Ohio State National Championship Hype Video Time

It’s not a game without a few hype videos. Earlier this week, Eleven Warriors released their version. Not to be outdone, The Ohio State University released an “official” hype video on Friday.

Both feature rumbling bass explosions, sombre notes played in a minor key, liberal pop culture context bending, gratuitous slow motion decimation of various Buckeye opponents and monstrously swelling orchestration. And both of them are AWSOME!!

So which side do you fall: J.R. Tolken or Lorde. Let us know in the comments below.

Just Don’t Call it a National Championship!

A lone voice of reason Although there seems to be a misconception in the world of college football, I feel it is important to clarify that Ohio State did indeed beat Illinois this past Saturday. Not only that, they beat them by a score of 60-35. Yet as the ESPN talking heads shout the triumph […]