Oh What a Glorious Night; Buckeyes Take on Ganzaga at 2:45

Never have I felt so happy to see my bracket completely blown out of the water. For the record, as did all good self respecting Ohio State fans, I took Ohio to send the scUM home in the first round.

But now we turn to bigger things as the Buckeyes take on Ganzaga. Live chat starts at noon, Buckeyes are on at 2:45.

This round sponsored by CVS Flags who are providing some really nice Ohio State flags to the winners of The BBN Bracket Challenge.

And a fair warning to all. The Eggman is currently sitting in second in The BBN Bracket standings. Looking at his bracket, it is obvious that he hacked into my pics. The only difference being that has Marquette getting past Missouri and I had UConn getting past Kentucky. Since we all know that Iowa State is going to kick the snot out of Kentucky, there is still hope but don’s say I didn’t warn you.