BBN Bracket Contest; We’ve Got Some Seriously Asewome Prizes

Yeah it’s late but you know you’ve already made your bracket picks. Why not jump on over to Yahoo and join The Buckeye Blogger Network’s March Madness Challenge. Not only will the winner gain the right hold it over six blogs worth of Buckeye fans, we’ve got some seriously awesome prizes to boot.

For the Grand Puba (or overall winner) we’ve got a $25 gift card from The Buckeye Room, your choice of a shirt from Fresh Brewed Tees, your choice of a Ohio State Flag from CVS Flags, a gift pack from Cholula Hot Sauce (be sure to check out their recipe ap on Facebook) and some goodies from Fox Sports Ohio. Not only that. The guys over at tBBC have offered to give the overall winner of the 2012 BBN Bracket Challenge…wait for it…the opportunity to write a guest post on The Buckeye Battle Cry.

Places 2-5 will win a flags from CVS Flags, and 6-10 get a gift pack from Cholula Hot Sauce. I’ll tell you this, last time I checked there weren’t a ton of entries which means your chances of winning are even better. There may be more prizes to come but that’s what we’ve got for now.

Of course, if you are the one person who doesn’t pick Ohio State to win it all and you win the contest, then we reserve all rights to abuse you in any of a number of ways.

And if you don’t win…

TheThe Buckeye Room is offering a special promotion for readers of The BBN during the month of March. Enter the code Madness2012 and receive 10-20% off your purchase.


Click here to enter the contest on Yahoo.

Group ID#: 78517

Password: sw00n&su11y (“0? = zero)