BCS Early Odds and Buckeye Basketball

While most gambling types are looking for the best way to bet on Super Bowl Sunday, apparently it’s not too early to place your bets on the 2013 BCS Championship game. The odds makers at Bovda.lv have released early odds for the winner of next year’s BCS Championship placing Alabama on top with 5/1 odds followed by Oregon at 8/1 and Ohio State at 17/2.

LSU and Texas A&M round out the top five with odds of 12/1 and 14/1 respectively. Florida fills the sixth spot at 14/1 giving four of the top six favored teams to the SEC. From both the odds makers and a betting perspective going with an SEC team makes sense. As No. 1 ranked preseason LSU and later Florida proved this year (and I continue to harp about) although there may only be two-three high level teams in the SEC, by the time the preseason rankings come around it is highly likely that the majority of the top ten teams will hail from the SEC. As such even if all SEC teams suffer at least two losses, the losses will come to highly ranked teams (deserving of the ranking or not) and chances are they will still get their BCS spot. Pick the right SEC team and you’ve got a 50 percent chance of picking the winner.

If you’re more of the “Beatlebomb” type and want to throw your money at a long shot you can get odds on Michigan at 33/1 or play it safe in the SEC with Arkansas at 100/1 or Auburn at 200/1.

Basketball Roller Coaster
The roller coaster that is the Ohio State men’s basketball team continues as they face No. 2 ranked Michigan Sunday. It appears as though the loss to Illinois was at least enough of a wake up call to get past Purdue (who did beat Illinois). The question remains as to whether the Buckeyes can compete against top ranked teams. No matter how good they look most of the time, the Buckeyes haven’t gotten past a ranked team yet.

The Buckeyes do face Michigan at home which should help. A win would provide some much needed confidence.

Even if the Buckeyes do lose, you know Sam Thompson is good for at least one of these which means it won’t be a total loss.