Another Day Another Scandal

Credit: History Channel by sportsxbrooks

Every morning for the past two weeks or so, I wake up thinking I’ve got my next post ready to go and a new headline pops up with yet another scandal. And I’m not just talking about Ohio State. There’s the Auburn players admitting to being paid to play, the $80,000 bid Willie Lyles wanted Texas A & M to top in order for him to steer Patrick Peterson (LSU) their way and of course the revelation that Coach Tressel forwarded at least one of the suspect emails.

To be honest, I just can’t keep up.

Then of all things, I fall asleep on my couch Monday night missing the latest episode of Pawn Stars. Little did I know that in this week’s episode, the beloved Chumly would receive a lesson in Ohio State tradition. Sports by Brooks has all the gory details and although the tattoo shop isn’t directly implicated, Brooks sure is making the association.

According to an update on Brooks page, Doug Worthington is claiming that he never sold or traded any of his Gold Pants but he did give some away to family members.

The system is broken folks and it’s broken bad. I don’t know what it’s going to take to fix it but as long as people are willing to hand high school kids bags of cash, as long as there are pawn shops willing to pay $2,000 for a small trophy it’s only going to get worse.


  1. Dave says

    I doubt it was intentional piling on with the History Channel, but I guess they are probably not above going for a ratings grab. To try to connect this trinket however loosely to the kids currently under suspension or even to the tattoo parlor is a bit of a stretch even by that jack ass’s standard.
    But it’s the way it is right now. I still search “Tressel” on Google on an almost daily basis to see what other rag is deciding to regurgitate the same crap over and over and call it “news”. But I guess as long as people (me included) are reading them, it’s driving someone’s numbers up.
    There are thousands of these trinkets out there in the world and to think that they are more than a little chunk of gold to all who possess them would be just naive. Hell, there are Olympic medals for sale every day somewhere.
    For the love of God.. Will the season start please?!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gulfportcarl says

    I had an hour to kill last night so I put the TV on Pawn Stars and the first person to walk in had the 2 pair of gold pants jewelry mentioned in the above article. $2000 a for two anyone know where I can get some?

    • The Quacking Duck says

      “Winning, anyone? Rhymes with winning. Anyone? Yeah, that would be us. Sorry, man, didn’t make the rules. Oops!” ….. Charles “Warlock” Sheen

      Excellent synchronized swimming win for tOSU. This was a hard fought victory that came down to the wire between tOSU and Stanford. It has become painfully obvious that the students, fans, and alumni of tOSU are a special breed…….. “I will not believe that if I do something then I have to follow a certain path because it was written for normal people. People who aren’t special. People who don’t have tiger blood and Adonis DNA.”…… Charle “Warlock” Sheen

      “I have a disease? Bullshit. I cured it with my brain.” ….. Charles “Warlock” Sheen