Buckeyes 17 Point Favorites over Indiana

After the Ohio State Buckeyes completely dismantled last week’s three point spread, the bookies in Vegas may be providing another opportunity for those so inclined. As we saw last week against Nebraska, Urban Meyer isn’t afraid to run the scoreboard if given the chance (really!?). Indiana isn’t Nebraska though and a high scoring win doesn’t mean near as much. Unfortunately, 17 points isn’t all that much in today’s high scoring, run it for the rankings world of college football. Apparently the betters don’t think so either as the spread went up half a point before I finished writing this article.

Take the spread?
Indiana gave Michigan State a scare last week putting up close to 200 yards in just the first quarter. By the end of the first half, they were leading the Spartans 24-17. That was about it for the Hoosiers though as MSU completely shut them down in the second half holding them to a total 37 yards in the second half. Although Indiana’s no-huddle quick offense caught MSU off guard at first, the offense barely saw the field in the second half going three and out on four of six possessions and scoreless in the second half.

Defensively Ohio State took a big hit this week with the loss of starter Etienne Sabino. At his weekly press conference, Meyer said that Sabino underwent surgery and will be out for a month or so with a fractured tibia. That shouldn’t slow the Buckeye defense however as they have been on a roll and continue to get better each week.

At the same time, Indiana has their own injury problems as starting quarterback Tre Robinson got knocked out for the year early in the season. According to The Columbus Dispatch, Indiana had built their offense around Robinson’s ability to lead the spread offense. Without him they’ve been forced to rely on two QBs that combined can’t even get into positive rushing numbers. Cam Coffman did well against Michigan State for a half but so far, that’s about it. Look for the Ohio State defense to take full advantage of Indiana’s weakness at QB.

Try to Stop Them
Now that Carlos Hyde stepping in on ground duties and Miller’s receivers continue to come of age, expect Urban Meyer to use the Indiana game as a chance to solidify and eliminate any remaining problems on offense. Although it may be hard to get motivated after winning two of the biggest games of the season, expect the Buckeyes to come out hot and Urban Meyer to do what Urban Meyer does. (Have I mentioned running the score yet?)

Although there may be upset games waiting down the road, I don’t see this as one of them. The over-under is set at 65. If it wasn’t for Meyer’s penchant for hanging points on the board, I’d say take the under. As much as I hate seeing an O/U that high in the Big 10, I’m not sure we won’t get there. Not because Indiana is scoring but because the Buckeyes are being trained to keep scoring and score again.


  1. gulfportcarl says

    Going to miss Sabino for sure, hard hitter, gives 100%. I’m sure Meyer has another to plug in to get the job done, not as good as Sabino but capable for sure. The offense has to keep the pressure on by running with Miller and Hyde and hopefully some good passing. I’m looking forward to a typical OSU-IU game. Buckeye’s by 21 maybe bore if everyone shows up. Here’s to a great weekend by all and a good Buckeye win for the faithful. Kentucky should be a good thest for the Hogs, I pick Kentucky by 3.