. 13 or better Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship game, a blowout won’t help. And just to amplify the hypocrisy, in all the talk of Wisconsin’s gazillion yards rushing over Indiana the short memories at ESPN seem to have forgotten that Ohio State all but shut down the Wisconsin running game.

Of course with two losses, it’s safe for the talking heads to expound the virtues of Wisconsin. There is no chance they will become a top BCS contender. Remember though that one of those two loses came at the hands of Ohio State, the other at the hands of the referees.

Alabama won’t need style points in their win over Chattanooga this weekend. Heck, let the defense go to sleep for a few quarters. A score of 60-30 something won’t hurt their ranking.

And somehow, Florida State’s big win over Miami (who lost to Duke this weekend) and a beat down of Clemson who carries a string of impressive victories over unranked teams solidifies the ACC’s dominance over the Big Ten. If Idaho (who can proudly brag about their one win over Temple) gets on the scoreboard don’t count on it being mentioned as a sign of Florida State’s weaknesses.

But that is how propaganda works. Shout it loud enough and repeat it often enough and eventually it becomes truth.

So let the SEC have their BCS “Championship game. Just don’t call it a National Title — especially if Ohio State blows out whoever they meet in the Rose Bowl.


Just received the updated BCS Championship odds. These are the odds not of playing in the BCS Championship but winning the BCS Championship:

Odds to win the 2013-2014 BCS National Championship. (curtsey of Bovada.lv).

Week 12 Current
Alabama 5/4 1/1
Florida State 7/4 8/5
Baylor 4/1 7/1
Ohio State 17/2 10/1
Oregon 20/1 20/1
Auburn 66/1 33/1
Missouri Off the Board 75/1
Stanford 25/1 Off the Board

Note that Baylor has better odds of winning (and presumably beating Alabama) than Ohio State.

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