1. Tony the "Quacking Duck" says

    Why does this Cal Scruby dude keep grabbing is scrotum? Is he like the poor mans version of Justin Beiber from the Ghetto. Or maybe a cross between pee wee herman, milli vanilli and shaggy (from scooby doo fame).

    On a lighter note……. GONZO, WHERE ARE YOU?
    I want to know more about the Arkansas offensive lineman Jason Peacock. He was arrested Friday night for using a stolen debit card to buy approximately $35 worth of gas, a Felony. What kind of thugs are the Razorbacks recruiting now days??? I guess character doesn’t matter anymore …… win at all costs at Arkansas. Typical SEC school.

  2. you're an idiot says

    When does he grab his crotch? He grabs his belt. That’s what you focused on? Did you enjoy that, old man?

  3. morgan k (scruby#1fan) says

    uuuhhuum! cal scruby is the best. he will probably turn out being more popular than mgk & mac miller. OFWGKTA tooo. personally, I would l.o.v.e to meet Cal Scruby. considering we live in the same state! <3 <3 <3 & Tony, if you don't like him, then obviously you don't like #buckeyenation & rap just plain outt! okaay, im done here :)

  4. morgan says

    haha, maybe. but my teacher who has coached our high school basketball team or 30 years has said cal was alright.

  5. says

    Hey Tony. I’m pretty sure that opening was shot from the Hilltop neighborhood on the west side of Columbus. That’s only a few blocks from your favorite tattoo shop.