Ohio State vs. Minnesota Live Chat

Buckeyes take on the Gophers at 8:00 p.m. EST. Join us. Although I’ve missed the last few weeks, I should be there for this chat. Ohio State vs Minnesota – FOX Sports Ohio Live Chat

Penn State vs. Indiana; Yes, It’s This Bad

I don’t know why Penn State and Indiana are playing at Fed Ex Field in D.C. but it appears that whoever planned this brilliant move is getting a little concerned. Today’s Baltimore Groupon is offering discounted tickets to the game. Yes, that’s right my friend, you can see what may be one of the last […]

Ohio State vs. Minnesota; Pick the Score and Win

The Ohio State Buckeyes take on the Minnesota Gophers this Saturday providing yet another chance to run the score against a hapless opponent who just happens to be sitting at the wrong place at the wrong time. The point spread currently sits at 25 1/2 points but that may not be enough. Especially as the […]

Buckeyes Drop in BCS Ranking; Apparently 49 Points Is Not Enough

Ohio State dropped to No. 11 in the BCS Rankings even though they put up 49 unanswered points against Purdue this Saturday. At first glance, it makes you wonder if the Buckeyes should have put Pryor back in to score a few more touchdowns but realistically, it doesn’t matter how many points they put on […]

Note to Buckeyes…Stop the Purdue Run (and a live chat)

When Ohio State takes on Purdue, it will be about redemption — redemption for the loss against Wisconsin, Redemption for last year’s lost to Purdue and redemption for no other reason than we’re all a little pissed off right now. Purdue limps into Ohio Stadium today (literally) with almost no passing game, some success on […]

Suicide Watch Over; Buckeyes Drop to 10th

It’s official. The 24 hours suicide watch has passed. Disposable razors, over the counter medications and assorted household cleaners have been removed from the lock box and returned to normal storage. Family and friends have gone from around the clock monitoring to a checking in every 45 minutes or so. And although the emergency room […]

Santonio Holmes Named By Agent Admitting Violations

Just last week the Ohio Attorney General spoke out against professional sports agents who violate NCAA rules in Ohio. Now, the October 18th Sport’s Illustrated includes an interview with former NFL agent Josh Luchs who claims Santonio Holmes admitted to taking money from an agent while a student at Ohio State. And while it’s naive […]