Buckeyes Drop in BCS Ranking; Apparently 49 Points Is Not Enough

Ohio State dropped to No. 11 in the BCS Rankings even though they put up 49 unanswered points against Purdue this Saturday. At first glance, it makes you wonder if the Buckeyes should have put Pryor back in to score a few more touchdowns but realistically, it doesn’t matter how many points they put on the board. Buckeyes got screwed. This is a temporary situation right? At least a couple of the undefeated have yet to fall. Question is, how forgiving will the be BCS be when they do.

But before I get into the rankings, let’s look at the Buckeyes day of redemption.

Ohio State/Purdue
As I stated earlier, this game was about Buckeye redemption and for all intensive purposes, they were redeemed. It was good to see the shutout and good to see the Buckeyes score at will. However, I’m not sure it means so much against an one-dimensional team like Purdue.

Buckeyes held Purdue to only 30 yards rushing and a total 118 yards offense ending a five game streak in which Purdue rushed for 200 yards. The Boilermakers never managed to get closer than the 39 yard line. The offensive line also managed to control Ryan Kerrigan who leads the Big 10 in Sacks.

It was interesting to see the statement made on the opening drive. Five plays to Herron who pounded it right down the field and into the end zone. It would be nice to see that sort of rushing against ranked team. The offensive also line did their part getting the jump on Purdue throughout most of the game.

Not sure what to make of Pryor’s two interceptions. Against Purdue, it didn’t really mean that much. Against a better team, it could cost us the game. Can’t really complain about a 49 point win though. As I already mentioned, I don’t know how much it tells us about the Buckeyes at the moment.

Next weekend should amount to another blowout against Minnesota and then a much needed rest.

Come On Iowa!
The one thing we needed and needed bad was for Iowa to beat up on both Wisconsin and Michigan State. Unfortunately, Iowa didn’t get the memo. If both Michigan State and Wisconsin (and us of course) run the table from here on out, I may be wrong but that would put Michigan State on top of the Big 10, Wisconsin No. 2 and Ohio State at No. 3. I don’t think the situation changes if Michigan State loses to Iowa because of MSU’s win over Wisconsin.

For the Buckeyes to get to the Rose Bowl (least bit the national championship), Michigan State needs to lose to both Iowa and either Minnesota, Purdue or Penn State. Maybe a loss to Iowa will leave them so devastated that they choke under the win or go home pressure needed to get to Pasadena.

Wisconsin still has Northwestern and Michigan. I’m not putting any faith in Michigan as even the bye week was scoring against the Michigan D. Northwestern almost came to our rescue in a close game against Michigan State. It was so frustrating to see them give away a game-long lead in the final minutes. Maybe they can find a way to finish off Wisconsin. That would at least move us into second in the Big Ten.

Oklahoma to 9th?
As for Oklahoma, I wrote last week that Missouri would be their Wisconsin but I never thought it would start on the opening play. Oklahoma has a fairly easy route from here on out. Hopefully, Oklahoma State will take them out of the picture.

What is really frustrating is that Oklahoma lost and still remains ahead of Ohio State. I can understand Wisconsin jumping over the Buckeyes, they beat us, but to drop after shutting out Purdue. No, I’m not in favor of style points or running the score for a little BCS love but really, is there anything out there that shows us Oklahoma belongs ahead of the Buckeyes? Maybe it was that close win over Air Force or the way they squeaked out a two-point win against Cincinnati. At least the human polls got it right.

Auburn No. 1? Really?
The BCS sure loves the SEC. Like the Buckeyes, Oregon ran the score at will against UCLA. And yeah, beating Texas doesn’t mean as much as it did a couple of weeks agao but does anyone believe that LSU doesn’t have a few more solid losses yet to come? Auburn get’s past Alabama and I’ll consider them for the top spot.

The human polls all have Auburn at No. 3 which is much closer to where they belong. The good thing for Oregon is that the No. 2 position doesn’t hurt them a bit. If they run the table, there’s no way they’re going to get jumped by Boise or TCU no matter how good they are. With the way the No. 1 teams have fallen and with USC waiting for them next week, it might not be a bad time to hang around in the No. 2 spot.

Michigan in top 25?!
I’m sorry…give me a minute to compose myself. Yes, I just wrote that. The USA Today Poll has Michigan ranked No. 25. Here’s what it comes down to folks. The ranking by the coaches poll, the Denard Robinson Heisman talk all comes down to one thing — desperation. The college football media, coaches, etc. still can’t fathom that the Michigan football program has really gotten this bad. Any sign of life coming out of Anne Arbor and suddenly it’s the second coming.

Robinson runs like crazy against UConn–Michigan’s back. Back up quarterbacks put up 700 yards offense against Bowling Green–Michigan’s back! Michigan beat’s Indiana in the last second, even though they allowed 480 yards passing–Michigan’s back. It’s the Notre Dame syndrome folks and it will be around for a while.

Penn State will knock them out of the top 25 next week in a much needed PSU butt kicking.


  1. tmliston says

    There’s a headline in this morning’s Akron Beacon Journal: “Buckeyes Prove a Point.” Well, yes, if the point is that they can run up the score on a weak team, a team that even Notre Dame beat. Other than that, there is no point.

  2. says

    Not much we can do about it at the moment. We could hang another 50 or so points on Minnesota also but it won’t help us any in the rankings. Thanks to our loss at Wisconsin, our fate is entirely out of our hands.

  3. The People's Buckeye says

    If a Michigan State loss occurs, then yes, they still go to the Rose Bowl. However, I feel confident that a BCS Bowl committee would pick Ohio State over Wisconsin for an at-large bid despite the head-to-head loss.

    Everyone knows the names of the game: selling tickets and boosting ratings.

      • FrankyC1 says

        Although OSU in my opinion is better than Wisconsin Big-10 rankings, when dealing with a three way tie, gives the Rose bowl to the highest ranked team. There is no Bowl committee selection that can save our buckeyes. We need a Wisconsin loss or the BCS gods to leapfrog us over Wisconsin if it remains in a three way tie.. with a Badgers loss then the MSU OSU shared title would give the buckeyes the Rose bowl based on BCS rankings since there is no head to head to go off of.. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we smash Big BLue next week into oblivion and with our schedule strength being stronger than Wisc. we jump then and head to Pasadena to the Grand daddy

  4. says

    Actually, if there is a 3-way tie between OSU, MSU, and wisc, there is a 3-way tiebreaker used. As OSU hasn’t played MSU, many of the breakers are ignored, and the highest BCS team gets sent. Hopefully, at that point, it will be OSU…

    • The People's Buckeye says

      You’re correct. I just looked at it. It seems the tiebreakers completely disregard MSU beating Wisconsin and Wisconsin beating Ohio State to determine the pecking order. I doubt though, with a Michigan State loss, we can somehow leapfrog Wisconsin down the road for the Rose Bowl bid.

      • says

        If Sparty loses to a bad team, it harms Wisc in the Computers, which is how we can pass them. Plus, a dominating win at Iowa will help us strongly in the votes. Remember, Wisc has only UM left (they are ranked in the coaches…), we have both UM and at Iowa… Both, if convincing, should let OSU jump. I believe that if MSU loses, OSU will probably get roses… that said, it would be a damn close result (think 1 place in the standings)

        To pass Wisc, OSU simply needs 7 points in the coaches, and only a few points in the computers (.05)

    • says

      here’s the tiebreakers for you – http://www.bigten.org/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/102204aad.html

      In the three-way tie breaker spot… 1 and 2 are not in cause MSU and OSU didn’t play. Percentage, assuming we all win out with 1 loss, stays the same, thus 3 isn’t there. 4 doesnt, see 3. Thus 5 is the only one that applies…

      If more than two teams tie for the championship, the same selection procedures shall be followed with the following exceptions:

      1. If three teams are tied, and if one team defeated both of the other teams, then that team shall be the representative.
      2. If three teams are still tied, and if two of the three teams defeated the third team, the third team is eliminated, and the remaining two teams shall revert to the two-team tie procedure.
      3. If three teams are still tied, and there is a tie game between two of the three teams, or if two or all three of the teams did not play each other, the representative shall be determined on a percentage basis of all games played.
      4. If three teams are still tied, and one of the three teams is eliminated through the percentage basis of all games played, the remaining two teams shall revert to the two-team tie procedure.
      5. If three teams are still tied, and all three teams have the same winning percentage of all games played, the highest-ranked team in the final BCS standings shall be the representative.

  5. says

    So, as I understand it, if MSU loses to Iowa, and then the three of us win out, it will come down to the BCS poll. This means that MSU will have to take a big enough hit in the loss to Iowa to drop behind Ohio State and we also need to find a way to jump over Wisconsin.

    In this scenario, it’s going to come down to voters and unfortunately style points. If given the chance, Evil Tressel will need to show up and show up big against Iowa. If we can make Iowa look like Purdue, then we may actually jump both MSU and Wisci in the rankings — given the Michigan loss.

    Dispatch has their take on it today here: http://www.dispatch.com/live/content/sports/stories/2010/10/26/buckeyes-must-get-help-in-big-ten.html?sid=101

    • says

      If MSU looses, there is no way they stay above us… Then, it is up to Wisc. They only have UM left, and we have UM and Iowa. A strong win against Iowa should jump OSU over Wisc, even a close win might (due to late season, etc.)

      Basically, I believe that as long as MSU loses ONCE (if more, Wisc wins due to 2-team tie breaker), then OSU will go roseing

  6. Gulfportcarl says

    When we lost to Wisconsin our destiny was removed from our hands and put into the SEE WHAT HAPPENS PILE. The Buckeyes fate rests in everbody else’s hands. All we can do is wait and see. Allot of shit can happen, hell they could wind up in the Outback Bowl in Tampa, then I can hopefully get some tickets and see the game. The last time I went was when they played the Gamecocks and Lou Holtz and almost got into a fight with a rude Gamecock fan. What ever happens the Buckeye’s will make the best out of it.
    Tony, don’t get trapped this weekend or you will be in the same boat as us. I would rather see ya”ll go to the BCS championship and get the trophy. It’s obvious were not going . They are doing everything they can to get Alabama back in or Boise- TCU winner in. Good luck!

    • Tony in Beavertown says

      Carl, I am hoping that Matt Barkley provided a little extra motivation for my boys by posting on his twitter account: “Wow, Brock just got rocked! Lesner is to Oregon as Velasquez is to SC. Lezgo.” Nice move Barkley …… Just proved that he is as classless as Pete C.

      What is twitter??? Why do these guys think that what they have to say is so important that the rest of us even care? Maybe some kid in elementry school sits by his Ipod every day eagerly awaiting the next posting of …..Matty. Mabey Matty has his own fan club of little Mattalmaniacs. Give up on the Twitter you self indulged little twerp.

      That said …… yea ….. I am a bit concerned. I have two games left on the schedule that worry me. At USC this weekend and at Oregon State in the final game. We also play 15th ranked Arizona at home….but we should be able to handle them at Autzen Stadium. This is basically USC’s “Rose Bowl” game. I expect that they will give us every thing that they got. This should be a fun game to watch (and drink beer … lots).

    • says

      I’ve read the published rtropes on what Urban wanted from your Commissioner. It’s strange that no one else seems to have seen those published rtropes, but if Brando has seen them why doesn’t he tell us where we so that we can read them? That way we wouldn’t all think he’s lying.